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Part 196: Mission 49 - Illusory Metropolis - Part 2

Chapter 49 Part 2

: The Demon’s giant fortress!
: They also managed to transpose the dimensional barrier?!
: A barrier of that caliber is of no consequence face my dimensional manipulator!
: Hmhmhm… we need only conquer this town and we’ll be able to draw out as much dimensional power as we please.
: Grrr…! How dare you disturb Paradigm City’s peace, invaders!
: Hear me, warriors of ZEUTH! I am Emperor Brai of the Hundred Demon Empire – and, soon, the ruler of the whole world!
: I’ll personally dispose of you nuisances here and now!
: That’s our line, boss…!
: What?!

: We’re putting a stop to your empire’s ambitions, Brai!
: Since you took the time to show up in person, let’s go and wrap this all up! It’s the end of the line for you!
: You demons jumped straight into the fire! Coming here only means we get to whoop your asses good!
: We won’t let you have your way with either dimensional power or the world! The only thing you’re getting is the taste of defeat!
: Ignorant worms! We transformed the Science Fortress Island into this flying fortress with our dimensional power! You don’t stand a chance!
: I’ll at least give you props for having the guts to face us head-on, despite how giddy you are with your new toy.
: But today’s curtains for y’all!
:.png[/img]: Take a good look, Alex Rosewater!
: !
: We’ll demonstrate that there are people who can withstand and prevail even against those who wield dimensional power!
: All units, open fire! Your target’s the enemy fortress!
: Bring it on, Hundred Demon Empire! Time for the biggest exorcism in history!
: Curse you, ZEUTH! Behold the full might of this world’s ruler!
: Come, Emperor Brai!
: We’ll bury you under the weight of ours and humanity’s wrath!

So yes. We have the 100 Demon Army to deal with, once and for all!

So let's get to it.

As you can see, the Demons are bulky and we actually don't have that much Will.

Time to bust out the repair jobs.

Funnily enough, I don't really have to move. They spawned surrounding me, so I'll just let them approach and stand around to kill them.

So imagine a turn of me throwing out all the Tri attacks against Demons in Center or Tri formation.

And Sochie learns Valor(40) from one such attack.

Some of these guys have high enough Skill that Amuro can't double attack them!

Destroy them, Tetsuya.

Sensing weakness, the Demons do their best to kill Miashey on the enemy phase.

That, or the Glomar.

Evasion Decay finally catches up to Amuro!


Imagine an animated gif of a growing

And saved!

The turn starts with SEED.

I had to reset like, four times because the next turn enemies just swarm the Glomar and it gets blown up. So I just cast Guard.

Then I make sure Amuro doesn't die.

Send a Soul boosted MAP down this way to wipe out some grunts.

Which kick starts the Assault Aquarion's Element System. And I just noticed that the names of the pilots involved are shown in the Element System cutin, neat!

Going to punch this now.

Then I further soften it up.

Then the Minerva moves down here.

You see, there just so happen to be a whole bunch of enemies in convenient range of Plasma Gimmick.

Finish the job Rey.

As a major bonus, it's enough for Kamille to learn his final Spirit Command, Soul(45). Incidentally, Kamille ties with Setsuko for cheapest Soul casting in the game.

And Roberto learns his final level of Support Attack.

Dokuganki dies, yelling out glory for the Hundred Demon Empire.

Brai commends his noble death and vows to not let it go to waste.

Kouji gets Mazin Power going, as well as Gain's Overskill.

In case you're wondering, I've started just casting Valor to handle these grunts.

As shown. Also, Tetsuya gets the final level of Prevail.

More mooks die...

Oh come on!

On the bright side, this got Duke his final Spirit Command.

* Love(60) - Casts Accel, Valor, Strike, Alert, Spirit, Luck, and Gain

Another ultimate Spirit Command. With Love, Duke makes a good boss killer, because you're going to gain Gain and Luck in a relatively cheap package when you need him to use Valor.

And Dizer Full Power too

Next, Enemy phase.

Right away we get the Psycho-Frame.

What follows is the swarming I had been expecting. Thank you Guard.

Seriously, so many dogpiled her she was able to level up from the scratch damage EXP.

Brai targets Roger this time. Might as well show his attack off.

: I know you're a citizen of this city, Negotiator.
:: ...
: He who rules this city commands the power to control the world. Step aside!
:: No.
: What?
:: I don't believe I exaggerate to say my services are utterly essential to this city...
:: And I don't intend to let anyone assault it!
: Emperor Brai! That mech... it's from the end of the Black History...
: Irrelevant! All who oppose me must die!
: He's fallen back on force already. What a louse.
: All the more reason I can't hand over Paradigm City, let alone the world, to one like him!
"Demons...the embodiment of the dark side of humans..."

