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Part 76: Mission 31 (Earth Route) - The Demon-Eater - Part 1

Back for the last mission of the Earth Route and, damn, did Daiya really get ahead of the competition. But we’re not staying on this path in to keep Michel’s bespectacled face from getting sprayed across the space countryside, so it doesn’t matter.

As before, all our cash went into our squaddies to help them stay alive. The R-Daigun comes with 4 bars, so it’s already good.

Ichitaka, Kouichi, Miu, Yamashita, Kouji and Tetsuya are deploying as event units, so that’s a good bunch of squads I need to rearrange:
Eida/Anna (another combination-oriented squad, deployed separately so Goh and Aoi still have their mates)

Alright, let’s get to it.

: (I’d lost both my parents at a very young age, so the only family I had left was my sister Yuriko.)
: (I fancied myself some Champion of Justice back then. My body felt no pain, so that led me take the fight to any delinquents I found…)
: (But there was a price to pay for all the gangs I defeated… and my sister, the one who’d been protecting me from the world, was taken from me.)
: (It was payback from some of the delinquents I’d hurt… though they weren’t the masterminds behind that plan. The culprit was my confidant, my one friend, Eiji Kiriyama.)
: (I presume he did not like how Yuriko kept me grounded, how she made me hesitant to give all of myself to “justice”.)
: (But even knowing the truth, I don’t hate him. Because I know that the real blame for my sister’s death fell on my self-serving, distorted sense of justice...)

: … A dream. That’s unusually nervous of me, hm…?

Cut to Shangri-La, Katou’s already managed to get things rolling – the pathway is stabilizing and it won’t be long before “Central’s” invasion of this world begins. He wants Masaki to lead the first wave, though the guy asks if Katou’ll be able to carry out LOTUS’ destruction without him.
That’ll be no problem at all, and he asks Masaki to give his regards to the superior… though he concedes that addressing individuals is meaningless. Whatever the case, Masaki asks to have Kiriyama accompany him on his mission and Katou allows it (though he doesn’t look too happy).
As Masaki leaves, Katou, inwardly, is hoping for Reiji’s success.

Over by Flag, Yumi’s called in to say he STILL needs more time before the Mazinkaiser is ready. Fine, Kouji will just keep on trucking with the Mazinger, and Yumi’s very apologetic, what with our showdown with Moon WILL drawing closer and closer.
Still, he wants Kouji to take care and not do anything crazy. When the call ends, Kouji spots Miu and the JUDA techs talking nearby. Seems like the Painkiller’s D-S.O.I.L. is showing signs of growing weaker, and Rachel can’t really determine the cause. It shouldn’t affect her ability to fight YET, but she still wants Miu to be careful.

Miu mumbles a “thanks”, and Rachel asks if something’s wrong. She’s not looking too spritely. Miu says she’s fine and sets out, though Maki is worried: if her D-S.O.I.L. continues to drop, it’ll push her already dipping vitals to very dangerous levels.
As Sakon remembers, Factors are dependent on the D-S.O.I.L. to stay alive, so a problem with it is a major problem for them as well. And that’s saying nothing of the fact that it’ll also really diminish the Machina’s own ability to regenerate, Shibakusa points out. Rachel hopes it’s just a temporary thing, but will try and look for a way to deal with it.

: …
: Ah, here you are, Miu.
: Kouichi… you were looking for me…?
: Yeah. Kouji said you looked kind of down, and I got worried…
: Sorry… I’m just being a burden for everyone…
: No way, you’re a very dear friend for all of us. There ain’t a soul here who thinks you’re a burden.
: Thanks… you really are a nice guy…
: Ahahah… I think you’re giving me too much credit there.
: I… I want to be capable of helping you and our friends… to be a Champion of Justice, someone who can protect what’s dear to me…
: Or… rather, that’s what I wanted
: … Why the past tense?
: Huh…?
: You can still do it now. Just don’t give up on it, and you can come to be a Champion, keeping safe all that’s dear to you…
: The important part is asking yourself: “What do I want to do”? And, if you ask me, you’re already a great Champion of Justice.
: O… Okay… Thank you, Kouichi.
: Um… Kouichi, I—

*Alarm! Take off!*

: The alarm?! What happened?!

