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Part 231: Mission 60 - Prologue - 2nd Half

: (Sis, Eureka… can we actually help everyone AND the world…?)
: Renton, belief gives birth to strength.
: Tifa…
: Eureka is waiting for you. She’s holding out for so long because she believes that you’ll be coming for her.
: Thanks…
: Psych yourself up, Renton. You’re our ace in the hole.
: And, FYI, I ain’t talking about soccer.
: I can tell that much, man!
: Still, you surprised me. I didn’t think you were that good at soccer.
: I was always playing before I started Lifting.
: You could take some lessons from Pierre and get even better.
: Nah, I’m a Lifter now… besides, soccer isn’t something I can play just with Eureka.
: Yup, you’ve got the right idea.
: Dr. Bear told us that you’re apparently the only one who can free Eureka from the Command Cluster.
: And once we get her back, it’ll be time for the Dimensional Repair…
: But what is the Great Singularity? A person? A thing?
: I don’t know all the details but it looks like it’s actually a location.
: A “location”?
: It might be more appropriate to say that it’s a “space”.
: And if we go in there and wish real hard, we can get the Repair rollin’?
: But the Great Singularity is in another dimension. How do we get there?
: They say we, the Singularities, are able to interact with it but specifics are still a bit fuzzy…
: We don’t have a choice, though – just gotta go for broke.
: Yeah, we believe in what we’re doing and we go for it. Right, Tifa?
: Right.
: (Garrod and Tifa managed to overcome fate and got closer to each other in the process… you think we can do the same, Eureka…?)
: (Keep it up, Renton… we all have your back.)
: Hey, Loran. What are you going to wish for when it’s time for the Repair?
: I didn’t quite think of anything myself since we’ll be busy gathering the wishes of everyone else, so…
: I get that but we still have the right to add our vote into the pile, no?
: We live in this world too.
: Hm, you’re right…
: You think I can pray for a HUGE lizard roast for me to eat?
: Chil…! We’re doing a Dimensional Repair, not wishing upon a star.
: The gist of it is that you think of how you want the world to end up as.
: Then I want a world filled with HUGE lizards!
: Oi… she still doesn’t get it…
: But, to be honest, I don’t really understand what I’m supposed to do either.
: Yeah. Saying we must wish for “the world we want” doesn’t make it easier to do…
: Sara, what do you and your friends think?
: Hmmm…
: Hmmmmmmm…
: The Exodus is now finished, so I don’t really have anything major…
: Yeah. Any world is fine with me, so long as I can be with Gainer and Sara.
: That’s kinda vague, isn’t it?
: But we’re all thinking of what’s important to us – it’s different from when we were fighting just to survive.
: And so, first things first, we need to make sure the world doesn’t blow up.
: Yes. And if all goes well, do you want to return to Siberia?
: You’re going back to Yapan’s Ceiling?
: That’s where it all began to me. Heading back would help when pondering the future.
: I’m with you, Gauli. No matter where you head off to.
: Hmm, that doesn’t sound too bad… Sochie, you wanna go back to Inglessa with me?
: Huh… the two of us, together?
: Yeah, so I can consider the right time to do a certain thing.
: A-alright…
: (Whoa… is Cmdr. Gavane going to propose after the fighting’s over?)
: (I’m gonna have to be there to see how that turns out.)

: And what do you plan to do, Lt. Harry?
: That hasn’t changed. I’ll defend the one who has my devotion.
: You did not say that that’s Lady Diana.
: It is not only one woman whom I respect…and love, Kihel Heim.
: Yes…

: Well, whatever future we get, all we can do is keep strong and go on living.
: And tonight we’ll decide on that future.
: Everyone knows the truth now, so I believe they’ll all want peace and freedom.
: What are you gonna do now, Negotiator? You might end up unemployed after this.
: I’m not concerned about that. The world may be at peace but that does not mean the end of disputes between people. There’ll always be a need for Negotiators in society.
: (Isn’t that right, Angel…?)
: That’s unfortunate. I’d be free to go if you were out of a job.
: I’ve never once said you weren’t free to go, R. Dorothy Wayneright. If you wish to leave my employ, you needn’t even wait for the Dimensional Repair.
: I’ll consider it…tomorrow.
: (“Tomorrow”, eh…? Which means you believe that’s gonna come, right?)
: (I suppose everyone here will just go on with their lives, regardless of what world we get. But for that to happen, we can’t let it go down the drain today.)
: Gain…
: No need to say anything, Gainer. Now, how about we embark on an Exodus towards the new world?
: Yeah!

