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Part 155: Mission 38 (Rand) - Preplanned Showdown - Part 1

Things are coming to a head now…the other ZEUTH has run us down and they don’t look happy.
We’ve 11 slots to deploy and Kira’s launching as an event unit:

Same deal as before, only Gauli’s back in Apollo’s team.

Mission 38 - Preplanned Showdown

: The other ZEUTH’s deploying their troops!
: They mean to attack us…?!

: Then we can’t just sit on our asses! Let’s get out there!
: But…!
: This ain’t a game, kid! If you’re not up for it, stay in here!

: There you are, Freedom…!
: (Kira…)
: What’s going on, Cpt. Gladys? Please explain yourself.
: …To the Freeden, Gekko Go, Iron Gear and Glomar teams, as well as the Archangel crew…
: This is Talia Gladys, captain of the ZEUTH battleship Minerva.
: Please disarm at once and follow our instructions.
: She’s telling us to surrender…?!
: Excuse me?! What gives you the right to talk to us like that?!
: She’s right! Did Zaft call for this?!
: In the interest of preserving order, that’s right.
: It is our and the Chairman’s understanding that your group’s existence is worsening the current state of affairs.
: So, we’re all “criminals wrecking the world order”, is that it…?!
: Those’re some big words with all the crap you’ve been doing everywhere!
: Where do you get off talking smack to us?! You’ve been working for the Feds and the Chiram, making a mess of everything just to get what you want!
: Ease up, Kappei…!
: Cpt. Jamil… if possible, we’d like to avoid having to take up arms against former comrades.
: If you do as we say, we’ll speak on your behalf to our superiors and see that you’re as well accommodated as possible.
: You’d “speak for us”? Why would we even need that?
: We didn’t do anything wrong… Yeah, things might've gotten out of hand one time or another, but still…
: We don’t remember ever doing anything to warrant being arrested for “disturbing the world order”.
: We’re not saying that making money to survive is wrong…
: But there’s neither rhyme nor reason to your methods. Yesterday, you’re working for the Federation, today you’re acting as Chiram mercenaries… you’re too erratic.
: Not to mention when you even delve into what’s pretty much banditry…!
: Say what…?!
: You need to realize the strength you possess. By acting haphazardly, you’ll merely worsen the world’s already chaotic state.
: But if you join us, you’ll be fighting for the whole, not just yourselves. Please accept.
: You mean “fighting for the Plants”, no…?
: No way in hell. We do what we want!
: We just explained how you can’t go on like that! Why won’t you understand?!
: We heard but what are you getting at? That your way’s the one that’s “right”?!
: It’s not about that! YOUR way’ll eventually lead to even more conflict!
: Kouji, that declaration from the Federation was just them twisting facts! They used our images for their goals!
: Brother…
: Enough, Duke Fleed! That happened precisely because your group is running wild across the world! What other proof do you need?!
: And, your posse notwithstanding, we simply cannot give that vote of confidence to the Archangel.
: So now you’re content to simply follow orders, no longer pondering the correctness of your own deeds…tragic.
: Shove it, ya two-bit Negotiator! What the hell does a selfish bum like you know about the battles we’ve been through?!
: And, just to let you know, we’re not doing this because Zaft told us to! We’re here because we’re pissed at you!
: That goes both ways! We’ve also had just about enough of your shenanigans.
: It’s not working…! They’re completely hostile to us…!
: They’re likely to attack if we try to escape…
: Damn...! We might need to take ‘em on if things are this bad!
: Freedom…!
: !

: Urk…!
: Kira!
: What are you doing, Shinn?!
: If not ZEUTH, our orders are to at least bring down the Archangel!
: I’ll destroy that MS…the Freedom!!
: Shinn…
: We’ve fully analyzed the Freedom’s combat data. You can do it, Shinn.
: Freedom, if only you weren't there…!

: He’s…
: Shinn, are you pissed because of what he did to that black mech?!
: Stella…she never wanted to fight anyone!
: Quit your tantruming! What else were we supposed to have done in that huge mess?!
: Shut up! None of you know anything about her!!
: What do we do, Captain?!
: …If they’ll disregard our warning, then we’ll have no choice.
: Freeden, Gekko Go, Glomar, Iron Gear: disarm at once and follow our commands. If you refuse, we WILL answer with force.
: Sorry, Talia…but we can’t do that.
: We act on our own convictions and will be leaving here as such.
: Then there’s no way around it…!
: …We should do our best to avoid any unnecessary damage. Focus on disabling their battleships.
: Open fire! The target’s the Archangel and the other ZEUTH…!

