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Part 91: Mission 39 - Journey's End - Part 1

And Daiya’s managed to both catch up and gain a rather sizeable lead over Ichitaka in the last mission – the Vajra really didn’t like him. Still won’t cover the 70-kill gap that separates him and Rey, but 2nd place is 1st place to those who’ve been earning kills legit for the entire game!

We’re saving our money today, so it’s straight to the deployments. Alto and Brera are deploying as event units, so here’s how we’re going:

Let’s get to it.

: Kneel before me! I am she whose power rivals God, she who rules over fate itself!
: “Rivals God”?!
: I now share a direct connection with the Vajra Queen… and her command is absolute among her spawn. In other words, the Vajra will do anything I say.
: And it is all thanks to you, Ranka… You’ve my deepest gratitude.
: …!
: What’s that supposed to mean?!
: Grace O’Connor saw that Ranka’s song could communicate with the Vajra, so she analyzed it and used the result of that research to decode the Vajra Network’s protocols.
: Hmhmhm… Her abilities were essential towards realizing my theory.
: You… you used Ranka for something like that?!
: I did, yes. But I’ve no further need for her song now that I’ve established my connection with the Queen…
: Go forth, Vajra – my eyes, my ears, my hands and feet… My mighty talons!

: I won’t let you have this your way, Grace…! Tabi no hajimari wa… ♪
: I’ll help, Sheryl! Kisetsu ga yabukete… ♪

: Aaaah!
: Ranka!
: The Vajra aren’t listening to them…?!
: I told you: the Queen’s command – that is, my command – is absolute. It won’t be undone by a couple of girls’ wailing!

: So you’re not even going to consider how they feel and just force them to obey you?! Can’t you see how terrible that is?!
: “Terrible”…? You’re telling me to consider the feelings of creatures that have never shown any semblance of having such things…?
: Oh, please! These are brainless, emotionless, hivemind creatures that communicate via bacteria! You’ve absolutely no grasp on the Vajra’s true magnificence… just like Ranka’s mother, Ranche!
: Their magnificence…? Does that have something to do with that theory you mentioned?
: My research, yes… To establish a galaxy-spanning mental network for all of mankind, centered around Fold Quartz and cybernetic implants.
: And with the Vajra, my dream can be made a reality… a superdimensional network where the minds of every person can communicate and interface with one another instantly!
: Once humanity has achieved this, it’ll rise to its pinnacle as a species! It’ll be reborn as a unified entity, and I’ll use the Vajra to destroy anyone who refuses conversion!
: … That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard all week. How did you figure this “pinnacle as a species” deal was ever a good idea?
: What did you say…?!

: So everyone would hear any thoughts I had? Oh, no, no, I’m going to pass on that! I wouldn’t want folks to know when I’m going “Ooh, that guy’s hot”!
: Humanity might have set off into space, but that didn’t change our nature as humans. We find love, marry one another, have children and pass on our songs and our culture. Feelings take root and are relayed to others…
: That’s what it means to live… mundane things like that. We don’t want or need your “superdimensional network”!
: Your approach is too much like Central’s! And, worst of all, I really don’t like how you think you’re the only one in this world who’s just!
: I didn’t expect philistines like you to understand my grand designs! After them, my Vajra!

: Drop your princess at the Macross, Alto! We’ll reorganize while you’re doing that!
: Y-Yeah, I’m on it!

: Sheryl!
: Ranka…! Thank goodness you’re safe. Things would’ve been way too dull without my rival.
: Ahahaha, I guess so.
: How’s that, Sheryl? Promise made, promise kept.
: Oh, yes, you… Do you have any idea how worried you had me…?
: Yeah, sorry about that. I mean it.
: *Sniff* So long as we’re clear, that’s fine…
: Sheryl, are you crying…?
: Shush, you! Now get back out there! I’m extending my moratorium on hearing you out – consider that your punishment!
: … Alright, I’m off!
: (I still need to sing…! I need to stay alive… and sing…!)
: Sheryl…

Mission 39 – Journey’s End

: (Don’t let me down yet, good-luck charm…! You helped me save Ranka, you can get us through this…!)
: I trust everyone understands what’s at stake? Failure here would mean the Vajra bearing down not just on this world, but in all parallel ones as well…!
: We cannot allow her to fan the flames of war across the universe again!
: Damn straight. And so we gotta take the fight to her!
: All units, engage!

