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Part 154: Mission 37 (Setsuko) - The Reorganization of the New Earth Federation

Setsuko Route Chapter 37

As the Minerva mobilizes its units, the Beal crew is surprised by the out-of-season snow for a moment - a side effect of the dimensional collapse?
Heizaemon brings them back to reality - it seems as if we've been shepherded here. No idea to what end, but we have no choice but to defend ourselves.

: Are you okay, Kamille?
: ...if the Chairman was right about the Sage Council being behind this war...
: ...and if their opposition intends to continue it, I'll fight them both.
: Don't do anything dangerous. I'll be right here with you.
: I'm sorry if I hold you back.
: Thank you, Fa.
: (Fa is protecting Kamille... I just hope that he derives some strength from that.)
: (Watch me, Stella. I'll fight all those people who're responsible for the war...)
: (I'm fighting... for you.)
: Shinn...
: Rey, Lunamaria. We're covering Shinn's back.
: Roger, Athrun.

The enemy arrives, and it's still not clear whether they're Logos or the Feds. But who cares?

Faye's here too! The Gran Knights gear up for another round.

Jerid talks a big game about finally uniting humanity by defeating Logos and ZAFT; he gives the order to attack and, despite Mauer’s warning to remember their mission, is already planning on at least taking Kamille out personally.
Faye gives him the okay. After all, she can't say she's that different, as much as she hates to hear it from him.
Regardless, Talia says that this may be a trap so we need to wrap this up on the double!

So after the gigantic and challenging level last time, this stage is much easier. There's some Titans (and Faye), there's Jerid ready to have his face punched in, and we have four turns to do it.

Not even going to have load everybody into the ship, simple Accel spam is enough to get everybody into the fray on time.

Though only three team members are able to get in attack range this turn, that'll change starting on the enemy phase.

Come enemy phase Sarah moves in, and tries to target Quattro.

Emphasis on "tries."

Swing and a miss Sarah.

Anyways, it's my turn so I switch Katz to the lead because...

SECRET ALERT: Kamille or Katz must fight Sarah this stage.

: Sara! Is that you, Sara? I don't want to fight you! Let's just talk this out!
: You're a nice kid, Katz... it's been obvious since we met...
: But you and I are enemies as long as you oppose Master Paptimus!
: Come on! Why don't you see it?
For some reason this particular battle dialogue doesn't trigger Katz's fight music. Weird.

Toshiya uses God Tomahawk for the millionth time.

Then Shinn picks it off.

Kamille's turn!

: Sara! Get away from Scirocco! He's dangerous!
: Kamille Bidan! What do you know about Master Paptimus?
: He has the power to change the world!
: If I can't convince you like this, then I'll stop you by force!

"Tch... Kamille..."

"Kamille! I won't let you interfere with Lord Paptimus!"

Sarah is kind of bad at actually hitting things.

The battleships are moved up.

Tetsuya takes aim at this Windam.

And Amuro takes out another.

Quattro, meanwhile, weakens this KLF.

It's been a while since the last Gravion video, and actually ever since Stage 35 Toga's generic lines have actually changed up a bit, so...

This gives Fa Level 3 Support Defend.

Kappei does his thing.

As does Setsuko, ending the turn.

And counterkilling a Windam brings about a momentous occasion. Tetsuya learns Valor(35) And it's really cheap too!

To top it off Mazin Power kicks up.

Then another counter gets Maria her 5th level of Prevail.

Natrually, Faye will target Gravion when possible.

: Toga! We'll see once and for all which of us is superior!
: I... I can't lose.
: We have to go back to Leele at Sandman's castle!
: You...
: That's right, Master Toga! The Gran Knights will never lose!
: Silence! I'll defeat you and make Sandman regret his decision!
: Like some knockoff's going to beat us! Toga! Let's do this for Leele!
: Indeed!

And Mauer targets Kamille.

: You're Jerid's partner, huh?
: I won't let you get to Jerid! I'll protect him!
: Gah! Is anyone here not fighting for personal reasons?

Kamille you are the last person who should be talking about that.

Jerid can't reach Kamille yet, so he aims for Tetsuya.

Darn it Tetsuya, why do you fail me now.

Oh well at least Shinn's SEED starts going once the third turn starts.

And Setsuko leaves this squad of Asshimars very near death. I'm talking double digit HP here.

The King Beal takes care of this lose end.

And Toga targets Sarah.

There we go

Meanwhile Amuro takes down this formally full HP Windam.

It's Tannhäuser time!

Mostly softened them up, but I did get four kills out of it.

I don't want Mauer using another TRI, let's fix that.

