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Part 165: Mission 40 (Rand) - Prelude to the Collapse - Part 2

Ziene’s Cornicus are by far the more dangerous mooks due to how accurate they can be and I certainly don’t have it in me to deal with them legit. Renton’s where he’s at because I’m going to MAPW them to kingdom come while everyone else cleans up the rest.
Rand will be joining him up there to help take Ziene out. Mind, there’s also this:

Secret Alert!
The last point Rand has available for this secret and, unlike Setsuko who’s swimming in points, you still NEED to get this one in order to secure it.
I hope you got the other three points on missions 15 and 18 or you’ll have earned my scorn.

As the Feds and Angels attacked each other, we had one Cherubim and one Ishkick shot down. The demons start their assault on Teral, of all people.

Kei and Gainer’s low HP is ever the mook magnet.

They both respond appropriately to several targets (the enemies’ numbers can make for a lot of evasion decay, FYI).

There’s also Renton but he’s too strong for anyone to handle. Still, he needs the morale boost.

That’s my money, damn it!

You little…that’s one Mecha Tekkouki, one Horned Demon and another Ishkick that got stolen.

As Gain gets pestered by one of the Aldebaron’s bubblegum-headed things, this new Dangarun Mechaboost goes for Elchi.
Surprisingly bulky but his squaddies ate a good hit.

Aphrodia ignores Marin who’s right in her face to trade shots with Roger.
Meanwhile, Butcher entertains himself by downing demon jets.

Player Phase!

Renton will be hopping right into a batch of Cornicus so we better get Confuse going.

I need you off my hair right now, Robert.

: Enough of this, Cpt. Robert!
: Olson D. Verne?! You’ve joined forces with Kei Katsuragi?!
: It’s too dangerous to allow the Federation to have a Dimensional Manipulator! You need to stop working with them!
: It’s all for the continuity of the Chiram nation! A traitor like you will NOT interfere!
: I’ll defeat and capture both you and Kei Katsuragi here and now!


Renton’s in position. Hopefully, he’ll get what I want from this kill…

I like this a lot! Renton learns Prevail L8 and, also at level 47, Eureka learns Zeal!
Mind, it’s extremely expensive at 100 PP - she wouldn’t even be able to cast it right now without all the SP-Ups I bought her. Nothing can stop his MAPing now!

Robert’s pissy as he retreats, promising the Singularities that he’ll bring them in – it’s the only way to save Chiram!
Olson, however, protests that the current state of affairs is a problem to everyone, not just their country. Failing to understand that is what’ll bring the end of both Chiram and the world at large.

Ah, right on time.

Gain pops a TRI attack on this mass-produced Gyukenki group and Garrod follows it up with another volley.

There it goes.

Rand is on his way to Ziene and takes this Xibalba as a souvenir.

Kei does his thing on his batch of Guraguras, leaving them easy pickings for Duke.

Very good.

Roger takes out the Aldebaron bubblegum thing and Ryouma tears through the squaddies of the destroyed Gyukenki.

Tekkouki takes both Prevail L6 and Support Defend L3 out of the deal.

Not much in Talho’s range but this Golgol will work to show off her new cut-in.
Moondoggie’s voiced by Mamoru Miyano, mind (a.k.a 00 Gundam’s Setsuna, Riku in Kingdom Hearts, Light Yagami in Death Note and a whole lot of others).

Apollo’s healed by the Freeden and moves back to start bringing Touma closer. He also downs Roger’s surviving Big Octo.

Enemy Phase!

As the enemies miss each other to death with that Confuse cast, this one Xibalba goes after Rand.

Rand’s on about half HP, so that takes a big chunk off the thing.

As the Angels manage to take out a Horned Demon, Touma moves over to Apollo. Silvia still had Iron Wall cast for good measure.
“Guess you’re only good at runnin’ your mouth, Touma!” – Apollo taking little damage.
“Pathetic…where did that once-beautiful man go…?” – Touma dodging.

You’re gonna pay for that!

Gain and Olson get jumped and weaken their targets. Meanwhile, the other Gyukenki is going after Ryouma.
Might as well show this since we don’t often get a chance to see the demons’ TRI attacks. Their pilots get quite hot blooded.

