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Part 227: Mission 59 - Overpainted Tomorrow / World in Black - Part 1

Chapter 59 Setsuko - World in Black
59 Rand - Overpainted Tomorrow

: We’ve broken through their perimeter! The Federation’s HQ is dead ahead!
: With the UN manipulating the masses, Edel Bernal’s setting out to remake society as she sees fit…!
: If we let her go on, the entire world’ll be dancing on the palm of her hand!
: Do you hear me, BrigGen. Edel?! The AEUG demands a meeting and your immediate resignation!
: We want the whole hidden truth to be revealed and for the Federation to be reformed along democratic lines!
: Heads up, Henken! They’re launching something!

It’s named like that for a reason.

: A giant mobile weapon?!
: AEUG and rebel Federation soldiers… You are staging a revolt against the sovereign of this world!
: For the crime of treason, I sentence you all to death.
: You’re taking to the field yourself, Edel Bernal?!
: So, that’s your true face? Someone who’d kill anyone who won’t follow?!
: All troops, attack! She’s looking for a fight, so don’t hold back!
: Roger that! We’ll put this puppetmaster down ourselves!
: Wait! Don’t charge in blind!

: Worms and ants, the lot of you… You dare skitter about the throne of your sovereign?!


: She destroyed them all in one shot?!
: This Lemures was created to be the throne of this world’s sovereign…! So long as I’m piloting it, you won’t lay a single finger on me!
: All hands, prepare to evac! I’ll bring her down even if I have to ram this ship onto her!

*Beep, beep!*

: Henken, Jürgens! Pull back right now!
: Hayato?!
: She’s just killed our men! How can run off without avenging them…?!
: You’ll just have to bear it – there’s still a chance of a true victory!
: “True victory”…?!
: It’s them…ZEUTH has returned!
: What?!
: Understood…! We’ll retreat and meet up with you!

: HAHAHAHA! Yes, flee like the mewling rats that you are!
: I am Edel Bernal! Sovereign of the new world!
: I’ll bestow law and order unto society… and a swift death unto those who do not submit!

Location: North Ameria – New Earth Federation HQ

Edel’s back and quite satisfied to have, at last, ascended to her rightful position; Fitzgerald has also been “promoted” after Bloodman’s death, with Edel appointing him as the third figurehead president of the Federation.
This move isn't exactly endorsed by the Federal Parliament but Edel mildly says she'll see that his confirmation passes – her decisions are above any objections. Fitzgerald is appalled with her behavior and asks if all her struggles in the name of peace were just an act. Edel doesn’t answer and he follows it up, asking if she’s showing her true colors now that Dewey and Scirocco are gone.
She quickly snaps: “You’d do well to watch your tongue. I am the greatest of all humans – it’s only natural that I rule all others!”. Hell, she figures the ignorant masses should actually be thankful that they’re being ruled by her instead of Scirocco (a mere bystander), Dewey (a delusional moron) or Durandal (a fruitless theoretician)!
Fitzgerald shouts back that the world ought not be governed by a single person, but by people from all different backgrounds. “Do you want to die? If you don’t, then shut your mouth. This world exists for one purpose alone: to be ruled by me.”, she proclaims to a stunned Fitzgerald.

She’s given him a position of authority, so what complaint could he possibly have? Fitzgerald pauses carefully, then smiles and asks her one question: does she actually have a concrete plan for the "law and order" she says she'll bring to the world?
She angrily reiterates that she will rule the world with law and order, period. OK, but Fitzgerald says a concrete plan is needed to pull that off and—“I will rule the world with law and order, period”, Edel repeats.
“Is your cause no more than a slogan?!”, he asks. That does it, Edel yells that she can easily get someone else to replace him and if he’ll oppose her, that makes him a traitor to the entire world!

