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Part 30: Mission 11 - Prelude to Battle - Part 1

And we are back, having finally joined our two big halves into one overwhelming force of destruction (except those ZAFT nerds, but whatever). Since I kept the Rescue Route, we have a very tight race for first place: Ichitaka’s magnetism kept him just one kill ahead of Kenji and (I’ll never get used to this) Quatre, who are tied.

All of my money went straight to upgrading the Frontier folks (who came in empty – only Alto got a pip in weapons). Meanwhile, Daiya got his promised EN save, while Alto chugged three of the Gunfights I’ve been saving since he’s our first major range-oriented protag.
Kouichi, meanwhile, took one of my Predicts to, majorly, boost his Accuracy (though dodging a bit more reliably is always nice).

And coming back from a route split begets the age-old tradition of rebuilding a big chunk of your squads. At the very least it doesn’t take nearly as long as it did in Z1 or the Alphas:
Yamashita/Tetsuya Kouji

I can’t believe it actually took me this wrong to realize what a waste it was to leave Canaria hanging out with Klan – she’s a perfect fit for Tetsuya. Then again, I WAS just setting whatever in anticipation to having to redraw stuff when we got back together.
Kouji still needs flight, so it’d be either Puria or Yagyuu and the former’s mobility bonus would’ve kinda been wasted on him. If the stars align, we’ll see the Mazinger pop a Double Image!
And I figured, since we have plenty of room, that Dick and Klan can work well enough to hold a squad of their own.

On we go.

The Quarter and Daiku Maryu have just arrived at JUDA, Ishigami bidding them a warm welcome. Jeffrey had already heard plenty about the man and even Garis mentioned the prez to be a very capable man.
They do him much honor, though there’s a lot of intel to be exchanged regarding the status quo abroad. Cathy warns that we need to decide what to do carefully, lest it turn the entire world against us; Jeffrey also agrees, remembering that the SMS was placed in LOTUS as a way to minimize the UN’s distrust towards the Frontier. If we make the wrong move, it’ll only mean trouble for the fleet (and the PLANTs, even).
Ishigami concurs, though he is appalled that people would fight one another with all that’s going on. People are so very shortsighted. But, regardless, Yui has just established a line to the ships’ databases, so they’ll start their meeting.

And, as usual, we get to hear about whatever happened in the path we didn’t take. Considering we saw it all, I’ll skip most of it but I can point out particularly amusing bits. Mind, at the end of it all, Emi comes in after Daiya – Naoto is here looking for him. Expected, considering Daiya didn’t have time to talk to him before rushing to space.

Daiya quickly apologizes to his friend, who came over to JUDA right after some NEX folks said he’d returned. Still, he wants to hear all about Daiya’s trip to space. Well, getting to see their blue world from up there was something else, that’s for sure.
And since he’s here, Daiya figures Naoto could also tag along while he gives everyone a tour of the Daiku Maryu. He doesn’t see any harm in it, so the kid’s very up for it.

Ichitaka and Kouichi are blown away that they get to be in THE Daiku Maryu – high five! Becoming CHAMPIONS OF JUSTICE was the best thing ever. As Shizuna sighs at the two fanboys, Daiya tells them to keep some of that enthusiasm for the rest of the tour since this is just the hangar! There’s still the kitchen, the bridge, Sakon and Lulu’s rooms and more.
Dick suggests we skip Sakon’s place as, science-obsessed as he is, the guy can’t be bothered with anything else. The room’s a dump, really, and Daiya figures Sakon could potentially starve himself to death if the rest of the crew didn’t keep an eye on him.
Nagisa dashes in right then, running uncharacteristically late after waiting to see if Iczer-1 and Anna would tag along (they couldn’t). Michel immediately does a double take at the sight of her – Nagisa? Alto figures he’s trying out one of his playboy routines on a LOTUS girl: “Seriously, what would the Nyan-Nyan waitress be doing… *looks at Nagisa*… here?”

Daijiro couldn’t tell them apart, that’s for sure, and the girl’s getting a bit uneasy over the people staring at her. Michel apologizes and asks if she could tell them her name - she does, though immediately warns him not to get any funny ideas. She’s not giving him her phone number!
Still, it’s clear that Nagisa Kanou isn’t the Nagisa Kasumi they know – not that Kenichi expected otherwise – but, even so, they look tremendously alike. “It doesn’t seem like we’re dealing with a ‘Highly Probable Being’,” Emi ponders to herself.

