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Part 226: Mission 59 - Intermission

Chapter 59 Part 1

Last time on Super Robot Wars Z: Roger negotiated with God or God's agent or something like that (heck if I know) and stopped the end of the world (Brunom says: the reset of Paradigm City! The Taiji only wanted us gone!). We're back in this massive multi-dimensional mess and ready to deal with the last set of jerks, namely Edel Bernal and her Chimera Corps!

Current Top Aces:

1. Setsuko - 216 Kills
2. Roger - 170 Kills
3. Talia - 164 Kills
4. Amuro 115 Kills
5. Renton - 147 Kills

I mostly approve of this list. If only I had managed to use Seven Swell even one less time. Oh well. It's totally broken.

So I sell the consumables I'm not going to use. Because this is the last Bazzar I'm going to have, might as well get some nice stuff!

I then buy a Mega Booster, a Linear Seat, a Barrier Field, and one last Strategy Manual.

As the penultimate expression of the massive favoritism I've been throwing onto Setsuko, I give her the Haro. Which i arguably the best part in the game for a Real. +2 Movement, +25 Mobility, +25 Hit Rate, and +1 Weapon Range. It's absurd.

I give Four a Paunchy Fruit. A consumable item that fully restores the pilots SP. Hey, we're at the second to last stage, might as well start using the megalixers!

The Gaia gets a Hyper Jammer. Plus Luna's taking it for a ride while Stella gets the Impulse.

The God Σ Gravion gets a Barrier Field.

I put a Nanomachine Unit on the Doran.

I swap out the Sensory Helmet for a Solar Panel on Baldios.

I realized that I hadn't put any parts on the Orguss.

I change this by slapping a Mark of the Brave, a Linear Seat, and a Hypnosis System onto it.

I upgrade the Aquarion from a Tin-Plate Goldfish to a FAITH Badge.

And Garrod gets a Soul of Steel. A powerful part that gives +30 Mobility, +30 Hit Rate, +30 Crit Rate, and 250 Armor. A powerful part, but particularly good on bulky Reals like the Double X or Walker Galia and dodgy Supers like Getter Ligar.

Reccoa gets an Inertial Control System.

Boss gets the third Shadow Angel Feather.

Lacking any better ideas, I give Gain a second Tin-Plate Goldfish. With Athrun getting the other one I have.

And now for the final set up upgrades I'm going to give this playthrough. I have a massive pile of cash, and no reason to save it now. So it's time to have some fun!

First, I'm going to deliver the ultimate expression of my massive favoritism towards Setsuko.

I'm going to max out the Virgola Glory. Now, maxing out a mech's stats isn't actually that practical. Most machines simply don't benefit from spreading your cash out to all their stats. (Walker Galia, Xabungle, Getter, the Gekko Go, maybe Baldios do, can't think of any others)

As such, spending the cash gets you a choice of a Full Upgrade Bonus! An extra boost to the unit as a reward for such blatant favoritism. Some SRWs have unique bonuses for each mech, while others just have a generic list. Z1 is the latter. The list of choices are:

Most people say that +1 movement is the best, though Jamming is also nice. Personally, I'm going to try for this one: upping the Virgola's weapon range. Why, you may ask?

The idea just appeals to me. Now the only units that can outrange Setsuko are Quattro with the Psyco Frame active and Apollo.

With that done, it's time to spend the last of cash. With my squadmates at 4 bars and my Squad Leaders at 5 bars, that's enough for survivability and energy sustaining. Especially since I have over half a dozen Confuse casters and I don't even know how many Renew casters, but I have more then enough of those. So, since I don't need to worry about those any more, I focus purely on offense. Every single Squad Leader mech I'm using gets 5 bars of weapon upgrades!

I also throw the baseline of 5 bars on the few units I've missed.

By the end of it almost all my funds are gone. But it's worth it.

And with that, we're ready for this. 20 squads. That's 60 units.