Problem solved.

Let's give Tetsuya's Valor a test run!

Bright gets one kill, and Quattro gets the other two.

Upon getting them, Quattro unlocks his sixth level of Newtype.

Shinn and Kamille leave this guy near death.

Toshiya further softens up Mauer.

And Loran does the same for Jerid.

The enemy phase comes with a lot of counterkilling, giving Loran Support Defend Level 4.

And Talia ends up taking down Sarah.

: Sara! That's you in that mech, right?
: The main mission was successful. This should give Master Paptimus what he wants.

: Sara!!
: She's been entranced by Scirocco...

Jerid finally reaches Kamille!

: Kamille! This ends right here, right now!
: Don't you know when to give up, 2nd. Lt. Jerid? Are you just going to stay as you are as the Federation changes around you?
: Shut up! I can't go anywhere anymore until you're out of the picture!
: If the world is going to change, everyone in it has to make it happen!

And come the player phase this is all that's left of the enemy forces.

And there goes Faye!

: The friendly troops can wrap this up. Mission complete – retreating!

: The hell...She talks that big a game and then runs off?!
: Faye…Faye Xin-Lu

Farewell Mauer. May Katz fourth level of Newtype be your legacy.
: We've fulfilled the basic mission goals. Retreating!

Get the King Beal in position...

To let Kappei finish Jerid off. And, as a massive bonus. Kappei learns Valor(35)

: Dammit! The Byarlant wasn't fully tuned!
: I’m pulling back! Let them handle the rest!

Then I blow up the two remaining mooks and win the stage.

Anyway, we've won, but Amuro and Quattro both still suspect we were guided to this spot for a reason and this group’s goal was seemingly just to keep us here.
The blizzard is killing our radar, though, so the enemy's main force may already be on top of us; Ichitaro and Gengoroh suggest we call everyone back and run off ASAP.

We do that but, just as we’re about the leave, Meyrin reads multiple battleships nearby and approaching!

: The Archangel!
: Along with the Gekko Go, Iron Gear, Freeden, and Glomar!
: Are... are we going to have to fight them?


Extra Dialogue

Kouji vs Faye

: Yo! You sure that's how you want to use your heroic super robot?
: I'm a soldier! My duty is to follow orders!
: Maybe you've got a point, but!
: A super robot pilot's supposed to use their power to fight for what they believe in!
: Exactly!
: Fine! If you actually believe in the Federation, then I'm not holding back anymore!
: I've been in the super robot game longer than you, so I'll show you how it's done!

Tetsuya vs Faye

: I had some respect for you when you joined us against the aliens...
: But it looks like you were an unthinking army dog after all!
: Look who's talking! Aren't you a soldier for ZAFT?
: Let's get one thing straight: I'm ZEUTH. We're working with ZAFT because we believe in the Chairman.
: Do you believe in the Federation's deeds with absolutely no doubt? If you do, then I'll gladly fight you!
: Is it ZEUTH's style to make idealistic excuses?!

Toshiya vs Faye

: Hmm... it certainly is based on Gravion's frame.
: This isn't just a copy! The Gran Trooper has power to outmatch Gravion's!
: And the skill of its pilot far outstrips Touga's!
: What, you're fighting just to beat Touga?
: Then give it up! We've got other things driving us to win!
: I'm well aware! That's why I'm going to beat Touga, and the rest of you, and unite humanity!

Kappei vs Faye

: It's Touga's weird stalker! You're gonna have to go through me first!
: W-who's a stalker?
: I dunno if he dumped you or what, but he's got his own problems right now! So you've got me instead!
: Dumped? Yes, in a sense, I was...
: Seriously? I got it?
: Shut up! I don't want to hear your babbling in combat!

Fa vs Maure

: They're always coming after Kamille...
: A rank amateur. If you've come into live combat with those skills, you're just going to die sooner or later!
: I'm sure there's something I can do! Something I can do for Kamille!
: She's just like me, then...

Shinn vs Jerid

: The ZAFT Gundam! We've got to thank you for the show that commander of yours put on!
: So you did take advantage of the Chairman's speech to launch your coup!
: Why didn't you listen to what he said? You're the reason this war is never going to end!
: We're ending this war! By getting all our enemies out of the way!
: It's because of people like you that Stella... Gaahhh!

Setsuko vs Jerid

: Pathetic! That all that's left of the famous Glory Star is their pet cheerleader!
: I'll fight in the name of the Glory Star if I have to do it alone... and I won't let you put that down!
: 2nd. Lt. Jerid... I'll show you how this cheerleader fights!

She's a way better pilot then you Jerid.