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Part 8: Mission 2 - Special Training: Mach Drills! - Part 2

Deceive (Shizuna Endo, Izuna Endo)
Pilot Skills:
Prevail L1
Support Defense L1
Spirit Commands – Shizuna:
Spirit Commands – Izuna:
Mech Features:
Resupply Module
Squad Bonus: HP +500, Exp earned +10%, debuff immunity

Shizuna’s a bit of an odd support, seeing as how her main draw is that her Nerve Crack weapon reduces the target’s morale – give her some support attack parts and she could potentially hit an enemy with it five times in a single turn. Were this A Portable, that’d be huge. It’s not, though, so I’m not too sure how much use I could get out of the Deceive – time will tell.
At least the EN regen from the resupply module and her Nerve Crack Hand being post-movement could make her for a decent-ish squaddie to a short-range Super.

The JUDA team is too far away to attack, though, so our guys will need to hold on by themselves for another turn.

Eeeh, I think I prefer W’s version.

: My first actual battle with the Mazinger in who knows how long. You Haniwas’re gonna be helping me get back in the game!
A classic.

Kenji sticks by his crew, taking out a weakened Boya Kaengu. Yagyuu and Kyo each start working on others.

Enemy Phase!

Oh and Ikima can reduce your SP, FYI…

A couple of Haniwas decide to take a detour to gun for the Factors.

They certainly hit harder than the Katou Armas.

Sayaka is hanging out back but that doesn’t stop one enemy for trying his hand.

: Tetsuya and Jun aren’t here right now, so I’ll have to fight my best to pick up the slack!

Kouji seems to be a primary target as a bevy of stuff rushes him down (taking some not insignificant damage). Kenji does nab a handful of kills, as well… surviving with only 1000 HP!

Player Phase!

Only difference is that Kouji and Kenji can be easily healed, while all the Haniwas lost a good chunk of health in their venture. Now it’s just a matter of picking a target and killing it, so here’s the cliffs notes:

: You ready, Izuna? Can’t let any of those folks one-up us, so we’re gonna go ballistic here!
: “One-up”… but this isn’t a competition.
: Ah, ya big dumdum! Battles ARE a competition and whoever’s the bigger ace has got it made! So put your back into this!
I’m rather disappointed that the hand didn’t follow up the throw with a big punch.
And here’s the Build Angels’ strongest attack.
The first of Kenji’s combined attacks with the Big Shooter. I question the efficiency of a bazooka that’s bigger than the user…

: You two ready to rock? We’re gonna put on a slick show for Tsubaki!
: What, did you give up on Sayaka, Boss?
: What’re you, stupid?! I’m gunning for them both now – one babe in each hand!
: Yeah, that’s why you’re the boss, Boss!
: Off we go, then! Ooryaaa!
I confess that I was surprised that he oneshotted the thing!

Oh, this’ll be good.
There’s the Laplace Wall at work. Thanks for the free EN, Ikima!
Finally, the last mook – right in range for Yamashita’s strongest weapon.

: There’s only that thing left now…!
: Oh, what’s the matter? You’d best not get your hopes up simply because you’ve destroyed the other Haniwa Phantoms.
: Damn it…! Look at how giddy that prick is!
: Heheheheh… Indeed, there is absolutely no hope for any of you!
: Rrgh, I could wreck that sort of barrier as easy as one-two-three if I had the Kaiser right now!
: What, the Build Base’s got no secret weapons or whatever?!
: …There IS something that’d work.
: Really?! Out with it, then!
: Kenji’ll need to combine with the Mach Drills. Charge those with the energy of Jeeg’s Bronze Bell and it might work…
: The Mach Drills… those things that almost went and crushed my dreams?!
: That’s too risky! He didn’t even pull it off during training!
: No, I know he can do it.
: Kouji…?
: Go for it, Kenji! If you’re a real man, that is!
: Hah, that goes without saying, Kouji!
: Here I go! Do it, Tsubaki!
: …Well, alright. Mach Drills, set up! Shoot!

