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Part 212: Mission 55 - Shine Forevermore, Our Planet - Part 1

Chapter 55 Part 1

Last time on Super Robot Wars Z: We finally put down the Skull Moon Alliance. RIP you hilarious pile of lunatics and pyschopaths.

Current Top Aces:

1. Setsuko - 198 Kills
2. Amuro - 146 Kills
3. Quattro - 141 Kills
4. Renton - 131 Kills
5. Shinn - 129 Kills

I used Seven Swell last stage. Never again.

Time for a whole ton of PP spending! First, Neo learns Backup Attack and SP-Up Level 6 to be a better Fury bot.

Lancerow learns Backup Attack, Will+(Evade) and SP Up Level 5

I was so dissapointed when I realized that Murrue doesn't join with the full set of skills she has waaay back in the Pacific Route. So I teach her the important skills of Hit&Away and E Save.

Stella learns Predict for better doging, and SP-Up for more Bless and Accel Spam.

Cynthia gets a collection of Real Squaddie skills. Will+(Evade), Backup Attack, and Predict

Tired of having all this PP, I buy Apollo Will Limit Break, Hit&Away, and +10 Melee.

Pierre gets E Save and SP-Up.

Holland picks up Predict and SP-Up, for more Boosts.

Roberto, who's been kind of there, learns Will+(Evade), Predict, and gets +10 to Range.

Renton, I finally remember to replace his usless Will+(Evade) with Will+(Hit)! And then +20 to Melee cause he has a ton of PP (Seven Swell. :negative)

Banjou learns Attack Again: as yet another Super with a really high Skill stat.

Hiezaemon picks up E Save, finally.

Jiron learns Focused Attack. His Post-Move All just got better!

Apolly also learns Will+(Evade) and Predict. If you can't tell, it's kind of my go too Real Pilot skill set.

Jun learns Focused Attack, for better use of his ALL attacks.

Gainer learns Will Limit Break finally.

Toga now has Level 8 Prevail!

Then a massive pile of Stat Boosters for characters with Maxed out Skills! Kappei gets +5 to Melee and Range. Toshiya, Kouji and Tetsuya all get +10 to Melee. Setsuko gets +5 Melee and +8 Range Garrod gets +5 Melee and +7 Range. Shinn gets +5 each to Melee and Range. Roger gets +2 Melee and +7 Range. With Quattro getting +1 Melee and +7 Range.

And here's the remaining pilots who got SP-Ups. Ryouma, Silvia, Pala, Miashey, Matthew, Sara, Maai, Jun, Maria, Riea, Rubina, Birin, Maria Maria, Hikaru, Chiru, Tsugumi, Four, Sayaka, Hilda, Joesph, Gauli, Fa, Bello, annnnd Michiru.

The last two Squadmate mechs that aren't at Four bars, I think.

Incidentally, since we're in Space, the Atatsuki has an alternate frame I can show off.

With the loss of the Minerva, the Impulse actually has EN issues! So I slap a Solar Panel on it.

So with that we're ready to go.

Location: Lunar Surface – Autonomous City of Copernicus, Dock

The assassins after Lacus have all pulled out and Waltfeld figures they were mobilized while everyone’s paying attention to the battle with the Skull Moon Alliance – our people were keeping an eye out but the enemies still managed to get the jump on us and things would’ve gone exactly as Durandal planned has Meer not intervened.

Meer isn’t doing too good and, when Lacus asks, says she overheard the guards talking about Durandal's orders to kill her when she came to Copernicus. She couldn't just sit still and let it happen after she knew.
Waltfeld asks if that’s atonement for what she did but Meer denies it: since the real Lacus was gone, she wanted to become her replacement. But, in the end, she simply couldn’t replace Lacus and, thus, knew she couldn’t allow the assassination to be carried out.
Lacus thanks her for it but Meer’s certain that Durandal would probably have disposed of her either way. Regardless, she knows her wounds are beyond help and has one request to make: “I want to do something for this world that I’ve lied to…”
Diana’s also here and agrees to grant her wish.

Chapter 55 - Shine Forevermore, Our World

: Goma’s--…!

: It transformed into a HUGE Zeravire!
: The Genocidron’s System’s running out of control?!
: We’ve got more Zeravire coming from Goma!

: There’s loads of them!
: Damn, they still had all these left…!
: Then, the Zeravire won’t be truly finished until the Genocridron System itself, Goma, is destroyed?!
: You’re telling us to fight THAT?! The thing’s like a planet!
: It’s a system bent on destruction and, if we let it, it’ll go on attacking until it annihilates even Earth!
: We won’t be able to pin something that big in place. The only way to stop it is to destroy it!
: But Sandman’s still in there!
: Father! Please talk to us!
: You need to escape, Sandman!
: You don’t think he got eaten by the thing when it transformed, right?!
:: Goma’s started moving!

*All enemies move forward a bit.*

: They’re headed towards Earth!
: Damn it, we can’t let ‘em through!
: All units, open fire! Stop Goma at all costs!
: But, Sandman’s…!
: This was Sandman’s choice! Do not hold back!
: Pops…
: …The commander’s right. Do you agree, Raven?
: …Yes.
: Toga! Then what we’re gonna do is stop that Goma and drag Sandman back out!
: Understood! Let’s go, Faye!
: G-Trooper, roger!
: We’ve run the numbers! Our threshold is this line!

