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Part 192: Mission 48 - Exiles From Paradise - Part 2

You didn’t think it’d be that easy, right? There are officially no more Mon-soonos, so this battle will be going a bit slower than usual against Predgio mooks.
We need only destroy Glenn’s Aquarion Alpha to end this mission but there’s another job to do:

Secret Alert!

This isn’t really difficult because, other than having a decent HP count, they don’t offer that much of a challenge. The Omega and Delta pack decent firepower and their range is just like, respectively, Aquarion Mars and Luna so draw them in accordingly.
Your biggest problem here is, of course, Glenn:

Aquarion Alpha (Glenn Anderson)
Pilot Skills:
Squad Leader Bonus: Accuracy Rate +20%, Critical Rate +10%
Glenn’s Voice Actor: Yuuto Kazama (other known works: Zero in Megaman stuff, Yamato Ishida in Digimon Adventures (Tai and Agumon were cooler!) and a few others)

As you can see, Glenn’s all about getting max morale ASAP and then throwing big hits with an extra chance to crit thanks to that leader bonus. The Alpha, as expected, is the bulkiest and stronger of the three but it has one big weakness: no post-movement attacks and Glenn will make a beeline for Aquarion.
So just stand pat and draw him in while you send your guys in to destroy the other two units. It’s probably a good idea to deal with Anemone quickly to prevent her from stunning anyone with Bahaluc Swell.
Whenever you’ve grown bored of converting bulky-ish mooks into cash, destroy Glenn and end it.

…Maybe I should’ve saved Renton’s nuke for this. Ah, well…ain’t gonna waste time sending him into a ship and then getting into position.

To make things easier for us, Birin casts Confuse and we tag Anemone’s range to deal with her next turn.

Hmm…yeah, sure.

Gainer easily finishes off the center formation group.

Nearby, Kappei blows a hole through a VC-10 group, instagibbing a squaddie.

Marin has his sights on a wide formation’d batch nearby.

Not bad at all!
Shinn downs the leader right after.

Nearby, Amuro doubleshots a fresh VC-10 into submission and Renton falls juuuuust short of doing the same.
And it was at this moment that I realized, holy shit, Amuro’s Beam Saber costs 20 EN a pop! I’m gonna have to drop something for E-Save right now.

Rand will finish what Renton started.

Nice and easy.

Enemy Phase!

Six VC-10 squads play Rand’s range but he manages to kill two and weaken another two. Marin’s weakened pair dashes for the Gekko and both get blown away.

Gainer also nabs the attention of two squads.

Nice hit. X2
Jürgens also tries attacking Gainer and gets a bullet to the head as his reward.

Marin and Bright also bitchslap some would-be attackers away. Marin also defends against Anemone’s claw attack for some cheap damage.

Aquarion Alpha is moving closer but Omega gets Gainer’s case.

Nearby, Delta also fails to do anything against Renton.

Player Phase!

: Watch out, guys! Something’s coming!
: More enemies?!
: Friendlies wouldn’t be coming here! Stay frosty!
: Aaah! That’s--!

: Big Duo?! You still live, Schwarz?!
: No, that time he truly did vanish in the flames. This Big Duo remained, mind.
: Who are you?!
: A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Roger Smith. I am Alan Gabriel.
: I’ve come to deliver you a message of death in my lord’s stead.
: Quit beating around the bush! You’re Roger’s enemy, right?!
: That’s right. My sincerest apologies for just waltzing in during this messy skirmish of yours.
: In that case, I command you to leave here at once and don’t come back.
: Oh, I’m afraid I can’t do that. You see, I’m not a gofer…I’ve a job to do and I’ll do it to the letter.
: So you’re yet another person who refuses to parley… As used to it as I may be, that still aggravates me...!
: Heads up, everyone! His group’s moving to attack both sides!
: Such dangerous powers are gathered here. They must be removed quickly, lest the very foundation of the world be disturbed.
: These are not yours to wield and it’s time you realized it, Exiles from Paradise!

And it just keeps going and going and going…

Alan comes accompanied by a bevy of new Bonapartes, all backed by Archetype squaddies (those guys we fought waaaaay back on mission 11).
They’re bulky and hit hard, especially that 4000 power TRI attack, but their range isn’t the best. Like Euclids, disable a squaddie for those groups in TRI formation and things will be simpler (albeit slow).

Big Duo Inferno (Alan Gabriel)
Pilot Skills:
Alan’s Squad Leader Bonus: Squad Movement +1, Critical Ratio +20%
Alan’s Voice Actor: Issei Futamata (other known works: Helmut in Dancouga, Shinshi in Patlabor and many others)

Meet Schwarz 2.0, only he’s got the HP to actually last longer. Predict and that crit bonus give Alan a good chance of doing a lot of damage and he’s also quite accurate, so take appropriate measures when engaging.
The Big Duo Inferno lost the original’s post-movement ALL in exchange for a power boost but his weakest attack is a pre-movement ALL that he LOVES to use. Unless you’re at precisely range 7 or force him to move, he’ll always use that which meant I couldn’t record his better attacks…
Regardless, deal with him the same way you did Schwarz.

Ending Point Alert!
Make sure you destroy the Big Duo Inferno before killing the Aquarion Alpha, too.

More confusion because I’m cheap like that!