Garrod eats an unlucky hit from Dokuganki but it’s nothing he can’t handle.
And that Dangarun that got clever with Elchi tries the same trick with Roger and eats a Chrom Buster for massive damage (and two dead squaddies).

The enemies keep stealing my kills, downing 1 Golgol, 2 demon Fighters and 1 Mecha Tekkouki.

Teral wastes his attack weakening some random demons, Aphrodia immediately regrets attacking Apollo and Butcher….

He does what he does best, which is not give a fuck.

Roger, Elchi and Teral take minimal damage.

All the Cornicus and Ziene gang up on Renton – they’re even more accurate than I expected, taking 35-40%s WITH Confuse on. A combination of evasion decay and bad RNG on Lift Technique gets Holland and Bello shot down.

Player Phase!

You sons of bitches…DIE!

With Bless on, that’s 38 kills, 233k bucks and not a single shred of guilt from me. I promise I’ll avoid doing this much but screw those birds when there’s already so much crap to deal with.

All those kills make everyone’s morale skyrocket and Gain, Adette and Sara trigger their OverSkills.

This Graave is in Rand’s way, so Apollo removes it. He takes ESP L4 and Prevail L8 as his prize.

Renton, using his Zeal’d move, does some added damage to Ziene but I really don’t think Rand’s going to be able to take her out on this turn.

: You’re as handsome as ever, THE HEAT.
: Back off, miss! My beef’s with Asakim!
: Unfortunately, he is terribly busy right now.
: Still, since you’re coming after me, I’ll take the time to make you squeal.
: Sorry, miss, but I’m THE HEAT! Pain ain’t anything to me!
: My roar’s so intense it sets my soul on fire!!

Mel: “My figure’s no match for hers but let’s see how she handles my youth!”
Ziene, taking big damage from Rand (no kill…): “I-I knew it! You ARE The Crusher!!”

The RNG gods continue to give me sass as Kei eats an 18% hit from Teral. Nearby, Gainer pops a TRI to deal some good damage to the other bubblegum monster squad.

Just need a bit more damage.

: You turned your back on your own homeworld! I will not stand for someone like you to live!
: I’ve been fighting for what I believe is right!
: Can you honestly say that you’re proud of your own struggles, Cmdr. Teral?!
: I can! It's all been to secure Eldar’s future!

Talho does a wee bit more damage just to be safe.

Get to it, Duke.

: Duke Fleed, hear me!
: I’ve upheld my promise to Toshiya Dan! The prisoners who would’ve been turned into bombs are now under my supervision!
: I respect your honesty, Cmdr. Teral.
: But we will still do battle if you’ll continue your invasion of Earth!
: That's exactly what I want! As an Eldar soldier, I shall fight for our future!

There’s another one down and Hikaru gains a level in Prevail.

Teral notes that the earthlings’ strength is constantly increasing – the flames of war will spread throughout the galaxy at this rate. Is it just impossible for him to change history?

Shaia repairs Kei and gains Commander L3.

Let’s get to work on Butcher next.

: Kappei told me of your barbarism, as well as your lack of an intellect for communication.
: Hm? What a fussy monkey… deal with him and make it snappy.
: Forgive me but I haven’t fallen enough that I’d bend to your hedonism…!
: Indeed, I shall handle you and your posse in my own fashion!

Gain TRIs the bubblegum group, killing the leader (Ryouma kills the Octos). Meanwhile Garrod is weakening Aphrodia.

Finally, the Freeden takes a weak Fighter.

Enemy Phase!

The few surviving Feds snipe away at Rand, slightly chipping his Prevail’d armor. This one Asshimar was too close and got wrecked.
One of the two surviving Xibalbas also got oneshot after a Riot Wrench crit.

I let Apollo’s HP drop to dangerous levels but that trips a big Prevail bonus and Touma pays for it.
Of course, this has the effect of drawing in several nearby mooks but Apollo isn’t taking any more damage and kills two demons.

The aliens kill off two more demons and, with most of their mooks dead, decided to turn their sights on us.

“If you came from another world, then you can go right back there!” versus aliens, of course.
Gainer gets attacked twice but it’s not like he’s in any danger now. That Dangarun that Butcher so graciously weakened is finished off by Marin.

Speaking of, this one did even less than the previous attack. Only Elchi took a little bit of damage.