*Blam, Blam!*

: Waaaah?!
: It’s not working. He can’t react fast enough…!
: What the crap’re you doing?! Did you lose your balls or something?!
: We know you’re better than that, Kenji! You’re a real man, so you CAN pull through, can't you?!
: Y-Yagyuu… OK. Tsubaki, again!
: This is crazy, Kenji! Mess it up again and Jeeg won’t…
: Nah, I just realized something after Yagyuu said her piece. Send the drills over, Tsubaki!
: The only way to beat Ikima’ll be with the Mach Drills, so we need to take a chance with him.
: Kyo… OK. Make it work this time, Kenji!
: (Looking at the drills from the front, they kinda look like…)
: (Yeah, mine and all men’s favorite thing in the world! I just gotta visualize and my hands’ll do their part!)
“I’m pulling it off this time, Tsubaki!”
“Mach Drills, set up! Shoot!”
“C’mere, my booby drills!”
“ALRIGHT! Here we go!”
“Ooooryaaa! Booby Drill ATTAAAAAACK!”

: Gwaaargh! I-It can’t be… he tore through the evil energy?!
: Hell, yeah! His barrier’s toast now!
: So cool… Jeeg really is the best!
: Should be no problem to take that guy out after that. Psyche yourselves up and let’s get to it!

Indeed, with only 8400 HP left, we can easily wrap this up.

: Annoying little bug! You’ll soon be but a smear on the floor!
: Well, none of us are nice enough to let you drop us that easy!
: Tsubaki, scan his Dai Kaengu for a weakness! That’s step #1!

Off goes Ikima, promising to REMEMBER THIS. Of course, he’s already lost a couple of times, so Kenji suggests he start writing it all down.
Shizuna’s revised her opinion on Kenji slightly – he’s a complete idiot but decent enough in battle. Miwa calls in and summons everyone back to Build Base, including the JUDA crew. Lady Une’s waiting for them.
More important to Kenji, does all this mean his training was a success? Tsubaki slowly confirms, which means it’s time for Yagyuu to fulfill her end of the bargain!

Cut to the Jama Kingdom, Ikima is very apologetic for his screw up. Amaso sniffs at the poor showing despite all his huffing and puffing and requests that Himika let him go next.
Mamashi also wants in, but the queen quickly silences them all. She is NOT in the mood for their bickering. She sees in Jeeg and his allies enemies to be respected and knows they must take the Bronze Bell before our strength grows even further.

At Build Base, Miwa is welcoming our team and praising JUDA’s vaunted combat expertise. Yamashita puts his best “official” voice and salutes her in lieu of Reiji, their team leader. This is Une’s first time meeting with us and Ichitaka is rather nervous, stuttering a quick introduction.
Une, of course, has been briefed on him and Ichitaka promises to work hard as part of LOTUS. She appreciates his earnestness and turns to speak to the entire team: this last battle has further confirmed to her the importance of the LOTUS project. Kouji has heard of the team from Prof. Yumi, as the Photon Lab crew will also be joining.

Une knows that united strength is the way to stand up to any upcoming threats but every single member of our team is important individually – we couldn’t have prevailed today without Jeeg busting the enemy’s barrier.
Despite being the man of the hour, Kenji isn’t listening (daydreaming about boobies). Shizuna and Tsubaki aren’t amused by his grin. But, regardless, what Une expects from us is that we’ll be flexible enough to adapt to any and all situation, so she hopes we’ll keep up the good work.

A call comes in right then and it’s Prof. Yumi from his Orbital Space Station. Kouji eagerly asks if he’s finished his maintenance on the Mazinkaiser but, sadly, no – it’ll take longer. Guess he’ll have to make do with the Mazinger in the meantime.
But the reason Yumi called is that while he’s agreed to have the Mazinger Team join LOTUS, Tetsuya and Jun’s mechs are taking longer than expected to 100% ready for battle again. They’ll likely be delayed in their rendezvous with us.
Lady Une’s not too surprised, considering the difficult battles those two went through.

Tetsuya gets on the mic to tell Kouji and co to not slack off while out there – if he catches word that they’ve messed up somehow, he’ll personally come and whip them back into shape. Jun is nicer, though, only asking for them to hold the fort until the Great Mazinger and Venus are ready to go again. Kouji swears to do just that.
As the call ends, the Build Base and Mazinger teams are now officially under Une’s command as part of LOTUS. The base itself, explains Prof. Shiba, will carry on investigating whatever the Jama Kingdom is up to while providing prompt support to us.
Of special note to Miwa is that they’re still searching for a way to rescue thought-alive Hiroshi – the original Jeeg – from within the progressively shrinking Zone. That’s for another time, though, and Miwa suggests we go and rest after the last battle. Une does ask Ichitaka and Alice to come see her when they’ve the time, though.