*Door opens.*

: Not good, guys! Yamashita’s just taken off on his own!
: He…?!
: Col. Katsuragi’s just ordered us to give chase! Everyone aboard their units!
: Y-Yes, sir…!
: (What happened, Yamashita…?!)

Mission 31 (Earth Route) – The Demon-Eater

: Sorry, folks…

: Hello, Yamashita…
: Reiji… Why did you kill the president? Please tell me…
: Because it was necessary.
: “Necessary”…? Not out of anger, hatred, or whatever… but just because it was necessary…?
: That’s right. Come with me, Yamashita. I could use someone like you.
: Did you expect this one mail would get me to turn on everyone else?
: Did you honestly think a few words is all it’d take for me to betray friends I’d been fighting with since forever…?!
: They’re only people you know. Nothing more, nothing less.

: …
: Hmph…
: I told you trying to be diplomatic would be a waste of time.
: The Katou Organization…! How wrong I was about you, Reiji…
: What will you do about it, then…?
: I’ll put you down… here and now…!

Yamashita can’t really take on Reiji by himself, so we’ll just pull him out of range for a turn…

As the enemies start closing in, next player phase…

: The Hind-Kind’s an artillery and support model – as evidenced by its cannons and reflector cores.
: I don’t need a reminder…! That’s why I’ve been trying to keep you at a distance…!
: … You do understand, I see. Still, if you haven’t the skill to make proper use of it all, then your Machina is no more than a fancy paperweight.
: Reiji…!
: Is this what you think is just?! Fooling those who took you for a friend, hurting them… Is this what you really wanted to do all along?!
: …
: Answer me… Reiji Moritsugu…!!
: Are you done with your monologue?
: Kch…
: YAMASHITAA! You still alive?!
: They’ve come…

: K-Kouichi… everyone…
: Goddamn… Now this is a crazy stunt you tried to pull!
: Once we’ve made it back, you’ll be sweeping all of the Dragon’s Hive gym until it is sparkling clean!
: Sorry… but I needed to hear what was on his mind – nothing else mattered…
: Reiji Moritsugu… looks like every millimeter of your heart’s frozen solid, huh?
: You don’t stand a chance of winning this battle as you are, LOTUS. You’ve too many amateurs holding you down…
: Hrm…!
: So what we’re amateurs…!
: We’ve still learned a lot more than you think!
: And if you say that’s still not good enough, then we’ll just help each other cover our weaknesses! That’s what being a team – what being friends – is about!
: Right on! And we’re going to win this, and keep our world safe, even if we gotta kick you to the curb!
: A fine speech, but one that’ll amount to nothing if you haven’t the strength to make good on it.
: Come… I’ll show you what true brutality is like.

You can take down Reiji but he’ll just heal to full and keep going (cash only on the first kill), so I’ll ignore him until later. Other than that, it’s the same battle we had in Misaki, only it’s Sawatari, Yulianne, Soubi and Wufei instead of Yulianne, Masaki and Sawatari. Deal with the MP Jinrais as you have, and this’ll be simple – valored attacks will tear through the midbosses.
Of note is that Reiji’s AI seems to be hardwired to go after Yamashita if possible, so be mindful of that or you’ll be eating chain attacks. Miu can always repair him if the damage mounts up too high.

Do note that you’ll only have actual backup by turn 6, so it’s in your best interest to shave off the enemies’ numbers ASAP – send Ichitaka, Kouichi and the zingers forward, setting them in the forest and/or popping Iron Wall when the enemy wave comes closer.
From what I’ve seen the more distant mook groups will take a long while to start moving, so you’re not in a big risk of being overwhelmed. After Kouji and Tetsuya’s HP dips enough, they’ll likely only be taking two-digit damage if Mazin Power’s active anyway.
Your bigger liabilities here are Miu and Yamashita, and even they should prove pretty resilient unless you’ve neglected them throughout the whole game.

: We’ll protect what is just… we’ll fight side-by-side… Isn’t that what you once said?! What is all a lie?!
: It was.
: …!! Reiji…!!

The Katou folks will support defend like crazy, so chain attacks are the way if you’d rather be proactive.

But, really, barring you not using ANY of these people, this isn’t really hard if you let the protags take point.

When turn four rolls over…

: …?! M-My energy’s…!

