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Part 211: Mission 54 - Victory March of the Soul - Part 2

The last generic Aldebaron ship is easily dispatched by a combined effort between Marin and Shinn.
Kei’s also hard at work thinning the Eldar troops.

Same goes for Renton.

Just the Big Octos left.

Finally, Gainer gets rid of the second-to-last Barrierat.

Enemy Phase!

Bright gets rid of two Gurakens and learns Valor.

As Gainer drops the last Barrierat down to half HP, the Eldar Battleship decides to test Reika’s newfound leadership.

She eats a small hit but its fine. Worse off is the other ship which attacks Baldios a bit too close and eats a Baldirosier.
Finally, Renton shoots down one of the two Big Octos when it attacks.

Butcher and Gattler follow the plan and keep moving closer while Hugi finds Roger in range after his movement.
Ah, there’s that classic half-lit Obari face. The recording had a bit of a hiccup at the end but this was the only time he used this attack…

Player Phase!

Alright, Butcher, you’re up first.

: I will not let you take one step further, invaders!
: Even if the price is my life, you won’t get your hands on Earth!

: Bring it on, Skull Moon Alliance! I’m not one to treat people differently over small things like them being from other planets…
: But if you’re gunning for Earth, Kouji Kabuto will be ready to stare you down!

: You’ve travelled the cosmos, so why can’t you see Earth’s beauty?!
: Whatever it takes, I won’t allow demons like you to defile that planet!

: Go for it, Darling! Smash these aliens!
: Easy, Mel! We ain’t fighting them ‘cuz they’re aliens!
: We smash them ‘cuz they’re bad guys! Now that’s equal opportunity for you!

“Ya crazy aliens! Hurry up and go home!”

: After meeting Duke and Maria, I do think we can get along even with people from different worlds…
: But if these guys are coming here to kill us just like that, then I won’t put up with them!
: Renton…
: Some things can only be protected by fighting! We gotta do this, Eureka!
: Right…!

: If we let these people through, they’ll sow chaos throughout Earth…!
: This has nothing to do with the Federation or the Allied Army anymore…! For mankind as a whole, we cannot let them through!
Doc sent a video for Setsuko and since I can’t remember if we’ve ever seen Butcher’s strongest weapon (he’s always prioritized his ALL for me), here it is.

: Villains who’d hurt innocents to advance your petty agenda, if you fear not the radiance of this sun, then come!
: I, Banjou Haran, will face the lot of you!

: The Jin brat! I don’t have time to play with you right now!
: You look like you’re in a hurry today, Butcher!
: Well, we also came here just to finish things with you!
: Get ready, Butcher! You’re gonna have a whole lotta time to think about what your “games” did when you get to Hell!
: Being beaten by a mech from a civilization we’ve once destroyed would make the Gaizock God sooo angry!
: I cannot lose! Not to them!!

: Aaaaaarrgh!!
: How do ya like that, Butcher?! Your Gaizock are toast!
: Urk! Blast you, ZEUTH…blast you, Jin Family!
: What the…?! His body’s mostly machine!
: Then he’s—
: A cyborg?!
: This fight’s done, Butcher! You’re an enemy commander, so get ready to face the music like one!
: Ohohohoho! I’ve been ready for that for a long time… but I want to ask you one thing first!
: What in blazes have you been fighting me for?!
: “What for”? … To protect peace on Earth, of course!
: And just who was it that asked you to do that?!
: N-no one did but…
: Enough, Kappei! Don’t listen to him!
: You’ve all risked your lives in battle… but who’s ever going to appreciate what you did?
: Who’s thanking you over there, on Earth? Who’s happy for you?!
: Sh-SHUT UP! Earth’s where we were born and we won’t let anyone hurt it!
: OHOHOHOHOHOHO! But it’s all pointless! Earth’s going to be destroyed anyway! It’s fated to be destroyed!

: There was an explosion in the bridge! No life signs detected!
: He’s dead…?
: Pay attention! The Gaizock might be finished but the battle isn’t over yet!
: …
: What’s wrong, Kappei?!
: Damn it! GOD DAMN IT!!
: Kappei…

And there goes Butcher, always an asshole.

I wish Kira was just one spot over to the left…at least this is going to get rid of that Barrierat group.

And Kira moves out of Gattler’s range to draw him in one last turn.