: Stop! We can’t just attack each other!!
: Shush, Renton! There are times when even friends and family need to fight!
: You learned that before, didn’t you?!
: !
: We’ve got to do this! They’ll bring us into Zaft if we don’t!
: Well, these arrogant jarheads won’t get the better of me!
: Ya pet dogs are picking a fight with wolves! Y'all made a big mistake here!
: We’ve no choice! All units, focus your attack on the Minerva!
: Darling…
: Don’t worry, Mel. I’m going as THE HEAT, not The Crusher today.
: So, I ain’t destroying anyone – just going to give enough of a whooping to knock ‘em out!

Mission Objective: Shoot down either the Minerva or the Force Impulse Gundam
Mission Failure:Any allied ship shot down
Skill Point: Achieve the victory condition within 4 turns

BIG Secret Alert!

Well, there you have it. You can clear this map as early as turn 2 since everyone, Kira included, starts at 125 morale and it’s not difficult to take Shinn out with a couple of Hi-MAT Full Bursts and, if needed, a Mugen Punch.
Do note: some of Zaft-ZEUTH’s real robot pilots will randomly cast Focus and their Supers will go for Strike, so make sure your whole team is packing your own spirit commands on approach or your frail units will get thoroughly trounced – Iron Wall is always a priority.
This is especially important with Kira because with Shinn’s SEED bonus running, you will need Focus to get even decent numbers.

There isn’t much of a strategy to speak about in this clusterfuck but here are the highlights:

Finally, this isn’t like mission 14 where you fight a complete copy of your character: all of Zaft’s troops are in their basic NPC form like in mission 36. Any upgrades you may have given them while they were with us will not be taken into account.

There are about 160 different pre-battle dialogue between every significant character (and one “generic” line for when they attack minor characters), so considering that and the basic strategy, in order keep this update as short as can be, I’ll run through the fights against each important foe in one big montage (it’s still the largest update I’ve ever made, even with all the videos).
Pretty much everyone, save for a few, have special in-combat lines, too, so I’ll try to go through as many important ones as I can.

Also, feel free to play this while we destroy authoritarian jarheads.

See you on the other side!

: This man also agreed with Kira…?!
: No, despite appearances, I’m quite the nonconformist. I do not allow myself to be influenced by the words of others.
: I stand here now by my own will and I do so with pride! That’s something no one can suppress!

Roger vs. ZEUTH #1: “I’d hoped to establish some dialogue between us, but you force my hand…”

: Your mech might be super dodgy but Nirvash won’t be left behind!
: I’d tagged Renton as just another kid but even he’s not holding anything back…
: At this rate, I…

Renton vs. ZEUTH #1: “Why…why did it have to end like this?!”

: I’m up against Athrun…I have to keep my eyes open or it’ll be the end for me!
: …
: What’s with those moves…? He’s not sure about this?

Marin vs. ZEUTH #1: “I don’t care that it’s you guys…if you’ll try to stop us, I…!”

: Cpt. Athrun, were you the one who dragged ZEUTH into Zaft?!
: And you’re fighting that very Zaft! Why?! Don’t you see that doing so makes you an enemy of the Plants?!
: We’ve no choice, even if it means making an enemy out of society!
: For our freedom and for the entire world, we will oppose you!

Gainer vs. ZEUTH #1: I don’t want to accept this…I don’t, but--!”
If Gainer dodges #1: “That attack…! Good thing I saw it back then or it’ could’ve been bad!”
Also, if he (somehow) took damage #1: “If you’re not holding back, then I know what I must do!”

: Hey, Mr. “Zaft Captain”. You proud of that FAITH dog tag of yours?
: All I’m doing is fighting for what I believe in! And if you’ll side with the Archangel, I’ll stop you by force!
: You’re still too green, Athrun. Your doubt betrays your words!

Gain vs. ZEUTH #1: “I’ll end you in one shot…it’s the least I can do.”
If Gain dodges #1: “I haven’t forgotten your tricks!”
And him taking damage #1: “Are you going easy on me due to our past friendship?”