So this next turn is pretty braindead. I spend it clearing out the stragglers. Which is almost entirely jets save for the two big combined demon mechs.
Luckily, they go down quickly enough.

This lets Sayaka learn her final Spirit Command, Rouse(35).

And Adette gets another level of Prevail.

And come next turn, it's time to finally put him down once and for all!

SECRET ALERT: Make sure you deployed Duke, Tetsuya, Kouji, and Ryouma this stage, and that they're all still on the field upon defeating Brai.

: The hell’s going on, Julie?! A whole island's flying!
: So this is dimensional power... it's quite a thing, all right!
: Quake in fear, humans! Bow before me and beg for your lives!
: Not on your life! We're not giving an inch to a cow!
: A cow?! You dare insult my magnificent horns?!
: Science isn't for war! We'll keep anyone from abusing it to take over the world or anything else!

: Damn you, Aquarion! I would have had the Saotome Laboratory if it weren't for your meddling!
: That's all ya got to say to us? Some big shot general you are!
: Keep barking, little dog! We'll see how long it lasts in the face of the power of the Fallen Angels you handed us!
: Ya think trying to copy those nuts'll just hand you the win, huh?
: But you ain’t getting away with stealing their powers on my watch!

: Getter Robo... you may have defeated several of my elites, but now you face me, Emperor Brai!
: And it's about time, too, demon boss!
: We've wanted a face-to-face for a long time!
: You may think your Getter Rays are powerful, but they are nothing before my dimensional power!
: Power is just a tool! It's up to people to put it to use!
: Here we come, Emperor Brai! We're acting as one, and that's how we'll put an end to the Hundred Demon Empire!

: Face me, Emperor Brai!
: Tekkouki, you dare stand against me?
: Now that I have a heart of my own... I am no longer a demon!
: If your science serves your ambition, then I'll use own science to fight for what I believe in!

: Hundred Demon Empire…! You’ll pay for all the people you’ve tormented!
: Puny girl! The likes of humans are of no concern to me, master of all demons!
: This arrogance will only bring about more fighting…and more sorrow! I won’t allow you to go on!

: So the big demon boss is done hiding, huh? Finally ready to face the music?
: Our domain is the darkness in the hearts of men. But with this new power, I will personally crush all I survey!
: Then it sounds to me like it's time to cast you out!
: So brace yourself, boss man! I ain’t leaving one bolt of your flying Onigashima left to put back together!

Onigashima’s the home of the Oni, as depicted in the tale of Momotaro.

: We don't care how awesome your dimensional power is!
: You won't get your hands on our world!
: Foolish little girls! You will pay the price for standing against the ruler of the Earth!
: We'll have you pay for what you've done to all our people first!
: Tsk, tsk. You got your hands on a new weapon but you're not the ruler of anything yet.
: How dare you! You cannot mock me!
: Don't give yourself an aneurysm, General Horns!
: The Gran Knights will eliminate you in the name of all the people of Earth!

: Pathetic little alien! You're going to die defending someone else's planet!
: Sorry, Emperor Brai, but I don't care if this isn't my planet!
: It's our job to fight enemies of peace and prosperity!
: Regardless of whether they're aliens or humans, monsters or demon for that matter!
: Your lack of hearts makes you our enemies... no, the enemies of all people everywhere! Brace yourself!

: So dimensional power has the capacity to lift something that big into the air?!
: Heh heh... power fit for an Emperor! Power to rule the world!
: No, I'm afraid it's too much power to be used to satisfy your greed!
: Banjou Haran, Daitarn 3...and ZEUTH will stop your plans!

: It's the island of Onigashima from the story! But it's not supposed to fly!
: Hey, that's the enemy commander! Quit joking around!
: Whelp! Behold the might of my Science Fortress Island and face your insignificance!
: Watch out, Kappei! Charge in without thinking and we’ll eat all that cannon fire!
: I know! But we've gotta do something about him messing up Japan!
: I hope you're ready, demon boss! Get a load of Japan’s--…the whole world’s anger!

: Get over here, demon boss! I'm gonna snap off your horns!
: Kouji Kabuto... I heard what you did to Hidler at the Photon Lab!
: In his name, I damn you to the pit!
: And I'll fight back in the name of everyone your men killed!
: Say your prayers, Emperor Brai, because your flying island's going to be your grave!

: So you're Tetsuya Tsurugi... you’d make a fine demon warrior if you had the horns implanted!
: I'm not interested in being a henchman!
: I fight for justice and for peace! I am nothing like your soldiers, fighting for your own greed!

: Prince of another world! After coming so far away from home, your ill luck only grows!
: The Earth is just as much my home, and I have no regrets defending it with my life!
: I certainly won't hand it over to heartless demons like you!

