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Super Metroid Blind

by CirclMastr

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Original Thread: Something about animals - Let's Play Super Metroid Blind



Metroid is a series that needs no introduction. It is a classic Nintendo series, right up there with Super Mario and Legend of Zelda in the minds of gamers. I played the original Metroid for NES when it came out, though I never beat it. Forget the lack of map or clear direction on what to do or where to go; the killing factor for me was the password system. Tedious to copy down and reenter, and always sending you back to start with 30 health, the password system was a huge mental block for me to start a play session. Then Metroid 2 came out for Game Boy, with its wonderful battery backup, and only slightly less wonderful energy and missile refill spots. Needless to say, this was a lot friendlier to the player, and that made Metroid 2 the first game in the series I actually beat. Then, Super Metroid came out... and I didn't really care. During the SNES era I was busy falling in love with the Final Fantasy series, and I had Link to the Past - the best Zelda game even now - to scratch any itch for exploring and adventuring.

Over 20 years later, here I am with a new SNES Classic and the opportunity to return to a genre-defining series. Somehow I have avoided learning very much about this game, nor have I seen any playthroughs of it. So let's run down what I do know:
-Something like the basic plot, thanks to the Super Metroid comic that appeared in Nintendo Power magazine.
-There are animals that you can either save or kill, and killing them is faster. Thanks, constant stream of donations during GDQs!

I would like to point out that I am live streaming my recording sessions so that I can ask people for non-spoilery guidance as I play. Obviously the no spoilers policy stands here as well. I would also like to point out that I am on painkillers for a shoulder injury, so if you like watching impaired people playing games, I know it's not drunk gaming but it's something.

Special thanks to Warmal for the image!


Episode 1: "Oh yeah I can shoot down"
Episode 2: Wall jumping is a mystery
Episode 3: Saving is kind of important
Episode 4: "Those things from Mega Man"
Episode 5: Power struggle
Episode 6: Is this the end?
Episode 7: Is this the end (of chat)?
Episode 8: "I hate this place."
Episode 9: I love the Space Jump
Episode 10: "Screw Attack is better than guns"
Episode 11: I guess I killed the animals
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