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Part 219: Mission 57 - Climactic Light - Part 1

Chapter 57 Part 1

Last time on Super Robot Wars Z: We took care of Durandal's massive Orbital Superweapon. Now we have to deal with the Dewey's Orbital Superweapon. Seriously where do you guys get the funding for these things.

Current Top Aces:

1. Setsuko - 206 Kills
2. Amuro - 154 Kills
3. Roger - 146 Kills
4. Talia - 146 Kills
5. Quattro - 142 Kills

Welcome back Talia. I missed you so much. Also, wow, when did Roger sneak up on me like that. Oh well, not like Big O isn't a murder machine.

Incidentally, Amuro leveled up last stage and learned his final Spirit Command, Zeal(60). Which is pretty nice. Granted, unlike the other Zeal Casters I have I haven't put any SP-Ups in him. Oh well.

In better news, we got ourselves two new units! Well, one and a half new units really.

FIrst, we have Reccoa back. and she comes with a new Mobile Suit, the PMX-001 Pallas Athena. It's a good Mobile Suit to stick in a Sniper Squad with it's very long range attacks, but as a leader unit it no Post-Move ones. Maybe after this stage I'll swap it to someone with Hit&Away. But, more majorily we have...

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation
Sarah Zabiarov - PMX-002 Bolinoak Sammahn
Voiced by Chizuru Ikewaki(Japanese), Maizun Jayoussi(English)

* Newtype(Level 6) - Increases Hit and Evasion rates. The strength of the effect depends on the skill's level. Some weapons require this skill for use.
* Support Attack (Level 3) - When Adjacent to an allied character before having attacked that turn, can perform a Support Attack after the ally attacks. The support attack will be slightly weaker then a regular attack.
* Support Defend (Level 3) - If adjacent to an ally on the enemy phase, if an attack will hit the ally, the character will perform a Support Defense and the attack will hit the character at reduced damage instead. The number of times this can be performed depends on the skill's level.
* Cooperative Attack - Whenever the pilot performs a Support Attack, that attack will automatically be a critical hit.

Spirit Commands:
* Trust(25) - Restore 2500 HP to an ally.
* Focus(15) - Increases hit and evasion rates by 30%
* Alert (10) - The caster gains 100% evasion rate for the next attack that targets the caster.
* Attune(30) - Grants one Ally the effect of the "Strike" Spirit command.
* Wish(70) - Casts Luck, Gain, and Faith on an allied squad, and raises all pilots Will by 10.

Squad Leader Bonus
*EXP +20%, Money +20%

siren:Secret Found!

So, here's another set of Setsuko Route exclusive secrets by doing the following:

If you follow these steps, then Reccoa will join up with you again, and Sarah will join as well! Reccoa is still Reccoa. But Sarah is the big prize. She's another Support Mobile Suit Pilot. With Newtype she's pretty survivable, and she has Support Attack and Copperative attack. And, of course, there's her spirit list. Most importantly and notably, we have another Wish caster!

On to upgrades, I get Sandman E Save and Backup Attack.

Reccoa gets Backup Attack, Will+(Evade), and Predict. Then I up her Range by 10.

I actually forgot I got Poe. She gets SP for Renew Spam.

Diana gets Hit&Away and of course SP-Ups.

Normally I try not to buy upgrades on characters on missions I don't cover, but I had to get Lacus Hit&Away last one due to her being force deployed.

She also gets SP-ups.

Athrun gets Predict, then I up his Melee by 8 and his Range by 3.

Jun learns Focused Attack.

And I had no idea what to do with Katz! He's been one of my best Squad mates the entire game, and he has pretty much everything he needs. SP for his great Spirits, he already had innate Will+(Evade) and Backup Attack... so I just got him Will+(Hit) to bring him up to Predict range quicker.

Then I upped his Range by 15.

Olson and Witz get S Ranks in Air.

Amuro has his Melee and Skill upped by 10.

Bright learns Focused Attack.

Kamille gets +5 to Melee and Range.

Boss learns Guard.

Marin and Loran also have +5 more Melee and Range. Roger just gets +3 in each.

You know what I'm tired of? Gavane's terrible Space Rank! It goes up to A. No longer will he need a Thruster Module.

Gainer gets Will+(Evade), for faster Overskill.

Talia gets +10 to Range.

I think Shinn has the highest Range and Melee stats of any of my characters by this point. +5 more to them.

And Toga maxes out Prevail!

And here's the Squads for this stage!