And Maai learns her final Spirit Command, Rouse(40)

: Uuuuuurgh! This is hardly enough to best the ruler of the world!!
: My emperor! The fortress will be capable of continuing if we use more of dimensional power!

The fortress moves away some.

: Look! The damaged parts are being repaired!
: That’s no repair…it’s regeneration!
: The dimensional power can do that?!
: Indeed! By drawing mass from the parallel worlds, it’s possible to even create matter from nothing!
: Taking over the world will be simplicity itself once we’ve full mastery over this power! Tremble in fear before us, pitiful humans!
: We’ll never yield to the forces of evil, no matter what they are!
: If you can restore yourself endlessly, we just need to crush you until there’s nothing left!
: Let’s do this, people!

: Step up, Emperor Brai! Feel our combined power!!

Secret Found!

Final Dynamic Special is a combination attack between Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Grendizer, and Getter Dragon. It's notable for being the single strongest attack in the game at 6500 base power. Of course, it's not exactly spammable since it has a hefty energy cost, taken from four units.

: I-It’s not working, Emperor! The regeneration can’t keep up!
: I-Impossible! How can I be defeated in a place like this?!
: Humans…dreadful creatures! WAAAAAAAAAAAAARRGH!!

: Rest in Peace, Hundred Demon Empire... I shall mourn your souls…
: The empire’s done for good now…
t: But the dimensional power they used…it was certainly terrifying.
: Heh…hehehe…hahaha! AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
: Professor…
: Magnificent! This proves that it’s the power of science that makes the world go round!
: But we still defeated them.
:: Did you see that, Alex Rosewater? Even if you do manage to acquire the dimensional power, if you’ll try to use it for unworthy ends, we will face you.
: You dare turn your clever tongue on me, Negotiator…!


: Distortion in the dimensional walls detected! Something’s entering this area!
: Another group with control over space-time?!


: That roar…!
: It’s the OverDevil!!

: That’s the OverDevil, legacy of the Black History?!
: But it’s much bigger than the one we fought before!
: So that’s the real deal, like Kids Munt said?!
: Monster of the Black History…! Have you come to take revenge on the Great Power?!
: ...
: Cynthia!

: Gainer, stop! That’s crazy!
: I don’t care! She’s my friend and I’m gonna save her!
: Cynthia! It’s me, Gainer!
: Let’s leave this place and go on an Exodus together!
: Gai…ner…?
: Open your eyes! I know you haven’t fully given in to this ice devil!
: Gainer…it’s cold…

*Gainer charges in.*

: …


: The OverDevil ate him?!
: It didn’t eat him! It felt that Gainer’s OverSense was stronger, so it absorbed him!


: All units, return to the ships! We’ll pursue the OverDevil!
: Please wait, Mr. Heizaemon! I can’t find Lord Gwen!
: Did he leave the ship during the battle?!
: Heizaemon! If he left of his own will, then we’ll just have to let him be!
: Getting in here is very hard but it’s still possible to leave! I’m sure he’ll manage!
: But…
: That monster’s on the move and, worst case, it could freeze the whole world! We gotta go NOW!!
: There’s no other choice…! We’ll worry about the mayor later!
: Lord Gwen…please be safe…!
:: Do not forget, Alex Rosewater! Threaten society any more and you’ll answer to us!

: You’ll pay for this insult, Roger Smith! This, I swear!!

Nearby, on the streets…

: ZEUTH’s left…
: I thank you for accepting my invitation, Mr. Mayor. A very wise decision.
: So, you’re interested in the book I have…the latter half of “Metropolis”?
: That’s correct. The absolute truth of the Black History is inscribed in there.
: Combine it with the first half - which is here in Paradigm City - and you have the key towards unlocking the secrets of the Great Power.
: Hmm, very well… the two of us will be partners in this endeavor, Black Charisma.

Location: Paradigm City, Underground Labyrinth

: …
: What…what am I doing…? I can’t return to the Union and now I’m wandering through this place by myself…
: I thought I’d be happy if I could only find my memories but…
: I don’t want…to be here anymore… I want to find my memories and go back to my mother…
: My mother who once called me an angel...
: Up ahead is the deepest level of Paradigm City… no one has ever set foot in there… I’m sure I’ll understand everything once I finally I get there…
: My lost memories must also be there…
: It all lies beyond those doors…

What…what is this place…?
: Welcome, Servant of the Taiji...
: Who are you…?!
: I am a cursed man…guilty of a grave sin in the past, doomed to languish in the infinite prison.
: My soul and my wings stained black, bound by the chains of fate.
: “The chains of fate”…
: I must search…for the “keys” and for those similar to my past self.
: You, the one who restarts it all… show me your power. Do that and I might find it…
: The person with the “Factor” I’m missing…
: “Restart it all”…that’s my duty…
: …