Ah, this’ll work nicely.
Ziene attacking Rand #1: “Go to Hell alongside your little wife…!”
Rand taking damage #1: Mel “Darling! DON'T let that woman hit you!”
Rand attacking Ziene #1: Mel “Here we come, Titty Monster!”, Rand “Let’s not make this personal, Mel!”. (I made this video precisely to show that these are her words, not mine!)

Ahahaha! It took a while but Rand now finally has his last spirit: Courage (勇気)!
This beauty costs a crapton of SP but, in exchange, it’ll cast Accelerate, Strike, Valor, Spirit, Fury and Invincible!

Ziene isn’t broken up over her defeat, as this was a pointless battle from the get-go.
Löwen asks what she’s talking about : “You’ll understand everything very soon. But it’s already too late for you to escape 'that person’s' grasp,” she quips.
Rand still has stuff to ask her but Ziene says we’ll meet again…provided we’re not warped to the void, that is. As she leaves, Rand can only wonder what Asakim’s planning.

Player Phase!

Right on time.

We’ve a good MAP set-up for Garrod but Talho needs to get off the way. She kills a Jerogiras before moving and Roger takes a shot at Butcher before starting his trek towards Touma.

Do your thing, Kei.

Kei vs. aliens: “Earth is still Earth, even if it’s different! Lemme show you the door!”

Next up, Duke.

: Killer the Butcher! You, who’d toy with the lives of others, are a monster and will answer to me!
: Ooh, the Grendizer… Maybe I ought to bring your head as a souvenir to King Vega?
: Those who’d see war as a game are a blight upon the Universe! I will not stand for such people!

Almost there.

Couple punches from Apollo and he’s in killing range. I actually showed this attack because I expected Marin to have something to say…turns out he didn’t.

Always amusing to hear Butcher freaking out as he’s taken out, though.

With that, we’ve secured Zambot’s secret and a Blessed Bandock kill is worth a nice 52k cash and Barrier Field. Also, Marin learns Prevail L8 and Riea takes Counter L6.

Butcher’s also impressed at how far the earthlings have come and figures he might actually have to get a bit serious when their next battle comes.
Duke is aghast at how gleefully Butcher plays with the lives of others – truly a terrifying enemy. That said, he wonders just what could be the Gaizock’s reason for attacking Earth in the first place…

Let’s weaken some stuff to maximize our cash from Garrod’s MAP.

: Just what are you after, Marshal Hidler? Why are you chasing after the Fallen Angels?!
: I’ve no reason to answer you!
: But we need only get our hands on that power and this world will belong to the Hundred Demons Empire in a flash!
: And, so, I’ll bury you pests right here, right now!

Good, good. Following another barrage from Gainer and Renton, Hidler’s prepped for Garrod to shoot down.

Meanwhile, Rand’s making his way over to Touma and decides to wrap up this Xibalba en route.


Been too long since I had the chance to use this.

That’s 10 kills, including Hidler for another 63600 bucks and a Megabooster. I like this!

Jamil and Pala also get, respectively, Commander L3 and Support Defend L4.

Hidler isn’t happy to, once again, suffer defeat at our hands and Gura has him retreat before things get worse.
Ryouma ponders the demon’s constant pursuit of the Fallen Angels and their poking around the Innocents’ domes. What are they after and is it related to what drew them here today?

This one Guragura squad has lived for long enough, so our last move is Elchi punchin the leader into oblivion.

Enemy Phase!

Rand and Gainer each take a kill from pursuing Fed mooks.
Touma is still wasting his time against Apollo.

And there are only a handful of demons left to kill.

They make it easy when they attack Kei, though. He also kills the last Dangarun.
Dokuganki takes a stab at Ryouma and eats a Getter Beam in return.

Oh, and Aphrodia saved me the trouble of attacking her with Duke.

: The Grendizer! That’s Princess Rubina’s beloved, is it not?
: (It’s Aphrodia…the Aldebaron officer who Rubina’s working as a secretary for…!)
: Your highness… I am a soldier and, as such, I must fight this man!
: (Rubina…you, too, are fighting for peace in the shadows of the Skull Moon Base…)
: (I share in your desire. In the name of universal peace, I’ll gladly risk my own life…!)

A very easy kill for Marin.

Player Phase!