Marin does the same, destroying the other Eldar ship.

And we’re off to dispatch Hugi now!

: Step right up, invaders! We’re ready to face every single one of you!
: ZEUTH and the Getter Robo are on Earth and you’ll feel in your bones just how wrong you were to attack it!!

: Earth’s right behind us and everyone there’s just trying their best to live their lives!
: The Federation and Allied Army might not do anything but Earth is still our home! You will not pass!!

: So you wanna trash our world before we can get the Dimensional Repair rolling? Sorry, but I’m not taking it!
: In the name of all the beauties out there, I’m not letting you have your way with Earth!

: I’ll stand against anyone who spreads conflict, be they from Earth or from another world!
: We are ZEUTH and, for peace, we'll take on all comers!

: Sol Gravion! Avatar of the sun or not, you are still no match for my Zeravion!
: So this is Hugi Zeravire… his attacks are loaded with so much anger and hate!
: No time for worrying, Runa! Earth’s gonna end just like those two planets if we let him win!
: He’s right. We’re fighting precisely to prevent that…!
: Please stop this, Uncle!
: Leele! I cannot comply, not even for you!
: I must deliver punishment unto Sieg and the foolish humans!
: Yelling such arbitrary things only makes you a bigger fool!
: Hugi Zeravire! We, like Sandman, have faith in humanity!
: If you’re intent on destroying it, then we and ZEUTH will take up arms against you!!
I didn’t know about this unique line but, when I saw it, I knew I had to make a video of Hugi’s MAXIMUM OVER-.
Gravion attacking Hugi:
Hugi attacking Gravion:

: Sieg! At last, the time has come where I can personally claim your head!
: Hugi… I cannot die just yet!
: It was by my hand that the Genocidron System went on a rampage that day… and I shan’t surrender my life until I’ve seen it stopped!
: Idiocy! The system cannot be stopped – not until it’s left the entire universe in ruins!
: You will die here as well, Sieg!
: Brother… I’ll also answer Thanatos’ call but only after you’re defeated!
Of course, being back in his giant robot is exactly what Sandman’s been practicing his poses for. Ryusei would approve.
Sandman attacking Hugi:
Hugi attacking Sandman:
Finally, here’s some special Hugi lines for the other anti-alien fighters:

: Urgh! How could the Zeravion be defeated?!
: In that case…!!

: Hugi Zeravire!

*Sandman starts following him into Goma.*

: We’re coming too, Sandman!
: No! You stay here and stop Goma, fellows of the Gran Knights!
: But, father--!
: I’ll end this myself… such is my atonement.

: Sandman…
: Touga, our job’s to deal with these mooks in a hurry!
: Understood! …Sandman, please be safe!

And there goes another unit but we’re already in the home stretch. While we wait for Gattler to come over, Bright and Garrod quickly get rid of the last Cosmosauruses.

Next up is this Eldar ship which Reika has weakened for Camille.
We haven't seen Camille's other Bio-sensor weapon yet, so here's his swanky Waverider Crash.

Enemy Phase!

As Renton kills the last Big Octo, Negross and Heizaemon trade blows.

Player Phase!

A volley of Mazinger attacks later and there goes Negross.

He explodes yelling glory to the Aldebaron and that’s it!

And off we go to deal with Gattler!

One more vocal while get to work.

: You’re hanging with the Gaizock until the end, eh? You guys are totally different from Teral!
: I ain’t putting up with people like that! You’re going down and I’ll keep on protecting Earth!

: I never once thought about what could be going on in those stars I saw at night…
: But if you came here to mess with our world, you got another thing coming!
: Come on! You’re gonna get an eyeful of how gutsy humans are as we kick you off your world!

: Why…Why can’t humanity unite even when there’s a clear, common enemy…?
: Is it just another round of humans killing each other that awaits us after this?!

: Put up your dukes, boss men! We’re here to smash your faces in and put an end to this battle!
: Here we go, guys! We’ll bring out Earth’s tomorrow with our own hands!!
I’m surprised he actually used his Missiles attack – he usually prioritizes his ALL move.

: Don’t the Federation and Allied Army understand that humanity itself will be finished if we’re defeated here…?!
: Think, damn it! Is this really the time to act so selfishly?!

