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Part 25: Mission 7 (Setsuko) - The Moonlight Tainted with Rage

Chapter 7: The Moonlight Tinted With Rage the Zambo Ace! How Kappei managed to sneak a giant robot is beyond me, but he is not going to let any of them get away with hurting his dad. Gengoroh yells at him to stop - "This is not what Zambo Ace is for!" Of course, Kozuki still has Gengoroh and orders Kappei to come down from the Ace if he wants his dad to live.

: Nice try!

It's two of Kappei's cousins from the Jin family - Uchuta Kamike from Tokyo and Keiko Kamikita from Nagano! And they also chew out Kappei for abusing Zambo Ace, of course.

Combat maid Cookie warns them that there are more enemies incoming, though. She was sent after to guard Kappei and his family and met Keiko and Uchuta on the way, it seems. But right now they need Gengoroh in the Zambo Ace where he's safe.

Meanwhile, Kazami is inspecting the mysterious red robot with Quinstein, Tsukikage, and Julie. They know its pilot is Kappei Jin, and that it's "the ancestors' legacy" unearthed from the sea. And Quinstein does believe that it was left behind by ancient aliens who came to Earth.

But suddenly, as Cookie said - more Gaizock!

: I'm sure you've seen those Gaizock! Intercept them!
: ...
: What are you doing, Kappei? Fight for those villagers!
: Come on! They're acting like it's our fault the Gaizock attacked the village!
: Kappei!
: Who cares about them! I'm not going to fight to protect those jerks!

Welp, there goes Kappei.

The Gaizock move in on the city as the villagers flee. Where is the army, demands Kazami? Tsukikage grimly explains that they don't have the firepower to even threaten those aliens. Quinstein has another explanation: they're waiting for Sandman's squad to show up so they can swoop in and take them all. Even if they have to let the city burn to do it. Kazami is prepared to send Julie...

But when Julie gets to the launchpad, he finds Toshiya. After Toshiya explains that he's the test pilot Kazami sent for, Julie bundles him into the robot that was waiting for him...

Kuuraioh! It's definitely a bit of a step up from the worker robots Toshiya piloted on Io. Kazami warns him to be careful with the just-built Kuuraioh, but Toshiya's psyched up and he can't stop himself!

With Kappei off throwing a little tantrum it's up to Toshiya to save the day! The Battle Mastery isn't particularly tough. Defeat two enemies in two turns.

Space Emperor God Sigma
Toshiya Dan - Kuuraioh
Voiced by Kei Tomiyama(Original show), Tomokazu Seki(In this game)

* Prevail(Level 2) - As the character takes damage, hit rate, evasion, defense, and critical rate will increase.
* Blocking - If the mech is equipped with a shield and/or sword, can use Sword Block and Shield Block. Sword Block will neutralize melee and missile attacks, while Shield Block will reduce damage taken. Activation rate is based off the skill stat.
* Will +(Damaged) - Pilot gains 2 Will every time they are hit by an attack.

Spirit Commands:
* Invincible(10) - The next attack that hits the caster will do 10 damage.

Squad Leader Bonus
*+40% to Blocking activation rate.

If it isn't obvious, Toshiya is going to get a better mech later. But look at that Squad Leader bonus. This guy is meant to be a tank, once everything's set up he'll be very hard to kill.

Dan the Man moves up to begin getting us this Battle Mastery. It'll be a bit tricky, but the main key is that these guys are weak enough that counter kills will help a lot.

: Heh. Fighting these robot monsters reminds me of flying Jupiter's gaseous oceans!
: Because you win or lose on your guts! Here we go, Kuuraioh!

These things are as weak as usual. Now that I've made my one move for the first turn, it's time to let these guys begin the process of suiciding on Toshiya

One down.

And obnoxiously enough, the next one snipes Toshiya out of his range. Maybe I shouldn't have just blindly moved forward.

Annoying, but I'll deal.

There, this time I will not be sniped

One to the enemy phase!

Oh. Uh... there we go.

There's just one of those things left. No one on that boat expected Toshiya to pilot Kuuraioh that well...

But the last one is still moving on the city!

Luckily, Keiko and Uchuta destroy it in their own battle machines! Which they have. Go with it.

Toshiya and the kids don't have time to be impressed with each others' prowess. More enemies appear, more than before - and Keiko's scanners tell her that the crab-looking one is much stronger than any "Mechaboost" they've seen before!

The crabbot swipes Uchuta's Zambull and Keiko's Zambase, then turns on the city.

Luckily, Kappei's back. Is he willing to help?