: …
: Are you thinking about Scirocco, Sarah…?
: He was everything to me… I can’t possibly forget him.
: Still, Sarah, that doesn’t change the fact that we’re alive…and he’s not.
: …
: We might actually be on the same boat as those people who were manipulate by phony information.
: Fear and anxiety pushed us to give control of our very lives to someone else.
: I’m the same as the foolish masses Master Paptimus spoke of…?
: Yes… which is why we must now search, with our own eyes, for the path we want to follow in life.
: That’s the conclusion you reached, Reccoa?
: Yes…
: (Quattro broke free of his past and is now doing his part for the new world… so I’ll also start walking with my own two feet, without relying on anyone…)

: The entire world’ll change tonight…
: I wonder how much… still, we’ve done our part.
: Next, it’ll be up to everyone to ponder what they wish to happen to the world.
: The people now know the sadness and pointlessness of war, so I think they’ll just want peace.
: Performing the Dimensional Repair doesn’t mean that a peaceful world will simply materialize, though.
: Ah…really?
: In truth, the Repair is us simply fixing the collapsing dimensional walls. Concurrently, the wishes of all humans will decide what changes in the mosaic of this world…
: But that does not give them the power to actually determine how that new society will be like.
: So, war could break out again even if we manage to stabilize the world…
: If that happens, we’ll keep on fighting until we end war for good.
: That’s your decision, hm?
: Yeah. Whatever changes, I’ve made up my mind on that point.
: A suitably Shinn-esque answer.
: I feel the same way, Shinn… actually, I think everyone in ZEUTH does too.
: I couldn’t stand this chaotic world at first...
: But I’m glad it allowed me to meet you and everyone in ZEUTH.
: The Break the World drove countless people apart but, at the same time, brought countless people together. At least that part’s worth something.
: It’s our duty to live our lives in this world as best we can, regardless of what we find therein.
: (Gil… I’ll fight as well and find new purpose to my life…)

: Shinn’s a different guy now, huh…?
: Not just him. That applies to Touga, Eiji…everyone in ZEUTH, really.
: That’s true. We’ve all grown throughout our battles.
: Well, in your case, that change was a bit more radical.
: It was thanks to all of you that I could also change for the better.
: And that I could even meet my father.
: Still… even after all that, I haven’t found Ayaka yet.
: Once our battle’s over, I’ll help you look for her.
: Oh…? Are the Gran Knights gonna be broken up when we’ve got peace back or something?
: We’ll just be taking some time off – at least until a new enemy shows up.
: And what if that day never comes?
: That’d be fine as it’d mean peace is enduring.
: You’re right, Touga.
: And Leele… I’d like to apologize for what I did back then.
: Don’t worry about it. I know that you were trying to help me – to show me that I was part of a team who cared.
: Leele… a long time ago, I promised Sandman that I’d become stronger to protect Earth… that’d I’d be a fang that bit for the fangless…
: Eiji, along with everyone, helped me remember that promise. So I will keep Earth safe.
: Earth… such a beautiful world… I think I now understand why my father chose it.