“I LOVE YOOUU! My Lady Edel, I got some hot info here, so let’s all calm down. Pretty please with sugar on top?” – Theeh enters the room and distracts Edel from Fitzgerald, handing her info on ZEUTH’s mind-blowing return to this world.
She already knew that, since the Lemures can detect dimensional tremors, and Theeh is very disappointed that he doesn’t get to see her looking surprised. Edel tells him that she sees everything, everywhere, in advance, including what ZEUTH's next move will be.
Theeh’s very impressed with this world’s beautiful sovereign and promises to serve her for as long as he lives – he gets a bit too close for comfort, so Edel slaps him one. Of course, that only gets him all turned on and, in deference to his excellent work on the Lemures, she goes and slaps him thrice more as a “reward”.
Grandpa gets crazy happy, yelling that he could die right now with no regrets, but Edel's got another job for him: go help Löwen and the others over at South Ameria.

Theeh pouts that he wants to stay with Edel but quickly says he was kidding when she frowns her face – still, his sucking up to her earns him another slap. Fitzgerald is just kinda standing there in a daze and Edel apologizes for Theeh’s unsightly display.
Regardless, with the Aprillius Allied Army gone, ZEUTH is all that stands before the unification of the Earth sphere and, once that’s done, she’ll achieve what no other before her has: rulership of the entire world.
Inwardly, Fitzgerald knows that ZEUTH is the only force capable of stopping her now.

Location: Pacific Ocean – Trinity City

Dominic briefs ZEUTH on Dewey's ultimate plan for causing the Scub Coral to self-destruct via the surrogate Command Cluster – this, of course, would mean the death of not just Eureka and the Coral but of all the people inside it.
Renton is already pissed but Gainer calms him down, saying that both Eureka and his sister are still OK and Amuro agrees as, if that program had actually been activated, we wouldn’t have even been able to get in touch with the Coral.
However, Marin knows that Eureka had to have replaced the Command Cluster lest the Coralians awake and trigger the Limit of Questions. With that in mind, and judging from readings of the dimensional walls taken since the Atlandia battle, Quinstein posits that Eureka is, somehow, in an incomplete state as the Command Cluster.
What this means is that she CAN control the Coral and keep it asleep but she hasn’t been assimilated back into it, meaning the self-destruct program isn’t passed on. Julie and Toshiya see that Eureka’s now been given the burden of protecting both this world and the Scub at the same time.

The problem is, Dominic says, she’s seemingly reaching the limits of her endurance: the dimensional walls have been growing progressively unstable and he’s quite certain that it’s directly related to her situation.
So now we have a lose/lose situation: if Eureka keeps going, she’ll eventually run out of energy and be assimilated into the Coral, leading it and the people inside to their death, but if we free her from the Command Cluster, there’ll be nothing to prevent the Dimensional Collapse from happening.

Still, Renton’s made a promise to Diane to protect both sides and he still plans on pulling it off; Garrod’s with him as there are loads of people living in this world and in the Coral as well.
Jiron figures the Coralians have just as much right to live as us, so we can’t well turn our backs on them, and both Setsuko and Rand agree that, regardless of whether we can pull it off or not, we should just keep trying until the end.
Dominic isn’t sure if Dewey was aware of all humans living inside the Coral but he’s now on the same page as us and willing to fight in the defense of ALL life. He openly admits that he's being spurred on by his love for Anenome and, no, he’s not embarrassed to admit it – it’s his wish to protect not just her but the world she lives in and all the things she’s yet to experience
Gainer quietly realizes that his old declaration of love has been one-upped and even Garrod’s getting a bit misty eyed.
Hap and Matthew are at a loss for words and Dominic starts worrying, figuring they’ve an issue with what he said, but Holland sighs that they’re just getting a big sense of déjà vu and Talho and Gidget are forced to agree.

Regardless, Kira and Jamil say that everyone here has been fighting with the same desire as him and even Holland admits to it (bashfully). There’s no need to get hung up on appearances here, Amuro figures, and Kei says Dominic has made the contents of his heart loud and clear so he’s more than welcome.
We gotta get Eureka back and keep the dream of coexistence with the Coralians alive but, Moondoggie asks, doing so could trigger the Collapse so what do we do? There’s only one option to save everything: we rescue Eureka and perform the Dimensional Repair and stabilize the world right after, before the Collapse hits.