: Which means we have to trash Goma before it passes that point!
: Here we go, people! No time to be scared just ‘cuz it’s big!
: Earth is everyone’s home… we will keep it safe!!
: This battle won’t stop if we don’t take that thing out…!
: It ain’t getting through here! That’s our planet over there!
: Forward, ZEUTH! Stop Goma’s onslaught!

Turn 1

So this is a defense mission! We can't let the Zeravire reach the South edge of the stage or it's game over. And, of course, we have another objective. We have to defeat all the regular Zeravire enemies, then Goma, within five turns.

First, I move Ryouma, Quattro, Garrod, and Kira onto the Glomar.

Then Eiji casts Drive and Faye casts Rouse, with Mizuki casting Boost. All those wonderful spirits.

Plus, SP Regen makes starting the stage with Loran casting Drive perfectly viable.

Come enemy phase the Zeravire, of course, approach.
If you'll recall, Will is not just for attack, it also factors into Defence calculations as well. Toga has 35 more defense reletive to the 100 Will Zeravire. Which, combined with the barrier means that Toga can tank weak hits from these guys all day.

Turn 2

Up this side team goes.

By and large the Zeravire are in Wide Formation. Luckily, the squadmates are pretty weak. As such the go to plan is to just use Wide Formation myself and let the PLAs deal with the squaddies.

The Squad Leaders are a bit tougher, unfortunately.

You know what?

I have SP to spare.

Lovely, just lovely.

And then Setsuko does this with a Soul boosted Tri.

Faye then casts Valor and aims for these jerks.

And they're all dead now too!

These guys stay here for... reasons.

And with that I cleared out a nice chunk of Zeravire while still making progress! On to the next turn!

The Zeravire start moving down, but they're kind of incompetent!


: Hypnosound!
: Crap, we’ve got Fallen Angels now?!

: Fallen Angels… are you trying to use the Zeravire to exterminate mankind?!
: Damn it, these freaks have the worst timing!
: Wait! There are additional units entering the area!
: Ah, the Federation and the Allied Army are finally getting to work!
: No, it’s--!

: Frost Brothers!
: And it really doesn’t look like they’re here to help!
: Fighting an unwinnable battle all alone and without any help... how sad, ZEUTH.
: But we’ll put an end to it all – both you and the world.
: Shut your trap! We ain’t got the time to waste on you bros!
: Come now! Don’t be so unfriendly!

: The Turn X! Gym Ghingnham’s here too?!
: The Federation and the Allied Army are far too cautious! How could they remain mere spectators face such a battlefield?!
: Ghingnham! Even NOW, you’re fighting merely for your enjoyment?!
: But worry not, Harry! I shall face you, those brothers and the aliens simultaneously!
: We’re having a hard time and everyone’s taking advantage… like a pack of hyenas!
: Do you even see what’s going on?! What the hell are you idiots thinking?!
: Such is the nature of humans.

: The Bandock! Butcher’s still alive?!
: But there were no life signs coming from it!

: The Bandock’s attacking!
: You Gaizock bastards!!

*Zambot starts charging towards the Bandock.*

: Kappei, wait!
: We’ll stop the Bandock! You take care of Goma!
: But…!
: No buts! We let these freaks do their thing and Earth’s toast!
: Go, Kappei!
: Our parents are on Earth! We have to protect it!
: Uchuuta, Keiko! I’m taking us in!


: Kappei! Uchuuta, Keiko!!
: Don’t waste their efforts! Keep heading for Goma!
: Damn it! DAMN IT!!
: Kappei, Uchuuta, Keiko! I swear, I will not yield either!
: I’ll stake my life on it!
: You three better not die!!
: We’ll also throw everything we have at this!
: Open your eyes, Sandman! Your battle’s not finished!
: The children are truly risking their lives! Your inner fire still burns bright, so what are you doing right now?!
: Enough of this, Sandman! You still have loads to pay me back for: forcing me to be one of the Gravion’s pilots, making me go through so much crap!
: You haven’t even told me where Ayaka is! I ain’t letting you wimp out like this!
: We still have so much to learn from you!
: We finally got together and now we’re to be separated again?! No, father!
: Call out to him, Raven! You’re the only one who can bring him back to reality!
: Sandman! Rather, Sieg! Everyone needs you!
: And I do too!
: …You’re right. There are still things I must do!

: Master Sandman!
: Fellows of the Gran Knights and Warriors of ZEUTH. My deepest apologies…
: You’re back with us, Sandman, so it’s fine.
: Sandman, our struggles will continue for as long as our lives remain.
: Your ancestors said the same thing when they found me on that day, languishing in despair.
: With those words in my heart, I created Earthgertz and lived on.
: Let’s do this, Sandman!
: Hm! I shall fight alongside you until my life has burned to ash!

*Sandman joins Toga’s squad.*

: The warrior has returned and we’re all good to keep going!
: Kappei would laugh so much at us if we called it quits here!
: Everyone, forward! Our sole priority’s Goma!
: We’ll stop that planet in its track and go after Kappei and the others!
: I bet you’re watching this from somewhere, eh, Sirius?!
: Yeah, humans might be “ugly” and “stupid” BUT we’ll keep fighting back ‘til the end!!
: Ridiculous! How can you, alone, possibly prevail against these odds?!
: Ain’t gonna know until we give it a try! If there’s still time left, we’re gonna keep at it!
: HAHAHAHA! I appreciate that your spirit’s reignited! Yes, I’ll enjoy this as well!
: You…!
: (Hugi… we’ll go on fighting, emboldened by our faith in the heart and strength of humans!)
: (I devote this battle to yours and Lufira’s souls!)

The rest is coming later!