: Ah, here’s the Chairman’s pet!
: If we’re the pets, what does that make you? You’re no more than rabid dogs, running wildly across the world!
: You cannot discern between right and wrong, you think of only yourselves…people like you are our enemies!
: Ha! You’re so damn drunk on your brand of “justice” that you’ll deny anyone who doesn’t fall in line? It’ll be a cold day in Hell when I let men like you have their way with the world!

Holland vs. ZEUTH #1: “Tch…they’re all dancing to the army’s tune!”

: Gotta fight Athrun, eh? He ain’t playing around so I better be careful!
: Hrm…He’s coming for me! Do I have to fight him…?!
: Is that mumbling some strat? Well, the awesome Garrod ain’t falling for it!

Garrod vs. ZEUTH #1: “Do we really have to fight…?”

: I should’ve just arrested you all back in Japan if I knew it was going to end like this…!
: Even if you forced us to work for Zaft, we still would’ve branched off eventually.
: Unless you people changed your ways, this battle was inevitable.
: You’re just like Kira…why can’t you see the bigger picture?!
: You think nothing else matters so long as you’re doing well?!

Luna and Rey shot down:
: They really are strong…but we’ll be the winners next time!

: Those who’d go against the Chairman’s will…you’re my enemies…!

: Time may pass but the Breakers of Zora will always be outlaws…!
: Get off your high horse! You think everything you do is in the right just because it’s for the Plants?!
: We’re fighting for our lives and won’t lose to a bunch of the army’s yes-men!
: Why won’t you look at reality?! This is why the war won’t end!

Jiron vs. ZEUTH #1: “Get outta here! There are some things I won’t put up with, even from you!”

: Ah, the Zaft captain guy! Quit making Shinn do all the heavy lifting and show me what you got!
: Urgh...Why does no one take issue with fighting their fellow men?!
: You ain’t gonna find any answer by just thinking about it! You gotta get off your ass for that!
: A nerd like you ain’t taking me out!

Apollo vs. ZEUTH #1: “This whole thing stinks…but ain’t no way around it!”

: What…? This pilot’s hesitating to fight...?!
: The enemy’s a seasoned warrior…! It’s not a foe I can beat if I don’t get my head on straight!
: That’s right! And if you’re having doubts about your own battle, then you should pull back!
: I cannot bring myself to destroy such an opponent!
: Tch…But, I’m their captain…! I can’t just step back!!

Duke vs. ZEUTH: “There’s no other choice now…!”

: Your very presence is messing up the world, so we’ll put a stop to you right now!
: Give it to me straight, Athrun. You doing this just because your boss sees us as the enemy?
: No! This isn’t about the Chairman – I’m fighting for the world!
: As diligent as ever…but guys like that are very easily manipulated!

Kei vs. ZEUTH #1: “Never thought I’d be fighting you guys for real…”

: It’s Athrun! Their chain of command will be crippled if we can push him back!
: Argh…!
: What’s going on…? A Zaft soldier like him is hesitating now?
Getter vs. ZEUTH – Hayato #1: “Ryou! Hesitate for a second and we’re goners!”
This is actually a new line as Hayato’s VA was still active.

Also, I forgot to record any Rand attack, so here’s what he says:

: Oi, Cap! You really gonna let Shinn and Lunamaria go crazy like that?!
: That’s their battle to fight. An ignorant outlaw like you couldn’t possibly understand!
: WELL, ya sure told me! Then, you better get your head in the game!
: Ah…!
: I’m the one you gotta worry about! Quit looking over to Kira and Shinn!

Athrun shot down:

: Why…?! Why are they with the Archangel?!

: Back off, Loran! I still owe ya one for that bread!
: And I owe you for helping me before!
: So please, Garrod, stop fighting! I…I don’t want to do this!
: Neither of us can step back…doesn’t look like we have a choice, then. Don’t get mad, Loran!

Garrod vs. ZEUTH #2: “I’m also going all-in if that’s how you’re gonna be!”

: What happened, Loran?! I thought you knew the value of other peoples’ lives!
: That’s my line! How could you do such things, Jiron?!
: I’ve no idea what you’re talking about – I’ve been fighting to survive!
: Meanwhile, you folks have been killing people all over just to help your country! We’re nothing like you!
: I haven’t forgotten the taste of that bread you gave us…but I can’t let you guys off the hook after all you did!

