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Part 239: Mission 60 - Epilogue - 1st Half

Rand only:

: Darling… Asakim’s…
: The guy’s a wanderer, alright. He’s already run off.
: Still, I reckon he’ll just pop outta the blue before long – coming and going like the wind.

Back together:

: Where’s Renton and Eureka?!
: You don’t have to worry. They’re being shown the way home.
: “Shown the way home”?
: From this moment onwards, with you in this universe and us in a different one, we shall seek a way for humans and the Scub Coral to coexist.
: There’s no reason for evolution to be trailed on a single path. I enjoyed my time with you…my thanks.
: Gonzy… are you--!
: …Though the Scub will be leaving, this world will not endure much longer. You must hurry, while they’re holding it together.
: Apollo… brother…
: Look alive, Silvia. This ain’t done yet.
: Yes… now it all begins… by way of the Dimensional Repair…
: That’s the Great Singularity ahead…

: What is that huge hunk of stone?
: Junius Seven…
: We thought it’d vanished because of the Break the World but it actually became the Great Singularity…?!
: The fall of Junius Seven and the activation of the Space-Time Oscillation Bomb happened at pretty much the same time and in close proximity to one another.
: I suppose, when the Break occurred, the colony was converted into huge amounts of energy and acted as a focus for the Dimensional Power, reemerging as the Great Singularity.
: So, we can start the Dimensional Repair once we get in touch with that thing.
: it’s 22:58… just a couple of minutes before the wishes of all of humanity start flocking here.
: We’ll gather their thoughts with the Nu Gundam’s Psycoframe while everyone else will act as receivers.
: If we can successfully relay those into the Great Singularity, the will of all these people should bring a new world to life.
: You’re up, Kei, Olson! The two of you will be starting this for all of humanity!
: You got it! Just make sure you gather those thoughts real nice!
: Kei… what kind of world you want to take shape?
: That’s not an easy question to answer. The Emaanians, Chiram, Feds, spacemen… everyone’s important.
: I mean, whatever country or world we think of, they all have so many cute girls!
: A rather fickle outlook for a soon-to-be father.

*Kei and Olson take position over by Junius Seven.*

: Olson, father… I’ll be waiting for you two.
: Hah, I’ve finally made the jump to “father”… it was a long transition from my original title of “filth”.
: Just as my transition from “uncle” to just “Olson”.
: Alright then… let’s get this new world started.
: Soooorry! I’m afraid it won’t be that easy!

: The Edel!
: What are you up to?!
: I’m here to rain on your parade, of course!
: I just need to wreck that hunk of stone and all your plans go up in smoke!
: What the hell! Didn’t you say we could do whatever we wanted if we won?!
: The Edel Rule #27: promises are meant to be broken!

*The Edel starts heading towards Junius Seven!*

Rand version:

: You ain’t messing with our work, creep!

*Rand intercepts.*

: Rand!
: I’ll keep him pinned! Y’all go ahead and do the Dimensional Repair!
: You want us to die together? How passionate, THE HEAT!

: Stop, Rand! Take any more damage and—!
: The Sphere’ll activate…!
: !

: Wh-what’s going on?!
: Heh… looks like my gamble paid off!
: Repairman…you’re not…!
: This guy’s mech uses Dimensional Power, yeah?
: The Sphere’s power is the same thing, so I figured hitting it with that would get ‘em both to mess with each other!
: But that’s gonna end up with you both getting blown away across the dimensions!
: Renton and Apollo are out there risking their lives!
: What kinda grown-up would I be if I didn’t do the same?!
: Darling…
: Sorry for dragging you along this stunt of mine, Mel.
: Oh, what are you talking about? I’m your wife, remember?
: You…
: Hold on, Rand! We’re coming in!
: Yo, don’t try to steal my spotlight! Hurry up and get that Repair rollin’!
: THE HEAT…Rand Travis. Your inner fire is worthy of every respect.
: We’ll meet again, Rand - somewhere.
: And, when we do, I’ll have to show you my kid.
: Right on! We’ll grab a pint to celebrate, man!
: Let’s go, Olson!
: Kei…
: This one isn’t “goodbye”! It’s just a “see you later”!
: Let go! Let me GO, The Crusher! You’re not going to mess with my world!
: I’m here to wreck your plan and fix the world, all in one go! Ya can call me THE HEAT CRUSHER!
: Uuurgh, stifling!! Stay away from me, you destroyer!
: Give it up, The Edel! I’m sticking with you all the way to Hell!
: N-No! It can’t end on that stifling note! NOOOOOOOOOO!!

Setsuko version:

: I will not allow this!

*Setsuko intercepts The Edel.*

: Setsuko!
: I’ll hold him off! Meanwhile, you do the Dimensional Repair!
: You want us to die together? I’m flattered, Setsuko!
: But, no thanks. Not even you can compete with my world!
: If you’re getting in my way, then you’re just gonna have to die! Buh-Bye!
: !
: Setsuko, run!!
: Sphere! Take all my life!!