*Power dooooown.*

: What happened, Miu…?!
: Kouichi… I… the Painkiller is…
: The Painkiller’s D-S.O.I.L. has dipped below 20%! Her cardiopulmonary functions are going critical…!
: What?!
: … You’d try to uphold your “justice” with a body as frail as that? Calling it idiocy would be an understatement!
: But don’t worry: I’ll make it all go away in just a second!

*Soubi charges after Miu!*

: Watch out!

“You’re not taking the Painkiller!”

: Urgh…!
: … Heheh… Looks like the Painkiller’s still in one piece…!
: Kabuto!
: I-I’m fine, Tetsuya… that attack just wrecked the Mazinger Z’s propulsion, though…
: …! You’re willing to go this far to save her? The Factor of this Machina is that important a companion to you…?!
: This ain’t about me being “willing” or not…! I just acted on impulse…!
: …

*Soubi backs up.*

: *cough, cough* I-I’m… so…rry…
: Hayase, Yamashita, Nagumo! We have to cover Kabuto and Kujo!
: Roger!
: We’re not letting them have this their way!

This would probably be more dangerous if Kouji didn’t have enough SP to cast Guts. That said, it’d probably take a midboss to do anything more than 10 damage to him on that HP level (and they’re not close enough).

FYI, I could never get Miu to attack anything before this event because either she was out of range or the enemies all ran after our beefier targets, but she does have a quick line:

: (Please… hold on for just a bit longer, Painkiller…!)

Now, just hang in there one more turn, and…

: Hmhmhm… fighting while babysitting your friends is pretty tough, isn’t it? Why not just dump those guys and take care of yourselves?
: Are you kidding? None of us would ever do that!
: I can appreciate how manly you’ve gotten, boy, but I wonder for how long that attitude’s going to last.
: …

*Tetsuya moves by Kouji and Miu.*

: You kids let me handle this. Grab Kabuto and Kujo, and pull back!
: Wh-What’s wrong with you, Tetsuya?! I’m gonna fight here until the last second!
: What he said! Not even the Great could take all these enemies alone—!
: Don’t be stupid! Our main goal isn’t to win this ONE battle – it’s to make sure the entire world survives! That’s what we need to do!
: Tetsu…ya…
: Damn it… Mazinger, please, move…! I don’t wanna have to leave one of friends hung out to try…!!

*Beep, beep!*

: What…? There’s something… flying towards us?

: It’s the Kaiser Pailder…?! What’s it doing here?!
: Kouji, I’ve finished the Mazinkaiser’s maintenance at long last! Quickly! Board the Kaiser Pailder!
: I don’t know what you’re up to, but it won’t be a problem if I just destroy you all!
: No, you won’t! Both Kabuto and Kujo are under my watch!

*Soubi takes aim at Tetsuya and Kouji.*

: Hrk…! The Great was…!
: Tetsuya, I’m also sending the original Great for you to use! Climb to a higher altitude – hurry!
: …! Yes, sir!

*Kouji and Tetsuya fly westward a bit.*

: Don’t know when to give up, do you? And here I was, trying to free you from all this hardship…!
: I won’t let you hurt them…!

: What…?! But I thought the Painkiller couldn’t move…!
: Th-This is…! The Paikiller’s D-S.O.I.L. has been reenergized! Its energy cycle rate is… 250%?!
: She’s deliberately sending the D-S.O.I.L. into overdrive! The nanomachines are being pushed to the point of apoptosis to increase the rate they metabolize energy!
: Miu, stop! That’ll kill you!
: I won’t die like this…! Because I…!
: I’ll be a Champion of Justice… side-by-side with everyone… and with you, Kouichi…!!
: Miu… you…
: Kouji… Tetsuya… Keep flying. I’ll cover you…
: Alright. Let’s go, Kabuto!
: Sorry, Miu!

: You’re not going anywhere…!

: Kouji! Tetsuya!

: N-No way…! Kouji! Tetsuya! Say something!!
: … And there you have it. At the end of the day, the so called “power of justice” is—
: Easy there, Hayase! We’re not going down from something like that!
: What?!

: You’ve been getting a kick outta messing with us, eh...? But now you’re gonna have to deal with the Mazinkaiser! Get ready!
: They both made it…!
: My piloting technique hasn’t waned enough that you'd need to worry about me.
: …
: Time to pay them back with interest, Kabuto!
: Aye, aye, Tetsuya!


