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Part 145: Mission 35 (Setsuko - Gibraltar Route) - Shadow of the War God

Chapter 35: Shadow of the War God

Thanks to the King Beal, we've managed to track the Soleil, but Arthur isn't so sure it was a good idea to go behind Durandal’s back.
Talia says she'll share the responsibility with Athrun. "Besides..." But she doesn't finish that thought.

Phil sees that Harry’s “betrayed” them to join ZAFT and deploys 1st. Lt. Po again to intercept us... in Sumos!
Harry is outraged that he's handed out Sumos to soldiers outside the Queen's Guard.
Athrun orders everyone to immobilize the ship, but not to destroy the bridge - we have six minutes to make it happen.
Harry thanks him, but Athrun says he wanted to do it. "Say what you want, Kira, but I'll do what I think is right, no less."
Shinn's starting to realize that Athrun does have his own views.

And so the Objective reveals itself. We have to reduce the Soleil's HP to 10% or less, but not destroy it, within 7 turns. To get the Battle Mastery, we need to defeat every single enemy beforehand.

Turn 1

When time limits are tight, the best option for turn one is everybody immediately turns around and runs back into the ship

Then move them forward with Accel.

Turn 2

There, the battleships are now all in position.

Time to move everybody out!

The WaDOM's are in Wide Formation, while the SUMOs are in Center.

Fortunately, they're not that tough.

Unforunately, the SUMOs also have Beam Coats. And most of my ALLs are Beam attacks. Mildly annoying.

Really, the hard part of the stage hasn't come up yet.

Not that this stage is particularly hard in the first place though.

Loran's basically at a tipping point where his stats are going to start coming into his own soon, he'll be doing more then 3K on a crit soon enough.

Thankfully, Tri-Charges peirce barriers. So even though Setsuko's is another Beam attack, doesn't mean anything.

Finish that guy off Harry.

There we go!

And Luna breaks the record for least likely dodge failure by getting hit on 16% odds!

Team ZAFT takes a beating this phase.

Gets Shinn's SEED going, at least.

Annnd Poe moves up.

: You traitor! I will punish your betrayal of Major Phil myself!
: Good spirit, but are your skills good enough to handle that Sumo?
: What?!
: No one has challenged the Captain of the Guard and lived! I invite you to find out if you're an exception!

Turn 3

Poe's the biggest threat right now so...[/i]

: Hrm! This unit...Setsuko Ohara?!
: What's going on?! Her movements are completely different from the Fort Severn fight!
: I got stronger too, Lt. Poe...! And I'll use that strength to end this conflict!
: So no more sorrow is spread throughout the world!

Man, Setsuko's TRI is hilarious

: Major Phil said that if he forms his own kingdom on the Earth, I will be the Queen!
: I will fight! I fight for him!

"I, too, will fight evenly against Gundams!"
Shinn Sniped her from out of range.
Also, I've always wondered if Phil is just using Poe or if he genuinely loves her and wants to make her Queen of Earth to his King. I can't remember if it's ever confirmed in the show or not. Been years since I watched it.

Fa has Gain, might as well use it.

: All Queen Dianna wants is peace! Why are you trying to make war instead!
: You're the Moonrace boy that sided with the Earthlings!
: We're resolved to take the Earth with our own might! That's what the Dianna Counter is for!
: You don't need to fight to return to the Earth! Don't you see that?

And my Main Man Harry Ord moves to finish this.

Once defeated, Poe starts crying at how she can’t live up to Phil’s expectations – how can she be a Queen like this?
As she pulls back, Harry sighs that she’s buying into all of Phil’s sweet-talk but professes that only Dianna is fit to be Queen of the Moonrace.

The Asshimar is a Cool Mech. So I swap Emma to the lead so I can finish this set of SUMOs off with its TRI.

Thanks to being underwater this WaDOM barely survives!

Problem solved!

Kamille now has pretty hilarious range.

So I switched Gavane to the lead for the Black Mk. II's TRI and holy crap it's as good as Setsuko's.