We need to wrap this up now, so let’s start with Dokuganki.


Curse you! *boom*

Elchi’s levels are keeping up nicely and she learns Prevail L6.


: Stop this, Aphrodia! Gattler’s greed will only bring sorrow to the S-1 people!
: Silence, Marin! His Excellency is granting us a new home!
: Think about what you’re doing! Your new home is being built over the Earthlings’ suffering!
: Where is your S-1-ian pride?! Do you honestly think an invasion to be acceptable?!
: I am a soldier of the Aldebaron! Everything I do is for the S-1 people!
: But they will not find happiness with something earned like that!
: Thus, I’ll stand against you – in the name of both the people of Earth AND S-1!!

“You'll pay for this disgrace, Marin!”

Aphrodia isn’t happy, saying we’ll regret out continuous resistance against their invasion. Do not underestimate the Aldebaron!
As she retreats, Marin once again says this war fed by hatred will only bring sorrow to their people and he’ll continue to fight, so long as they refuse to acknowledge the errors of their way.

And we’re done. Our heavier hitters will deal with Touma while the rest kills whatever mooks we can get our hands on.
A handful’ll survive but, honestly, we don’t need a clean sweep after everything we’ve earned here.

: Steward of the Universal Law… will you once again confine us in an everlasting prison?
: How so …? What is it that you, Fallen Angels, know?
: ...You, too, are a sinner, bound and cursed…?
: Then, I shall consign you to the dark before that power intervenes.

Touma vs. Roger: “Can it be…he’s that power’s…”

: The OverDevil and Early Overmen all fought against the Fallen Angels...!
: Wielder of the Devil’s kin…you’ve touched those ancient memories?
: But why?! Why did the Fallen Angels appear in the Black History when they were supposed to be from a different world?!
: That answer has long since been forgotten...but, to us, it marks the beginning of our suffering.

Touma vs. King Gainer: “I see…you seem to be mastering its kin…”

And that was 25k damage in one hit!


Touma figures he’s played with us a bit too much and instantly regenerates. Apollo isn’t intimidated, though, and is ready to keep beating the guy to make him give Baron back.
Touma’s amused that Apollo wants this filthy wingless so badly and brings out Baron’s zombified self. He offers a trade: Apollo can have Baron back in exchange for the descendants of Apollonius and Celianne.
Everyone’s confused but Rena clarifies that the Alicia family are the direct descendants of that union – in other words, Touma wants Sirius and Silvia.
Apollo obviously refuses but Touma asks if he’d still say that if he knew that they actually are...
No one knows what he’s getting at but we’ve a bigger problem.

: Rrrr, curses! The dimensional manipulator’s going to get stolen!
: Fine! Then I’ll just detonate it right now!
: That’s far too dangerous, Mr. President!
: Don't worry! This device is just a prototype!
: It’ll cause only a tiny quake – just this area will be warped away!
: Set the timer on the device and evacuate! Now! That’s an order!!
: R-roger!
: Something's going on at the carrier! The soldiers are evacuating?!
: They’re leaving their dimensional manipulator behind?!
: Got a ping on the radar! The other ZEUTH’s coming over!

: Looks like the intel you got from your friend was right, Banjou!
: (There are those who disagree with Bloodman and his group's methods even in the Federation…)
: (Thank you, Mizuki…I appreciate the help.)
: So, the dimensional device is inside that carrier…?
: Everyone, please listen! We made a mistake! We were wrong about your group!
: But the same thing happened to you, right? You’ll forgive us, won’t you?
: We know! Our side has to apologize to you, too!
: Someone was manipulating us! We understand that now!
: And we also heard of the dimensional manipulator! We’re here to help!
: It’s too late! Space-time is being distorted – it’s coming from that carrier!
: What?!

: Fools! How convenient that you’ve all gathered here!
: The device is active and, now, the lot of you’ll vanish beyond space and time!

: W-wait, what?! If the thing’s turned on, that means this whole area’s getting warped?!
: All units, retreat! Get as far away from here as possible!
: I-It won’t work! This isn’t a matter of distance!
: What do you mean, Jabby?!
: This sensation…it’s exactly what I felt during the “Break The World”!
: The entire world is being affected by this warp!