Take out Grace, don’t lose any ships, Alto or Brera. This one’s pretty much a repeat of the previous mission, only you’ve more Vajra and Grace is a far stronger boss than the Galaxy. Same strategies apply, though: be liberal with your Confuse casts (especially in the first rounds), spread out command auras and don’t be afraid to pop Strikes since the buggers are still very dodgy.
Do make sure to keep an eye on your Supers and ships, because the Vajra have pretty long range and they can rain death upon an unprotected unit – until you get their numbers down some, always be ready to cast Iron Wall and a couple of heals.

Vajra Queen (Grace O’Connor)
Pilot Skills:
Break Morale Limit
Commander L4
Prevail L9
Attack Combo L3
Mech Features:
Dimensional Fault
10% HP Regen
30% EN Regen

Pretty much a straight upgrade to the Battle Galaxy, the Vajra Queen has more of everything and 200k HP. Grace’s stats are pretty high but, thanks to her not seeing fit to buy Ignore Size Difference, her aim will take a hit against our guys – if you’re running Confuse, even your supers will have a not-insignificant chance to dodge.
In truth, what you really should watch out for is her MAPW with strikes with the same AoE as Canaria’s. That means if you’re sending some of your frailer guys down below, take the time to count where the safe zones are. Her strongest attack also has a lengthy 3-9 range, so be especially mindful with your ships.
That Dimensional Fault is something we’ll see in a bit – just be mindful that it’s a barrier and that combo attacks bypass it. But even with it and that Prevail, 200k is still easily doable in one round for our folks.

VF-27 Lucifer-γ (Brera Stern)
Pilot Skills:
Shoot Don
Sword Cut
Shield Defense
Hit & Away
Ignore Size Difference
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L1
Attack Combo L1
Spirit Commands:
Squad Bonus: 25% chance to dodge attacks, Mobility +15, Movement +1

You might not like Brera as a character (I don’t!), but there’s no denying that he is one of the strongest Reals in the game. First and foremost, he’s pretty much unhittable combining the Valkyries’ natural evasiveness wit S ranks in Air and Space, and a flat 25% chance to outright dodge. Secondly, his weapons are strong as no-one’s business, long range (and he comes with Hit & Away, you see that Kira/Heero?!) and, better yet, they’re all ammo based and have plenty of shots.
As a pilot, Brera already comes loaded with everything he needs, except B-Save, and his stats are appropriately high where it matters. Objectively, there’s no reason not to field him and he might just get even better soon enough.

Regardless, let’s start heading south. Like I said, don’t worry about spending your SP (you’ll get a refill soon).
And we’ll see more of Brera’s tricks as we go along.


: With but a single command from me the Vajra will immediately swarm across the entire universe.
: I don’t care what happens to me… And while I still don’t know how much power the EVA has, I will make sure that my friends and the people of Earth are kept safe from you!


Once the enemy’s down to 23…

: Urgh, there’s just no end to them!
: Our ammo stores won’t last forever in this. The situation’s looking bleak.
: Our forces can’t handle a war of attrition against these things…!
: What about Ranka and Sheryl? Are their songs doing anything?
: They’re still singing as best they can, but…
: The Queen’s massively strong Fold Waves have built a rock-solid network across the entire star system…!
: So their voices just aren’t enough to overpower the Queen’s commands…?!

*Beep, beep!*

: This is…Sheryl’s vitals are going critical?! She can’t take any more of this…!
: What?!
: Hrk… Sorry… Ranka, Alto…


: Sheryl! You have to hang in there! I can’t do this by myself…!
: And, at the end of the day, this is all the vaunted “power of song” amounts to. The legend of Minmay, of Fire Bomber… All of those were nothing but illusions.
: No… is there really nothing we can do…?
: Don’t give up.
: She’s right – you can’t!
: Lacus! …Um, there’re two Lacus…?
: Her name is Meer; she acted as my stand-in for quite a while. I believe you two met at Diokia.
: No, I was just an imposter… But the emotions I wanted others to feel were real – what I carried within my heart was real. And, so, I wanted to sing despite everything…!
: You also feel the same way, don’t you, Ranka? Then you can’t lose hope!
: Meer…
: Our voices will support your own, so go and sing. Let all here listen to your heart…!
: We all managed to understand one another before, so I know you can get through to the Vajra as well, Ranka!
: Okay, brother. And thank you, Lacus, Meer. I… I’ll keep singing!

