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Part 5: What do you want, idiot?

Update 5 - What do you want, idiot?

Welcome to the final area of this hack, Hometown.

Music: Hometown

It's just a reskinned version of Monstro Town.

The Three Musty Fears seems to be unchanged, which means we can't complete this as far as I know.

SHOPKEEPER: It's really nice to see a new face around here. You must be the new family that just moved into town. In that boys are gonna want to see you. (Come out and say hello!)

SHOPKEEPER: I figured if you came here, then that means you wanna buy stuff. Haha!

Yoshi Candy and Rock Candy are both nice, Yoshi for restoring HP, Rock for dealing damage.

The rest is pretty outclassed by those two, though Maple Syrup takes care of FP needs.

Let's check out the dojo next.

DAMON: Oh my gosh!


DAMON: I've been working on my fighting! And it's really helping me! If you want... we could do a practise match.

Same deal as the original, we fight a disciple and then tackle the Sensai three times.

So, the "Silver" thing wasn't a joke. For some reason, we are Mario inhabiting the memories of Silver. Which means all combat scenarios in Hometown has us fight as Silver.

Unsurprisingly, Silver plays similar to Toadstool.

Sadly, we can't get her new gear or anything, but fortunately this isn't that bad a challenge.

As for the Sensai...

DARK DOOM: Har har! Pretty good lad. The fighting is really fun once you get into it.

DARK DOOM: Analyse the fighting style.

We'll come back to this in a moment.

The Wonder Stone in Moleville Mountain is what breaks the seal for this door, and it just so happens to lead to the final boss of this hack.

I never did bother with this because I suck with the timing and don't feel like save state cheesing. Oh well!

This Toad used to be a Thwomp that would knock the key outside down.

If we visit the Monstermama, she's instead replaced by...

SYLVIA: I don't care!

Not a very nice lady.

So this is Silver's family, and an attempt to explain why Silver is so evil.

SYLVIA: WHAT?!? I'm not your mother. Shoo, leave. I don't need you.

SYLVIA: Sky Troopas, I need you!

Their dialogue is unchanged for their entrance.

SERGEANT FLUTTER: Yes, quite. What do you wish of us?

SERGEANT FLUTTER: Understood, Ma'am!

SERGEANT FLUTTER: You must pace yourself! So long, little girl!

Instead of helping Mario climb Land's End, here the Sky Troopas are trying to murder Silver.

The sergeant uses a pattern of throwing a bomb for decent damage, then healing, then a turn of doing nothing.

If the soldiers are killed, new ones will fly in after several turns. They do minimal damage, so it's better to ignore them and just focus the sergeant down since he's somewhat dangerous.

Luckily, healing is cheap and only uses 2FP, so Silver can survive most situations despite her lower stats and offense.

She also still gains levels.

SYLVIA: But don't let that go to your stupid little head.

So yeah, our mother tried to disown and kill us, no big deal.

DARK DOOM's first fight is pretty simple, using only his trident to stab Silver for small damage.

I have a streak of misses early on, but otherwise this wasn't too terrible.

DARK DOOM: If you truly wish to prove yourself, you will fight me again!

Phase two adds a bomb attack that hits a bit harder.

Still no issue.

DARK DOOM: There's one more challenge ahead of you, lass! Fight me one more time! Then you may prove yourself as a true fighter!

This time DARK DOOM fights in his jet-black Super DOOM mode, and Dark Matter freaking hurts if you don't block it.

I stop for now, but don't worry, I'll take him down proper in the next update.

This takes us to Belome Temple...

...where Belome happens to be.

Oh, wait, I mean the embodiment of a nightmare that just happens to look like Belome. Easy mistake.

It shoots eggs and spits water at us, but it's no threat against us.

And thus Silver slaps her nightmares away.

NIGHTMARE: It's not over yet hot stuff! I'm stuck in your head forever. Farewell for now, Silver!

Well...alright, I guess?

Otherwise, we can make our way to this area, but I don't know how to get the key in Hometown besides maybe doing the Jumping 30/100 Times thing.

The scroll thing still works, but it looks like we can't go any farther into the temple, so with that we're pretty much done here.

Next time, we'll tackle the final update of this hack by tackling the final boss. Maybe everything will make sense once we hit the ending!

...Probably not, though.