: ...
: On your feet, Kappei! Intercept that crab Mechaboost!
: But... Dad...
: I know how you feel! But you've been fighting to save those people - your friends!
: Are you going to make yourself a coward?
: ...
: Idiot! If you can't save this city, you'll never forgive yourself!
: I...
: Kappei! Toshiya is right! Your hatred is making you lose sight of what it means to be human!
: This isn't how I raised you!
: Kappei!
: Kappei!
: Fight, Kappei! Fight for this village and its people!
: But Ichi-Ni! It's way stronger than all the others...
: Okay, Kappei! Just do as I say! You too, Uchuta, Keiko!
: O-okay!

As the three machines get into position, the crab machine turns to the Beal. Toshiya manages to stop it long enough for...

: Here we go! Zambot Combination Program Set!
: Zambot Combination!
: One!
: Two!
: Three!

In summary, they form Zambot 3. Meanwhile, Heizaemon orders the Beal submerged so they can make their "final preparations."

: Come on! They're not even going to watch Zambot 3 kick butt?

The various enemies begin moving forward...

Luckily, we're here to help Zambot 3 kick butt. Kappei introduces Zambot 3. "I'm the pilot, along with these extras," he gloats. Toshiya also introduces himself and the Kuuraioh. Hikaru notices that the Gaizock robots are accompanied by Vegan Empire mechs! Obviously, we have a lot to talk about. Runa is just glad that Kappei managed to see his dad again.

: Runa...
: What?
: Sorry. I made an ass of myself.
: Don't worry about it. I shouldn't have done that in the first place.
: But... I couldn't face my dad if I let these alien freaks run all over our planet!
: Me neither! Let's beat us up some bad guys!

The team's also been filled in on Leele, but Mizuki still can't see why Sandman kept her secret. Toga and Runa are sure they have a strong partner in her, though. Sandman calls to say he'll determine when they should form God Gravion, but the three-minute timer on the graviton density still applies.

Invincible Super Man Zambot 3
Kappei Jin - Zambot 3
Voiced by Nobuyo Ooyama
Uchuta Kamie - Zambot 3 Subpilot
Voiced by Katsuji Mori
Keiko Kamikita - Zambot 3 Subpilot
Voiced by Yoshiko Matsuo

* Prevail(Level 3) - As the character takes damage, hit rate, evasion, defense, and critical rate will increase.
* Resolve - Pilot starts the stage with +5 Will
* Will+ (Hit) - Pilot gains +1 Will every time they hit an enemy.

Spirit Commands(Kappei):
* Guts(25): The caster regains all HP.

Spirit Commands(Uchuta):
* Strike(20) - The caster will have 100% Hit rate for that turn.

Spirit Commands(Keiko):
*Analyze(20) - The selected enemy squad will have their attack and defense lowered by 10% for one turn
*Gain(20) - The caster's squad will gain double the Experience Points from the next attack

Squad Leader Bonus
*Squad gains the effect of the Will +(Damaged) skill.

And here we go! Zambot 3 isn't as absurd as God Gravion is, but it's an L sized Super Robot with 3 pilots and a fair amount of options. Kappei, of course, will get Will stupidly fast, and he has some nice ranged options for counterattacks. The biggest weakness of Zambot 3 is that its best attacks are energy guzzlers.

With no Battle Mastery to worry about, this is surely going to be a leisurely mop up, right? Hahahaha. Wrong!

SECRET ALERT: Kappei must get at least 5 kills on this stage!

So basically we're going to throw all those UFOs at him, since they die easily.

: Kappei! If you screw around, we're taking you out of the main pilot seat!
: Shaddup! You're the ones who got here late!
: Hey, you two! Now's not the time!
: Hee hee hee! Just you watch! Kappei and Zambot 3 are gonna kick some alien butt!
One kill down, four to go.

Dan the Man handles this one.
Dang, these Mechaboosts are a bit tougher.

Glory Star honestly won't be doing much this mission. The Virgola's aren't too hot with water.

Toga and Team Spazer move up to get closer to the bulk of the enemy forces next turn.

Duke Fleed charges forward, and I'm done with this turn.

This Saucer Beast aims at Kappei, in fact, most everything's going to target him simply by virtue of proximity.

Of course, while each individual enemy doesn't do a ton of damage, there are quite a few of them. Luckily, that's what Healing Spirit Commands are for.

I could one shot them with Zambot 3's more powerful attacks, but that would suck up its energy too quickly.