Before long, Meyrin ping more moon robots arrive: Sweatson of the Ghingham Fleet and he's come to pick up Midgard; Harry is shocked to hear Midgard's name - that an agent of Agrippa Maintainer is on board the Soleil!
When Quattro asks, he explains that Agrippa is essentially the chief administrator of the Moon and one of the Earth reclamation plan's staunchest opponents; Gwen wonders why his subordinate would’ve descended to Earth but Loran and Harry quickly realize that Agrippa must have been behind the assassination attempts.
Sweatson wants to carry Midgard out quickly but Harry won’t allow it; Sweatson is hardly impressed at one of the Royal Guards wagging his tail at the earthlings but Harry yells that he’s simply following through with his mission.
Furthermore, Harry isn’t about to take lip from some guys who’ve done nothing but endless drills on the moon but Sweatson fires back that they’ve been forging themselves against alien enemies and wants to put Harry in his place.

"Crane Wing Formation!" he orders once again but Harry has no interest in dealing with people who cling to the same playbook in combat – his sight is still on stopping Midgard and getting Dianna back.


They're complete jokes!

Seriously, 0% hit rates on everybody outside a battleship.

It's barrier makes the ∀ not a bad Support Defender.

Sweatson himself isn't half bad though. Still, a battleship having above 60% hit rates on a Real Boss? Shameful overall.

It looks like Sweatson's called in his own reinforcements - the Phantom Pain!
Kamille sees the Messala and wonders if its Scirocco, but he and Katz both quickly realize it's Sara - this is the mission Scirocco gave her, and she'll do it gladly.
ZEUTH wasn't privy to Sweatson saying she's there to help him but Luna and others connect those dots quickly; our mission is getting harder and harder but there's something else approaching...

: That's...

: Kira!
: Of all the times for the Freedom to make an entrance!
: I've heard of this. That winged Mobile Suit is a herald of chaos on the battlefield.
: Step off, Kira! We don't have time to deal with you right now!
: ...I'm not going to fight you, Athrun.
: What?
: I'm here to help your side.
: Kira, you...
: Think it's a trap?
: He's going to wait for us to drop our guard, and then...
: It's hard to trust him given our history...
: ...
: Well, Athrun?
: I...
: What's so hard about this? It's practically his fault Heine's dead!
: And he's even shot you too, in case you forgot!
: ...
: You may not trust me, but...

: I have to fight...
: All units, ignore the Freedom. Focus on the mission as planned.
: But Lt. Quattro!
: The mission is our top priority. We'll take anything we can.
: Yes, sir...
: (Kira... Chairman... who do I trust?)

And the Phantom Pain shows up again! And Kira too! This time he won't attack the player side and there's no secret involved in shooting him down. So I just ignore him.

He targets Phil. This isn't much of a concern, since he has an Auto-Mercy effect going on. So he won't even steal your kills! Truely the ideal NPC Interloper.

: If they take advantage of Dianna Soreil, the war will only spread...
: I have to stop it!

Harry, meanwhile, is being ganged up on and worn down by Evasion Decay.

One of the Titans tries to hit Kira, grand idea.

Amusingly enough, both Grunt and Ace talk about the "Main Camera."

Turn 3

Tank needs heals please.

Let's give Sarah a look now that she's in a decent Mobile Suit.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation
Sarah Zabiarov - PMX-000 Messala
Voiced by Chizuru Ikewaki(Japanese), Maizun Jayoussi(English)

* Newtype(Level 4) - Increases Hit and Evasion rates. The strength of the effect depends on the skill's level. Some weapons require this skill for use.
* Support Attack (Level 3) - When adjacent to an allied character before having attacked that turn, can perform a Support Attack after the ally attacks. The support attack will be slightly weaker then a regular attack.
* Support Defend (Level 3) - If adjacent to an ally on the enemy phase, if an attack will hit the ally, the character will perform a Support Defense and the attack will hit the character at reduced damage instead. The number of times this can be performed depends on the skill's level.
* Cooperative Attack - Whenever the pilot performs a Support Attack, that attack will automatically be a critical hit.

Squad Leader Bonus
+20% EXP and Money gained

She's a lot more threatening when next to characters she can support attack. Also, her Squad Leader Bonus is hilariously useless. Enemy units don't get EXP and Money. While she's also a low level Newtype all the Newtypes I have on my side outstrip her.

For now though, I cast Attune on Bright.