Anemone needs to go on this turn, so Amuro moves over and effortlessly chops 15k off her health.

…And I realize that doing so blocked this wonderful MAP Bright had on his hands. Gotta remove these mooks the hard way now.

Bah. They’re all easy kills for Rey, though.

A Baldirosier later and Anemone’s primed for Harry to take down.

Easy money.

: That’s enough, Anemone! Stand down!!
: Are you joking?! What’s the point of my life if I pull back from this?! I’ll have nothing!
: No, the Colonel would never abandon you! You’re so very important to him – he said so himself!
: Dewey…--!
: Don’t make him sad. Please, return.
: OK! I’ll go home.

: …
: I may be speaking out of line here…but let that girl keep doing this and it’ll be too much for her…
: I know that!
: (Anemone…despite everything, you’ll still go on fighting as the Colonel’s puppet…?)
: Dominic…you…
: You know that guy on the ship, Renton?
: I met him once before…along with that girl, Anemone…
: (Think, Dominic…! Is this really the time for us to be doing this?!)

The smaller Aquarions are next in line while we wait for the bosses and Kei quickly brings the Delta to half HP (without valor).

Little bit more!
Only four missile pods in this thing? Bye-bye.

Toshiya and Apollo quickly finish the job and he’s almost maxed out his ESP.

Bright and Renton keep performing clean-up duty for an extra kill each and Talia sets her sights on these two.

There goes the leader.

Our Hidler team is mostly headed towards Alan now.

Enemy Phase!

Marin gets attacked by a ton of VC-10s and the Aquarion Omega and the best they can do is drain his EN at the expense of their lives. He kills 5 of them and weakens two others, along with the Omega.

Nearby, Renton and Dominic are going at it.

Here come the Paradigm mooks. The first two waste their attacks on Amuro and Renton but this one plays ball and lets me show off his Drill move.

Flash forward, Rey and Banjou weaken one each while Hayato cuts two down to size.

Alan’s moved a bit closer and is ready to be destroyed.

Player Phase!

I wanna wrap this up quick.

: The Big Duo feels it...! The power in your mech is unacceptable!
: What, you mean the Gunleon’s repair gear?
: (No…he’s talking about the Sphere…!)
: Taiji…the Great Power…it is not something your ilk should possess!
: Taiji…Asakim also used that word…!
: Oi, quit whining about other people’s mechs, guy!
: The Gunleon belongs to the Beater Services and it ain’t any of your business!
Here’s the Gatling Gun he insists on using all the goddamn time.
And another of Rand’s non-DK lines for Heat Crusher: “Aaah, feels good to just go all-out…!”

: Butterfly of Destruction, legacy of the Black History! I’ll squish you here and now!
: “Butterfly of Destruction”…? You’re talking of the White Doll?
: You do not know and still pilot that MS? Disappear from the face of this world, fool!

Alan attacking Loran #1: “Turn Type MS! Let your true power awaken!”
Alan taking damage from a Black History unit #1: “That’s it! This power will be needed for the new Black History!”

: I dunno who you are but I’m damn sure you’re bad news if you’re flying that propeller mech.
: Oh, pilot of the Machine Angel. Still fighting the same pointless battle as 12000 years ago, hm?
: 12000 years… do you mean the battle during the Black History?!
: That’s right! Everything is fated to be engulfed by the Great Power!
: Just like those Fallen Angels!
: !

Alan damaged by BH units #2: “Gaaah! Yes, unleash that power - in the name of the new world!”

: The Big, you modified Schwarz' machine!
: That man was a fool.
: The truth drove him to madness, and he traveled the world claiming he was to spread it!
: Answer me, Alan Gabriel! Do you know something about the truth Schwarz spoke of?
: Why wouldn't I? The truth follows the Great Power... and that Power will be ours.
: The Great Power...?
: The underlying law of the Universe...its foundation! Power the likes of you aren't worthy to know!

Roger attacking Alan #1: “No matter how many times you come back from the grave, that’s where you belong!” (this is more towards the Big Duo than Alan)
Alan taking big damage from Roger #1: “Th-this is what the power of a true Dominus is like?!”

: Ah, the OverDevil’s kin! Keep on fighting and you, too, will end up as part of it!
: Those threats won’t work on me! And I’d never let my King Gainer end up as something like that!
: Hahaha…you’ve no idea, do you? Ah, well…I’ll just kill you and be done with it.
: You should thank me - I’m granting you death before you turn into a demon!

Gainer needed just a little push in order to learn Soul and, as a bonus, Gavane learns Bonds.

Setsuko also had lines for Alan:

: The Big Duo feels it...! The power in your mech is unacceptable!
: The Virgola’s power..? Do you mean the Sphere?!
: Taiji…the Great Power… it is not something your ilk should possess!
: The Virgola’s my pride, no matter what anyone says!
: And I’ll keep fighting with it, even if my body crumbles to dust!

Total Ending Points: 12

: Rrgh! The Big Duo and I aren’t in sync yet?!
: Alan Gabriel! Tell me what you and your master are after!
: Don’t be so hasty, Negotiator. We’ll be seeing each other again, after all!
: It won’t be long but, until then, farewell.

: Do you have an idea of who that man is, Roger?
: I can hazard a guess as to who’s his master but not regarding their objectives…
: That he trying to eliminate me because I got out of Paradigm City…?