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Super Meat Boy: Meat Race 2

by Smite

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Original Thread: I have no skin, but watch me run! Super Meat Boy Races: Take 2



The full leaderboard is available here (local backup: Sheet 1, 2, 3).

Welcome to the continuation of the Super Meat Boy Races. We are racing Super Meat Boy one chapter at a time. The slowest 25% of each chapter will compete in a losers bracket consisting of that chapter's dark world. The top 25% of the losers bracket will continue to the next chapter with the rest. Starting from Salt Factory onward, the slowest 4 people go to the losers bracket with one survivor.

We are also doing bonus races of other games on slow days when we're waiting for the last groups to go. Games that fit some sort of speedrun racing or score attack environment may end up being a one-off race.

Races are contained below, and on Baldurdash.

About Super Meat Boy:
For anyone unfamiliar with this game, it's a tough platformer by Team Meat for the PC and Xbox arcade. The objective is to get from start to finish (bandage girl) without dying to sawblades, lava and missiles. The only penalty for dying is frustration. You've got infinite lives, the game assumes that you will constantly fail and reloads the stage instantly when it happens. The controls are excellent and so is the soundtrack. It's available on steam and is often on sale. I recommend checking out Psychedelic Eyeball's excellent LP of the game for not only more information but a good demonstration of ideas for how to excel.

(Baldurdash | Youtube) Meat Boy Races Recap Video, by thevoiceofdog

Super Meat Boy Marathon - Light World, Chapter 1 through 6 (Youtube)
AnimatorZed, Iron Chitlin, KasaiAisu, Psychedelic Eyeball, Ragny, Smite, thevoiceofdog, Volt Catfish

7 man VVVVVV! Full game, optional trinkets (Baldurdash | Youtube | Download)
Psychedelic Eyeball, Volt Catfish, Joe Smite, ScurvyKip, Unpronounceable, Admiral H. Curtiss, thevoiceofdog

5-man Starfox 64! High-Score Battle (Baldurdash | Youtube | Download)
Unpronouncable, Iron Chitlin, Ragny, Joe Smite, Admiral H. Curtiss

7-man Naija race Disaster Conference (Baldurdash | Youtube | Download)
Adus, Animator Zed, Iron Chitlin, Ragny, ScurvyKip, Smite, Unpronounceable

The Binding of Isaac RNG "Race", Group A (Baldurdash | Youtube | Download)
Elliotw2, unpronouncable, IronChitlin, Volt Catfish, Ragny, njsykora

The Binding of Isaac RNG "Race", Group B (Baldurdash | Youtube | Download)
AnimatorZed, Diabetus, PsychedelicEyeball, Smite, thevoiceofdog

Battletoads Race, "it's getting warty" (Baldurdash | Youtube | Download)
Diabetus, Psychedelic Eyeball, ScurvyKip, Smite, thevoiceofdog, TwistedTurkey

Battletoads in "Battlemaniacs" (Baldurdash | Youtube | Download)
Diabetus, Psychedelic Eyeball, ScurvyKip, Smite, thevoiceofdog

Super Mario World, no Star Road (Baldurdash | Youtube | Download)
Elliotw2, Iron Chitlin, Psychedelic Eyeball, Ragny, Smite, thevoiceofdog, TurboC, Volt Catfish

Super Mario Bros. 3, no Warp Whistles (Youtube)
Elliotw2, Iron Chitlin, Psychedelic Eyeball, Ragny, Smite, Volt Catfish

Mario Party 2 in Space (Youtube)
Smite, Iron Chitlin, Ragny, TurboC

Mario 64 - Race to 30 Stars and Bowser in the Fire Sea (Youtube | Baldurdash)
AnimatorZed, Iron Chitlin, Psychedelic Eyeball, thevoiceofdog, Vicas, Volt Catfish

Crazy 9-man Kirby Group (Baldurdash Part 1 | Baldurdash Part 2 | Youtube)
Admiral H. Curtiss ,Ragny, thevoiceofdog, Ultigonio, TheGreatGuy, Psychedelic Eyeball,
Color Printer, Volt Catfish, Eillotw2 & (eventually) Iron Chitlin

Sensible 4-man Kirby Group (Youtube)
Diabetus, Smite, TurboC, Zain

Megaman X, Start to Sigma - Group 1 (Youtube)
Diabetus, Elliotw2, Psychedelic Eyeball, Smite, thevoiceofdog, Volt Catfish

Megaman X, Start to Sigma - Group 2 (Youtube: Part 1 | Part 2)
A Raving Loon, KillerEmcee, Link, Star Man, TheWanderingNewbie

Mystery Race (Baldurdash | Youtube | Download)

Mystery Race 2 - A Mother's Inferno (Baldurdash | Youtube | Download)

Grief Syndrome - Anime Race 2012 (Youtube)
Elliotw2, KasaiAisu, TheGreatGuy, Unpronounceable, Volt Catfish and a lawnmower

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Youtube)
Ragny, Color Printer, TurboC, Volt Catfish, Psychedelic Eyeball and Elliotw2

Super Metroid - Sequence Breaking is Authorized (Youtube)
Psychedelic Eyeball, Diabetus, Ragny, AnimatorZed and an unauthorized TurboC

Legend of Zelda - Link to the Past, 6-parts (Part: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6)
A Raving Loon, KillerEmcee, Psychedelic Eyeball, Ragny, TheGreatGuy and Volt Catfish, guest thevoiceofdog
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