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Original Thread: Forget everything you know about gravity. Let's Play Super Mario Galaxy.



It's Super Mario Galaxy. It's Mario in fucking SPACE. If you ever A: Wanted to be an astronaut when you grew up, B: Wanted to be Mario when you grew up, or C: both, then this is the game for you. Released in November 2007, Galaxy is one of the most praised games on the Wii, and for good reasons, as it's a fantastic game, but just like all games it's not without it's problems. And with Super Mario 3DS on the way, I'm sure we've all got Mario on the brain right now.

Well okay, here's the deal. Bowser has lifted Peach's castle straight outta the ground, kind of like in Paper Mario. But this time instead of balancing it on the top of his own castle, he went to the center of the universe to make his own galaxy, so we have to follow him and fix everything as usual. All of this is in the opening cutscene so you should probably just watch the first video already and see what's going on!

There's 120 stars in this game. I'm going to be getting all of them. I'm not gonna do Luigi's run on camera however, but I do have an already completed save file so I'll just use that when we get to the final video. My goal is about one update per week, and three stars a video, although both of those might fluctuate a bit. I'm gonna be trying to keep this semi-informative at least. They crammed alot of game mechanics into Galaxy, so there's alot to talk about. Unfortunately I think there's too many mechanics, some things you only see twice in the whole game, but we'll get to that when we get to that.

Okay initially I had open guest signups, and alot of people jumped on the opportunity and it was kind of overwhelming. If you're still on the guest list you WILL have a turn, but once I burn through that I'm going to be picking and choosing people for MAXIMUM ENTERTAINMENT VALUE.

*NOTE: Videos hosted on my own webspace are HTML5, in case you want to watch videos without flash player ruining everything.*


Rosalina's Storybook


Bonus Content: I encourage thread participation. If you wanna do some kind of crazy speedrun or something, post it in the thread and I'll link it here.
Bonus 0: The original Part 3. I am not proud of this video and I would really prefer it if you didn't watch it. The download link expired and I don't have the original anymore, but that's probably for the best.
Bonus 1: Faceguy shows us how to keep on rollin' green (Youtube)
Bonus 2: EntranceJew does the Speedy Comet in the Space Junk Galaxy as Luigi (Blip) (Youtube)
Bonus 3: EntranceJew shows us some rad Battlerock Galaxy trickz (Blip) (Youtube)
Bonus 4: Trash: Uncut Edition (Blip) (Youtube)
Bonus 5: EntranceJew does some more Trixxx in the Honeyhive Galaxy (Blip) (Youtube)
Bonus 6: EJ does some Assorted Sweet Trix (Blip) (Youtube)
Bonus 7: 666 The Number of the Leaf (Youtube)

Ao oni

FirstAidKite came to me at like 11 PM on Sunday night and is all "hey you should stream this game" so I'm like "man I guess" and well the next thing you know this happened. I'm actually kind of glad the stream kept fucking up because it divided it nicely into 20-30 minute chunks.
I have nowhere else to put this so here you go!

Kite Tricks Me Into Streaming Ao Oni:
Part 1 (Youtube)
Part 2 (Youtube)
Part 3 (Youtube)
Part 4 (Youtube)
Part 5 (Youtube)
Part 6 (Youtube)
Part 7 (Youtube)

I have 121 stars out of 120 as of the most recent video. WE'RE DONE HERE.

Pull Stars: Put the wii cursor over them, and press A. Mario will be drawn to them. If you let go fast enough Mario will keep his momentum. Also you can shake the wiimote to get out of the bubble it puts you in.

Launch Star: The main way of getting around. A launch star will send you to the next planet in the level.

Sling Star: Kind of like a launch star except way weaker. The Sling Star will send you about 20 feet, and is useful as a shortcut or for getting on high up platforms.

Star Chips: These come in two varieties, gold and blue. In either case, collect five of them to make something happen. Five gold ones will turn into a Launch Star, five blue ones will turn into a series of Pull Stars.

Spinning: In addition to Mario's standard stuff like jumping and ground pounding, if you shake the Wiimote (or Nunchuck) you will spin. Spinning will deflect projectiles, stun enemies, and activate launch stars and sling stars and a bunch of other stuff. Spinning has a short recharge time though, denoted by that Luma coming out of your hat and going back under it. Once it's under your hat you can spin again.

