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Part 55: Mission 22 (Minerva Route) - Heart Break - Part 2

Still going, our objective now is to reduce the Godannar below 5000 HP.
Goh, like Ken before him, has Prevail L9 now, so you absolutely don’t want to deal with him in the water. Pull back, let him cross the pond and then engage. Do note that he now has a 2-6 range attack, so you’ll need to give him a wider berth.

Fast forward a couple more turns, and Goh’s in position. The last beasts are tagging along, and will support defend him if given the chance – don’t.
With the way clear, we’re ready to go.

: Kch… uurk…
: I’ve learned so much from you and our friends…
: If I can pay you back just a bit, then I will…! I might be so afraid, but it doesn’t matter! I want to save you, Goh!

Shinji: “I’ll… stop the Godannar!”

: Watch our stance, Sakuya. Mess up and he’s going to send us flying…!
: I’m doing the best I can here…! No promises when we’re up against the Godannar jacked up on some Mimetic Beasts, though!
: Hrrgh… UWAAAAA!
: Incoming, Aoi!
: We gotta pin him down…! I wanna see my favorite Beauty and the Beast couple back together!
Here’s the new attack, with the Mimetic Beasts Sakuya was talking about.
Aoi: “We’ve to take on the Godannar…”
Johnny: “That’s about as tough as this can get!”

: (Dying was never what truly scared Goh…)
: (No, it was losing his humanity and becoming an enemy of those who fight for our future… That’s what scared him above all…)
: (Then there’s only one thing I can do for him…)

Mira: “Goh, I…”

: Never thought we’d ever be scuffling like this… This is someone I never wanted to fight if I could’ve helped it.
: Let’s do this, Goh! I’m stopping you with every drop of strength I got!

Kouji: “We’re never giving up on you, Goh!”

When Goh’s under 25k HP:

*Beep, beep!*

: That’s… We’re detecting new Mimetic Beasts signals!
: What, more are incoming?!

: That’s a Destroy! They hijacked even that thing?!
: Your main objective is still the same. Keep an eye on the new hostiles, but focus on immobilizing the Godannar!

: His presence is overwhelming… But we can’t fail here! We’ll stop him, just like we did with Kouichi!

Quatre: “I’ve to stop the Godannar, whatever it takes!”

: You can’t just up and die on us! Even I was looking forward to seeing your comeback!
: So I’m coming in to bail you out! I’ll put a stop to the Godannar!

Shinn: “The hero of the War of Giants… can we really stop him?”

: Goh… You’ve taught me so much about how to fight. And I’ll be saving with you all of that!
: Let’s do it, Ichitaka!

Ichitaka: “We might be up against the Godannar, but this is no time to be chicken!”

: Wasn’t a world free of the Mimetic Beasts your dream, Goh?! We’re so close to making that real!
: Hang in there, Combattler! We can’t get broken down before the Dannar’s immobile!

Chizuru: “We’ve got to bring Anna’s feelings to him!”
Hyouma: “Yeah, here we go!”

: Goh Saruwatari… What’ll become of LOTUS if we lose even you?
: Guuooorgh…UWOOOOO!
: No, we just cannot let that happen! You’re the leader of our troops… and our comrade in arms!

Zechs: “What a crushing spirit… your reputation is well deserved, Godannar!”

: It’s not every day I get the chance to fight someone of your skill, Goh... !
: Hrrmm… AAAAAAH!!
: Hah… Even I, Tetsuya Tsurugi, am intimidated… You’re an amazing man, Goh Saruwatari…!

Tetsuya: “The Godannar… Never did I expect it to turn into such a terrifying enemy!”

: Goh, listen to me! Goh!
: It’s really not going to work unless we combine…? You pigheaded moron!
: (I’ll be seeing you soon… Hold on, Goh…!)

Anna: “Hang in there, Goh! I’m going to save you, I promise!”

: K-K-Kch…

: He’s still going?!

*Mira turns neutral!*

: Mira?!
: I made a promise to him. That if he ever turned into our enemy… then I’d kill him…!
: Mira! Are you going to use that?!
: I won’t just let you have him, Anna! I’ll kill him, and then I’ll also die!

: Did she do it…?!
: No, the Godannar wasn’t destroyed!
: And now he can’t move at all…
: Huh…?!