: Stop this at once, Gattler! Are you trying to lead the S-1-ians to their death?!
: I’ll at least commend how far you’ve brought your one-man revolt , traitor!
: No, I have all the friends I’ve made on Earth with me – strong-hearted friends who’ll never yield to tyrants like you!
: Marin, if your feelings for S-1 remain, then join me!
: What?!
: Why is he bringing that up now, of all times?!
: I need a right-hand man. If you’ll submit to me, I’ll ignore your prior offenses!
: Get real! Marin’s our friend!
: But he’s still an S-1-ian! You’re no Earthling, Marin!
: This isn’t about where I was born! I’m just doing what I think is right!
: You’d bring doom upon all the S-1-ians and so I’ll fight both to strike you down and to defend Earth!
Closed captions are available because Baldirosier gets a special speech for Gattler.
Incidentally, if you hadn’t gained the attack against the Artificial Sun, you can get it here provided Baldios is alive when Gattler goes down.

: Uuurgh! Eject!!

: I won’t die! I can’t! For the people of S-1!

: Get back here, Gattler!

: Marin!
: He’s going to deal with Gattler himself. We can’t interfere.
: (Marin…Oliver, Raita… come back safe…)

Missed only a couple of catch-all dialogues for when people attack aliens they’re not related to:

: I will not tolerate you trying to taint Earth's beauty with your greed!
: You’re the same as Gattler! For Earth and its people, I’ll end you!!

: Space has always attracted me…that’s why I volunteered to colonize Io…!
: And if you’re trying to wreck it under your war machine, you’ll find me ready to fight back!

: All enemy troops confirmed destroyed!
: Good…! Then all that’s left is stopping Goma!
: Marin, Toshiya…hurry. We’re running out of time.
: …
: Leele…
: My father and uncle are fighting inside Goma…
: Let’s go, Leele.
: Ah…
: No way Sandman’s getting dropped, so we gotta go in there and pick him up.
: Touga, Eiji…
: We’ll have to be quick, then – time’s running out.
: Let’s all go together!

: Sandman…Touga…
: Have faith, chief. The double Gravions will seize victory and come home.
: Yeah…

: Gattler! Give me command of the Algol!
: Gagarn!
: While it’s impossible to warp the entire fortress, it should still have enough energy to do so for the command room!
: You’re telling me to abandon all of the S-1 citizens still in cryo-sleep?!
: I’ll grant you access to all of the Eldar’s science! Combine that with the Aldebaron’s own and you’ll be able to rise from these ashes!
: But Earth must be destroyed before that! Use the Neutron Stampeders the Black Charisma gave you!
: How do you know about those?!
: The Charisma told me in person and said to make you to use them if need be!
: …
: I’ve heard of how the Aldebaron have set those devices in several key locations on Earth.
: Do it, Gattler! Neither of us are men destined to end like this! Press the button and the Neutron Stampeders will detonate all nukes on Earth!
: Earth’ll be reduced to a dead world by your hand!
: It is this choice that transforms Earth into S-1… I…

: You’re despicable, Gagarn!
: Teral! You’ve followed me?!
: I will not stand for you to kill countless innocents to sate your own ambitions!
: Fool! You survived only to throw your life away! Die, Teral!


: You still haven’t given up?!
: This is your fault! I was only sent to Earth and made to suffer through all this because of your incompetence!
: Indeed, women like you are ultimately worthless in war!
: You…you knew, Gagarn?!
: What’s the meaning of this…?!
: The original Teral’s long dead! The one standing here is his lover, Lira, inhabiting his body!
: It is as you say… I hated Earth for taking my beloved’s life and volunteered for the duty of seizing or destroying the Trinity Energy.
: But then I understood: nothing’ll come out of this sort of conflict!
: I see through your schemes! You’ve allied with the Earthlings in order to rule Eldar yourself!
: All I seek is peace throughout the Universe! Do not dare lower me to your level!
: “Peace”…? Hmph…! That’s a woman’s notion!
: Indeed, I am Lira...the woman who loved Teral.
: You could never understand the essence of a loving heart, Gagarn… a heart that longs for peace!
: It is love that’ll deliver peace onto Earth, Eldar…and the entire Universe!
: Please, you think hopes and dreams could save our homeland?! Strength is the way to claim it all!
: And that strength of yours just fell flat against us!
: You…! Toshiya Dan!
: You’re not getting away from us, Gagarn! Neither are you, Gattler!
: You came here as well, Marin?!
: Looks like the tables have turned on you.
: Whatever resistance you might put up, the two of you alone stand no chance against all of us!
: Urgh…
: So many people were caught in the web of your greed…but it all ends here!
: Nobody move! You do anything and I’ll blast the Algol’s computer!
: What?!
: The hell are you getting at? You think we care about you wrecking an enemy base?!
: Wait, Raita! If he destroys the Algol’s computer, it’ll mean the death of all the S-1-ians in cryo-sleep!
: That’s correct, Marin! And if you want to help them, you’ll step aside!
: Or will you forsake the people of S-1 in order to save Earth…?!
: Kch…!
: How low can you possibly get, Gagarn?!
: Ahahaha! In space, those with power always win!
: And, next, I’ll show you what Earth looks like as it becomes a barren rock of a planet!
: Go, Gattler! Press the button!
: !