: Leele’s happy…
: Runa…?
: She now has the same outlook at Touga… something I never managed…
: Hey, cheer up. We’re right before the big battle, so we need your usual smile.
: I know, I know.
: Our foe’ll be Edel Bernal… the tyrant who’d keep the minds of all humans under an iron grip.
: As a soldier, it’s my duty to strike down any who’d try to rob the world of its freedom.
: Easy, commander. Remember that we’re not soldiers anymore.
: Hah… I suppose so.
: Now you’re members of Earthgertz. You should come to San Germain Castle once all this is over.
: Well, at least we don’t have to worry about being out of a job.
: But what’ll everyone else in ZEUTH do?
: We’ll just go back to our normal lives, I think.
: Aw, crap… that means we gotta go back to DEAVA for more of Fudou’s training?!
: What?! But the Fallen Angels are gone now!
: Though a warrior may rest, that does not mean an end to his struggles. Indeed, it is during times of peace that we must polish our skills and aim for greater heights.
: We must seek constant improvement for when a new threat rears its ugly head.
: Well, you can count me out. As soon as this thing’s done, I’m leavin’ that mess in a hurry.
: Wow. Why’d you have to dump that bucket of water over everyone’s excitement?!
: “Everyone’s”…? I think Sirius is the only one who’s excited for that…
: Oh, quit ya bellyachin’. I’ve had it up to here with pops’ training.
: You’re throwing the towel after just that? What a let-down, Apollo.
: Way I see it, your combination technique still has a plenty of room for improvement. You still haven’t seen how the world looks like when you’re combining in 0.1 second.
: That sounds interesting. And I swear that, someday, I’ll master the art of your combination, Getter Team.
: You can’t do that by yourself, Sirius.
: Then will you lend me your strength, Reika?
: Of course. I’ll never leave you again.
: …
: Oh? Why aren’t you getting angry like usual, Silvia?
: Well, my brother has his own life to live.
: (And, besides, we’re connected by something far deeper than our blood...)
: Heh… ain’t you all grown up now.
: Well, I am the heiress of both Celianne and Apollonius’ blood.
: Which means I can’t let my brother, Reika or the Getter Team leave me in the dust - we have to train our own combination, Apollo!
: O-oi! You wanna drag me into this?!

: We’re so close to the final battle but the Elements aren’t nervous at all.
: We can chalk that up to Fudou’s training, I think.
: Speaking of, where is the guy?
: He had some urgent business to take care of, so he returned to DEAVA.
: As odd as it is for a demon to use the expression…he comes and goes like a bat out of Hell…
: What about you, Tekkouki? What will you do once this is over?
: This world is still chock-full of things that I should learn. I believe I’ll go where the wind takes me, taking the time to mourn the death of my fellow demons.
: I see…
: You seem bothered by something, Ryouma.
: Ah…
: Hayato and Benkei are pretending that they didn’t notice, so I figured I’d ask. We can all see that there’s something on your mind.
: …
: These last few days, I’ve been sensing… someone that’s me but, at the same time, not me…
: What’s that supposed to mean?
: I know there’s only one of me in here but… I think, in a different world – a different universe – there’s another version of me.
: A Ryouma Nagare from a parallel universe, eh?
: I’ve been sensing his very existence… drawing closer and closer… (He’s yelling at me to “quit being a pussy and start killing”…!)
: I think you’re imagining things. Two parallel versions of the same person can’t exist in the same world.
: The theory is that, if such a contact were to happen, the two beings would either fuse together or annihilate each other’s existence.
: Hmm…
: So that’s that, Ryou. You’re gonna tire yourself right before the final battle if you keep worrying like that.
: You’re right. I have to focus on the job at hand.
: We’re counting on your, leader. It’s your job to keep this ship afloat.
: (Still, if that “other Ryouma” ever shows up, I…)

