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Part 4: Prologue 2 - Galaxy Chase - Part 2

Inside the Knight-Class Vajra, Alto looks around and eventually finds Luca’s plane all tied up by some tentacle things. He’s out cold inside, so Alto moves in and starts tearing stuff up to set him loose. He gets Luca back just fine but before Alto can wake him up, the ticked-off tentacles go and tie his Valkyrie up; that is, until a mysterious man saves him!
Alto spots the guy’s red Valkyrie – not a model he’s seen before – but his attention is diverted by Ozma getting in touch. He explains that we’re moving to immobilize the ship, so he better use that chance to get out pronto.
Sounds good and, as Luca comes to, they both start flying to the exit.

Outside, the red Valkyrie’s quickly left the area with Alto and Luca emerging from the Knight Vajra right after.
They’re still good to fight and with nothing else for us to worry about, Ozma gives the word to blow the enemy to kingdom come. Talia sees that our rescue operation was a success and gives the same order to Shinn and co.
Durandal’s especially supportive of Rey, who vows to fight to the fullest.

And now to wrap things up, let’s show off some other stuff.

: You goddamned bugs! This is payback for before!
If you kill something on the first Vajra batch with this attack, you get a special convo:

: Skull 4, splash one!
: Wow… his kabuki moves are so ingrained in his head that they show even in his flying!
: Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee. He’s not bad at all, eh?
: Psh, that dumbass… I told him to look for another target as soon as he finished his attack run.
: He reminds me of a certain someone when he was young.
: Hrm…
Here’s the Minerva’s main gun.
Shinn’s Blast Silhouette in action.

And Luca getting revenge:

: I’ve gathered more than enough data – only thing left now is taking them down!

: Did we get ‘im?!

: No, the enemy ship’s coming back online!
: Captain!
: …What are our odds?
: This thing’s as stupid as they come, right, Lam?
: Right. We’ve run a simulation based on the data compiled by Skull 3 and we’ve the advantage in terms of top speed.
: Mina?
: All sections are ready and good to go.
: Monica?
: Firing pattern and evasion programs are already in place. Leave the navigation to me, sir.
: C-Captain, wait just a minute! What are you up to…?
: Inform the deployed units that the Quarter will now engage the Vajra battleship at close range!
: Close range?!
: You’re actually going with “that”, eh?
: Sorry, but I’m afraid I’ll be bagging this largest of games! Transformation, engage!
: Macross Quarter engaging transformation! Main reactor output rising! Fractal Module System activating!

: Whoa…! The ship really did transform!
: So that’s the Storm Attacker Mode...!
: Bobby, show them how this 400-meter long vessel was still crowned with the Macross name!
: OK, Boss!

*The Quarter blasts off towards the Knight-Class Vajra!*

: Yaaah!

: How d’ya like that? This is how the SMS does things!
: Regardless, I have some questions over the necessity of such extreme steering of the Quarter… urk…
: (That insane maneuver was just… Oh, god, I’m gonna be sick…!)

*Cathy runs off to find a bag.*

: Oho, guess I blew her away. Ahahahahaa!

That’s all enemies dealt with and Monica isn’t detecting any other De-Fold signals. Luca thanks everyone, especially Alto, for the rescue but he tells him not to worry – no big deal. More important is figuring out who those “ZAFT” guys are.
Jeffrey’s just received some intel over the survey of the area and asks everyone to calm down and listen: it’s looking like the we, and the Frontier Fleet, De-Folded in parallel world. Sounds crazy as all get-out but it’s true; Sakonji explains that despite L.A.I. and Kentarou’s joint research into the matter, whatever accident struck the Solar Falcon before has apparently happened again during our last Fold.
But how are we sure this really is a parallel world? First off, because we can see more stuff floating around space than just the Earth and Moon; moreover, after analysis, our folks have found several differences like, for instance, the fact that there’s no Macross City on this Earth.