: It’s a shame things ended up like this, Loran.
: I feel the same way. Please, stop resisting and surrender.
: You’ve changed... Still, I can’t do it, even if you ask.
: Gain!
: I owe you one for that bread…so I’ll avoid hitting your cockpit as much as I can!

: I’m up against Loran and his mustache? Talk about a tough cookie!
: I don’t want to fight against old allies either, Kei! Please surrender!
: Sorry but I can’t, even for you. I’ve only now started to understand what I’m supposed to do!
: Then, I’ll stop you! We’re here precisely to fight against those that are spreading war!

: Cpt. Jamil’s piloting this MS?!
: Then, please stop fighting and explain what you’ve done!
: There’s nothing to explain. We’ve just been following the path we believe in.
: It’s you who must stop following Zaft’s orders – doing so will only bring ruin to the world!

: How unfortunate, Loran. I had taken you for a rather reliable fellow but it seems that’s not the case.
: Please stop this, Roger! You could use your strength to find a way for us to talk things through!
: I’m afraid your request came a bit too late. My words will not reach anyone now that both sides are clashing their convictions.
: This may get a bit rough but I’ll immobilize you and, THEN, thoroughly explain our innocence!

Roger vs. ZEUTH #2: “At the very least I’ll put you down you gently.”
Loran vs. ZEUTH #1: “Don’t show your face to me again!”

: What happened, Loran? How could you do something like that in Garnahan?
: We did it because we believed it was the right thing to do!
: But, unlike you, we don’t help fan the fires of war in order to survive!
: If you’re not going to let us be, then I know what to do!
: King Gainer’ll put a stop to the Black History’s White Doll!

Gainer vs. Loran: “Here we go, Loran! No hard feelings!”
Gainer dodges #2: “You showed me that attack before!”
Gainer takes damage #2: “Are they holding back? Or are they not taking me seriously?!”

: Get outta here, Loran! You helped us after the first warp, so I owe ya one!
: In that case, stop attacking, Apollo! I don’t want to fight you guys!
: …He says, while coming straight for us! Ya look like you couldn’t hurt a fly but you’re actually a nasty piece-of-work!
: If you’re not willing to listen, then I know what must be done! This might hurt a little!

The moon ain’t happy with you, Loran!
Silvia vs. ZEUTH:

Also, Sochie and Miashey shot down:

: How dare you! I’ll remember this!

: You won’t get away with this! We’ll get you next time!

: Stop, Renton! Don’t add any more to your crimes!
: What about you guys?! You think what you did is OK because you’re fighting a war?!
: I didn’t think you were like this, Loran!
: I don’t want to fight anyone! But you’re acting just to satisfy your own greed!

Renton vs. ZEUTH #1: “I gotta do it…they’re enemies now!

: Holland, stop this battle! You can make them stand down!
: The mustache kid, eh? You think we can get along with everyone that easily? It ain’t happening, not in this world!
: If you wanna call this off, quit Zaft and THEN we’ll talk!
: And join the Federation?! I refuse!

: Kouji told us about you – he said you were a strong, kind man! Please stop!
: And I wouldn’t be strong without kindness! I’m simply fighting for what I believe is right!
: Urk…the only way I’ll stop him is by immobilizing his unit! In that case…!

: Zaft’s methods are only escalating the war, Loran! Don’t you get that?!
: No! We’ve been fighting against those very warmongers!
: It is your group who misuses their strength and brings mayhem wherever you pass!
: We were only fighting back against people who attacked first – Zaft included!
: If you insist on gunning for us, then you leave me no choice!

Getter vs. ZEUTH #2: Benkei “Damn it! What do we do now?!” Hayato “Don’t overthink this, Benkei!”

: I misjudged you, Loran! I thought you were someone who’d be fearless when standing for what’s right!
: That hasn’t changed! But how could you all contribute to the turmoil gripping the world?!
: We just fought back against those who attacked us! They’re the ones messing up the world!
: Then let’s fight together! We can stand against them if we pool our strength together!
: What, by joining Zaft?! No, thanks!

: Loran, thanks for that bread way back when!
: O-okay!
: Alright, that takes care of that. Imma be fighting for real now!
: You’re not going to stand down, are you, Rand…?
: That’s how I roll. You know that…!
: Then, I’ll stop you with all my strength. I won’t let you cause any further damage, The Crusher!
: (Urk…hearing that from him really hurts…!)

Rand vs. ZEUTH #1: “Sure didn’t expect you guys to fight your friends ‘cuz of some orders…!”

