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Part 179: Mission 44 - The Falling Sun - Extra Dialogue and Special Game Over

Chapter 44 Extra Plot and Dialogue

When Shinn comes back from ZAFT, if you haven’t gathered enough SEED Destiny secret points, rather then start with "Kamille, I..." he goes with this:

: I didn’t have a choice! Athrun was acting crazy and I had orders from the Chairman!
: Don’t worry, Shinn…you don’t have talk about it…
: No one here thinks you wanted to do that.
: But this still feels like I screwed up bad, doesn’t it…?!

Time for some battle dialogue!

Aphrodia vs Toshiya

: Cmdr. Teral's nemesis, God Sigma...! I will end you in his stead!
: You've got a good sense of duty, but if this is your idea of combat, I'm not standing down!
: Teral fought fair and square! You aren't worthy to lick his boots!

Aphrodia vs Duke Fleed

: Duke Fleed! You fought the entire Vegan Empire on your own! You're too dangerous to let live!
: Princess Rubina may not approve, but I must eliminate you!
: You're wrong! I wasn't alone! There were many warriors fighting by my side!
: That's the power I used to fight evil... and I'll use it to fight you, too!

Roger vs Futaba

: Th-this guy! Is he…--?!
: This Fallen Angel child also knows of the Big O…?
: OverDevil and Fallen Angels…and the truth that lies within the Black History…
: How does the Big O fit in all this…? And what about me, the one dubbed “Dominus”…?

Everyone vs The Artificial Sun
Seriously, more characters then I could deploy had lines against this thing

Vs Marin

: Damn you, Gattler! Now you're trying to kill civilians who have nothing to do this war?
: Before long, you're going to hurt S-1 civilians too!
: I have to stop you before that happens!

Vs Kouji

: As much as we have to appreciate our good old Sun, this copycat is one unwelcome visitor!
: Here I go! We've got to smash it up before it melts the whole ice cap!

Vs Tetsuya

: That heat's going to start warping my armor if I get too close!
: If we don't destroy it fast, we're going to melt before the ice cap does!

Vs Banjou

: Nothing but a weapon for slaughter... this machine is not worthy of being called a Sun!
: The Sun is with me! On its glory, I'll destroy this thing!

Vs Kei

: Hey, we've got enough trouble trying to save this world as it is!
: We're not about to lose it to your engine of slaughter!

Vs Jiron

: Like a little warmth gonna make me flinch!
: Let's see whether you'll melt me or I'll blow you up first!

Vs Kamille

: Who would build a weapon like this?
: The aliens are going to destroy even the environment along with humanity!

Vs Amuro

: A weapon like that makes this hardly even a war! This is an extermination!
: This war'll only get worse if the aliens view us as pests!

Vs Loran

: You're going to kill billions of people! How can you be so cruel?
: Is it that you can kill peple without a second thought because you can't see their faces?!

Vs Garrod

: Do you aliens get what it means to kill billions of people?!
: Well, you ain't going ahead with this genocide! We'll stop you for sure!

Vs Jamil

: Fifteen years ago... I pulled the trigger that would kill billions...
: And this weapon will only repeat that tragedy! It's up to me to destroy it!

Vs Shinn

: The aliens only got this far because we were busy fighting each other!
: I've got to end the war! We all have to work together to fight these guys!

Vs Gain

: If people don't actually have to fight each other, it's not even a war.
: This is just a tragedy on both sides. This fallen star's going down.

Vs Apollo

: Baron named me Apollo, after the son of the sun god...
: And the Sun's ain't supposed to hurt people like this!
: Imma smash this killing machine!

Vs Holland

: War just drives everyone crazy, whatever planet they're from...
: If our lives are just statistics to you, then butt off our world!

Vs Rand

: Darling, it's so hot! Gunleon's going to melt down!
: Then turn on the fan, Mel! This is a battle of wills!
: It's this gumball and me, and we'll see which of us can really turn up The Heat!

If David is shot down.


Get David killed and he’ll be forced to retreat – this isn’t the time or place for him to lay down his life.

Special Bad End

If you bust the time limit...

If you bust the time limit, David starts laughing. As Raita bristles, he explains that he came here precisely should something like this happen. See, his Fixer 1 is actually a subspace-capable, manned missile.
It’s the kind of weapon that’d become the norm as war is prolonged, though David says Quinstein only wanted to work on simple travel via subspace. Regardless, it’s powerful as all hell and it’ll easily wreck the Artificial Sun.
Marin gapes at him going for an actual kamikaze attack but David will easily do that, if it’ll help spare Quinstein from the grief of watching her planet die. Indeed, he’s not dying for Earth but for the professor.
David bids Marin farewell and is disappointed that they never got the chance to compete for the spot of Baldios’ main pilot.

Heizaemon calls for everyone to brace for impact and Gengoroh tells all to salute David’s heroism. The man himself says being a “hero” isn’t really his thing.
He’s just a big ol’ dumbass, dying for the woman he loves. With one last farewell to Quinstein, the Fixer 1 explodes at the Artificial Sun.
As the area is engulfed in the explosion, Marin wonders if David was content with this end.

BUT, if David is shot down...

: N-no…! Earth’s going to be flooded…!
: Damn it, Marin…what were you doing…?!
: Weren’t you going to protect Earth…?! Its blue ocean and sky…its land…

A special Game Over screen just for this stage. It's based off the final episode of Baldios.