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Part 195: Mission 49 - Illusory Metropolis - Part 1

Chapter 49 - Illusory Metropolis

Roger wakes up on Gordon Rosewater's farm, supposedly having fallen asleep in the middle of one of the old man's stories. Gordon figures he’s tired and suggests he return home and get some rest but Roger’s confused, remembering being in pursuit of the Hundred Demon Empire.
“A tomato can only be a tomato. And a tomato that does not become a tomato can only rot. Or do you think you’ve become something else? ”, Gordon says. Roger says that he's the one and only person who gets to decide who he is and, when Gordon asks, doesn’t remember any contract made between them.
That’s also a conclusion, so Gordon says it’s fine.

Their conversation is interrupted when Angel shows up and Roger certainly hadn’t expected her to have returned to Paradigm City. She asks him to come with her as she’s something she wishes to tell him.
Roger bids farewell to Gordon, hoping to speak with him more thoroughly sometime, and the old man tells him not to mistake when it’s time for harvest – it’ll happen soon.

When Roger asks, Angel figures the demons are still stumbling around between dimensions. Seems like that warp was due to something of a barrier meant to keep intruders out and it pretty much confirms that, indeed, Paradigm City is in a separate dimension from the rest of the world.
Roger starts raid-firing questions: What happened to the rest of ZEUTH, then? Are they stuck between dimensions like the demons? Why was Roger the only one who could enter the city? Is Alan truly working for Alex Rosewater? Why did he kidnap Dorothy?
Finally, he asks what Angel knows and, more importantly, who she actually is. She laughs at his questioning, especially considering how long it’s been since they saw each other but this isn’t exactly a good moment for him to make good on that promise to take her out for dinner.
The situation demands haste, so he wants her to tell him everything she knows.
Angel mumbles that she doesn’t know anything but says that they were chosen to be here right now…

Same goes for Setsuko, Rand and Mel who, unfortunately, have no idea of where the others might be – just like in the aftermath of the first Break, one moment they were being warped, the other they were here.
Roger asks what she means that they were “chosen” to be here and Angel says that’s the only way to describe it: Roger returned here as per his fate as a Dominus of a Megadeus. Roger doesn't believe in fate, though he will admit that something in his unrecovered memories led him to meet Big O.
“However, that was it. What I did with the Big O after our encounter, what I’ve been living for, has all been my decision…Even if I was born for someone else’s purposes.”, Roger says. Frowning, Angel says she’s always wanted to live like that but...
Roger requests, if she feels any sympathy for him, that she tell him what this city is – is it the Great Singularity? Angel doesn’t think so, despite it being a special place, isolated from the rest of the world.
“What I’ve learned is that this city’s something of a miniature garden, halfway through the path towards the Taiji”, she says.

Setsuko and Mel are pensive and, when asked, ponder how Roger returned to Paradigm City because he was Big O’s pilot…could it be that they’ve been brought here because of their own mechs or, more specifically, their Spheres?
Angel’s also heard of the Gunleon and Virgola and how they were deemed to be quite similar to the Bigs. Roger asks how she knows all this and if this information’s part of her memories but, again, she doesn’t know.
Hell, she’s not even sure who she is anymore.

: That’s enough out of you, Number 340.
: Alan Gabriel!
: My deepest apologies for having to leave so suddenly the other day. But allow me to extend you a warm “welcome home”, Roger Smith.
: It’s the scarecrow guy!
: You give us Dorothy back right now!
: Oh, the Bearers of the Great Power? So you also made it through the barrier.
: “Great Power”…?
: Some call it “Dimensional Power”, others call it the “Taiji’s power”…
: Taiji…that’s what Asakim said…!


: Ah…!
: What’s wrong, Mel?!
: Something inside me is speaking…
: That orb of light that got into me…it’s to tap into the Taiji’s power…
: So the Virgola... rather, the Sphere’s a system meant to use that…?
: And that’s what Asakim’s after?!
: What is this “Great Power”, Alan Gabriel?!
: It is the underlying law of the Universe - its foundation. You could say it is everything.
: The two of us, these people… and the inhabitants of this city have all been chosen by it.
: Paradigm City’s a town for those chosen by the Great Power – the Dimensional Power…?!
: Number 271…do you mean to kill Roger?!
: You know this man, Angel?!
: Hmhmhm…Number 340…I’m not longer attached to the Union. Same as you, right?
: The Union?
: At the same time the Great Power created Paradigm City for its Chosen people, it also left several in the outside world.
: This city was granted eternal peace and quiet but those outside gained nothing.
: And so we set out to seize the Great Power ourselves!
: That’s the Union…? And both you an Angel are members of it?!
: But you betrayed the organization and sided with Alex Rosewater!
: I did. He rules this city and is, currently, the one closest to the Great Power!
: And the Big Duo was his reward to me!
: Watch out, Roger! That propeller mech’s coming!
: Alan Gabriel!
: AHAHAHAHAHA! Let’s begin, Roger Smith!

