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Part 149: Mission 36 (Setsuko) - The Crying Starry Sky - Part 1

Setsuko Route Chapter 36 Part 1

Last time on Super Robot Wars Z: There was a Moonrace coup, we learned about Sandman, and we've managed to lose three pilots. The route split is over so we're back to whole teams!

Current Top Aces:

1. Setsuko - 122 Kills
2. Amuro - 98 Kills
3. Shinn - 86 Kills
4. Quattro - 79 Kills
5. Kamille - 76 Kills

Not much of a change in the Top Aces. Actually, the listing didn't change at all from last mission.

First I decide that B Rank in air is bad. So Apolly and Roberto both get their Air ranks upped to A. And I also teach them Ignore Size Penalty.

Emma gets another SP-Up while Joesph learned Predict.

Kouji also learns Ignore Size Penalty. You see, the Mazinger is M sized, but it makes up for this with Mazin Power. However... if Kouji learns this, then all of a sudden Mazin Power becomes even better.

And it's like Christmas! Both Bright and Heizaemon have enough PP to learn Hit&Away! And thus their utility jumps up by a couple hundred precent!

Toga learns Will Limit Break, as well as Prevail. I may be only able to get him up to Level 3 now, but it's a start.

Toshiya and Kamille learn Will Limit Break as well.

Finally, Boss gets 5 more SP.

Some upgrades get distributed. Mostly my Supers catching up.

The King Beal is given a Sensory Helmet and a Nanomachine Unit.

The TFO and Methuss is equipped with some Magnet Coating.

The Great takes the Hybrid Armor, an upgrade from it's old Chobham Armor. The Venus A gets the newly freed part.

And finally, here's the squads.

Location: Over the Atlantic Ocean

Real quick recap - human bombs, everyone's mad (Shinn says we gotta go beat up the aliens on the moon, letting Kappei be the one to let him down; meanwhile, Loran wishes Dianna could get the Moonrace to help them in the war), Duke was sad, and a whole bunch of Gravion stuff happened. Also Banjou was there; Kappei has only glowing words to say about him, as it should be.

We rejoin our plot in progress as Löwen explains that the Chiram have been at odds with the Atlantic Federation since their previous universe, and they hardly feel any warmer towards the New Federation.
Like the Emaan, who were here first with them, twenty years ago due to time displacement, the Chiram remain independent from the New Earth Federation. Even so, their relations weren't so bad that the Federation would mount an assault out of nowhere.
The only explanation is that something about the Chiram has lit a fire under the Federation's asses to wipe them out as quickly as possible, and only one thing comes to mind: their technology of dimensional manipulation.

We know Break The World was kicked off by a massive dimensional event in South America of the Earth Alliance/PLANT world, Löwen explains on; old Prof. Theeh has been analyzing some stuff salvaged from the old Federation, and it looks almost like that event bears the traces of something artificial.
Specifically, some kind of explosion powerful enough to open a hole in the walls between the dimensions. In short, to everyone's shock, Break The World may have been a man-made event!
What could be the remnants of such a device have been found in South Ameria. It was most likely an attempt at a weapon - which Quattro names a Dimensional Bomb.

Talia finds it hard to believe that anyone in their world had that kind of technology but it is what it is; Löwen points out that, according to their investigation, the Chiram have always had their eye on dimensional control and, with their being here twenty years before anyone else, have been working on it longer than almost all other nations.
With the universe being so dimensionally unstable, Heizaemon’s not surprised that they would pursue that line of research as soon as they realized.
Whether or not the Federation's attack is because they fear another bomb, it sure does seem like the Chiram's tech is near the center of this mystery.

Kazami seems to have something on his mind. "It's nothing," he says. Hmm.

Meanwhile, Quattro has put the Chairman's information of the upcoming collapse with this information we just discussed and deduced that the Federation must want to steal the Chiram's work by force.
Athrun mentions that the Iron Gear and Gekko are in Ameria; wouldn’t it be prudent to work together this time?
Talia and Arthur shut that down quick. The other ZEUTH is under ZAFT's suspicion, not least because of the rumors that they're with the Federation. More practically, Heizaemon says that time is of the utmost essence, and we can't depend on them being able or willing.
Speaking of which, all pilots are to be ready to scramble as soon as we reach the target zone...

Chapter 36: The Crying Starry Sky

The Chiram have already been beaten down, and the whole city burned to the ground.
Wesley gets his President to the evacuation transport, where the dimensional control device is already being loaded.
The President doesn't need to tell him that if that machine is destroyed, the whole world is lost.

The Chiram squad leader orders his men to move in and harry the enemy as much as possible. Olson is too late to stop them --
from being completely wiped out by Stella (!?) in something subtly named the Destroy Gundam.
Bask can't help but feel grateful to Djibril for the present. "Pay attention, Scirocco," growls Bask. "This is what real war looks like."

Sting wants a Destroy of his own. "But where'd you find this Stella chick, anyway? Don't I know her from somewhere?"
Neo just says she was "sent" and Sting shouldn’t concern himself with details. The kid’s been "adjusted" after losing Auel and Stella, and she's been adjusted for Destroy compatibility, resulting in both losing their memories of each other. Perhaps that’s for the best, though…
"Sorry, ZAFT kid," mutters Neo. "Looks like I'm not keeping my promise."