Atena reminds that we still don’t know where the Great Singularity is at but that’s when Tsukikage brings in Maneesha. She’s personally come to Trinity City and while the Emaan haven’t found the thing itself, they did determine where the ENTRANCE to its location is!
Kouji figures that to mean that the Great Singularity isn’t in this world and he had thought it strange that neither the Chiram nor Emaanians could find it, despite their combined efforts. Truth be told, the only reason they were able to even find this entrance was due to how crazy the dimensional walls got when they almost collapsed following the destruction of the Tree of Life.
Of course, Eureka became the Command Cluster and temporarily repaired them but, while that all happened, they were able to ping the spot where a massive confluence of dimensional energy – the Great Singularity – intersected with our own dimension. Coincidentally, it’s the very spot where the Command Cluster and, therefore, Eureka, are located!

The place seems to be in the skies above equatorial South Ameria, somewhat outside the atmosphere, and Renton’s already hyped to go there and see Eureka again. Taking out two birds with one stone sounds good for Eiji and he wants to go right now.
Camille and Touga tell him to hold his horses as there’s one thing we need to keep in mind: the Dimensional Repair will be performed by us, the Singularities, and our minds would shape the new world...but do we actually have the right to do that alone?
Apollo counters that, if we wait around, Eureka won’t hang on and then the Scub’ll be gone. Plus, Silvia mulls that, even if we still have some time left, it won’t be anywhere near enough for us to hear and compile the opinions of everyone in the world.

Doctor Bear then walks in, telling everyone not to give up before they even start. He's got a plan for gathering the thoughts of everyone in the world but, before that, there’s something that needs to be done.
Adette figures he means defeating Edel and while Gain agrees that that needs to happen, we don’t really have the time to spare. Greg agrees that the repair takes the utmost priority but if we’re going to convince every person to pitch in their opinion for it, they must be made aware of what is TRULY going on with the world right now.
He doesn’t mean informing them just about the Coralians but of everything that’s happened since the Break the World: the truth behind the war between humans, the Fallen Angel conflict, demons, aliens… all that’s been distorted by Edel’s manipulation must be exposed.
She’s built a system of control based on the fabricated information and, once it’s brought down, the people can decide for themselves the fate of the world.

The issue with this is that the UN is the only way to diffuse such a message across the entire world and that’s firmly under the Chimera’s control - Mizuki figures, even if we used a terminal to do our broadcast, they’d quickly cut our access.
In that case, Roger suggests we go and seize the UN control station ourselves and, thus, we can broadcast without anyone’s interference. Even better, the station’s also located in South Ameria so that’s THREE birds with one stone: we can take the station, peel away Edel’s lies, head to space for Eureka and do the dimensional repair in time for dinner.

Roybea really doesn’t think it’ll be that easy and Amuro agrees: the UN is the cornerstone of the Chimera’s power so the place is likely to be heavily guarded. Furthermore, Stoner adds, even if we successfully take over the station, you can’t just broadcast whatever out to the world and think it’ll stick.
The Chimeras are much more experienced than us in mediatic warfare so if we don’t make an incredibly well-rounded, persuasive argument, anything we say will simply be disregarded as rhetoric from a “terrorist group”. We need to not only tell people the truth but to make everyone believe it, which means it must be covered under a pile of evidence.
The Freeden’s Sara understands, as society is already leaning heavily to Edel’s side, so convincing them will be difficult. Julie agrees: all the manipulated information, paired with Edel’s angelic visage, has elevated her to a near goddess-like status.
Jamil says we’ll require some powerful material to break Edel’s lies and it needs to have strong visual appeal - pictures, videos, anything that’ll add credence to our words. If we had time, we could ask for Kai and his journalist friends gather all that for us but we don’t and the success of this plan hinges on how much stuff we have.

Thankfully, Mel and Setsuko hold the keys to our victory: their respective Memory Notebook and Virgola’s Gun Camera are filled with images taken from everything that’s happened since the first Break.
All this time, Setsuko’s been recording her battles as per Denzel’s orders and this’ll even allow us to showcase what truly happened at the Junius Seven drop and the Space-Time Oscillation Bomb – that’s prime-time material right there, Kei figures.
“Thank you, Chief… the mission you gave me will let us rouse the entire world…”, she thinks.
Mel’s a bit uneasy with surrendering her precious notebook but Rand convinces her on the argument that it’ll be broadcast it across the entire world, so it’s certain that Cielo’ll see it too.