: Gattler shot him…?!
: Gattler…you--!
: I’m the commandant of the Aldebaron. And I will not allow you to do as you please with the people of S-1…or with S-1 itself!
: You imbecile…! We could’ve ruled the Universe if we worked together…
: This is the end for you, Gagarn!!
: Feel the anger of the people of Io, of Earth and all those you killed like bugs!!




: He’s gone…
: Gagarn… someone who believes only in strength and in himself cannot be entrusted with the future of the Universe.
: …So this is how it ends for a man who became obsessed with power…
: And you’re the only one left, Gattler!
: …
: …Sorry. But could you guys let me deal with him by myself?
: Marin…

: The Aldebaron can’t fight anymore. So, please, let end this with my own hands.
: …Alright, Marin.
: You came this far so you might as well handle it.
: Sorry…
: But you gotta promise that you’ll come back!
: He’s right - the Blue Fixer still has more battles to face.
: Yeah…
: We’ll be waiting, Marin.

*Everyone leaves.*

: Thank you…
: Hmph… a duel between two homeless men, is it…?
: I do have a home – Earth!
: Even though, by rights, it was supposed to become S-1?
: Aphrodia did tell you everything, then?
: I had my suspicions even before she did.
: And despite that, you still kept going?!
: …It’s not as though I wanted S-1 to come about, you know.
: Now, you’re making excuses?!
: I fought as a soldier for what I believed to be in the best interest of the S-1 people. And I truly mean that!
: “Their best interest”?! Lies! You attacked Earth just to satisfy your own ambitions!
: Perhaps that’s fate as well... those from the future arrived on Earth while the world itself drew closer to its “S-1 future”.
: Even had I done nothing, someone, somewhere, in this world would’ve triggered S-1 into being!
: We won't let it go down that road! Just as we’d never surrender Earth’s tomorrow to people like you!
: I’ll put you down and save our future!
: You’d shoot me? Then moment you do, I’ll shut down the Algol’s computer.
: You…you’d take the S-1-ians hostage just like Gagarn?!
: I’m the commandant. The people will be unable to survive if I’m defeated.
: Step aside, Marin. I’ll replenish the Algol’s energy with Goma and then we’ll set out on a new voyage!
: My struggles will not end until the citizens of S-1 have somewhere where they can live in peace!

*Someone approaches.*

: Commandant…
: Aphrodia…!
: Why are you here?!
: It was Teral. He released me.
: I see. …Aphrodia, you must help me. Make the preparations for a new voyage.
: So you can invade a different planet?!
: I will persevere in my goals! I’m the man meant to bring S-1’s history into being! I’m their god, so to speak, and gods cannot be defeated!
: You...! You’re no more than a pathetic man, wandering across space without one ounce of understanding for what peace is!
: Silence! Aphrodia, shoot him!
: …!
: Now’s the time to get revenge on your brother’s killer! Reignite all the anger and hatred for him that lies within you!
: Aphrodia…!
: …I hate him…
: You killed my brother, Marin…my only brother!
: You can’t let hate guide your hand, Aphrodia! Revenge won’t get you anything!
: Fire, Aphrodia! And then the entire universe will belong to the two of us!!
: !