Still, everyone’s here now, so Daiya calls them to keep going… or, he would, if Shizuka didn’t walk up to ask him to help carrying some Zolmanium.
But he’s gotta show the others around! If he’s got that much free time on his hands, then it’s all the more reason why he should help with this. Rosa offers to take over the tour while he gets to work – she offers a quick apology to us, but says things are rather hectic with the resupply operations going on.

Elsewhere, Naoto’s managed to get himself lost aboard the ship. He soon runs into Yanma’s crew, who tag him as the kid Daiya always spoke so much about. And if he needs a guide, they’ll do it! Naoto doesn’t get a chance to say anything.
Cut to a bit later, Yanma explains that they’re always at Puria’s beck and call, what with her being the “older sister” around here, and they’ve always wanted a new baby brother of their own. So, Haccho commands, Naoto is to address them all as “bro”! Whuh? Ayup, starting right this instant, Naoto is now part of their trio! … But how can it be a trio if there’d be four of them? What, that’s not right? What should they call it, then? Buby has no idea.

Hey, they’ve been walking around for a while now and Daiya’s group is still nowhere in sight. Which is why they are GUIDING him, Haccho protests. Before Naoto grows a hernia, Sakon walks over and says Rosa was looking for the kid over thattaway.
The kid thanks him and tells his bros that they’ll have to conclude their own tour another time – he runs off. Buby’s surprised he really called them his “bros”. He’s a good kid, Sakon assesses, which is why the three men should do their best not to mess with him much.

And Naoto can’t find his way, reaching a dead end. He does hear some voices nearby, though, so maybe they can help. And he finds Alice having a talk with Rongo – seems like something’s wrong with him, and she’s rather appalled Franklin didn’t notice it.
Rongo says the guy isn’t at fault, since the Daiku Maryu doesn’t give everyone check-ups every day; to say nothing of the fact that he deliberately avoided going to the doc. Still, his injury is quite grave (back when the ship first came to this world)...
But Rongo says he’s the ONLY one who can turn the Daiku Maryu’s rudder. If he’s bedridden, the ship’ll be grounded and he presumes Alice, a subpilot, knows where he’s coming from. She does, but being in charge of the team’s health care makes looking the other way quite difficult for her.
Naoto walks in right then, and Rongo immediately pulls him closer and asks him not to tell anyone what he heard. Consider this a promise between men, as Rongo can’t stop right now.

And now we jump straight to Neo Tokyo 3, where the PA’s declaring a state of emergency – all phone lines are down. Seems to Shinji that this meeting isn’t happening, wondering what his dad could be thinking by calling him over this suddenly.
He turns around, thinking he’d seen a girl nearby – there’s no one. Never mind that, though, as the entire area starts shaking. An earthquake?!

: Don’t let the Angel take another step! Stop it, whatever it takes!
: Yes, sir! Engaging!

: We’ve a confirmed hit!
: …
: No, we don’t! It didn’t do anything!


*Sachiel keeps moving eastward.*


: Sorry I’m late! Get in the car! (Misato)
: Huh?!
: Hurry!

*Misato starts driving away.*

: Keep firing! We can’t let him through!

: …
: Why the hell is nothing working?! The Armas’ weapons can’t do anything against that thing?!

: D-Damn you… my men…! You’re not getting away with this! I, Igarashi Shinobu, will end you if it’s the last thing I do…!

*Beep, beep!*

: That’s enough, Igarashi. Pull back immediately – we’re deploying an N² mine.
: What?! But then the town’ll—
: The civilians have already evacuated due to the state of emergency. Your group is all that remains.
: C-Copy that!

: An N² mine?! They’re using something like that?!
: The SDF is desperate, trying to save face. You need to evac that area right now! (Makoto)
: Understood. Hold on, Shinji!

: What’s it look like, Igarashi? How’s the Angel?
: It took that N² mine right on the chin. No way it—
: …
: What the… hell?!
: What’s going on, Igarashi?!
: …Target remains. We’ve some damage confirmed, but it’s only a matter of time ‘till it recovers…!
: I-It can’t be…!