Then I move Team ZAFT and Quattro.

This way I'm free to MAP a whole bunch of them!

I only manage to take down Sweatson's squaddies, but that's fine as it leaves the rest much weaker and easy pickings.

This lets Bright learn Spirit(30).

Finish these punks off Talia!

There we go.

Athrun switches back to target the one guy who didn't get hit by Bright.

Who Setsuko then eliminates.

Löwen gets Level 6 Prevail from it, this time for good.

Amuro brings this Gells-Ghe near death.

Then Kamille puts it the rest of the way over.

Loran, sadly, isn't near as impressive yet.

And then Harry leaves me with the worst feeling.

At the start of the Enemy Phase, Kira will cast Focus as is his habit.

He's helpful enough.

The Ghingham Fleet continue to be pathetic.

Kira's Mercy in action.

Sarah gets within range, targets Loran.

Turn 4

Well, this is a bit awkward... you see. Somehow I lost the video for this turn. And unlike the last time this happened, some plot happened and I had Harry fight Sweatson. Which is the greatest tragedy because Tetsu Inada hams it up when fighting Sweatson. Luckily I have the Special Disc, so you can see Harry Ord in all his glory. This happens at the start of the turn:

Only two minutes left on the clock and Athrun tells everyone to hurry; Shinn doesn’t need a reminder, fully aware of how important it is to help Dianna.
He and Loran redouble their efforts.

Here's what Harry says before you fight Sweatson with him:

: Retreat, Sweatson Stero! You're no match for me!
: Arrogant fool! Learn to respect the might of the Alien Slayer!
: See if it can challenge mine - the might of the Captain of the Queen's Guard!
: You'll be another example of the fact that no one challenges the Captain of the Guard and lives!
And when you beat him...
As Sweatson’s defeated, he complains that he really doesn’t like assisting the Counter, even at Gym’s orders - he’s hungry too, so he heads back home.

Turn 5

So here's what things look like next turn. Most of the enemies are gone. Just two Asshimars, a ship, Phil, and Sarah. Oh and Harry got brutally beat on the point of having almost no HP, no Ammo, and no EN. Again.

So into the ship he goes!

Now it's time to take care of Sarah.

: I'll destroy anyone who stands between Master Paptimus and his goals!
: This feeling is... just like hers from the One Year War...
: Stop fighting! All a woman who fights for a man can look forward to is death!
: Shut up! I'll fight for Master Paptimus whatever anyone says!
: Dammit! I won't make the same mistake again!

: What's this massive power I feel behind that pilot?
: Is this... is this Paptimus Scirocco's pressure?

: You're good enough to deserve Paptimus Scirocco's own mech?
: He expects great things from me! I can fight because of him!
: Ugh... she's drawing strength from her conviction!

Well there's a reason I just had Quattro and Kamille lightly tap her with vulcans

SECRET ALERT: Defeat Sarah with either Kamille or Katz.

To match the last stage, I chose Katz.

: Please stop fighting, Sara! It's me, Katz! I don't want to fight you!
: Enough childish nonsense! I have to live up to Master Paptimus's expectations!
: Sara!

Sara’s mission was just to stall us and she hopes this is good enough to satisfy Scirocco; as she leaves, Katz and Kamille are disappointed that all she’s doing is for that guy’s sake.

Oh yeah, last turn Luna took a beating. Again. And I've used up the turns of everybody who knows trust! So I just cast Invincible on her, not many enemies left to target her thankfully.

Then with Setsuko's help Shinn destorys the last ship.

And now there's just one grunt left for the enemy phase.

Who Kira promptly brings into kill range.

Turn 6

Only one minute left and, afterwards, we’ll have no choice but to pull back; Quattro tells everyone to focus on the Soleil and Harry begs Dianna to wait just a bit longer.

And so Bright removes the last enemy other then Phil.

Exchanging all those potshots with Kira did a lot of softening him up.

I Zeal Setsuko into prime Support Attacking position

Turns out I only needed one Setsuko Support Attack. Oh well.

Then I have Amuro cast Mercy.