: Big Duo!
: Ohohoho! I must say, this does feel good!
: I haven’t felt anything quite like this since I stopped being a total human!
: My body…my nerves…! They’ve all been connected with the Big Duo! This Megadeus itself is my body!
: Urk...! I won’t be able to do anything against him like this!

*Bing! Incoming Butler transmission!*

: Master Roger, I’ve taken the liberty of preparing for this.
: Norman?! You also made to Paradigm City?!
: Just performing my professional obligations, sir. And I’m always proud to do so.
: Your professionalism is worthy of every praise, Norman… and I feel the same as you.
: I decide my own fate and I’ll stand firm against anyone who’d oppose that!


: There you are, Big O! My Big Duo says your existence is unacceptable!
: You’re pitiful, Alan Gabriel.
: What?!
: By uniting your body with the Big Duo, it has commandeered about half of your mind.
: You’re no more than that Megadeus’ puppet!
: Roger Smith!
: Go back to your master…and tell him to return Dorothy to me!
: Looks like I have to teach you that your unwarranted confidence and your arrogance are just delusions…by sending you to Hell!
: Indeed, communication will avail me not against this foe.
: It’s time for you to die, Roger Smith! BIG DUO, SHOWTIME!

So our current objective is to destroy the Big Duo Inferno. In order to get the Battle Mastery, we have to do it within four turns. This can be a bit tricky if you don't know how to handle it.

I know how to handle it.

As tempting as it is to punch him in the face, Roger has ranged attacks and Hit&Away soo...

: My new job is your death, Roger Smith! No more games!
: You enjoy taking lives, you broken machine?
: You can't imagine the joy I'm getting from this body!
: My body, the whole Big Duo, is quivering with the anticipation of snuffing you out!
: You've let the Megadeus take your senses! I cast you into the fires, along with the ghost of Schwarz!

Not bad damage, and Roger cast Invincible beforehand.

Then I move down, away from Alan, and end the turn.

Dastun is watching the battle from a distance, aghast that the black Megadeus has resurfaced after all this time.
Setsuko, Rand and Mel show up and ask if he's seen Angel – seems like she vanished amidst all that mess. Dastun hasn’t but, from a hidden corner, some gold-suited chap calls out to them…

Alan will then chase down Roger, which is exactly what I want.

Then the next turn I repeat the process.

The scratch damage leads Roger to level up, which causes the most wonderful and beautiful thing to happen. Roger learns his final spirit command.

Yes, Roger Smith learns Soul. I know I said that usually it's learned by Real Robot leads, there are obviously exceptions. Roger is one of these. I told you way back when we first saw Roger that the Big O is one of the best Super Robots in the game! Good balance between EN and Ammo attacks, nice range, very tanky, a MAP attack, and access to Soul. It's incredible.

Sadly, Alan decided not to move this round.


: A transmission now…?!
: It’s been a long while, Roger Smith. I’m glad you’re doing well.
: Alex Rosewater!
: As a man who loves peace and quiet, I find this boorish battle quite unappealing.
: Why don’t you stop fighting and join me for tea? How does that sound?
: I refuse…!
: Oh…
: I’ve no intention of sharing a table with someone who’d kidnap Dorothy and deploy all those broken dolls just to further his own agenda.
: My, the negotiator refuses to negotiate…
: Only when the other party doesn’t deserve to be negotiated with.
: How unfortunate, Roger Smith. I intended on giving you a suitable post, were you willing to meet me halfway…
: Alan, deal with him.
: Don’t look away, Roger Smith!
: !

: Argh…! A direct hit?!

*Big O starts running amuck.*

: Something’s wrong with the Big O…is the interface damaged?!
: Ahahaha…oh, how unsightly! But I’ll put an end to this with the next hit!
: Oi, what are you doing acting all badass after blindsiding him?!

: That tasteless robot…Beck?!
: Zip it, Crow-Boy. Get your ass over there and go play with your doll!
: What?!
: Over here, Roger!
: Dorothy’s with us!
: Dorothy!