*Mira switches back.*

: It was you who took him from me during my five years of sleep, Anna…
: So show me the bond you two share… so that I might give up… so that I might move on!
: … Okay! Take a look!
: We’re all done programming! The Godannar can Drive Change!
: I’m coming right now, Goh! Drive Change – GO!

: Godannar, Twin Drive!

: I’m here, Goh!
: Anna… Don’t… Don’t look… at me…
: There’s nothing to be afraid of… It’s only the two of us in here.
: Goh… I love you…!

: That’s!
: She really did it…!
: Goh…
: Thanks, Anna… If you’re here with me… then I can fight!!
: It is by gaining a human soul that the Steel Giant, that which is equal to God, becomes a true ENVOY OF JUSTICE!
: This is the marriage of God and soul! Forward, everyone! Now is the time to bring this battle to a close!

Except that there are still a ton of MS beasts down south, but they’re on land and are very easily dispatched.
And here’s the video of Mira’s new attack, complete with the DK.

Fast forward another couple of turns for me to kill everything, get everyone aboard the Minerva and sail the over to Boss Island.
Now we can finally bring this drag of a mission to a close!

: This is it! We just need to take you out, and then no one’ll have to live in fear of the Mimetic Beasts…
: Step up, beasties! Today’s the last day of your lives!


: This one sure has power on a wholly different level from the Trojan Horse…
: Too bad for you, the Great Hero’s been an old hand at monster hunting for years now. Super Mimetic Beast or no, you’ll go down just the same!

: Can we actually beat this giant of a Mimetic Beast…?
: No, I can’t let it intimidate me… I made a decision to answer the Chairman’s resolve in kind. So, whatever enemy comes my way, I’ll fight!

: Think it’s really gonna be over this time?
: Judging by what Prof. Tatsuya said, I’m sure everything’ll be A-OK.
: And they can come back a many times as they want, we’ll just drive them out. Again and again, all in the name of peace… sounds good?
: What he said. But, with luck, we’ll also have some time to put our feet up…
: So come on! We’ll take on all comers until peace is back in this world!

: Do keep calm, Hyouma. Let yourself get too incensed and you’d be playing right into the Mimetic Beasts’ hand.
: Relax, Kosuke… I’m as cool as can be here…
: I’m Hyouma Aoi of LOTUS. We’re carrying the future of everyone on Earth on our backs, and I’m not screwing up right at the moment of truth!
: Hyouma…
: Today’s the day…! We’re putting an end to the battle with the Mimetic Beasts right now! Let’s do this, guys!

Once its HP is under 50%…

: We’ve done so much damage to it, and it hasn’t even flinched yet…!
: That’s why it’s the king. It’s way tougher than all of its mooks…!

: Look! The Celleblader came out the Super Mimetic Beast!
: Lou…! You’re alive?!
: And I can still fight as well, Goh! Ken… he showed me where the Super Mimetic Beast’s regeneration organ’s at! Over there!
: Meaning, if we can destroy that…!
: Then we’ve a good chance of yanking the carpet out from under ‘em!
: Good…! Just a bit more… and we can win this…!

: This is where my history with you beasts comes to a close…! I’ll bring an end to everything with this battle…!

: I don’t know how far I can go with this, but I made up my mind…! I’ve enough strength to protect others, and I will protect them…!

: It could be said that the Mimetic Beasts wouldn’t have evolved this much if we hadn’t driven them into a corner…
: But, from the beasts’ POV, any powerless human is an easy mark. And, so, I cannot hesitate to turn my blade against them!

: OK, this is the real final showdown! And we’re here to bring peace to the spirits of all those you monsters hurt!

: I understand… you’re also just trying your hardest to survive. Still, we cannot just allow that. Because we know it’d only mean more sorrow spreading through the world!

: Goh! We’ll finish it off together!
: Yeah…!

: The Super Mimetic Beast’s core is confirmed destroyed!
: Take THAT!

: The Mimetic Beasts… are finished!
: Rrgh…
: Goh… Goh?!
: I know well the pain of those left behind. I won’t die and do that to you…!
: Goh…!

And there we have it… Here are the convos we missed:

: (This thing is terrifying… Just looking at it has got me shivering.)
: (But even more than that is my desire to fight against it. I can’t deny that. Mira, if the worst comes to happen… do what you must.)
: … I am Goh Saruwatari, beast! And this’ll be our final battle!


: This can’t be how it ends… the man I loved deserves better…!
: … I’ll make you a deal, Goh. Come back to us and I’ll treat you to some world-class wine and steak!