: So those are the Mazinkaiser and the True Great Mazinger… The data didn’t do justice to their magnificence.
: Should I deploy and collect data directly?
: You’ll have plenty of chances to fight them in the near future. That can wait until then.
: I ask that you simply observe them fight, precisely in the interest of what moment. I’d like my magnum opus to be absolutely flawless when it steps into the limelight.
: Yes, sir.

True Great Mazinger (Tetsuya Tsurugi)
Squad Bonus: Armor +150, Accuracy +5

Mazinkaiser (Kouji Kabuto)
Squad Bonus: Armor +150, Accuracy +5

Show’s over, folks. We’ve officially won the game. If Gaiking the Great already made this plenty easy, Kouji and Tetsuya’s upgrades mean we cannot be beaten in a straight-up fight ever. Mazin Power, if you’ll remember, ups damage done by 25%, and lowers damage taken by 25%. Once it activates, only bosses will do real damage; once Prevail gets rolling, not even they will.
Tetsuya’s original Great Mazinger, complete with blue arms and legs, gains access to its Double Thunder Break move, on top of a stat boost to everything else. But the real jump in power goes to Kouji, who’s just been promoted to the rank of “tied with Gaiking as the strongest goddamn unit in the game”.
Gaiking the Great has more HP, but the Kaiser hits harder courtesy of still having Double Burning Fire with Tetsuya. There are a couple of moves with higher attack power, but this won't get left far behind with Mazin Power boosting it.

Mazinkaiser has everything: survivability, nuclear powered strikes, good range, it is cost efficient (99 Gigant Missiles! ), Rust Tornado will apply Armor Down, strong chain attacks if you’re deploying solo, and more, more, more.
The only demerit I can think of is that neither it nor the True Great actually inherit the upgrades from the regular Mazinger or Great Mazinger. That’s a bit of a dick move if you dumped a lot of cash into them (which I didn’t), BUT you can assign any other Mazinger pilot to control the things (though only Kouji and Tetsuya can do the Double Burning Fire).

Now we just need to stand by for a bit longer, and be thankful that the enemies are spread out, otherwise Kouji and Tetsuya would wreck them all.

: Our plan’s been pushed into the final stage, but these orders we got… Hmm...
Tetsuya and Kouji’s rocket punches had their animations updated, so he it is (with a bonus of Kouichi showing that he’s pro now).

: There’ll be nothing left if we do not make good on this opportunity… Come! Show me your full strength!

: Had things played out differently, I believe I could’ve ended up part of your team… but this is reality, and I am now your enemy!

: A legit attack jives a whole lot better with me than sneaky traps like this. Still, orders are orders.
Would you blame me if I said that it was only on this mission that I noticed Sawatari had upgraded his mech (apparently he’s had it since the Misaki Sphere mission)? To be fair, his new Idaten Ver. 2 looks pretty much identical to Ver. 1, only with a new backpack, I think?
And because I know someone’ll ask, no, it’s not called Idaten Nogota. Do they outright call it like that in the original series, or did the furigana read like that in the manga? Because it is written イダテン弐型 and that is Idaten Nigata.
The JP wiki doesn’t have it spelled out like that, either. Where did this Nogota business start?

Either way, after a whole turn of slaughter…

: Is everyone alright?!
: Ah, there’s the Daiku Maryu, right on time!
: That’s… the Mazinkaiser! And the True Great Mazinger!
: Okay, that’s enough “Men’s Super Robots Monthly” for you, Johnny.
: We had a few close calls here, but, as you can see, everyone’s A-OK!
: I’m really sorry, guys…!
: Never mind that right now! You just went through a tough bit, didn’t you? Then let’s go and get some payback!

*Looks at the Reiji.*

: The Vardant is leading the enemy forces… We’d best assume he’s got a pretty good read on all our tactics…
: It’s fine…
: Huh…?
: He might be LOTUS’ old commander, but that doesn’t mean he’s familiar with the current LOTUS. So we’ll be alright.
: That is correct. All of you have been displaying growth far beyond our expectations.
: And if the enemy underestimates that growth, then that’d actually be an opening we can exploit.
: … I understand. And we only got this far by having faith in one another, so I shouldn’t stop that now. I’m counting on you all, troops!