One aims for Duke Fleed, but since I want Kappei to get the UFO kills and there's no rush, I just dodge.

: Emperor Vega! You joined forces with the Gaizock to take over this planet?
: But your plans won't work as long as I'm here!

The dodge fails but seriously. There's no reason to care. Grendizer has 7450 HP. This guy does 10 damage.
Two kills.

Three kills.

Four kills.

Five kills!

RIP King of Grunts

Toshiya is starting to feel the hurt.

Fortunately, that big Mechaboost decided that Zambot 3 was the better target.

A fair bit tougher, but still nothing Kappei can't handle.

Back to my turn, I didn't need to save this one so Team Spazer handles it!

They're helping!

Denzel heals up Toshiya, just in case.

And Duke Fleed handles this one.

Good job buddy.

It gets him another level of Prevail to boot.

Right, time for Toga to do something.

: Toga! We've got your back! Just lead the way!
: Roger. All Gran Divas, with me!

I can't wait to be able to reliably oneshot these

Toshiya finishes this one off.

Annnd fails

Kappei has no other choice but to do it for him. Six... kills?

On the enemy phase... a seventh.

Team Spazer gets another one shot down.

Good job Toga, and it continues on like that.

We've won, but the city is still a wreck. And Duke's team has also learned that Emperor Vega has joined forces with the Gaizock. Luckily, they're not alone, either.

Kappei sees something in the city. "You won't get away!"

It was Kozuki, and Kappei wants payback for his old man - but Aki says Kozuki blames Kappei just as much for his own father. Kozuki hasn't seen his entire family since the first attack. He has to take care of himself, as well as his gang and the girls now, and you bet he blames the Jin family for it. They've all lost their homes to the Gaizock.

Kappei is in tears, but Gengoroh tells him it's the burden the Jin family has to take on. Their duty is to fight without hope of reward or even gratitude... but all Kappei wanted was not to have his dad go through that when he'd just come back after half a year. "Why didn't you come back sooner? I hate you, dad!"

Gengoroh lets him cry it out.

Meanwhile, Sandman's called the Gran Fortress, the Gran Knights' transport ship - and he says all of his soldiers are going to space. Not to escape the Alliance, but because thirty minutes ago, Junius Seven's orbit began to collapse, and it's falling slowly towards the Earth.

The Glory Star and Dizer Team need an explanation of Junius Seven, of course, and the shocked Gran Knights explain. Junius Seven used to be a space colony of the Coordinators, but the Alliance destroyed it two years ago. Now it's just a lot of space debris, but its orbit has remained stable ever since. Why is it falling now, of all times?

Sandman suspects that something has displaced it deliberately - an almost literal colony drop. "Someone's still doing something that crazy even in another universe?" grumbles Denzel. Julie confirms it for Toshiya, and he wants to go with us to help stop the drop; Kazami allows it, and even offers their assistance in collecting and analyzing data. Tsukikage, on his end, plans to notify the Alliance so they can handle things here.

Unfortunately, the Gran Fortress can't fit all those robots in it...

But Heizaemon's got the Beal I, along with the Kamie's Beal II from Tokyo Bay and the Kamikita's Beal III dredged from Lake Suwa.

At Heizaemon's instruction, Ichitaro combines them into the King Beal, a ship capable of carrying all our robots up into space. It's up to us to stop Junius Seven from crashing into Earth!

: (If that colony falls, many of this worlds children will lose their parents. Just like I did...)


Extra content

You'll notice we got Zambot 3 before the Zambo Ace could ever be put in a Squad. This means that, ordinarily, you'll never see Zambo Ace's Tri Attacks. Luckily, Brunom has the Special Disc, which makes seeing these impossible attacks possible!

Glory Star Vs the Gaizock

: How could you! Torching the city, making people suffer!
: Whoa, Setsuko's fired up now!
: 1st Lieutenant...

God Gavion Vs the Gaizock

: All right! Get a load of the combined God Gravion's power!
: Eina, keep track of that graviton limit timer!
: Yes, master. We should reach the limit in three minutes, as Master Sandman said.
: Then we will eliminate the enemies before that point.
: Toga, they finished the adjustments on God Gravion's new weapons.
: The Graviton Tornado Punch and the Gravity Crescent...
: Stand by, G Shadow cockpit.
: Okay!
: You can do it, Leele!
: (The girl Sandman kept secret... I'll have to look into that.)
:I'm good here too! Toga, we can fire the Tornado Punch any time!
:Get 'em, Toga! Show them what we've got!

This one you're hilariously unlikely to get without deliberately setting things up to.