: This has been a long time coming… And you’ll get an ample taste of how powerful a woman can be after she’s been kept waiting all this time!


: Goh Saruwatari! If you’ve really turned into a bad guy, then it’s my job to take you down!
: Hrk… uuurgh…!
: But I know you’re a big hero, not an enemy! So I… WE will stop you!


: If the enemy’s strong, then you burn even stronger… That’s what being a man’s all about…!
: You look like the real deal, Super Mimetic Beast! Let’s do this and see who’ll be leaving here with the gold!

: Okay, Goh! Open wide!
: P-Please, Anna. I can eat just fine by myself…
: No, no, I wanna help you! Again, open wide! How does it taste?
: It’s rice porridge, it doesn’t taste good or bad…
: Oh, don’t be like that. You know how hard it was to make this?
: All it takes is Anna being around for your Badass Ace shtick to come crashing down, eh, Goh?
: Still, I’m so glad things ended fine for hm.
: Absolutely. Even with a successful vaccine being made, the fact that Goh managed to recover from that state tells of how amazing he is.
: Hell, yeah. Refusing to die until the very end is a must for heroes!
: “A must for heroes”, huh… Right, you’re all amazing.
: Hey, now, what’re you talking about there? You’re also one of the day’s heroes, Shinji.
: Yeah, you and Rei.
: O-Oh, no… We were just lucky that we were piloting the EVAs…
: We just did as we had to.
: Standing your ground, and doing as you have to; a simple thing in theory, but very hard to put into practice. What you did today is very much worthy of praise, Shinji.
: You were brave and you did real good, that’s what we think. Always knew you had it in ya, Shinji.
: …
: Nevertheless, we also owe some major thanks to the PLANTs scientists.
: Yeah, I still can’t believe how fast they managed to cook up a vaccine for the Insania Virus, especially with how no one knew that much about the thing until recently.
: Wasn’t just our folks that made it happen, you know. It was a joint effort between them, JUDA and the Dannar Base.
: Hm, developing a countermeasure for the Insania Virus was a worldwide matter. You don’t need to thank us specifically.
: But still, we both want to do it regardless!
: A-Alright…
: The people of the PLANTs, JUDA, at the Dannar Base…
: And all of our friends in LOTUS, who’ve always had our backs… You all deserve our deepest gratitude…

Misato’s talked to Lady Une and she’s left it up to her to decide what to do with Lou. So, does the girl seriously want to fight with us? She is: “Both Ken and I lost people we loved to the Mimetic Beasts, and that made us choose the path of battle. I don’t want there to be other people like me, so I want to fight for that.”
Goh walks in and likes what he hears: if she’s now fighting now for vengeance, but the for the sake of others, then it’s a good sign of how much she’s grown as a warrior. Both he and Anna aren’t going to stop her from doing this – rather, they’ll be together now not just as family, but as fellow teammates.
Lou is very thankful, and very apologetic for everything she did. But there’s someone else, and Kiriko asks if he shares in Lou’s new agenda.

It’s Ken, and having already forsaken his life once, he figures it’s his turn to support the girl’s wishes. The hostile codenamed Menage Zero died fighting the Super Mimetic Beast, Kiriko declares and suggests he carry on his new life as a warrior.
Misato seems satisfied and welcomes them both the crew – they’ll all be working together in the name of world peace!

You probably already guessed it, but you only get Ken if you did either of the secret steps in this stage or the previous split.

Speaking of, ending the battle with the Mimetic Beasts puts us one step closer towards that. There’s still much to be done, Misato knows, but it’s certainly a step forward. And now that Hyouma takes a look at the command room, he realizes: where’s Tatsuya? The guy isn’t around anywhere.
Kiriko says he left not too long ago, off to look into some other enemy factions prowling about the world. The guy keeps as busy as Lady Une herself, she sighs. Still, Anna’s sure she’ll see her father again once the world is truly at peace.

Now, Lulu’s just called over to report on the fight with the Jama Kingdom and is en route to JUDA to rendezvous with us. Kiriko thanks us again for all our hard work, but, of course, our battles are far from over. It’ll be a while to get there while there still are other groups threatening the world, but she wishes us to keep our chins up.
Tetsuya thanks her back for all the help she and her team’s provided, and Misato orders everyone back to JUDA – there’ll likely be much to discuss.