Star Bits: Collect star bits with the wiimote. You can save them for hungry lumas, or shoot them at stuff. Particularly useful if there are alot of mines in an area. Collecting 50 will net you a 1-up.

Hungry Lumas: They want to eat your star bits. When you fill them they will turn into planets or galaxies or launch stars or whatever the game deems appropriate for the situation at hand.

Gravity Walls: Sometimes there are these oldschool throwback 2-D platforming sections with walls that have arrows on them. You fall in the direction the arrow faces. That's how gravity walls work.

Ray Surfing: If you have ever played the SNES version of Mario's Time Machine, you may remember that Mario likes to surf. Except this time it is on Manta Rays. Hold the wiimote flat and turn it like a doorknob to turn, and push A to go forward. This is a good way to get carpal tunnel.

Star ball: If you have ever played Super Monkey Ball you know what the deal is. Hold the wiimote straight up and tilt it like a joystick to move. This mechanic is also a good way to get carpal tunnel.

The Bubble: You are Mario, except in a bubble. The wii pointer turns into a can of compressed air that always faces the bubble. Press A to spray air and move. You can't shoot star bits in this mode meaning you can't clear a path through mines.

Bullet Bills: They will follow you and you can use them to crash into glass cages to get inside them. It's really finicky though and is more about luck.

Sling Pods: Big globs of spider web that function as slingshots.

Silver Power Stars: Some levels have five silver power stars, and if you get them all they will combine into a regular power star.

Prankster Comets: All multi-star galaxies have at least one prankster comet star in them. More details are below.

1-Up Mushroom: Gives you an extra life.

Rainbow Star: Makes you invincible for a little bit.

Bee Mushroom: Turns you into a bee. You can fly for a little bit and cling to honey walls as a Bee. Also for some reason you can walk on top of clouds which I guess is a thing bees can do. Bee scientists, please confirm or deny this. If you touch water or take damage you will turn back into plain old Mario.

Life Shroom: Makes your Maximum health 6 instead of 3. If you drop back down to 3 health, 3 becomes your maximum again.

Boo Mushroom: Turns you into a ghost. Tap A to fly, or shake the wiimote to get invisible and pass through cages and grates. If you see another boo they will become infatuated with you and want to marry you and start chasing you around. You can turn back into Mario by being in a light source.

Ice Flower: Mario now made of ice, can walljump up waterfalls, and walk on water because water will turn into ice. If you shake the wiimote while on water you'll suddenly be a figureskater as well. Relatively short time limit kind of limits how useful it is.

Fire Flower: I don't have to really explain what this does, do I? You shoot fireballs. This one is on a time limit as well.


Prankster Comets are comets that will sometimes appear in certain galaxies. There are five different kinds. If there is a comet in orbit around a galaxy, then that will be the only star you can get. Once you've gotten a comet's star, that comet will not appear again, but you can just go back to that star by selecting it at the power star list when you enter the level. You can also pay a Luma that hangs out between the Map and the first dome 20 star bits to re-arrange the comets for you.

Speedy Comet: The first type of Comet you will encounter is the Speedy Comet. This comet requires you to redo a star you already got, but with a time limit. Early on the time limit will be pretty generous, later on (I'm looking at you, dusty dune galaxy), even small mistakes will make or break your attempt at the star. There are four of these in the game.

Daredevil Comet: Guess what? You now have one health and have to redo a section of a level, and four times out of the five times this happens in the game, it's a bossfight. Some of these are super easy (Topmaniac) others will make you want to kill yourself (Bouldergeist).

Fast Foe Comet: Enemies move faster I guess. This comet is kind of pointless.

Cosmic Comet: Race your crazy space doppleganger to the star. If you lose, you lose a life. If you're doing a Luigi run these are much harder, the AI has much better pathfinding.

Purple Coin Comet: 100 purple coins = 1 star. Very time consuming. Some of these stars have more than 100 purple coins in the level, meaning you don't need to collect ALL of them. A couple of these stars are fun, but most I feel are really tedious. I am prepared to get disagreed with.


Some stuff other people did

Toddy summarizes Rosalina's Storybook, in case you're too busy or more realistically don't care.
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