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by Dr. Meat

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Original Thread: Let's jump and slide in Super Mario 64



Hey paisanos!

What's up guys? Let's play some Mario 64 and remember how fun this game is. I never had this game as a kid, but friends did and I think I borrowed it for about three or four months straight from one of them. I've played the hell out of it over the years and I can still have fun with it, even though pretty much everything about it is dated. I hope you guys are the same way so you aren't too bored for this.

Also, I'm not really going to super play it or whatever, just have a good time.

Mario 64 is on the Virtual Console now so go buy it now if you don't have it on the N64 already!

Check this out! gypsyshred (Tim Bailey) made this rad piano version of the music from the water stages.

Table of Content

Course 1, Bob-Omb Battlefield (7 stars) Backup
Course 2, Whomp's Fortress (17 stars) Backup
Course 3, Jolly Roger Bay (24 stars) Backup
Course 4, Cool, Cool Mountain (31 stars) Backup
Course 5, Big Boo's Haunt (37 stars) Backup
Bowser in the Dark World (38 stars) Backup
Course 6, Hazy Maze Cave (46 stars) Backup
Star Collecting #1 (51 stars) Backup
Course 7, Lethal Lava Land (58 stars) Backup
Course 8, Shifting Sand Land (66 stars) Backup
Course 9, Dire, Dire Docks: Episode 1 (68 stars) Backup
Dire, Dire Docks II: Return of Dire Docks (71 stars) Backup
Bowser in the Fire Sea + Dire, Dire Docks 3: Dire Harder (74 stars) Backup
Course 10, Snowman's Land (81 stars) Backup
Course 11, Wet-Dry World (88 stars) Backup
Course 12, Tall, Tall Mountain (95 stars) Backup
Course 13, Tiny-Huge Island (102 stars) Backup
Course 14, Tick Tock Clock (109 stars) Backup
Course 15, Rainbow Ride (116 stars) Backup
Star Collecting #2 (119 stars) Backup
Bowser in the Sky (120 stars) Backup
Course Fail: Rainbow Retard Backup
120 stars has a secret Backup

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