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Original Thread: Let's Play Super Metroid Redesign! (ROM Hack)

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Super Metroid. Everybody loves it. It's got Space Pirates, wall jumping, bombs, really cool weapons and all sorts of other things. But isn't it missing something? Isn't it missing really tough enemies and different physics and items hidden so well you'll cry?

Well if you've been waiting for a game that does all this Super Metroid Redesign is your game. Released in 2006 with tons of patches since then, Super Metroid Redesign is a complete ROM hack of everyone's favorite Super Nintendo Metroid adventure. It's got new physics that make you fall faster, tougher enemies, different items (like the wall jump boots) and lots of other things that will make you by the end! Doesn't it sound fun?


Part 1: The Space Station and the start of Zebes
So we begin our adventure by playing through the space station. Roundabout joined me for guest commentary and it was rather interesting. Following that we search for the Morph Ball and try to find where the bombs and other such items are. I failed miserably at that and died and forgot to save and all sorts of other things happened.

Part 2: The Search for Items
After this I found an updated version of the ROM so I went in and re-patched the game, but lost all my save data. So while I didn't recrod it, I re-played those sections and am now at the savepoint I stopped at.

Part 3: Wall Jumping and COCKSUCKER
We fight a boss and meet the Wall of Doom and COCKSUCKER in this one. It's a grand ole time.

Part 4: I'm All Alone
I go back to my ship but without any witty commentary from others or anything else interesting happening. You could honestly skip this one if you wanted.

Part 5: Vegastar Has an Echo, Axeil Is a Mute
About 10 minutes in you stop hearing my commentary. There's embaressing reason for this.  I was yelling too loud and my sleeping family got woken up so I had to be really quiet  

MEGA Part 6: Spikes and Exploring and Bagfish Oh My!
In this 98 minute video I manage to fall on spikes a lot and actually start playing the game well. It's pretty much the entire Brinstar map in one video.

MEGA Part 6: The Split Version
Spikes Episode One
Spikes Episode Two
Spikes Episode Three

Part 7a: Norfair: I Hate You
In this video I attempt the "Norfair Sprint" in which you have to run through part of the Eastern side of Norfair while your energy drains so you can get the ice beam so you can get out of Norfair so you can get the Varia suit so you can go back to Norfair.

Part 7b: Norfair: I Really Hate You
The exciting conclusion to the Norfair Sprint! Features the Ice Beam and Varia Suit!

Part 8a: Taming the Evil Bomb Jumping Beast
In this video I get another energy tank and do a lot of bomb jumping. If you like hearing my cries of anguish and laughing gleefully at my every mistake this video is for you.

Part 8b: Taming the Evil Crocomire Beast
If on the other hand you like watching me KICK ASS OMG! then this video is for you. Guess who I fight here?

The title says it all.

Guess who has the grapple beam now

Part 10: Escape from East Norfair
I get 2 energy tanks and some missles and manage to connect East and West Norfair

Part 11: Speed Booster!
I get the speed booster and really suck at getting out of the speed booster area. Bonus wave beam content!

Part 12: High Jumpin' and Explorin'
I get the high jump boots and explore Brinstar (again)

Part 13: Chozo Guardians and Other Shit
2 out of the 12 Chozo Guardians have been disabled. Unfortunately Emalde's internet goes nuts near the end and ZSNES crashes spectacularly. Also the audio is out of sync by ~.5 seconds for a bit, sorry! Also ignore the 10 minutes of black at the end, Camtasia fucked itself while encoding.

Part 14: Fuck this Fanfic Shit, oh and Fuck You Too Phantoon
My favorite part is right after I get up the underwater walljumping part. You'll see why. I hope you all will cry just like I did.

Part 15: Carnal Area
Proteus reads really bad Samus Aran X-rated fan fic whenever I screw up. I screw up a lot, therefore there's lots of bad fan fic reading. I'm sorry guys.

Part 16: HELP I'M LOST
Who wants to watch me wander around in Maridia for 40ish minutes? I know I sure do!

Part 17: Super Metroid Redesign: Special Developer Commentary Edition
In this video we have Drewseph along with myself, Proteus and Vegastar. Plus for the first time ever GAME AUDIO!


Part 19: Screw You!
I am productive as hell this video. Guess what item I get.

Part 20: Lost Yet Again
I manage to wander around for an hour and only get one power bomb tank and two missle tanks.

Part 21: Ridley's Fossilized Penis
We have a shitload of people involved in this video.

Part 21.1: The Summer Blockbuster of 2007 by Proteus
The newest film from Load State Productions, a summer love story: Ridley's Cock.

I am just plain horrible. I actually kill the boss at 29:32.

Part 23: E-tanks!
In this video, axeil sucks at getting E-tanks.

Part 24: All E-tanks
I got all the E-tanks! But I needed a little help for one...

Part 25: Metroid Rape
We have all the guardians and now we can go to Tourian and get raped by infinitely spawning metroids. Oh boy!

Part 26: Mother Brain
This is one of the shortest videos yet. I fight good.

Part 27: The Escape
Let's get the the hell out of Zebes!

Part 28: I DID IT!
SMR any% run is complete!

Part 29: Crateria 100% Items
I still really suck at the game guys

Part 30: (Some) Brinstar Items!
It's just as bad as Casao said, but it's only about 20 minutes.

Part 31: Proteus Sings
And we also get items in Norfair.

Part 32: Fuck You Google Video!
This had been processing as "More Items" since Wednesday but I got annoyed and re-uploaded and now it's up. I really, really don't want to play this game anymore. The actual time I spent on the video (mainly the last part) was almost an hour and it's not really fun anymore, I'm only going on because I am stubborn as hell.

Part 33: The IBJ Chronicles
It's over. It's fucking over. No more Infinite Bomb Jump.


The shortest video ever, it's only 2 minutes long. It's also the shittiest ending ever to the items fest instead of the awesome one that I lost and the other awesome re-do that I lost. Fucking Camtasia.

Part 35: Jesus Invented Crunk

I start this out really, really mad and it's rather amazing. Then after I kill Mother Brain GammaShade finds a song that makes me laugh my ass off and everything is okay. But now the game is done 100% and to be honest I'm kinda gonna miss it. Hopefully Drew will get the axeil edition done soon (I don't really hate you Drew by the way).

Completion Screencaps

People making fun of my walljumping everything since, hell I know I suck at it the game!

You better have a thicker skin than that Mario 3 guy.

Hey guys, I made a video showcasing the difficulty of walljumping in Super Metroid Redesign.

Norfair Sprint no saves

I guess axeil posted this without telling us

An ode to F2/F4

Screenshots and fanart



Holy shit WolfShirt is awesome!

Luckily my brain refused to go any further. I am now content in the knowledge that I haven't gone quite off the deep end yet.

New Screenshot Redone by Pneub with Awesome Effects and Text!

Super Metroid: Redesign Porn/Fanfic Art!


Proteus4994 posted:

Samus and Samus make love
Metroid and Samus Make Love

taxi beat me, and did a better job anyway.

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