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Super Mario Bros. 2

by Dominic R.

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Original Thread: Let's Fucking Suck At Super Mario Bros 2! - [video] (A Learning Experience)




Yes, the weird one out of the series. The one that was supposed to involve a safari/exploring journey, but was converted to be a Mario game instead. No, you can't kill enemies by bouncing on there heads, for this is SUPER MARIO BROS 2!

I am using Super Mario All-Stars to play this game, if it makes any difference

These videos are somewhat long, by the way. I will try cutting them down.


I am not good at this game. I barely have played this game before. Do not watch these videos if you do not like watching people suffer. I sound like I am 14 and have braces. I am not good at this game.

If you accept that cryptic message, then proceed on, and feast your eyes to the...


Part One - World 1YouTube
Part Two - World 2 levels 1-2 or 3 i forgetYouTube
Part Three - World 3 ???YouTube
Part Four - World Five!?!YouTube
Fifth Video - ICE WORLD PERILYouTube
World six or something!?YouTube
SPEEDRUN! World Six?YouTube
Video 7 - I forgotYouTube
Video 8 - I get stuck hereYouTube
Part 9? - The Last One!YouTube
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