Holland trusts Dr. Bear to do his part after we’ve done ours and Greg wants to help in any way he can, saying that all the people – and the planet itself - wish for space-time to be repaired.
Eureka’s own strength will be needed for this, so he’s counting on Renton to see her back.

: …
: We’ve the material we need. The remaining question is how to best impart it all to the people.
: Amuro…
: Now’s the time, Lt..
: …Hm…

Location: South Ameria – Orbital Elevator – UN Station, Control Room

Theeh has already arrived and is happy to see all of the Chimera squad gathered here, though Löwen sniffs that it’s not much considering the lot of them are all of the squad’s members.
Still, Ziene figures quality over quantity as Edel’s victory has proven. Löwen, fully immersed in the idea that the world exists to be ruled by her, says her victory was a foregone conclusion and Ziene’s always amused at what a loyal puppy he is, despite his issues with women.
That said, he does take the time to clarify that he'd rather see every last woman in this world die if their name isn't Edel Bernal - no exceptions. Ziene doesn’t appreciate his attitude but Schlan cuts in, reminding that, whatever their reasons, they’ve all taken Edel’s cause as their own.
Indeed, Löwen sees in her a goddess and would readily sacrifice all that he is, life included, to her but Schlan was more interested in her strategy: he wanted someplace where he could put his skills to work and getting the chance to control people with information, from behind the scenes, made for an opportunity too unique to pass on.

Ziene inwardly smirks at Schlan’s habit of flaunting how creepy he is but, regardless, she knows she has no right to criticize. Theeh asks if she has any words before the final battle for Earth and, when she asks, explains that it’ll happen soon as he’s detected ZEUTH headed this way.
Löwen is grinning from ear to ear but Schlan warns him not to underestimate our strength; doesn’t matter, they’ll destroy us anyway and Löwen yells that there isn’t a person in this world who could stop him now.
Schlan smirks at his passion and Löwen, in turn, thanks him for the praise – it fills him with pride. Ziene is still quietly analyzing, having seen through Schlan’s act, and wonders what lies behind that calm, fake smile of his.

Either way, Löwen turns to Ziene and says she must also be ready to lay down her life if that’s what it takes to bring Edel’s new world to bear. She says that’s exactly what she had in mind but Schlan wonders if that stance wouldn’t change when push comes to shove.
She assures them in no uncertain terms that she hates this messed-up world from the bottom of her heart and if Edel really means to restore order, Ziene won't hesitate to put her own life on the line. “You’ll do that in the name of your dead subordinates, huh? How admirable.”, Löwen smirks.
Schlan buys it and tells her she’ll get her chance for payback against her corrupted fate.
Löwen wants to get things ready for our arrival and Schlan’s readying the cameras to transmit the battle live, with us being painted as rebels trying to seize control of the UN. Once we’re suppressed, that should garner even more support from the unwashed masses.
As they leave, Ziene seems a bit depressed and Theeh quickly starts prodding her with puns and innuendos (which I don’t have the patience to translate) – this only serves to annoy Ziene but that’s better than her staying down.

: Alrighty, you’ve perked up! Now, I’ve got some reeaaaally special info here! Wouldja come closer and lend me your ear?
: No way. Knowing you, you might try biting at my earlobes or something.
: Rude! I was only going to smell them!
: …Alright, that’s enough of your nonsense. I’m in a bad mood, if you can’t tell.
: D-don’t be so angry! And I was just about to say what happened to your men!
: Huh...?
: On that day, over a year ago, you and your fellas were caught in the blast of the Oscillation Bomb right outside this elevator, right?
: …
: Well, it looks like people taken by warps are still alive beyond the dimensional walls, inside the Scub Coral.
: Is…is that true…?
: Yup but… if that replacement girl goes and becomes the Command Cluster for real… poof, they’re all dead.
: What?!
: It’s true! I saw it in these secret Dewey files!
: So, stabilizing the world… would mean the death of those inside the Coral…?
: Eeh… and it’s not just your men. There’s another kabillion people inside and they’ll also die.
: That’s a huge bummer, no…?
: …
: Oh, oh! I almost forgot…! That guy sent a message for you!
: Ah…
: “Live free”. Mr. Handsome says the loveliest things!
: That man… he taught me what freedom means… while that person gave it to me in the first place…
: World peace at the expense of so many lives…
: What should I do...?
: You go and live your life as you want, Zieny!
: Freedom’s the most important thing in the world, you know!
: Professor…