: Her head’s memory circuit is gone…! Is this Alex’s doing?!
: That man, Beck, left her and this disk with us...
: That’s her memory circuit…!
: But her memories are reset… even if we put the disk back in, they won’t come back…
: No…!
: We really can’t do jack, then…?!
: Are you betraying us, Beck?!
: I might not like black and red but white is what REALLY grinds my gears!
: Hrm! You ungrateful punk!
: That arrogant shtick of y’all really didn’t sit well with me.
: For example: you acting like hot stuff, saying you were “chosen” and whatever…
: Well, it seems to me that y’all ain’t the only ones who can enter this city!
: WHAT?!

: It’s ZEUTH!
: They’re all in safe!
: Dunno what happened there but, yeah, we made it somehow!
: Get back here, repairman! We’re deploying!
: You too, Setsuko!
: Here, Roger! You take care of Dorothy!

: You good for this, Silvia?
: Of course I am! Renton, Eureka, Reika…everyone’s out here doing their part! I couldn’t just keep on crying!
: Heh...alright, then! Look sharp!
: Damn you, Singularities! You could cross the dimensional barrier?!
: Or does this mean you were also chosen by the Great Power?!
: Filthy trespassers! I’ve some suitable “entertainment” for you!

: I’ve mass-produced those underground ghosts and the Union’s own Megadeus. Such is the extent of my power, Roger Smith.
: Do you intend to fight us all, Alex Rosewater?
: Of course! We – and only we – are worthy of being chosen!
: In other words, you kidnapped Dorothy just to help your little schemes!
: We gotta give these selfish folks some just deserts!
: Silence, off-worlders! You fools know nothing of the law of the Universe!
: The law of the Universe…?
: However vast this “Great Power” of yours may be, there’s one thing I cannot tolerate…
: If men would treat the lives of others as tools in a bid to seize power, then I’ll stand against them!
: This is the choice of Roger Smith.
: Dorothy! You still have your memories?!
: Memories lie in the human form. Considering even your empty head had them, it’s not strange that I did too.
: What a smartmouth… you’re definitely R. Dorothy.
: But the Big O is still out of sorts…
: Don’t worry. I’ll act as its interface.
: I’m counting on you, then…! Big O, ACTION!!

: You owe me for this big time, Crow-Boy!
: Since Dorothy’s memories are in safe, I’ll turn the other cheek this time. Just this once, mind you.
: Bah! Petty sumbitch.
: You vermin!!
: Neither I nor they will give in to the whims of fate, Alan Gabriel!
: It’s high time you people - ever so pleased with power given by someone – realized our own strength!

So the Big O got an upgrade!

The Big O
R. Dorothy Wayneright - Big O Subpilot
Voiced by Akiko Yajima (Japanese), Lia Sargent (English)

Spirit Commands:
* Accel(20) - The caster's squad gains a one use +2 to movement.
* Sense (15) - Casts both "Strike" and "Alert" on the caster.
* Analyze(20) - The selected enemy squad will have their attack and defense lowered by 10% for one turn.
* Snipe(20) - Increases the range of the caster's weapons by 2 for one turn. MAP attacks and weapons with 1 range are not effected.
* Daunt(40) - Decreases an enemy's Will by 10.

Dorothy is an indredible subpilot. Not only does Accel finally remove any vestige of Big O's movement issues, but she has two excellent support commands in Daunt and Analyze. Sense mostly can save Roger SP on Strike, while Snipe has its niche uses.

So you can see my plan worked perfectly. Alan is right in front of everybody, taking him down will be easy! Oh yes, and Beck's joined us as a guest for the stage.

ENDING POINT ALERT: Make sure Beck is alive at the time you defeat Alan. +1 Ending Points.

Since we now don't have to rush to get to Alan, we can smash as many grunts as we can.

So here's Beck the Great RX-3 in all its glory. It should be noted that getting this Ending Point is not hard, because if there's one thing this machine is good at its surviving. It has three pilots, for one.




Yeaahh. This thing is so loaded with defensive Spirit Commands it's near impossible to die if you're even the slighest bit intellegent about it. And it's a real giant pity that Beck can't join permanently. Because seriously! Two Confuse casters and Daunt!? I'd never not deploy him.

Time to start moving my units up.

Go forth Beck!

: Beck! Biting the hand that's fed you, are you?
: I'm nobody's mutt! I'm the lone genius, Beck, and I don't take orders from nothin'!
: You worked me to the bone for peanuts! Here's payback - I'm gonna turn you into a sack of steaming slag!

A lot of the further back characters can only reach Alan. So might as well get some scratch damage.

One weakness of the Assault Aquarion is the lack of reliable Post Move Attacks. Granted, it still has some good range. I think I'll have to teach one or two more Element Users Hit & Away, since I'm planning on using this as a Squad Leader mech.