: Urgh, our ace in the hole was… Damn that monstrosity!
: Not wholly unexpected for a conventional piece of weaponry. Still, a N² mine only barely managed to immobilize the 4th Angel… Its regenerative abilities are enormous. (Fuyutsuki)
: They are self-sufficient, near-perfect life forms. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. (Gendou)
: The ones who consumed the Fruit of Life…
: Hm. And they’d destroy us, the ones who consumed the Fruit of Knowledge.
: This is hardly the moment for the SDF to be butting heads with us. It’s a disaster out there.
: …
: Commander, we’ve an urgent message from the government!
: What do they want?
: They’ve transferred control of this operation to Gendou Ikari, commander of NERV!
: Whaat?!
: …

: Right. We’ve a private paramilitary organization operating under the UN’s supervision.
: And my dad works here, right?
: Hmhmm. Do you know what he does?
: All I heard was that it’s something important – something that keeps mankind safe.
: (“Keeps mankind safe”… So dad is kind of like Kouichi, when he protected me? …No, I doubt it…)
: Are we going to see him?
: We are, yes. I’m taking you to NERV HQ, our hidden base.

: Well, this operation is now in your hands. Show me what you can do.
: Roger that.
: None of our weapons did any lasting damage against the target, Ikari. Do you seriously think you stand a better chance of winning?
: Winning this is precisely what NERV is for.
: Hmph…
: … Fuyutsuki, take care of things here.
: A family reunion, three years later?
: Hm…

Ishigami’s a bit worried if mankind can beat an enemy that shrugged off an N² mine, but Lady Une says we MUST beat it or it’ll be the end of everything: “And I’d wager it was for that reason why our predecessors actively studied the parallel world’s tech,” she adds.
Victory or bust is the name of the game, and with command of the operation transferred to NERV, Une wants us to move to help ASAP.

Back at NERV, Shinji figures his dad will want him to do something – he wouldn’t have sent that letter if there wasn’t anything. Misato sees that the boy’s got some issues with his father, same as her, really. As the elevator door opens, an annoyed Ritsuko Akagi is waiting: they’re twelve minutes late and time’s running short.
As Misato apologizes, Ritsuko introduces herself to Shinji as the head of Project E’s first science division, and beckons them both to follow.

: There’s something I want to show you, Shinji.

: A-Ah!
: Our “Ultimate All-Purpose Humanoid Decisive Weapon”… The Evangelion Unit #01, an artificial human created by man.
: It is the humanity’s ultimate weapon.
: Is my dad also involved with this?
: I am.
: !!
: It’s been a while.
: Dad…
: Hm… Deploy it.
: “Deploy”? But the #00 is still on lockdown… Wait, you’re not talking about the #01, are you?
: We’re out of options. And Shinji?
: Yes?
: You’ll be piloting it.
: Huh…?
: …
: Dad… why did you call me here?
: That should be obvious.
: You’re telling me to use this to fight that thing I saw?
: I am.
: No, I’m not doing it! Why do you even care after all this time? I thought you didn’t want anything to do with me!
: I called you precisely because now you’re needed.
: And why do you need me?
: Because no one else can do this.
: … I can’t do it either. How do you expect me to pilot something I’ve never seen or heard of before?!
: We’ll tell you how.
: But… No, no way! I’m not a pilot – I can’t do this!
: You need to get aboard right now. If you won’t pilot… then leave!


: It’s found us.
: Shinji, we’re out of time.
: Get in…!
: No… I know I came all the way here… But I just can’t do any of this!
: And why did you come here, Shinji? You can’t run away now - not from your father… and, most of all, not from yourself.
: I know that! But you’re asking the impossible!
: …Fuyutsuki, call Rei.
: Can we use her for this?
: She’s not dead yet.
: … Very well.