: Reccoa…
: We’ve nowhere to go back to now that Scirocco’s gone…
: …
: So you want to rejoin ZEUTH, is that what you’re getting at?
: …If that battle is at its end, then I want to at least do something meaningful… that’s all.
: And you see fighting with ZEUTH as that?
: …Yes…
: You killed Master Paptimus and I’ve no intention of ever forgiving you for it.
: Sarah! Why are you still—
: …But…I can’t just roll up and die…
: I may have failed to protect Master Paptimus… but I at least want to make some use of the strength he saw in me…
: Reccoa, Sarah… Scirocco’s gone but you’re still alive. So I ask that, from here on out, you live as you want to.
: Don’t let anything or anyone force you one way or another.
: …
: But, if you see any sort of value in what we’re doing, then I’d like for you to help us.
: …You’ve changed a bit.
: I’m glad that you say that… and, at the same time, I’m ashamed and regretful of how I was.
: I’ve changed as well. I believe I can now live in a world without you or Scirocco.
: Reccoa Londe…
: You must survive as well, Sarah, and walk with your own two feet.
: …
: Once we’re through all this fighting, Sarah, I’ll help you.
: Thank you, Katz…

: Rey…
: Don’t worry about my life span, Shinn. I’m also here to do whatever I can and that’s all.
: …
: Alongside you and everybody else.
: We can finally work as a team once more, Rey.
: You and ZEUTH helped me look to future… My thanks, Shinn.
: All I wanted was to talk with you like this again.
: Let’s go, Shinn. We’ll fight in defense of our future.
: Yeah…!
: Oh, but there’s one thing I wanted to give you…
: That’s…Mayu’s cellphone…
: Your personal effects were disposed of but I saved this.
: Thanks, Rey…
: Shinn…Rey…
: (Mayu…mom, dad… watch over me. I swear, I will defend this world…together with all my friends.)

Back over the by Gekko, Talho’s explaining about the gigantic beam cannon we just saw: it’s called the Oratorio nº 8, a weapon that discharges microwaves, and she remembers seeing plans for during her time in the army.
Looks like the Feds are using it to snipe at the Messiah but Adette doesn’t see the point, considering the thing already was really trashed. Holland’s sure Dewey’s using it as part of his plan to destroy the Coralians and he calls everyone to sortie and stop him.

: Eureka—
: Stay away…!
: Mama…!
: What is it? Are you hurt…?!
: I’m fine, so you stay away too!
: Mama… are you mad at us?
: No…! I’m not but…
: Eureka… what…
: I don’t know… my body just suddenly started burning up…
: You’re manifesting as a Coralian…?
: Ah…
: What’s wrong, Tifa?!
: What is...this...? Countless...lives...
: Wait… it’s not “lives”… they are all... a single life…?
: Oh no… you think the Coralians beyond the dimensional walls are starting to awaken?!
: Don’t look at me… please…
: Eureka…
: I thought...we could finally be together but...
: I can’t take this… why…
: Eureka…
: …
: Eureka… are you in pain?
: Huh… I’m not, but…
: Ah, thank god. Then it’s alright.
: What are you talking about?! I’m not like everyone else! I’m a completely different life form!
: But you’re still Eureka!
: Renton…
: Didn’t I promise that I’d always protect and stay with you?
: So, smile, Eureka. There’s no problem…
: …
: Isn’t that right, Maurice, Maeter, Linck?
: Yeah! You’re our mama and that’s that!
: You’re not going anywhere, right, Mama?
: I-I’m not...
: ...
: What about you, Maurice?
: …It’s your fault, Renton…
: Huh?
: Mama’s started to change ever since you came over and now she’s like this!
: …
: Stop that, Maurice…!
: Why him, mama…!
: This isn’t fair! You killed our real Mama and you’re choosing Renton over us!
: …You knew, Maurice…?
: Mama… you can’t go and love someone… or watch over someone other than me… please…
: …Do you hate me because my body now looks like this?
: !
: And do you hate it that I smile, even though I took your real mother’s life?
: But, Maurice, whatever happens… even if you start to hate me, I’ll still love you…
: Mama…
: Thank you…
: Mama!
: I’ve always been watching you. Linck has grown taller and Maeter’s a big sister for him…
: Aah… aaah…
: Maurice… I’ve always watched over you. Mama has always had her eyes on you.
: I’m sure that sad events like what happened to the two of us will become stuff of the past once this battle’s over…
: Renton…
: I’ll do everything I can to make that happen. Because I…I love you, Maurice. I love all of you, just like your Mama does.
: That’s why we need to put an end to this war and create a peaceful world. You understand, Maurice?
: OK…
: Yeesh… ya beat me to the punch, Renton.
: Holland…
: You got a nice family growing there... com on, let’s do this!
: Yeah!