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Super Castlevania IV

by Slowbeef

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Original Thread: The LP Vampire Killers All Play Super Castlevania IV! [Video/Contest LP]



What's Super Castlevania IV?

Philistine! Well, if you couldn't tell from the superfluous "Super" prefix, this is a Super Nintendo game - the fourth in the Castlevania series, not counting the Game Boy ones. You play as good old Simon Belmont from Castlevania 1 & 2.

Where does this fall into the Castlevania canon?

Oh, shut up. I have no idea. It's just a fun game. (It's allegedly a remake of Castlevania I)

Let's "All" Play, starring the LP Vampire Killers, huh? Okay, who are they?

I don't know. Maybe it could be you!


Here's how it works. I post Level 1 and a contest. Win the contest and you get to do Level 2! You also make a contest and the winner goes on to level 3, etc. up until Level 8. After that, we have a final three videos.

I'm not getting it.

Okay, so I post Level 1. At the end, you get instructions on how to win the privilege to do Level 2. You also post the winning conditions for who gets to do Level 3, etc. onto 8. It's like Seiferguy or Oyster's Megaman threads but without a pre-determined cast.

What kind of contests?

Depends on who's doing the level. Could be funny caption contests, tests of skill - just some Castlevania-themed shit. I dunno.

LP Videos!

Rin - Intro Download AVI
Slowbeef - Level 1 Download AVI
Rin - Level 2 Download AVI
Psychedelic Eyeball - Level 3 Download AVI
Deceased Crab - Level 4 Download AVI
Tasian - Level 5 Download AVI
Nate Lever; Syvalion (Runner Up) - Level 6 Download AVI
Gravitypenguin - Level 7 Download AVI
Rin & Deceased Crab - Level 8 Download AVI
Test-0 - Level 9 Download AVI
Gravitypenguin - Level A Download AVI
Nate Lever and Deceased Crab - Level B Download AVI

Remarkable Entries
Running Up LPs of the Intro
Some Cool Guy gives us some Intro. Download AVI
Deceased Crab has you now, Intro Scum! Download AVI

Tributes to Mr. FlufferButterWalffleNuts - Simon's beloved deceased cat
Psychedelic Eyeball's Winning Tribute Download AVI
Proton Jon misses his kitty. Download AVI
Dr. Meat also pays his respects Download AVI
Wheresmy5bucks? say to hell with Mr. Flufferetc. tributes Download AVI

Castlevania Songs!
Deceased Crab Wins with This Download AVI
Mistaya Brings a Tear to the Old Eye Download AVI

Let's Take a Break and LP Level 1 of Boku Dracula-Kun!
Tasian wins with the scariest story ever told! Download AVI
slowbeef is pathetic at this game and accents! Download AVI
gravitypenguin takes a break from walljumping and throws vampire fireballs! Download AVI
Proton Jon hurts his jaw to do this. Download AVI
Toilet.Duck fights the KKK! Download AVI

Why Do Belmonts Whip Candles/Who Keeps Putting Those Powerups There?
Nate Lever (post)
Syvalion (image) (not work safe)
gravitypenguin (image)
Proteus4994 (image)
Change (post)
Test-0 (image)
Mistaya (post)
AASman (post)
Rin (image)
Deceased Crab (video) Download AVI
Slowbeef (video) Download AVI

Castlevania Movie Trailers
Gravitypenguin's Winning Entry Download AVI
Test-0 (image)

What do the Belmonts do in their time off?
Deceased Crab takes us to another game Download AVI
Rin's room was a mess after this Download AVI

Tributes to Rin & Deceased Crab's Level 8 Pain
Test-0 wins with this sad tribute.
"Poor DC & Rin," muses Gravitypenguin Download AVI

Castlevania Dances!
Gravitypenguin thinks he can win with this! (He's right.) Download AVI
Hey Castlevania-ites! Deceased Crab wants to dance! Download AVI
Change busts out on MAX 300 or whatever. Download AVI
Change (image)

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