: …
: What’s going on, Mel?! You hurt?!
: The Sphere of the Scarred Lion is reacting to the primordial energy.
: Huh…?! There’s someone standing on top of the Garuda!
: Can you hear me?
: Welcome, ZEUTH. I’m so glad you could all attend this little party I’ve put together.
: Ah…aaah….
: Mel! Hang in there!
: Help me, Darling… this is…
: It’s happening again, just like with Daddy… Darling…help…
: Indeed…! Once again, the entire world will be engulfed in chaos! Everything mixed together!
: Who are you?!
: The Black Charisma…
: “Black Charisma”?!
: The world revolves around you now, ZEUTH. I eagerly await our next encounter!

: Ah...

: Huh…what is this place?! What the hell happened?!
: This is the world in-between… a corridor to the everlasting prison opened for a moment...
: Yes…it happened because the Great Power united, once again, the light and darkness…
: Enough of your crap! This here’s the end of the road for ya! Give Baron back!
: That wingless? He’s right here…
: Apollo…!
: Baron?! You’re here, too?!
: And so are they…
: Touma…! The Fallen Angel who trapped Apollonius and Celianne 12000 years ago!
: This man…!
: I’m glad someone remembers...
: I’ll never matter how many times I reincarnate!
: Silvia, Sirius!
: I’ll say it once again: if you wish your friend back, you must relinquish these two.
: Get real! I ain’t ever doing that!
: Hmhm…perhaps you’ll reconsider once you discover their true nature…
: !
: Now…spread your wings.

: Urk...uwaaaaargh!
: No...noooooo!!
: The hell...?! Are those Fallen Angel wings?!
: Indeed…they’ve inherited our plumes.
: What?!
: They’re the descendants of the traitor, Apollonius, and Celianne… thus, they’re our kin.
: No…you’re lying…!
: They’re not human… why do you hesitate to sacrifice them?
: A-argh…
: Don’t look at me…please…
: So…if you wish to save your friend, offer these two to me.
: I…I…
: Don’t, Apollo! They’re your friends, too!
: Baron…
: I’m already dead! These freaks took all my vital force – I’m here just as a fake!
: What?!
: So don’t worry about me! You gotta focus on the living rather than the dead!
: But…but…
: You’re the sun, man! You’re Apollo! So, live and shine brighter than anyone else!
: !
: Make your choice… offer them to me.
: These guys…they ain’t your “kin” or whatever…
: Apollo…!
: They’re…my friends!!
: Yes…that’s it, Apollo…
: That’s…it…
: Baron…!
: Fool… you’ve willingly severed your friend’s life...
: Don’t…let him…fool…you… He’s just…using…me…
: Baron…! BARON!!
: Thanks…A…po…

*Baron fades away.*

: Drown in an ocean of regret… such is your due punishment…
: Just you wait, Touma! Imma kick your ass for this, I promise!!
: Time’s up… however, the folly of the wingless is ever our ally…
: The gates to our everlasting prison will soon open. We shall meet again when that time comes… at the dawn of a new world.

: …


: Schlan…
: It appears ZEUTH has remained in this world.
: They did not disappoint. And now all of them are Singularities.
: Are you sure about this? Their group already had the Singularities from the first Break. Furthermore, that much firepower concentrated in a group makes them a force to be respected.
: Oh…?
: ...Please excuse me. I’m out of line.
: Ah, it’s nothing. Regardless, things would be far too dull without that sort of wild card.
: Indeed…it wouldn’t be fun at all.
: …
: The world’s engulfed in a new wave of chaos now. I wonder who’ll make the next move…
: The aliens? Demons? Fallen Angels? The Chiram or the Emaanians? Or the Federation and Plants?
: And there’s also the Coralians…
: Ignoring those is risking a catastrophe, though.
: We can leave Dewey Novak to deal with them. And I’m sure Paptimus Scirocco will handle the Earth/Space conflict, too.
: Meanwhile, I’ll simply enjoy this ugly, twisted, magnificent world…

You get a cash bonus for clearing this stage which varies from 300k, 200k and 150k depending on your difficulty (made like 800k throughout this whole mission).

And, with this, the world is nuked into oblivion by a space-time oscillation bomb AGAIN but, good news, the main characters' long route split is closed – both teams are back together!
…I’ll leave it to Doc to show what a logistical nightmare this can be.