With Loran's SP Regen, using Drive at the start of a fight is pretty practical, since he'll gradually regain the lost SP, and since I have a million Confuse casters now I don't need to use Focus on him as much.

Loran is not very good at doing damage to bosses by this point in the game. He's a fine grunt killer with cheap spammable attacks and a post move ALL, but he lacks any oomph. for bosses.

Why Miashey.

You too Roberto!

Sochie... why.

Don't even bother moving Toshiya.

The worst part about Sirius ditching me is that it means that the only possible Aquarion Pilot set I can use and still use the Assault Aquarion is Apollo, Pierre, and Silvia. Which means that the Assault Aquarion lacks a Valor caster while regular Aquarion has a redundant doubling up on it.

There we go.

Jun's turn. Since he has Hit & Away.
"Are you going to paint this world black once more, Machine Angel?"
"Yes, that's it! This world should be reset again!"

The grunts move closer, but not a ton happens. I don't think I'll be able to blow up all of them.

So I don't bother!

Not bad.
"Sleep for all eternity, Alan!"

"Plummet into Hell hand-in-hand with your android!"

: I see... you're the master of this Megadeus that broke through the barrier!
: This ain't no Megadeus, buddy! It's Gunleon, proud member of the Beater Service!
: Its power is not for you to wield! Die along with your Megadeus!
: No way! If we lose Gunleon, we're out of a job!
: Great Power, dimensional energy, taiji... if you can't eat off 'em, I don't care for 'em!
: Quit trying to cheat and earn your living the hard way!

: I see... you're the master of this Megadeus that broke through the barrier!
: As I thought… this Great Power— the Taiji that Asakim spoke of is connected to the Virgola’s Sphere!
: Its power is not for you to wield! Die along with your Megadeus!
: This Virgola is mine and the Glory Star’s pride…! It’s the strength that empowers me!
: I’ve set my heart on fighting with it and that’s why I will not yield to you or anyone else!

This gets Reika to Level 7 ESP and Counter.

: The hell?! That creepy guy’s getting all wrapped up in cables!
: He’s being taken into the machine?!
: Big Duo…! Your rider does not conform to your will, so you mean to absorb him?!
: GWAHAHAHAHA! HIHIHIHIHIII! I-I feel such bliss coursing through me…! It’s like a dream!
: HAAAAHAHAHAHAA! Be afraid, foolish humans!
: This dream won’t end until I’ve taken all your lives!

: Kch! The Megadeus has fully assimilated him!
: I know of a way to destroy that.
: Dorothy?
: I was informed by that buffoon with curly hair and gaudy clothing.
: That explanation’s a bit lacking but I suppose this isn’t the time for an inquiry.

: Men who do nothing but dream should stay in their dreams FOREVER!

: B-but I haven’t killed him yet! GWAAAAAH!

: You…you possess the foolishness of both man and machine.
: Wh-who’s there!?
: A Big chooses its Dominus…one who’s worthy of wielding the power of God, created by man. One who’s able to arrive at one truth.
: And that is not the case with YOU!
: Aa…AAH!


: Alright, I’m done helping out. Now I’m off to do my own thing.
: Don’t expect me to say thank you, Beck.
: Hah, hearing that from you would just make me puke. …See ya!

: Even a hoodlum has standards, hm?

On a nearby building...

: Roger…
: That man’s victory fills you with such joy, Number 340?
: Number 12…Vera Ronstadt! So, the leader of the Union has also come to Paradigm City…?
: In order to seize the Great Power, yes…and to eliminate some traitors!
: !

: Do you still intend to fight, Alex Rosewater?
: I told you before: I hate combat.
: Hey, suit! Is this city the Great Singularity?!
: Great Singularity…? Ah, the other location filled with the Great Power.
: “Other”…? So, it’s someplace else?
: Indeed. This is a city of guaranteed peace and quiet, isolated from the petty squabbles of the lesser world.
: But how is this town being protected by a dimensional barrier?! What’s the trick behind that?!
: This is a different world, created by the Great Power after the “Black Calamity”.
: Dad, a man whom I deeply respect, was entrusted with the task of overseeing this city.
: “Dad”…Gordon Rosewater…
: And I’ve inherited said task. In other words, I’m the Great Power’s overseer…the ruler of this world.
: “The power of the world’s ruler”… this is the land described in that book…
: And that Great Power you speak of is dimensional energy…?
: That is not for you people to know.
: Please leave, my ill-mannered invaders. It is impermissible for you to tread upon this holy land.
: Alex…you—

: What is this?!

Find out Monday!