Anyway, we're finally here! Bask isn't sure whether we're here to bail out the Chiram or crush them while they're down.
The Chiram capital’s destruction paints a dreadful picture in both the cruelty and scope of the destruction, surprise attack or no, and it's pretty obvious to ZEUTH what's responsible for all this destruction.
Kamille mistakes it for the Psyco Gundam for a second. It's certainly got the same design, and the same purpose - turning everything around it to ruins!
There's no way we're taking on this entire army. Bright orders ZEUTH to focus on the enemy's spearhead - the black Armor.
It's not going to be easy, but we can't let it get away with any of this wanton destruction.

Olson tells Athena to pull out with him and rendezvous with the Project D escort.
She protests against entrusting their nation’s defense to outsiders, but he orders her: "We can rebuild our nation, but we can't lose the whole world."
No one on our side is happy that we have to take this fight alone, but we have no choice; however, Bask puts out a call to their second platoon to move to this area ASAP...

So here's our objective. I have to defeat Stella in the Destroy. However, to get the Battle Mastery, I have to defeat all other enemies first and do it in 6 turns.

What doesn't help is that they're all spread out. And of course those three Battleships in the back will stay right there.

Turn 1

I put my Reals in the King Beal and the Supers in the Minerva, I'm going to be splitting my forces to hit the big named pilots up top.

Natrually, none of the major threats actually move this turn.

Turn 2

The Battleships are now in position.

Time to start deploying mechs from the King Beal.

That Gaplant is so close to being defeated why game.

Oh well, take care of it Setsuko.

Look at all the damage Emma and Löwen did. It's great.

Kamille rockets ahead, still getting a kill though.

Meanwhile, thanks to Athrun's boost Toshiya can get a ton further.

Shinn and Amuro are dropped out.

The Mazingers and Toga head out.

Finally, Kappei.

This gives him his sixth level of Prevail.

And Shinn decides to let himself get hit several times.

At least he starts up SEED.

Missed them both on 85% odds.

Turn 3

Well that's a great start.

Well aren't they all nicely lined up.

And that leaves only two left.

There, now all the Battlesips are moved.

That does start up Kouji's Mazin Power.

Ow ow ow! The TFO's nearly shot down.

Tetsuya's Mazin Power triggers, at least.

Athrun is switched to the lead for a TRI.

Fa is... Fa.

I hate Zamza-Zahs.

Punch through that barrier Toga.

There we go.

The Rick Dias has a post-move TRI, so Roberto takes the lead.

Then Rey uses his TRI as well

There we go.

Loran kills this Zamza-Zah.

Setsuko and Kamille reach the first of the three battleships. Though not the one with Bask() in it.

On the enemy phase, the remaining stragglers get taken down.

And hooray, Sting moved!

It's a start.

Neo moves up as well, and Rey manages to tag him with 60% odds while dodging 50% odds. Great job Rey.

Stella’s indiscriminate barrage continues in all directions as she further loses control.

: How can it do this? Why is that pilot so hungry for bloodshed?!
: Stop...
: Stand down, kid!
: Neo Roanoke?!
: That machine... Stella's in there!
: !
: What's going on, Shinn?
: She's... Stella's in that thing...
: What?!
: Another unit incoming! It’s the Federation!
: There's more of them?!
: Urk…!

*Newtype flash!*

: I feel... no way…!

: The Psyco Gundam!
: That's Four! I'd recognize the aura anywhere! Four's inside that Armor!
: ...
: Four! You're alive!
: ...who are you?
: It's me, Kamille! Don't you remember me, Four?
: Kamille Bidan is our enemy. You are my enemy.
: Open fire, 2nd. Lt. Four! Send all of Durandal's dogs scurrying with that mech of yours!
: Four!
: Kamille, it's no use! Four is under the thrall of the Psyco Gundam!
:'s a good bet that she's been reconditioned as well.
: Four... can't hear me?

: Dammit! Now we got two big ones to deal with!
: Piloted by Kamille's and Shinn's friends! What do we do?
: It should be obvious. They're our enemies.
: Tetsuya!
: Proceed with the mission as planned. All units, focus on those two.
: !
: Wait a minute! There's something else coming!

: Kira!
: Look! It's Kei and Getter Robo!
: Are they here to help us?
: We appreciate the assistance, Archangel.
: And we as well.
: Don't thank us. We're just as mad about all this chaos as you are.
: The Gekko and Duke Fleed will keep them busy at the perimeter! We'll take the main force!
: We can't let the Chiram go down yet...
: Hey, guys! It's been a while!
: ...
: Hey! Why the cold shoulder, Ryou?
: Kouji, we... we're in a different world now. There's nothing we want to say to you.
: Huh?!
: I don't care what ZAFT ordered you to do - we're not siding with anyone who'd slaughter aliens and attack noncombatants!
: Wait a minute! What does that mean?
: And now you're going to deny it? Are you kidding me?
: I... we're not...
: Forget it, Setsuko! They're not listening to us!
: After all you've done, that's what you have to say to us?
: Enough, Garrod. We're here to stop the Federation.
: The heck! They got together with the Archangel and caught the crazy!
: They’re just random outlaws now! We don’t need them anyway!
: What do we do, Gramps?!
: They're here to stop the Federation, not to exchange blows with us. There's no point in us wasting time on them either.
: But they--
: Shinn, right now our priority is to save Stella and Four!
: But how?
: They're enormous machines! We can immobilize them without shooting the cockpits!
: Easier said than done with all this going on!
: We have to! If we can't, either they'll die or we will!
: !
: Shinn, Kamille's right. You have to do this yourself.
: ...if there's no other way... yeah, I have to!
: ...
: ...
: Here I come, Four!
: I promised I'd protect you, Stella, and that's what I'm going to do!

You know, your lawless anarchists are a bit rude Brunom.

Second part later this week!