So, Kenichi sees, we didn’t transcend time today but, rather, the dimensions themselves. Damn. Well, Jeffrey calls everyone back aboard to wait and see what the president decides to do now.
The Coordinators watch as everyone returns, Luna sighing that some words of gratitude would’ve been nice. Inwardly, Rey ponders that, if Durandal’s conjecture is correct, then those living weapons are… we don’t get to know.
Regardless, Talia calls everyone back. Durandal’ll be getting in touch with the newcomers’ leader and then, hopefully, they’ll know who we are.

Later, Durandal informs Talia that another team’s being assigned to chasing Bogey One. While the recovery, or destruction, of the Second Stage units was the Minerva’s top priority, that’s changed – they’ll now be assisting the Frontier Fleet and the Supreme Council has already approved of this.
Howard puts in a call to the ship and, having reviewed the PLANTs proposal, agrees to welcome them aboard and relay intel on the Vajra; in exchange, they’d like the colonies’ consent to remain stationed in their air space while they repair their ships.
Durandal readily agrees, even offering the PLANTs assistance in any way necessary. Howard is very thankful and invites the Minerva into Island 1.

By Howard’s office, he asks Mishima if he thinks these people to be trustworthy. He can’t say for certain yet but does make note of how easily Durandal accepted our outrageous story – could it be that this isn’t the first time people have come here from another world?
If anything, Mishima figures we ought to play nice with them while we try to figure out what’s up and what we’re going to do. And, on the subject, Mishima asks what “that one’s” thoughts on this event are. Howard says he/she is quite curious about the whole thing and wants us to be as proactive in stablishing connections to the PLANTs as can be.
If we can pin down the cause of this phenomenon by cooperating with them, a lot of new possibilities will open up. A NUNS officer calls in, reporting the Minerva’s approach. Howard asks Mishima to welcome them at Island 1’s port, though he asks for a few minutes in order to tighten security around the area.

At his office, Mishima’s gotten in touch with some guy in sunglasses, who’s rather amazed by the Frontier Fleet ending up in another universe. Mishima figures his group didn’t expect this, imagining they would’ve preferred if we, at the very least, hadn’t gotten in touch with another civilization.
Sunglasses says they always knew there was a risk of a transdimensional warp, though it was deemed extremely unlikely. But never mind that now, Mishima asks if Sunglasses was able to grab the data on “that” and he says that they’re already collecting it from the Dulfim. As for Mishima, Sunglasses tells him to go about his usual business. His side is focusing on revising the plan at the moment.
As he signs off, Mishima’s already scheming: “a parallel world, hm…? If we play our cards right, then…”

The situation’s a lot more critical at Ozma’s place, who’s just found out of Ranka entering Miss Macross without running it by him first. To make it worse, those shenanigans got her suspended from her big shot school – and getting her enrolled in there was a whole lot of trouble for Ozma.
Ranka stomps that this is her dream – she really wants to be a singer – and Ozma calls bull: “how the hell could a shy girl like you make it as a singer?!”
That does it. Ranka explodes, calling him an idiot a bunch of times and throwing everything in arms reach. At length, she runs off.

Out in the streets, Ranka’s sending a message to Alto explaining what happened and asking for his advice on how to reconcile her wishes with Ozma’s stubbornness. He doesn’t answer right away but she quickly runs into Michel, Ippei and Megumi.
They’ve heard from Nanase about her suspension and the girl is really worried about her – Ranka figures she’ll need to apologize later. As a matter of fact, Ozma had already gotten in touch with everyone, including Alto… and Michel says he asked the three of them to handle it as he had something else to do. What an insensitive fella.
As Ranka pouts, Megumi asks her to come home as Ozma’s really worried but she outright refuses to do so until he accepts what she wants. Where will she go, then? Anywhere – it doesn’t matter.
Ranka runs off, leaving Michel to sigh that they can’t well let the girl leave like that. Time to chase after.