Kenji doesn’t need rest, though, as it is now time to collect his reward! Yagyuu will stand by her word, so she asks him to come by the hangar. He does so immediately, leaving behind a fuming Tsubaki to wonder why Yagyuu made a promise like that in the first place.
Kouji invites her along to watch it all go down, eliciting an angry retort that this is, first and foremost, his fault for making this inane suggestion! Easy, now. Didn’t he say it’d be funny? She’ll see what he means.

By the hangar, Yagyuu isn’t really worried about staying true to her word. She tells Kenji to close his eyes and he’ll get some boobies right in his face. And he does so, Tsubaki and Boss glaring at him for his antics/luck, though Miu has absolutely no idea what’s going on and is incredibly confused.
Kenji’s faced is cradled in boobies and he’s as happy as can be – life is good. Or it was, for a second, before he starts feeling his head being crushed. What the hell? He opens his eyes and finds himself buried in Saotome’s very muscular cleavage and arms. The berserk fighter has no qualms in squishing him like a grape as Kenji protests that this wasn’t the deal!

“Oh? And when, exactly, did I say anything about it being my breasts?” Yagyuu chuckles. Kenji begs Tsubaki for help but, of course, he brought this on himself. Kouji wonders if Boss is still jealous – does he wanna take Kenji’s spot? Absolutely not.
Shizuna is feeling pretty good at the spectacle – it saved her the trouble of having to actually box him some – and Izuna has a laugh at how much livelier this group’s turning out to be.

As Kenji continues to suffer, Alice walks in, having just prepped a healthcare plan for everyone and… what are they doing? Effort being rewarded and all that, answers Yamashita.
Speaking of, Kouji’s been told that Ichitaka’s another trainee pilot – it’s tough business starting out but he tells him to hang in there. And if he’s ever not feeling up to it, he can always ask Saotome to “reward” him.

Ichitaka’s rather star-struck with THE Kouji Kabuto and stammers a very proper thank you. But he needn’t get hung up on formalities, of course, what with them being teammates now. Ichitaka gets that but Kouji is still a big name for him to deal with.
“Ichitaka, your heart rate is rising. Hmm, this symptom indicates… is it love?” Alice ponders, eliciting an energetic “NO WAY!” That’s a better attitude, Kouji says, and tells Ichitaka to talk to him the same he would Alice. Ichitaka tones it down a bit – still a bit too proper for Kouji’s tastes but he’ll get used to it. And what was that about a healthcare plan?

Well, as we all know, Alice’s primary job is as a maid, meaning she can also handle pretty much any health care needs we require. In exchange, she hopes folks would indulge her with some combat lessons. That’d be no problem for the Mazinger Team and Alice is quite grateful.
A nondescript amount of time later, Yamashita reminds Ichitaka and Alice that Une wanted them to stop by. Repairs on the Rushbird have finished just now and Alice has done examining our crew, so this seems as good a time as any. Yamashita asks him to be back in time for their training session, mind.

Back at the command room, Ichitaka’s disappointed to hear that they’ve found nothing on Grife or Yuu. Une says that Preventers are searching right now and they’ve even requested the other LOTUS-affiliated groups to help with that.
Ichitaka’s surprised they’d go to those lengths for him, but it’s not exactly for his benefit alone. Both of Grife’s units have quite a few distinctive features – the Straybird has been avoiding any and all detection, while the Rushbird seems capable of some dimensional interference. They can’t well disregard these units and their creator, right?
Wait, what was that about the Rushbird? Miwa relays a report from JUDA, saying that they mean the Input-Output energy devices in the bot’s hands; from what they’ve seen, the bot is interacting with another dimension(s?) when attacking and defending. Sounds dangerous but Shiba is sure the LOTUS mechanics can handle servicing the thing.

We won’t be hanging around here, mind, as LOTUS’ next destination will be the Dannar Base to join up with the locals and Nanbara Connection team. Une does tell Ichitaka to focus on improving himself instead of stressing over working with his idols. He does promise to do so, but, inwardly, is already giddy over the thought of meeting the Godannar and Combattler crew… he’s gonna have to work on that.
But not right now, as Build Base’s crew detects something: Mimetic Beasts, headed towards the Naruto Straits! Well, that’s a job for us so Une tells everyone to gear up and get ready to move. Seems like Ichitaka’s training session got replaced with some live combat. Is Alice ready to go? Yup, no problems at all, as she’s already finished processing data from the previous battle.


: (…Where are you, my partner…?)
: (The one who’ll synchronize and fight beside me… I know she’s somewhere in the blue planet…)
: (Nagisa… Kanou. My partner… I need you...)