: That’s… some Vajra stopped attacking!
: Ranka’s Fold Waves are growing to rival that of the Vajra Queen…
: Ranka, your song is…
: Stand up, Sheryl.
: Ranka… It’s over for me. There’s nothing left…
: I poured everything I had into that song… but I couldn’t do anything…
: You idiot!


: …!
: Think! How do you figure I managed to fly as high as I did?! It’s because you were there to help me!
: And the same goes to Alto – you also gave him the strength he needed to fly!

: What… My body, my head… the pain is gone?
: The light of the Fold Waves are…
: Grace said that the V-Type Infection is caused by the intestinal bacteria that support the Vajra mental network…
: You helped the Vajra realize that you’re not their enemies, so they stopped attacking your body. They’re trying to coexist…
: Alto…
: Sheryl, you said that if you had any way you could be useful, then you wanted to be fighting with us…!
: And we’re all still here, fighting together! So, please… come on, Sheryl! You…
: You are both my wings!!
: Let’s all fly together again, Sheryl!
: Ranka, Alto… thank you…!

: Let’s get to it, then! One duet between the Galactic Fairy and the Superdimensional Cinderella, just for the Vajra!
: Make this one the show of your lives, you two!
: Of course – who do you think I am? Come on, Ranka!
: Ready, Sheryl!

: The Queen’s protocols aren’t working?! Their songs are that powerful…?!
: Still… it’s all pointless!

: Captain, incoming!
: Hrm!
: …!!

: Th-They…!
: The Vajra protected us?!
: Our song got through to them…! They saw how we felt…!
: Thank you… thank you so much!
: What garbage! I am your Queen, Vajra! Obey my command!

: They’re still coming.
: But it all boils down to Grace O’Connor. She’s fused with the Vajra Queen, so if we can take her out…
: Then we could to set the Vajra free, yes!
: That is to say, our target should only be the Vajra Queen… or, rather, that woman herself!
: You heard it, people. It’s been a long road getting here, but it all comes down to this…
: To all warriors who stand on this battlefield, all those who bear pride upon their wings: forward!
: Here goes! Charging Love Heart!
: Come on, Klan! We’ll win this and pry open the way to our future!
: Aye, aye! Just don’t fall behind!
: Let’s go, Skull 4.
: Yeah!

Patience, people. I need the cash to max out our favorite unit, so those other Vajras have to go. You might notice that big 0 popping by Grace, however.

: Our attack didn’t connect…?!

*Beep, beep!*

: That’s… a dimensional fault?!
: You mean those Fold Faults we heard about? She’s using that as a barrier?!
: I did say that the Queen’s power rivals that of God, no?
: Kch…! Can none of our weapons get through that?!
: Damn it, and we gotta find a way around that barrier if we wanna take her down…!
: Isn’t there any way to neutralize it…?
: (Oh, no… we need to do something or our future – Alto’s future – will be taken from us…!)
: (More, Sheryl…! Put more of your soul into that song! I’m sure this is nowhere near the best you’ve to offer…!)
: (Because… because you’re Sheryl Nome!)
: (I can’t let this be the end! We need to win or I’ll never be able to tell him everything I feel!)

: Pyui!

: …! The… The Vajra are neutralizing the dimensional fault…!
: Impossible! Why are you opposing me?! The Queen’s orders should be absolute…!
: You still don’t get it, Grace? It’s because the Vajra do have feelings!
: We’ve confirmation that the dimensional fault has been weakened! We should be able to attack the Queen now!
: The Vajra are putting their lives on the line to give us an opening! Focus fire on the Vajra Queen!
: Let’s do this, everyone!
: We can’t waste this chance!