: Come, ZEUTH! You’re in for a rude awakening if you think the Chimera rules though intrigue alone!
: Löwen… what happened to your face?
: It’s the final battle, right? This is my way of demonstrating that, this time, I’m fighting with all I have!
: War paint for a warrior that’s about to face his ultimate showdown! My fighting spirit burns as a raging inferno – for BrigGen. Edel!
: Hah, aren’t you hard-working…
: They are completely different from the vermin I’ve fought so far – ZEUTH are the only enemies which get my blood boiling.
: Suppressing the insurrection in the kingdom of Scandinavia, the anarchists in Side 1, movements for independence… we’ve been given such tedious missions while they were busy fighting Zaft and the aliens.
: This is different, though! These enemies, we destroy without holding anything back!
: Let’s have some fun, ZEUTH! You’ll be met with the full power of this UN Station!
: Wowowowowowie! You two are so fired up, it burns! If I was just two years younger, I’d be out there with you!
: Professor, your task is to record all of this battle.
: We’ll crush these terrorists and the entire world will bow before BrigGen. Edel!
: …
: Zieny…
: (There’s no going back… not for me, not for the world…)
: Wake up, Ziene! They’re here!!

: This is the UN’s main station?
: They’re transformed the Orbital Elevator into a fortress?
: It truly is their lifeline.
: And Eureka’s waiting way above that thing…!
: Hang in there Eureka…! We’re coming to get you right after we tell everyone the truth!
: Moron! You actually think we’d let you do that?!
: Löwen General…!
: We already know the details of Dewey Novak’s plan: stabilize the world by causing the Scub Coral to self-destruct. We see no problem with this.
: But there is! A huge one!
: Aren’t you aware of the countless humans that are alive inside the Coral?!
: What of them?
: Among these people, there are those who were warped inbetween the dimensions because of the Break!
: They were all gathered from loads of different worlds! Are you just gonna let them all die?!
: “Let them die”?
: Say it like it is! Those people are DEAD!
: !
: Only those who exist in this world can be said to be “alive”.
: So you mean that those who are living in a different form aren’t even considered humans anymore?!
: Correct. And, even if I did acknowledge them as so, when you weigh their lives against our entire world, the choice of which should survive is evident.
: Please wait! There’s no need for us to choose one or the other!
: Yeah! There’s a way for both our world and the Coral to survive!
: Ah, yes, the Dimensional Repair… That is not acceptable, unfortunately.
: We’re thought up of a way to gather everyone’s wishes! That’s still not good for you people?!
: Give fools that sort of freedom and they’ll merely be crushed by it.
: A famous philosopher once said: “Man is condemned to be free”.
: What he meant is that all men have no choice but to be free and take responsibility for their actions.
: But it is still a condemnation. Freedom is no more than a heavy burden for the masses.
: I’ll put this in a way that’s easier to understand: swine are at their happiest when they’re being fed!
: Is Edel Bernal also possessed by such a twisted desire to lead?!
: You misunderstand. She isn’t this world’s leader – she’s its sovereign!
: She’ll free the people from the burden of their freedom. Of course… many of them have already stopped thinking for themselves.
: Screw your “condemnation”! The hell you think people are?!
: Yes, freedom is a great responsibility and having to make your own choices can be frightening…
: But the people will gain nothing if they don’t overcome that fear!
: No one decides how I live my life but me! I’ll never give away that right!
: How nice. But do you think the others want that as well?
: It is neither you nor us who gets to make that call.
: It’s up to every single person to decide how they want their future to be!
: No matter how frightening or difficult it is, that choice can’t be passed over to someone else!
: And what we’re doing is giving the people the chance to decide for themselves!
: Hm…hmhmhmhm…
: Jerks! I finally got to say something cool and you laugh?!
: You came here to commandeer this station and sabotage BrigGen. Edel’s success, didn’t you? I’m surprised you’d attempt something so useless!
: The truth is meaningless to the people of this world.
: Once again, it is neither you nor us who gets to make that call.
: What we came here for is to return the truth you’ve stolen back to the people!
: And, while we’re at it, we’ll kick your asses for how much you screwed with us and the world!
: Fine with us! BrigGen. Edel wants you all dead anyway!
: Such fools. They’ve so much power but allow emotions to dictate their actions.
: You’re making a big mistake if you think your sass will make us waver.
: After so many hardships, we’ve finally found our answer...! Our minds are set!
: People who’d hide the truth have no right to take care of the world!
: Whatever its shape, this is where we all live!
: Your crazy speeches ain’t putting a dent on our spirit!
: What y’all did was just piss me off – big time!!
: Open fire! Here and now, we end the Chimera and bring everything to the light!
: Here we go, Mel! This is the worldwide debut of your Memory Notebook!
: Right! We’ll tell daddy and everyone else out there what happened!
: (Please…hold on…let me fight just a bit longer…!)
: You think you can crush my devotion for BrigGen. Edel with such middling commitment?!
: They’re all dreamers and its time they got a harsh dose of reality.
: THE HEAT…Setsuko…ZEUTH… you’re far too late…
: Ziene…!
: If we’re late, miss, all we gotta do is put the pedal to the metal and make up or it!
: We’re not giving up like you and Asakim have!
: You’re free to do whatever the hell you want…!
: While I’ll keep trailing the path I chose…! For the sake of this corrupted world!!