*Space-time starts to distort.*

: Wh-what’s going on?!
: Your unit controls Dimensional Power… My Sphere is the same, so its power will interfere with your mech…!
: But you’ll be completely consumed by the Sphere if you do that!
: I… no longer…had a future…
: What are you talking about, Setsuko?!
: The fighting’s almost over! You won’t need to pilot the Virgola anymore!
: Your future is right ahead! Don’t turn your back on it!
: Live, Setsuko! Neither you nor the world will end here!
: This is where it all begins! There’s so much yet to come!
: Do not forsake your own right to live freely, Setsuko!
: You deserve to be happy, too!
: Your sorrow is behind you, Setsuko!
: Thank you… but, please… hurry…
: Let’s go, Kei!
: Olson, what--!
: Don’t let her determination go to waste! We must create the future she wants as well!
: Let go! Let me GO! You’re not going to mess with my world!
: You’re free to make your wish…I’m sure it’ll be taken in as well…
: IDIOT! I won’t accept any world that isn’t what I want!
: … Then, I’ll take you far away…to someplace where you can’t hurt anyone else…!
: N-No! This sucks! NOOOOOOO!!

: It’s time!
: Kei!
: Rand, Mel, Setsuko! Make your wish for the future!!

: My future, eh…?
: My wish for the future…that’s…
Watch this.

We’ve gathered 18+ Ending points and chose to stabilize our world in its current form on mission 59, which gets us what’s called the “Perfect Stable Ending”. BUT, there’s a unique scene right at the start of the normal ending (7+ ending points, less than 18, which defaults to “regular stable”) that only shows up there for some reason. The differences between each version are minimal, so we’ll be integrating that scene in here and, honestly, that’s the way it should’ve been in the first place.

: This is…!
: Look there, Kei! It’s the UN station!
: Then… we’re still in the multi-dimensional world?!
: I’m not sensing any distortions in the dimensional walls. I think the world’s stable!
: So…!
: We did it! The Dimensional Repair worked!

: …I’ve got confirmation with Baldios’ sensors. The dimensional walls have stabilized in their state prior to the Repair.
: So, the world’s stuck in its “multi-dimensional” form for good…?
: But that’s no problem, right? The world went on like this because we all wanted it to!
: Yes. This is the world we desired.
: A job well done, my comrades. Our Dimensional Repair was a complete success.
: With our victory now confirmed, I’d like to thank all of you for your tremendous efforts.

Now begins the actual “Perfect Stable Ending”:

Location: Photon Power Lab

: Well, Kouji, everyone… we’ll be going…
: Get in touch with us once you get to Planet Fleed, Daisuke.
: Absolutely. Our friendship will remain unchanged, regardless of where we are.
: Sayaka… you better not try anything with Kouji while I’m away.
: OK, OK. We’ll do this fair and square, Maria.
: I see that this fight is still ongoing.
: Everyone seems to be having fun, though, so there’s no problem there.
: Yeah, fun… too much fun...
: Alright, everyone… we’ll see you around.
: Take care out there, too, Hikaru.
: Oh, we’ll be alright. The world’s very stable now.
: But there’s still trouble brewing out there. Earth could have a hard time in the future.
: I’m sure Quattro, Jamil and the others will do something about it. I’ve faith in them.
: Right. All of them know what they must do.
: Well, we can’t just let them hog all the glory! We both gotta get to work too, Daisuke!
: Indeed…!

Location: Orb – Memorial

: …Many other names have been added to this memorial…
: …
: …
: Two years ago, like today, we swore to uphold peace… and yet we all repeated the same mistakes…
: What will you do now, Kira?
: …I think I’ll head to the Plants with Lacus.
: Huh?
: All this time, we’ve distanced ourselves from both Earth and Plants…
: But I took on a responsibility when I bore witness to Chairman Durandal’s final moments. Having fought against him, the same applies to Lacus.
: Yes… Truthfully, I should have returned to the Plants in the aftermath of the last war. This time, I intend to face my duties. ([Muffled Imperial March intensifies…])
: Lt. Quattro and Cpt. Jamil are doing their part in making the world a better place. We must do the same.
: That’s assuming the people of the Plants will forgive what I’ve done…
: We’ll do this together, Lacus Clyne. We’ll keep on talking to them until we get through.
: Yes…
: Lacus… I’ll do my part here in Orb, so you work hard over there.
: Thank you, Cagalli. Let us both do our best… for the good of this world.
: …
: What, no complaints about the “Athhas’ idealistic promises” or anything?
: I’ll have nothing to say if she makes good on them.
: After all, I also hope for the best for Orb’s… for the whole world’s future.
: Same here, Shinn.
: Come, Shinn. We have much to do for that very future.
: Right… that’s our new battle.
: (And I’ll never forget the days I spent fighting as part of ZEUTH…)

Location: Trinity City

: Marin…
: Thank you for everything, Jamie. I’ll always remember your kindness.
: Rather, not just you… Though I may be departing from Earth, I’ll always remember everything about this planet.
: Hey... you know you don’t need to be reticent with us, right?
: You just need to ask and we’re all aboard with helping you find a new home for the S-1-ians.
: Thanks, Raita, Oliver. But you’ve a job to do here: help the Blue Fixer monitor the conditions of the dimensional walls.
: You must make sure that no warp-related disasters happen again.
: Alright… but, if you ever need help, give us a call.
: Relax, Raita. We’ll be tagging along on this trip!
: With our integration of Eldar and S-1 tech with Trinity Energy, we’ve successfully developed a way to warp back to Earth at any time.
: Which means the God Sigma will be helping them out, Rie.
: I understand, Toshiya. We’ll take care of things here during your absence.
: Teral’s also headed back to Eldar, intent on using everything he gained from these battles to save his own planet.
: I’m sure he can pull it off. He’ll put an end to that evil version of Trinity Energy.
: So we’ll also be doing our part to build a better future.
: Let’s go, Marin… our struggles now begin anew.
: I’m ready… one new voyage to save our tomorrow…