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Original Thread: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Super Mario Galaxy 2



Another Mario game?!! Don't panic.

What if Mario was, space, man? TWICE??!! Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010) was a follow-up to the hit Wii title Super Mario Galaxy: The Phantom Menace (2007, re-released in 3D and IMAX in 2012). Nintendo broke the recent Mario formula a bit and released a direct sequel, not changing a whole lot in terms of the aesthetic SMG1 was based on.

But that doesn't mean they couldn't make it better! SMG2 builds on and improves upon what made SMG1 pretty solid, and the result is one of the most fun platforming games I've ever played, and definitely the most fun (for me) in the modern era. It's a no-nonsense, let's-have-some-goddamn-fun kinda game, and I love it for it. So this post will follow suit and cut to the chase - take a look and join me on a fairytale journey of collecting a bunch of stars because that's basically what Mario does now. Oh and Bowser kidnapped Peach space (video 1 spoilers).


YouTube playlist

- Part I - Intro + Sky Station Galaxy: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: none)

- Part II - Starship Mario + Yoshi Star Galaxy: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: Dave_O)

- Part III - Sky Station/Yoshi Star Revisited, Flip Swap Galaxy: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: Dectilon & Phiggle)

- Part IV - Spin Dig Galaxy: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: Chip Cheezum & General Ironicus)

- Part V - Fluffy Bluff Galaxy + Rightside Down Galaxy: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: Faceguy & Wogturt)

- Part VI - Bowser Jr's Fiery Flotilla: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: none)

- Part VII - Puzzle Plank Galaxy: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: slowbeef)

- Part VIII - Hightail Falls Galaxy, Boulder Bowl Galaxy: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: Dave_O & Psychedelic Eyeball)

- Part IX - Wild Glide Galaxy, Honeybloom Galaxy: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: Meccaprime)

- Part X - Cosmic Cove Galaxy: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: Proton Jon)

- Part XI - Bowser's Lava Lair: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: slowbeef)

- Part XII - Tall Trunk Galaxy / Cloudy Court Galaxy: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: slowbeef)

- Part XIII - Haunty Halls/Freezy Flake/Beat Block/Rolling Masterpiece Galaxies: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: slowbeef)

- Part XIV - Freezy Flake Galaxy proper and Prankster Comets Galore: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: slowbeef & Blister)

- Part XV - Tall Trunk/Freezy Flake/Haunty Halls revisited: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: slowbeef & Cherrydoom)

- Part XVI - Bowser Jr's Fearsome Fleet: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: none)

- Part XVII - Supermassive Galaxy / Sweet Mystery Galaxy / Flipsville Galaxy: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: thevoiceofdog & TurboC)

- Part XVIII - Flipsville Galaxy revisited / Honey Hop Galaxy / Supermassive Galaxy revisited: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: Chip Cheezum & General Ironicus)

- Part XIX - Chompworks Galaxy / Starshine Beach Galaxy: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: Chip Cheezum & General Ironicus)

- Part XX - Prankster Comets again: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: slowbeef)

- Part XXI - Bowser's Gravity Gauntlet: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: slowbeef)

- Part XXII - Space Storm Galaxy: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: slowbeef)

- Part XXIII - Boo Moon Galaxy & Upside Dizzy Galaxy: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: Mr DJB & thevoiceofdog)

- Part XXIV - Slipsand Galaxy, Fleet Glide Galaxy: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: Phiggle & Dectilon)

- Part XXV - Shiverburn Galaxy: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: none)

- Part XXVI - Still More Prankster Comets: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: slowbeef)

- Part XXVII - Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: slowbeef)

- Part XXVIII - Melty Monster Galaxy, Clockwork Ruins Galaxy: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: Cherrydoom & chuuurls)

- Part XXIX - Throwback Galaxy: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: slowbeef & Vicas)

- Part XXX - Melty Monster revisited, Battle Belt Galaxy, Flash Black Galaxy, Slimy Spring Galaxy: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: slowbeef)

- Part XXXI - Yet again with the Prankster Comets: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: Cherrydoom & chuuurls)

- Part XXXII - Bowser's Galaxy Generator: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: slowbeef)

- Part XXXIII - World S: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: Phiggle & Dectilon)

- Part XXXIV - Pranking the way to 120 stars: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: slowbeef & Mr. DJB)

- Part XXXV - World 1 Green Stars: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: Cherrydoom & chuuurls)

- Part XXXVI - World 2 Green Stars: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: slowbeef)

- Part XXXVII - World 3 Green Stars: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: TurboC & thevoiceofdog)

- Part XXXVIII - World 4 Green Stars: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: slowbeef)

- Part XXXIX - World 5 Green Stars: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: Psychedelic Eyeball & Ragny)

- Part XL - World 6 Green Stars: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: ArgonMatrix)

- Part XLI - World S Green Stars: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: Dectilon & E1ke)

- Part XLII - Grandmaster Galaxy: Baldurdash / YouTube (guests: slowbeef)

tl;dr version of the entire LP

The soundtrack to this game is full of orchestral goodness! I'll post tracks along with updates so you can listen without Internet weirdos talking over it.
- Sky Station Galaxy theme
- Yoshi Star Galaxy / Tall Trunk Galaxy theme
- Sky Station Galaxy theme #2
- Flip Swap Galaxy theme
- Spin Dig Galaxy/Boulder Bowl Galaxy theme
- Fluffy Bluff Galaxy / Cloudy Court Galaxy theme
- Rightside Down Galaxy / Upside Dizzy Galaxy theme
- Bowser Jr's Fiery Flotilla/Fearsome Fleet/Boom Bunker theme
- Puzzle Plank Galaxy theme
- Hightail Falls Galaxy theme
- Wild Glide Galaxy theme
- Honeybloom Galaxy / Honey Hop Galaxy theme
- Cosmic Cove Galaxy theme
- Road to Bowser
- Haunty Halls Galaxy / Boo Moon Galaxy theme
- Freezy Flake Galaxy theme
- Beat Block Galaxy theme
- Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy theme
- Time Attack
- Purple Coins
- Cosmic Clones
- Supermassive Galaxy theme
- Sweet Mystery Galaxy theme
- Flipsville Galaxy theme
- Chompworks Galaxy theme
- Starshine Beach Galaxy theme
- Space Storm Galaxy theme 1
- Space Storm Galaxy theme 2
- Slipsand Galaxy/Clockwork Ruins Galaxy theme
- Fleet Glide Galaxy theme
- Shiverburn Galaxy theme
- Melty Monster Galaxy theme
- Throwback Galaxy theme
- Slimy Spring Galaxy theme
- Bowser's Galaxy Generator theme
- Final Bowser Battle theme















Suspicious Dish

This'll be a pretty relaxed and chill, but comprehensive playthrough of the game and the goal is to get everything down to the last star. And as a quick disclaimer, this won't be the pro-est venture through this game...

I'll use the rotating guests model to share the Galaxy 2 experience to the best of my abilities.

Challenge Videos!


...plays through Fluffy Bluff Galaxy without ever becoming fluffy or bluff!
...doesn't eat any of the Tall Trunk's fruit and Courts the Clouds without a cloud!
...refuses to touch yellow things!
...starts becoming a legend!
...better understands the Koopas!
...apparently hates himself!

I don't know how to categorize this!

- Cybershell reviews and endorses the elpy
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