And here it is. The last Battle Mastery of the game! This stage is a straightforward slugfest. There's no gimmicks, no insane reinforcements, none of that. We have Chimera's grunts to deal with as well as Schlan, Löwen, and Ziene. The Battle Mastery comes from defeating all enemies within 7 turns. So let's get to it!

Turn 1

There are a ton of enemies, starting off with a wall of Psyco Gundams, Destroys, and Patulias. Then we have upgraded crows mixed with Assault Aquarions. Finally around each member of Chimera are mass produced Chaos Anguis, Chaos Leos, and Chaos Capers.

: Your plan crept into the world from its shadows... but that ends here!
: I'll take back the truths you've hidden from your citizens, Chimera!

: I was still having doubts about the whole dimensional Repair thing...
: But now I've made up my mind! A selfish bunch like you can't have this world!
: We'll do the Repair by hearing what everyone wants!

Since the enemies are kind of spread out. I'm spreading my own guys out too.

Like so.

: What you're doing is no different from oppression!
: You're controlling how people live! And I won't let you get away with it!

: You seem to have government and control confused!
: We won't answer to men who lie to the masses in order to control their minds!

: A peace built on lies is no peace at all...
: I’ll fight and bring the truth back to the world! I swear it on all the blood that’s been spilled!

: Y’all a buncha cowards! I don't care how scared of us you are, y’all gotta have a fair fight with us today!
: There ain’t anywhere for you to run! We're finishing this here whether you like it or not!

: C'mon, Chimera! You're not gonna fool the world anymore!
: We're gonna take you out and tell them all the truth!

: Preying on peoples' anxieties to manipulate their opinions is tantamount to mind control!
: No one who does that is fit to lead our world!

: I've learned a lot from traveling this wide world...
: But not everyone can take an Exodus, and you've taken advantage of that fact!
: But I'll take back the truth! I'll make everyone free!

: No group of people may decide the fate of all of humanity!
: Everyone has the right to pursue their own future... and we're going to make sure they can!

Now to let theem make their move.

Great start Chimera.

Darn it Emma. That was a 26% you failed at.

36% chance. The crows are among the more accurate enemies. At least they paid for it.

: I don't get all this complicated stuff, but I know that it's no good to trick people!
: You don’t get to pretend you're the heroes after that!