: You understand, right, Kei?
: Yeah...
: The ZEUTH members may all the Singularities but the two of us were also there when the Space-Time Oscillation Bomb triggered the Break the World… in a sense, we’re something like “double Singularities”.
: ZEUTH, with the Psycoframe, will gather the Trapar-borne thoughts of people all over the world… and it’s our job to pass that along to the Great Singularity, right?
: We don’t know what could happen if either of us gets taken out in battle. Keep that in mind.
: Don’t you worry, Master Olson! I’ll keep Master Kei safe!
: You’re ever so reliable, eh, Mome? Still, you don’t need to worry – we’ve got all our friends helping out.
: Especially me, right, Kei?
: You oughta save that line for after you’ve taken part in battles.
: He can’t, Master Kei! If either the Captain or I squandered our energy, it’d be the end for us.
: She’s right. We are Mu robots and it’s impossible to replenish our supplies with the Mu nation gone.
: Alright, alright. I guess I’ll just have to be extra careful so as to not cause trouble to you two.
: Do your best, Master Kei. I’ll be cheering for you from the Glomar.
: Well, then I want to ask that you keep an eye more on Mimsy than on me.
: Huuh? Mimsy?
: She hasn’t been feeling so good recently, so I want you to make sure she doesn’t push herself too hard.
: I’m counting on you, Mome.
: Anything you say, Master Kei. Leave it to me!
: Speaking of Mimsy, she’s been waiting there to speak with you for a minute now.
: …
: Ah, hey, Mimsy! How are you feeling?
: I’m fine. I couldn’t stay in bed with the final battle at our doorstep.
: I also have to do my part to honor Sley’s memory.
: Alright, I get it… but take it easy over there, OK?
: … Hey, Kei—

*Someone walks over.*

: Ah, you’re having lunch over here? The captains are looking for you two.
: Wha--?!
: That outfit… when did this transformation happen...?
: Atena…
: …As I said, Shaia and the others are calling for you. Now, if you’ll excuse me.

*Atena leaves.*

: …
: She… I think those clothes are her way of saying that she’s left the Chiram army…
: Same as you, Olson. Now you two are officially done being “superior officer” and “subordinate”.
: …
: You can’t keep leaving her hanging. And don’t tell me you haven’t noticed how she feels.
: We have a job to do right now… Come on, Kei. There are launch preparations to be made.
: …Yeah, alright. This talk isn’t over, though.
: Kei…
: Oh… what were you going to say just now, Mimsy?
: Ah, don’t worry about it. I’ll tell you after the battle.
: Roger that, ma’am. I guess I now have to come back in one piece.
: I’ll see you later!

*Kei and Olson leave.*

: Kei…
: Are you alright with not telling him?
: Kei can’t have superfluous things on his mind right now…
: This isn’t “superfluous”. It’s as important to you two as the entire world.
: It’s fine, though… I know he’ll be coming back.
: Mimsy…
: (Promise me you’ll come home, Kei… I’ll tell you everything then…)

: …It’s almost time. Wanna go grab something to eat, Kira?
: OK…
: What’s wrong? Something bothering you?
: No, there’s no problem… all I have to do is get ready to fight.
: Still, I’m sorry for dragging you along with me, Athrun.
: Huh?
: I know there are a lot of old friends of yours in ZEUTH…
: You should be spending time with them right now, no?
: What are you mumbling about, Kira? Sure, they are my friends but so are you.
: I’m here because I wanted to talk to you. That’s it.
: But…

*A bunch of people come over.*

: Ah! Here you are, Kira.
: Shinn… everyone…
: We’ve been looking for you two. Athrun, you’re on Team C and, Kira, you got Team D.
: Are those launch formations?
: What? No, those are your soccer teams.
: Soccer…?
: But you gotta get something to eat first. Come with us, you two.
: Kappei’s mother and grandmother made some really tasty rice balls.
: But…
: You can take as many as you’d like – there’re tons of them.
: ‘Course, if you don’t hurry, Boss and Fatman are gonna eat them all.
: Get going, then. We left halfway through eating, ya know.
: You did that to come looking for us…?
: We may have once had our issues, what with everything that’s happened before...
: But now we’re all fighting for the same thing, are we not?
: Y-yes…
: We were all angry back then and things got really complicated…
: But the same applies to all people of ZEUTH.
: It was a misunderstanding that led to us fighting our friends.
: But now everyone’s come together for one single objective.
: So enough of your grumblin’. Let’s go eat and then fix the dimensions quick-like.
: And, on that subject, what say you to getting a “Kira-Kira Combo” going?
: You’ve just been waiting for a chance to crack that joke, haven’t you…?
: Oh, yeah!
: …
: Let’s go, Kira, Athrun.
: OK.
: Thank you, Shinn… all of you…
: By the way, did any of you see Rand?
: No… doesn’t look like he’s on the Archangel…

