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Super Godzilla

by TieTuesday

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Original Thread: If u ain't outta control, u ain't in control:SUPER GODZILLA SPECIAL EDITION


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Super Godzilla is a game where you "control" a person "controlling" a "controller" that "controls" Godzilla. sometimes
I really recommend you try the game yourself at least a little bit at first on your own, but don't look at a FAQ.
It's really weird

Also the music is bad, like incredibly bad, like pushing the outer limits of the SNES soundchip's ability to make fart trumpets.

So know that you completely understand Super Godzilla, what is this business about it being the

Well as discussed above, the sounds and music in this game are a hot mess, so I've taken it upon myself to do some very slight improvement and restoration.
If you've never played the game before you might not even notice! I also have added a few minor changes here and there to visuals, to help improve on some of the small issues, and add a little bit to the experience.

Every so often, I will post an e-mail address with a very basic description of something for you at home to send in if you'd like, they'll be very small things, such as a 3-7 second video for example.
These assignments are top secret do not tell anyone what your mission was
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