Loran shot down:

: You’re all misusing your power…!

: Ah! Those moves…Camille?!
: Stand down, Getter Robo! What’s the point of this battle? Listen to us!
: Fine, tell me! Do you really think you’re right in dominating others for Plant’s sake?!
: We’ve been fighting for the entire world, unlike you and your false justice!

Getter vs. ZEUTH #3: Hayato “There’s no other choice now. Let’s go!”

: These movements... is that Camille?!
: Gainer, war isn’t a game! You need to understand that!
: What I don’t understand is your reason for all that bloodshed! That’s why I’m doing this!
: We’re fighting to put an end to this war! Can’t you see that?!
Gainer vs. ZEUTH #2: “We’ve fought together before and yet…”
Camille has an unique line for Gainer that he didn’t say: “You need to take a better look at reality, Gainer!”

: Do you understand the consequences of what you’re doing, Jiron?!
: That’s my line! You think what you’re doing is right?!
: Even if it isn’t, we must keep going! That’s how we’ve been fighting!
: So you’re OK with it?! Then I won’t cut you any slack!

: Grendizer…the Super Robot who annihilated the Vegan forces…!
: The Zeta’s got the upper hand in terms of mobility, though! I just need to hit the right spots!
: This pilot’s strong…! Like a young animal who’s yet to learn fear!

: What happened, Camille? You’re all up yourself just ‘cuz you got that new mech?!
: Rand, freedom and lawlessness are two different things and you need to understand that!
: Gimme a break - you got in bed with Zaft! There’s a whole side of the world that you ain’t got a clue about!

: A new Gundam?! And it looks pretty quick!
: With the Zeta’s speed, I can go in and out before he even gets a lock on me!
: Urgh! I can’t handle that much mobility on top of Camille’s skills!

Camille vs. Garrod: “You can’t live thinking only of your immediate goals, Garrod!”

: This pilot’s…Cpt. Jamil?!
: Camille Bidan? Those are some impressive maneuvers he’s doing…!
: So, now Zaft’s using prodigies like him as part of their troops?!

: AEUG’s young Ace, eh? I can’t play around with this kid!
: You…do you have any idea of what’s going on with the world right now?!
: Looking at it just from the Plants’ perspective means you’re only getting half the picture.
: Instead of learning how to pilot an MS, you oughta study how the real world’s like!

Camille vs. ZEUTH #1: “Can’t you understand what’s right in front of you?!”
Gain vs. Camille or Shinn: “You gotta make stubborn kids listen, even if it takes a few slaps”.
Also, if he dodges them: “Your childish moves are very transparent!”

: It’s fast…! I never expected an MS would pressure me this much!
: Battles aren’t decided by a difference in size! I’ll make you understand that!

Fa getting shot down:

: They’re strong…! I really had no chance…!

: That AEUG’s rookie…looks like he’s picked up a few tricks since last time!
: I’ve a reason why I can’t lose here: we’re going to wipe out war from this world!
: And that’s why I can’t tolerate people like you who’d throw it into chaos!
: You became one of Zaft’s mutts for that? Don’t make me laugh!

Camille vs. ZEUTH #2: “If you’re set on facing us, then I’ll take away your means of attacking!”

: Camille, how could you do all those things?!
: I’m not going to say what we did was “just”.
: But, it still was necessary! That’s why we fought!
: I…I can’t accept something like that! I won’t!

: You’re a Negotiator and, yet, you don’t understand how wrong it is to rely on violence?!
: You insult me, youngster! I’ve always denounced violence!
: However, there are times where one has no choice but to exercise strength! That’s a wholly different matter from wanton barbarism, though!

: I gotta tangle with Camille now…jeez, it’s just a string of strong opponents!
: My pace will go out the window if I let him get to me with that chitchat…!
: I have to focus on the battle at hand if I’m going to get the better of him!
: You said it, boy. But I gotta warn you: this isn’t my first rodeo!

: Gotta take on Camille, eh? You ain’t gonna be acting like hot stuff for long!
: I’m well aware of Aquarion’s randomness! I won’t let my guard down!
: I’ll take that as a compliment! Now, to pay you back: suck on this!
Both attacks in here and while we didn’t get any, Sirius also has special lines:

Camille shot down:

: This isn’t the time to be fighting like this! Why don’t you see that?!