Setsuko version – still in the Archangel:

: …
: My, what a creepy woman… staring at them with that grin on her face…
: And that’s wrong, you say?
: …No, it’s fine… Even I know how important comrades can be…
: It’s what pushed me to swallow my pride and surrender to you people.
: Thank you.
: You’ve no reason to say that. I haven’t even told you all that I know, to be honest.
: And I’m well aware that the only reason why I’m still alive is because I was there when the Space-Time Oscillation Bomb went off - because I’m also a Singularity. I’ve no intention of stabbing you in the back but I also won’t help beyond what’s necessary.
: That’s good enough… I’d like to trust you, now that I know where you’re coming from.
: There’s something like being “too trusting”, you know... and keeping me, unrestrained, under your vigilance goes far beyond that line…
: Cpt. Bright’s decided to defer to my judgment on this, considering our history.
: Meaning, if you wanted to, you could kill me right now.
: …
: …I’ll admit that there’s a part of me that hates you for helping Asakim. Still, I felt a sorrow even greater than my anger within you.
: Are you pitying me, bitch...?
: Call me whatever you want. I don’t have the time to try to mend the wounds on your soul.
: …But I need to ask you a favor.
: Could you please take me to the Virgola…?
: What…your eyes…
: It’s like you said before: I’ll soon stop being human…
: But, at the very least, I want to see this battle through… for my own sake…
: …
: Please don’t tell anyone about this… They’d worry too much…
: …Alright, Setsuko… I’ll do as you say…
: We’ll pour our very souls into this battle – for both our sakes.
: …Hm? Are you crying for me, Ziene…?
: Don’t be ridiculous…
(Lunamaria): Setsukooooo! We’re going to the cafeteria – come with us!
(Runa): Everyone’s waiting for yooouu!
: …There it is. Let’s go, Setsuko.
: Yes…

Rand’s version:

: …Alright. The Gunleon’s all set and ready to go.
: You sure you wanna be in here? Everyone’s playing outside.
: Hey, I’m a repairman, ain’t I? Soccer ain’t my thing.
: What you mean to say is that you got a red card 10 minutes into your first match.
: Hah… ever “The Cru—“
: Easy, miss. For the good of our relationship, I think you oughta stop right there.
: Of course. I don’t want to start any pointless conflicts either.
: Just an FYI: none of this means we trust you, alright?
: Fine by me. I understand my current predicament, so I’ve no intention of trying to be buddies with you. I haven’t even told you all that I know, to be honest.
: And I’m well aware that the only reason why I, a Chimera, am still alive is because I was there when the Space-Time Oscillation Bomb went off - because I’m also a Singularity.
: Aw, don’t be like that, miss. I reckon it’s about an even split for all the good and bad we’ve given each other, so let’s take it easy.
: Huh?!? Are you actually gonna give this woman the “comrade” treatment, Darling?!
: “Comrade”, huh...
: I dunno about the others but just looking at your face right now tells me all I need to know.
: They gave me the job of sorting things out if ya turned against us but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. If ya wanna make up for what you’ve done, then you’re gonna have to live through this.
: …Alright, THE HEAT… I’m here, so I might as well do as you say…
: The time has come for the two of us to lay everything on the line – for both our sakes. Is that OK with you, little girl?
: … Yes. We’ll leave this discussion for tomorrow.
: So you believe there’ll actually be a tomorrow…?
: Of course. The Beater Services motto is “reliable service, with a smile” so we and ZEUTH will fix the entire world – and its tomorrow – but good!
: What she said. …And I reckon the first match should be over by now, so let’s go back out there.

*People come over.*

: You’re running a bit late. The match ended a long time ago and everyone’s having lunch.
: Really?! I can’t go into a big showdown on an empty stomach!
: Don’t overeat. We’ve another match scheduled for the afternoon, ya hear?
: OK, boss! There’ll be no stomachaches to stop me from helping with the Dimensional Repair, don’t you worry!