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by Ceraph

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Original Thread: Mimes Wear Overalls - Let's Play Super Mario RPG [VLP]



I've included scans of some relevant pages of the official player's guide we used during the LP below the relevant video.


Episode 01 - Legend of the Seven Dimensions

Episode 02 - Neil Gaimond

Episode 03 - Hidden Chests

Mushroom Kingdom:

Episode 04 - Buffalo Mallow


Episode 05 - Mack


Episode 06 - Fancy Plaids

Episode 07 - Do Re Do



Super Bonus 01 - Lost Episode 01

Super Bonus 02 - Lost Episode 02

Episode 08 - Geno!


Rose Town:

Episode 09 - Reverse Santa

Episode 10 - Nya!



Episode 11 - Goomba Stomping

Episode 12 - Yoshi Racing

Episode 13 - Mole Dwarves


Episode 14 - Don't Touch Me


Episode 15 - Minecart Madness

Episode 16 - Teary Eyed Reunions

Episode 17 - Let Him Die


Episode 18 - Gird Your Loins

Episode 19 - Jump!

Knife Guy & Grate Guy:

Episode 20 - The Suite


Episode 21 - Farting Around the Church

Bundt / Raspberry:

Episode 22 - Fuzzy Pickles

Episode 23 - Sackit

Episode 24 - Do The Thing

Shaman Merchant:

Episode 25 - Trials and Tribulations

Episode 26 - Fried Calamari

King Calamari:

Episode 27 - 1v1 Me

Jonathan Jones:

Episode 28 - JoJo


Episode 29 - Shootin' Beetles

Episode 30 - Thornet

Episode 31 - Cricket Jam

Episode 32 - Tasty

Fortune Table:


Episode 33 - Good Guy Bowser

Episode 34 - Metaphorical Cake

Episode 35 - Gettin' Sauced

Episode 36 - Heavy Troopa

Episode 37 - Chumpy

Episode 38 - Look The Other Way

Episode 39 - Read the Room


Episode 40 - Watering Eggs


Episode 41 - "Sincere" Thanks

Episode 42 - Seed and Fertilizer

Episode 43 - Volcano Dragon


Czar Dragon:

Episode 44 - Ride the Bus

Episode 45 - Pipe Haus

Episode 46 - Robert Omb

Episode 47 - Exor

Exor and Boomer:

Episode 48 - Culex Time

Episode 49 - Hiphopanonymous

Factory Info:


Episode 50 - Remember Monster Rancher?

Episode 51 - Poor Bowser

Cloaker & Domino:

Episode 52 - Nostalgia Intensifies



The year is 1996, and Nintendo is several years into the lifespan of the Super Nintendo. Meanwhile, Square has already released their sixth Final Fantasy game in Japan (Final Fantasy III in the US), but they haven't had much luck reaching audiences overseas. Square needs a way to get a foothold in the US market, while Miyamoto is apparently mulling over the idea of having Mario star in his first RPG. Worlds collide, entire galaxies are destroyed, and from the resulting cosmic debris, Super Mario RPG is born. To this day, it remains one of the most beloved RPGs of all time and a cornerstone in my childhood memories. With 3D graphics that were groundbreaking at the time (and remain charming to this day), a fun and engaging battle system, memorable characters, and a wonderful sense of humor, Super Mario RPG truly is a game for the ages.

The Story

Our story starts out like any other Mario adventure. Peach Princess Toadstool is minding her own business, when Bowser swoops out of the sky and kidnaps her! Believing that prevention is for suckers, it's up to Mario to save the day again! But when he arrives at Bowser's Castle, all is not as it should be...



The Heroes

It's Mario! Need I say more? You know him, you love him, and this time the Italian Stallion is starring in his first RPG! But don't expect any dialogue out of him. Mario stays true to Nintendo's silent protagonist roots and in a wonderful bit of lampshading, has to communicate to the entire cast via charades and general mummery. And I love it.

Princess Toadstool (or Peach, as you may know her today), is just that: princess of the Toadstools and the Mushroom Kingdom. Kind and generous, she is everything you'd want royalty to be. Her only flaw is the fact that she appears to be very prone to kidnappings, especially when Bowser is involved. Though hopefully, she'll have a more important role to play this time around...

Mallow is a tadpole who lives in the ponds near the Mushroom Kingdom. He's a bit of a crybaby, and can't jump very high for being a tadpole, but the kid's got heart. He's sincere, kind, and has a strong sense of justice. He also happens to be the party's mage.

If you know anything about this game and haven't heard about Geno then... well I'm just surprised. Geno became massively popular among fans of the game (I myself am no exception and love our mysterious blue-caped friend) to the point where, if you listen carefully, you can still hear cries of "Geno for Smash" on the wind... I won't say anything more about Geno, because frankly the mystique is part of his allure.

The Villains

He's big, he's bad, and he's back to his old tricks! Bowser serves to get the plot rolling right off the bat by kidnapping Princess Toadstool in what is possibly the shortest RPG setup of all time. Bowser starts off as the game's main antagonist. That is, until we get a visit from...

Meet Smithy! He's a giant sword, he can apparently do magic stuff, and he's out to do... nasty stuff! He pierces the sky, landing directly in Bowser's Castle, and sending our plucky plumber packing. Now Smithy's henchmen are rampaging across the land, and Mario's never faced a villain quite like this before...

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