: !
: Aphrodia…!
: How…how could you… attack me…
: Commandant…I…
: Sweet…Aphrodia… you are…far too…humane…
: Gattler…
: I…I’ve lost, Marin…completely… and so… the S-1 people will…
: Where are you going, Gattler?!
: I am…the commandant… I will not…let your ilk…witness my end…
: Farewell, Marin…and Aphrodia…

*Gattler staggers away.*

: Gattler…
: Marin…I…


: That shockwave…! Did something happen at Goma?!

: You’ve chased after me, Sieg?!
: It’s my duty to put a stop to you…!
: No, humans are filthy beings that need to be swept away! Their history is stained by greed and conflict and I will now close the book on it!
: Your mind is being corrupted by the Genocidron System! Humans aren’t as ugly as you think!
: Silence! Could you stand before Lufira and say such things?!
: …
: …An android made in Lufira’s likeness…?
: !
: The fact that you’ve kept her beside tells me that you’ve yet to lose your human soul, Hugi!
: Do not utter her name! If you loved my sister…if you loved Lufira more, then you could’ve noticed her illness before it was too late! You killed her, Sieg!
: These emotions you feel for Lufira…indeed, your heart remains. Deny it as much as you’d like but you’re still human!
: Preposterous! I’ll kill you here and now and, then, Goma will purify that planet!
: I will not allow it!
: You’ll interfere no further! The time for your reckoning is at hand, Sieg! Pay for your sins!
: Stop, my brother…
: !
: Do not…hurt this man…
: Impossible…! Lufira’s copied memories are displaying awareness?!
: After she’s spent such a long time beside you, a human soul was born within her.
: A human soul…

*The Gran Knights run over.*

: Stop this, uncle Hugi!
: Leele…!
: You must remember who you are, my brother! There’s still a heart within you that loves Lufira and Leele!
: Uuurgh, silence!! You’ll have to defeat me if you wish to stop Goma’s advance, Sieg!
: Brother!


: Yes…well done…Sieg…
: Hugi…

: Look! The color of his hair’s changing…!
: That’s…his true appearance…
: Brother…this is…
: Hah… the Genocridron System’s control seems to have been dispelled now that my life is fading…
: Perhaps I’ve been waiting for this moment all along…the moment where I would recover my own heart… thank you, Sieg…
: And, you, Warriors of Elgo… you must never allow yourselves to be defeated…
: Brother… we’ll go together…

: They both…disappeared?!
: Uncle…
: It’s all over…


: Wh-what’s going on?!
: Goma isn’t stopping even with Hugi’s defeat?!
: We need to get out, everyone! It’s dangerous to stay here!
: …

Back outside…

: Look! Goma’s--!

: It’s releasing an incredible amount of energy!
: That’s Goma’s true power?!

: Toshiya, Marin! Are you alright?!
: Yeah, Gagarn and Gattler are gone and Teral’s with us!
: Aphrodia! Take control of the Algol and evacuate the area!
: Roger that! I’ll watch over the civilians!
: There’re only the Gran Knights left!
: What are you doing, people?!
: They’re alright! I see the Sol Gravion coming!

: Just the Sol Gravion?!
: What about Sandman?!
: Um…that’s…
: The hell are you doing, Sandman?! Why didn’t you evac?!
: Father!
: Forgive me, Leele… this is farewell…
: Huh?!
: It’s all over... now the only thing left for me to do is to atone for my sins…
: What?! You’ve already done more than enough to atone for them!
: You’re going to leave us and ZEUTH?!
: But what are we supposed to do without you, Master Sandman?!
: Sandman! Faye and everyone else are waiting for your return!
: We all need you, Sandman!
: I have been waiting for this moment…for millennia…
: The moment where I’d return to being just another man… where I would find peace…
: Father!
: Thanatos is calling… let me sleep…
: Gran Knights! Get away from Goma!!

: Goma’s--!

Over by the lunar city of Copernicus, Dacosta informs Waltfeld that Diana’s arriving and he wants to wrap this up quickly as the Federation and Aprillius Allied Army are still sitting on their asses right now.
Lacus has faith that Diana can change that. When Dacosta asks why she’s left the ship, Lacus says she’s also here to help the Diana Counter people on Cagalli’s request.
This is interrupted when assassins jumps from the shadows and Waltfeld figures Durandal still hasn’t given up on getting rid of Lacus!

Just as Lacus is about to get shot, Meer pops out of nowhere and gets in the way…