Turn 2

Second turn, ready to start punching past their front lines!

: Here we come, Chimera! You can't use any of your dirty tricks now!
: This ends here! We will reclaim our world's future!

: (Angel... the very fact that we're here means you want this world to continue.)
: (If you love the world so much, I won't let it end. I'll even fight to keep it.)

Luna is so good at Support Attacking.

Trust to heal up Emma and Kamille.

: Once they know the truth, what path will humanity choose?
: ...If we want to see, we have to make it through the Chimera...

: You may control 99% of the world, but you haven't won while we're still here!
: Here I come, Chimera! I'll stop your plans even if I'm the last one left!

Seven casters of Confuse available.

Six turns left.

: Maybe we're just making the world a more dangerous place...
: But I can't accept a world built on lies... so I'll fight it!

I blow this set of crows up and...

: Oh, no! Our battle’s being transmitted over the UN to the entire world!
: Urgh…! The Chimeras have beaten us to the punch!

Location: North Ameria – New Earth Federation HQ


This is Edel Bernal of the New Earth Federation Army with a message for all of mankind. As you can see from this live video, a battle has initiated at the UN station. The UN was created in order to centralize and distribute information for all to use and a terrorist group is now attacking it in an attempt to seize control.
This group is known as ZEUTH… and their activities are well documented across the UN’s archives: unattached to any nation or organization, these terrorists have time and again worsened the chaotic state of this world, spurred on by their greed.
The slaughter at the Garnahan Valley, the abduction of a Vodarac priest… their crimes are in the dozens. Even during the battles against the aliens, they attempted to profiteer from the hostilities behind our backs.
And now, as the nations lay exhausted by the war, they move to seize control of the world themselves and start by attempting to conquer the lifeline of our society.
Presently, my personal troops of the Chimera Squadron are engaging them and I swear to you that those who’d disrupt the multi-dimensional world’s order will be firmly punished.
Neither I nor the world will bend our knee to violence – we’ll strike ZEUTH down in the name of law and order.

Back with us…

: We’re “terrorists”…?!
: I guess this means we’re officially the enemies of society.
: Urgh…! DAMN IT!!
: Everything they’re saying is crap!
: Calm down, Shinn, Renton! Don’t let this get to you!
: Our convictions will not be broken by their petty tricks.
: Let these freaks say whatever, we’re still gonna keep going!
: Let’s do this, Renton! We have to keep at it!
: He’s right, Shinn! We’ll show everyone the truth!
: Alright…! I won’t worry about this anymore!
: Ditto! I’ll do this for Eureka, for the world… and for myself!
: You see that, Chimeras?! Talkin’ crap about us ain’t gonna do anything to stop us!
: Edel Bernal… we’ll go on fighting until you’re defeated and the world has its future back!

Not going to let being labeled international terrorists stop me!

: I have to get to Eureka... so we have to get everyone's desires together!
: Wait for me, Eureka... I'm coming!

1-7 range Post Move Tri Charge is a bit silly, yes.

: We may have lost the info battle, but we're not losing this one!
: Once we're done with you, we'll tell everyone what's happening to the world!

Might as well show off one of the Eternal's Attacks while I'm at it.

: We can't make Eureka deal with everything!
: If we get peace by ignoring whatever we don't like... it's not real!

: I won't let you control people just to satisfy your own lust for power!
: We'll reveal what you've hidden to the world, and you can't stop us!

: What you guys did isn’t fair at all! Now you’ve gone and made me mad!
: I've got a lot to settle with you jerks and you're paying it all back today!

: We've been through a lot because of you! But it's our move now!
: Chimera, I hope you're ready to see what we're capable of!

Come enemy phase, I realize that these Destroy A.Is have access to its MAP.

Luckily, with Confuse up and the lack of any boss stats or skills means that it doesn't hit any Reals.

And the Supers just kind of have their paint jobs scratched.

How cute. This guy thinks it can snipe Setsuko.


And then Apollo shames me by missing on an 86%.

Toshiya blowing up that one activates Dizer Full Power.

Then Luna wiping out squad of them triggers the Aquarion's Element System.

With the next part of the stage coming next week!