Alto’s other business is over by Sheryl’s stage, where he was roughed up a bit when folks mistook him for a stalker (Grace hadn’t told the staff about him, see). And he’d gone through all this trouble to come and bring her earring back in person!
Sheryl apologizes but is also grateful. These earrings are a lucky charm and a memento from her mother, someone whose face she can’t even remember anymore. And that’s a secret, mind!
Yeah, yeah, Alto won’t tell anyone. More importantly, he tells Sheryl not to lose hope on the Galaxy Fleet yet – not until we’ve gotten back to our world and confirmed what’s what. Sheryl’s a bit amused at him trying to console her but figures everyone knows the feeling of caring for their hometown. Alto himself has got to have an attachment to this place, no?

Actually, no, he doesn’t particularly care that much for the residential ships. Why? “There’s no sky here,” he says. Sheryl’s not surprised by that answer but Alto says that he IS a pilot, after all. Isn’t he still in school? Yeah but he’s been officially recruited into the SMS, so he’s a fully-fledged pilot now.
“Ooh, look at you, the big bad ace,” Sheryl quips, “But if you’ve just been recruited into the team, wouldn’t that make you just a little nugget?”

As Alto frowns, Sheryl admits that she doesn’t like the Galaxy Fleet either. In fact, lacking any living relatives, living there was about her least favorite thing in the world. But now… Alto tells her to pull herself together as it ain’t like her to look so bummed out.
Now it’s Sheryl’s turn to frown at his attitude, though she quickly composes herself. She’s got one question: since Alto’s joined the SMS, does that mean he’ll be fighting the Vajra? Probably, though who knows what we’ll actually have to fight in another dimension.
In that case, Sheryl wants him to keep the earring – like she said, it’s a lucky charm. Mind, she’s only letting him BORROW it and expects to have it back later. Alto accepts and, with the show starting soon, wishes her good luck out there.

The Minerva crewmates are taking the time to check out Island 1, being especially blown away by the Zentradi Mall and its giant everything. None of this looks CG to Shinn and Luna’s having a hard time believing this to be real.
Luca’s showing the around and having a laugh: “Blown away, are you? Then you ought to try shouting ‘Deculture!’”
De-what now? A Zentradi expression for when they’re shocked or excited about something. Though their language is pretty much unused now, the expression itself still lives on. Sounds good to Meyrin, who cries a hearty Deculture.
Shinn and Luna find it incredible to see both humans and the ginormous Zentrans living side-by-side like it’s no big deal – especially considering how they all but destroyed Earth in the past. Indeed, Luca won’t deny the ravages of the old interstellar conflict but that’s all in the past now.

After a quick round of introductions from everyone, Luna thanks Luca for playing tour guide to them – of course, no thanks are needed. Luca’s doing this both as an apology for not assisting them during the quarantine and because the SMS owner told him to.
Seems the Minerva crew had to undergo both blood tests and sterilization before coming aboard. Can they blame us, though? This is a different dimension, so we had no idea what kind of germs and viruses could exist here.
Meyrin’s fine with that but what annoyed her was getting a reminder of how lacking her figure is compared to her sister’s. Luca lets out an awkward laugh but apologizes for any inconvenience. With that said, they should hurry along as there’s still plenty more to see!

Elsewhere in the mall, Michel’s finally caught up with Ranka and begs her to stop running. He yields! Now how about a small truce, they go and get some ice cream and relax for a bit? Michel swears he knows a good place, so Ranka accepts.
Cut to a bit later and Ranka’s feeling better with her ice cream. Michel’s bought some to the Voltes Team as well, considering it was his captain who got them tangled up in all this. But with that done, he asks Ranka to go home – Ozma’s really worried.
The answer’s still no. Ozma’s always treating her like a child and he kept his pilot gig a secret for who knows how long. So Ranka’s entitled to go and do her own thing, too! Michel says she’s acting like a spoiled kid without an ounce of consideration for Ozma’s feelings.

