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Super Demo World

by Vegastar

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Original Thread: Lets Play Super Demo World: The Legend Continues (Mario World Romhack)



Someone, please, just shoot me.

Welcome, my friends, to the Demo World. We took Mario World, and we fucked it up a little bit.

Okay, alot.

This is a full conversion romhack by a guy named FuSoYa that takes Super Mario World, redoes EVERYTHING about it, adds a couple new things to the world, and creates 100+ new levels of exciting, and occasionally mind-blisteringly difficult perportions.

My name is Vegastar, and I hate myself.

Without further ado, here is the first video:


The BeginningGoogle
Secret Level/video testGoogle
Star Road/First Castle:Google
Trainwreck: The First Castle finished, plus the joys of World 2Google
The end of World 2, and a bit of sinking in the OceanGoogle
World Three - Up to the castleGoogle
Zomodok Vs. Vegastar - World Three CastleGoogle
Here is coolswa and I doing a little bit of the crystal worldGoogle
and here is Zomodok and I beating the rest of the crystal worldGoogle
Cromlech and I fail at the Sky World for a while.Google
West Ham Sandwich and I get to work and finish the Sky WorldGoogle
What the HELL did Zomodok and I do?Google
This took TWO FUCKING HOURS to makeGoogle
By popular demand: The IglooGoogle
Pipe World, Part 1Google
Fuck Pipe World, StillGoogle
Cleaning the PipesGoogle
Bowsah's WorldGoogle
Ding-dong, the King is DeadGoogle
Grab the cars, it's chase time!Google
Bowser's Castle OuttakesGoogle
I hate this video, it sucks, don't watch it, please. It's the biggest Train Wreck in the thread.Google
Star RoadGoogle
Welcome to Big Boo's WorldGoogle
I'm a clever little fuckerGoogle
Pre-tower FuckeryGoogle
The End. Boooo!Google
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