The Soleil’s propulsion is falling rapidly and Harry prepares to charge in to rescue the Queen…or not, as Midgard quickly deploys in a shuttle and rushes with Dianna into the upper atmosphere, outside of an MS’s pursuit range; while we’re distracted, Phil takes the chance to bail with the Soleil as well.
The mission’s a failure and Sochie realizes that the Phantom Pain’s assault was merely to buy the Counter enough time to launch that shuttle; Dianna’s now en route to the Moon and out of our reach.
"MIDGARD! MILAN!!" roars Harry. "If you make Her Highness suffer but an instant, I swear I will make you pay even if it takes a million lifetimes!"

WHY the Phantom Pain helped the Moonrace forces remains the big question and while ZEUTH still doesn't see the whole picture, but they know that his attack on Gibraltar must be related.
Either way, Quattro sees that Scirocco’s influence extends beyond just his regiment.

Meanwhile, Waltfeld calls Harry to offer his group's aid in rescuing Dianna. If Harry's willing to bite, he should go with Kira.
Harry agrees immediately - "I will save the Queen if I must do it alone" - and Kihel wants to go with him, saying she may be able to confuse the Counter (Beltorchika suspects she has another reason to go along with Harry).
Sochie wants to follow her sister, but Kihel tells her that ZEUTH needs her: she has her fight, and Kihel has hers.
As Harry and Kira leave, Loran entrusts them with both Kihel and Dianna’s safety; however, Athrun wonders again what Kira's game is…

Hey, urgent call from Gibraltar! Arthur is briefly concerned that the Chairman is going to have words with them but it's even more urgent than that - we're being told that the Federation is advancing into Chiram territory!
Don't they have a cease-fire? Löwen doesn't know about any of this either; it must be the Titans, or maybe Blue Cosmos.
Durandal’s mobilizing ZEUTH towards South America to discern what’s going on and, if need be, to guard the Chiram; Bright tells Torres to relay the info to the King Beal and set up a rendezvous.
Quattro remembers how the Chiram are the ones researching dimensional technology - could the Federation's move have to do with that upcoming dimensional collapse that Durandal spoke of?

By the time Kira returns, Lacus is preparing to go to space but she quickly notices how bewildered his eyes look.
He's been fighting to save Orb, but he's starting to see what he doesn't understand, and what he does understand, like Athrun's point of view, just makes it worse.
That's why, despite the danger to herself, Lacus is going to see what's going on in the Plants for herself. She'll have Waltfeld with her, as Kira’s needed with the Archangel but she promises to return.

Harry doesn't recognize the woman who’ll be going into space with them and Waltfeld asks him not to pry; that's fine with him, but Harry at least wants to know why they're helping him.
"Would you laugh if I said it was to save the world?" smirks Waltfeld.
"Not at all." Harry smiles. "It's an excellent reason."
Harry still has a couple of questions though - how they're going to get to space, and how they know as much as they do about the Moonrace.
The answer to the second one is simple, though it may go a bit long. Basically, they have a source.

Kai Shiden, who shows up and informs that the Raddish will be here soon; he’s is a journalist who has, through a bit of a chain of events, found himself working as an informant for the AEUG and Karaba.
Yeah, they're in on this too: not all of the AEUG trusts Durandal, obviously. And it gives Kai insider access for his day job.
He was referred by "an old friend," but it was Miriallia who put him in contact with these people - they've worked together before, her as his cameraman.
And she's actually nearby, talking to - to finally answer Harry's question - their source on the Moonrace themselves.

Fran was also brought on this little team by Mirallia, since she'd been investigating the Dianna Counter; between her information and Kai's, things have started to get a little bit clearer.
"I can't fight," says Fran proudly, "but my pen can change the world."

Kihel recognizes Fran as a friend of Loran's; Waltfeld explains that she was apparently an advance guinea pig for the Earth return.
Lacus and Kihel do meet at last before Lacus and Waltfeld take off, though.

: You're the singer from Plant...
: You look very much like the women I met at Port Tarkius, but you're someone else, aren't you?
: But I sense something in you that she had as well.
: Thank you. And you are the real one, yes?
: I think it may not matter.
: But I still cannot suffer in silence as music and life are corrupted.
: That is good to hear. Let us go... the true Lacus Clyne.
: Let us indeed, the other Queen Diana Soreil.