Moreover, he figures the reason Ranka doesn’t want to go home is that she knows she won’t be able to persuade him to change his mind. She won’t make it in the singing business with that kind of attitude, FYI. Hell, could she even handle singing in front of a bunch of people?
Ranka says she absolutely can, like how she sang for the audience at Miss Macross. That was then, though – could she do it right here, in front of all these mall-goers? Is she capable of placing herself in front of all these people who didn’t come here expressly to see her and sing for them?
The girl falls silent and Megumi chides Michel for his sharp tongue. Still, he figures Ranka needs to realize how childish she’s being; someone lacking commitment shouldn’t speak of being a singer. Ranka perks up right then.

: You’re wrong… I do want as many people as possible to listen to my song…!
: (You shouldn’t call it quits just because you failed once.)
: Alto… here goes…!

: Kimi wa dare to kisu o suru… ♪
: !!
: What a lovely song…
: Yow, who’d have thought the little girl had a voice like that…!
: Hey, do you hear that song? It’s coming from around here…
: Yeah, I think so… and it’s a good one, too. You can feel a whole lotta heart behind those lyrics.
: Huh…? Isn’t that Ranka singing? Michel and the others are there too…
: Whoever she is, her song’s got a lot more feeling than Lacus’ recent work.
: De-Deculture!!

: Wow… look at how quick she drew a crowd.
: OK, I know when to throw in the towel…
: That’s what’s called natural talent, I guess.


: Alright. I have to admit that you were pretty amazing there.
: Yes, it was beautiful.
: Aw, n-no, that…
: You managed to get us all hooked, too.
: Luca! What’re you doing here?
: I was showing the ZAFT pilots around the Frontier and we wound up hearing Ranka.
: H-Hey. Your singing wasn’t half bad… Actually, it was pretty good.
: Absolutely. It gave me a real nostalgia rush, even.
: Th-Thank you very much!
: Y-y-you there!
: Huh? Me?
: And who exactly are you?
: M-My name is Elmo Kridanik, I’m the head of a talent agency! Young lady, would you please sign up with me? You’re going to be a star!
: Aah?

Back at Ozma’s place, Elmo’s desperately trying to convince the man. He remembers the dreadful Space War I between humans and Zentrandi – something that could’ve been completely avoided had they tried to understand each other with song instead of resorting to violence.
Song is culture, culture is love and, thus, song is love! And Ranka has the capacity of relaying that love to the people, so please let him sign her up!
Megumi and Michel are looking from afar, seeing Ozma’s angry face and realizing a storm is coming. Ozma raises his voice, Elmo immediately flinching… “Take care of my little sister please,” he says. He even bows to Elmo, everyone else gaping in surprise.

Back to Mihoshi Academy, it’s been one week since the Frontier Fleet’s been brought to this world. Things have been relatively calm following a speech from Howard but Luca still doesn’t know what we’re going to do. Michel figures our priority will be to gather intel, though he’s got a bad feeling.
When Alto asks, Luca says info on the Dulfim and its crew are being tagged highly classified, so we’ve no way of knowing what happened to them. Ippei doesn’t like the dreary conversation and asks Nanase how Ranka’s doing. Working pretty hard in preparation for her singing debut, it seems, though she didn’t tell her what exactly that involves.

Nagisa adds that she’s taking some time off from Nyan-Nyan and hasn’t even been answering their calls. Luca does relay a rumor that someone looking like her was spotted singing on the street. Should we go and cheer on the future superstar, Kenichi wonders, but Luca isn’t so sure it was Ranka. For one, the singer was supposedly dressed like a carrot…
Yeah, Ranka wanted to be a big time singer, so no way she’d dress up like that – must’ve been someone else. Either way, Nagisa’s heard that we’ve got a new transfer student coming and Michel’s always ready to give a warm welcome… provided it’s a girl.

And the door opens up, revealing the new student: Ranka!