*Call ends.*

: Rei…


: Yes?
: We can’t go with the spare. You’ll be deploying once more.
: Yes, sir…


: Switch the #01’s core unit with the L-00 type and reboot it!
: Roger that. Cancelling current operation; preparing to reboot. (Maya)
: (I knew it… No one actually needs me…)

*Door opens.*

: Hrgh…! Haah, haah…
: (Huh, someone’s hurt? A girl? Why is she…)

*BOOM… and Rei drops to the ground.*

: Aargh!
: Are you alright?!
: Haah… urgh…
: (She’s bleeding…! Are… are they actually having her pilot that thing… because I won’t?!)
: (I… I can’t run away. I can’t run away. I can’t run away. I can’t run away…!)
: Okay, fine! I’ll do it! I’ll pilot!

: Flooding Entry Plug. Establishing second contact, linking interface… No abnormalities in the A10 neural connection. Charging LCL – everything is nominal.
: Fixate all thought configurations around Japanese. Primary contact is also nominal.
: Opening communications channel. Checklist: all clear up to #1405. Synaptic synchronization rate: 41.3%.
: Without even a plug suit? Very impressive.
: All harmonics are looking nominal. No abnormalities.
: Then we are ready!
: Prepare to launch!!

Mission 11 – Prelude to Battle

I normally don’t care all that much for this BGM, but this arrangement is pretty decent!

: … Do we proceed, commander?
: Of course. There’ll be no future for any of us if the Angel isn’t destroyed.
: Are you sure about this, Ikari?
: Hm…
: Everything ready, Shinji?
: Yes!
: Final safety device, release! Evangelion #01, lift off!

: Shinji, try and focus on walking for the moment.
: (Walk…)

*The #01 takes a step forward.*

: (Walk…!)

*Again… and Sachiel moves straight for him!*

: The Angel’s closing in on the #01!
: Aah—!

: Uwaaaah!!
: Calm down, Shinji!
: How are the EVA’s defense systems?
: Unresponsive!
: The Field isn’t deploying!
: It’s not working?!
: Shinji!


: We’ve various signals on high speed approach to the battle zone!

: That’s… LOTUS!
: What now, Ikari?
: Let them do as they want… We’ve to verify the distortion.
: Is it true, Reiji? Is Shinji really piloting that Evangelion thing?!
: It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it is very likely.


: That’s… We’re being hailed by NERV!
: Put them through!
: This is Misato Katsuragi of NERV’s operational division speaking. Please respond, LOTUS.
: Captain Lulu of the Daiku Maryu. We’ve already been briefed on the situation: how superficial attacks won’t hurt the Angel, how it can regenerate itself… and how it must be defeated, lest it trigger the Third Impact and destroy all of mankind.
: (Ishigami’s told them, I see…)
: That’s correct. We’ve deployed our Evangelion #01 to fight, but it’s the pilot’s first battle, so he’s having difficulties. So I propose that we all engage the target in tandem - please assist us, LOTUS!
: Our mission is to maintain peace in the Earth Sphere, so I see no reason to refuse.
: Alright, then we’re good! Shinji, we’ve some friendlies here to back you up! Work with them and destroy the Angel!
: Doesn’t that mean that I don’t need to fight anymore, then…?
: No, an Angel can only be beaten by an EVA. It won’t go down otherwise.
: You chose to do this, no? Then keep with it ‘til the end.
: …Alright…
: (He’s always looking to others for direction… I guess that’s fruit of the environment he was left in.)
: That enormous monster is called an Angel, yes? The mere sight of it tells how strange a being it is.
: All Angels have a powerful barrier called A.T. Field, so we can’t let this battle drag on or it’ll wear us down. Engage it with caution!
: Pshaw! If we’re dealing with a barrier, that calls for my Mach Drills! I’ll handle the timing, Kyo, Tsubaki!
: Hold on… This isn’t the same as the Dai Kaengu from before. Be very careful, Kenji.
: (I can feel something close to a magical barrier, but the fundament behind it is clearly different… What is that A.T. Field…?)
: Sorry, Naoto, we had to drag you along into this.
: Don’t worry about it. This is a big deal for humanity, right? Makes sense you had to scramble in a hurry.
: Shinji, I’m coming to bail you out! That’s how I’ll atone for the mess I did!
: I’ve got your back, Kouichi!
: Keep an eye on the Plasma Drive level, Anna. I know having to match each other’s pace isn’t easy, but we’ll have to make do.
: Aye, aye! I’ll work twice as hard to cover for Goh!
: …
: (I… I have to do this. I can’t… run away…!)