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Part 252: Special Disk Mission 1-1 - Proclamation

Welcome to the start of the Special Disk extra missions – just select エクストラステージ in the main menu and ストーリーモード to access these. We’ll be doing these in order, the first being “Another Side: Record” which takes place while ZEUTH was freeing Japan from the Hundred Demons.
Clear data from both Rand and Setsuko’s routes on Z can be transferred over for bonus cash, Blue Stones, PP and an added unit part (Rand gets a Hyper Jammer).

It is several months since the Multi-Dimensional World was created by the Break the World: a time when the collision between various organizations and nations was escalating.
The greatest power in the Multi- Dimensional World was the New Earth Federation. Though it continued assimilating one nation after another in the name of maintaining peace and order, it was, concurrently, mired in internal power struggles.
Amidst these intrigues, the Federation high command issued a special order, thereby creating a new squadron.

Location: North Ameria – New Earth Federation Army’s Newark Base – Commander’s Office

We open to Jamaican informing Jerid and Kacricon that they’ve been reassigned to a special squadron; they both hope this squad’ll be tasked with hunting the AEUG and Zaft.
These guys’ve been building up strength by adding anti-alien and other anti-Federation groups to their mix and it’s best to get rid of them quick. Jamaican, however, tells them to calm down and listen to what their mission will actually be from the one managing said squad: Scirocco, who tells Jamaican sardonically to convey thanks to Bask for loaning him two ace pilots.
Jamaican is privately infuriated at him for using Jamitov's influence to get what he wants but decides to stay mum and leaves. This is Kacricon and Jerid’s first time laying eyes upon the Jovian man and figure he must be a thorn on Bask’s side if Jamitov’s appointed him to oversee this special squad.

Scirocco turns to them and informs that, when they leave, they’ll be accompanied by Lt. Mauer who’ll also be joining said squadron – he’s certain a gifted pilot like her will fit right in with the two Titans’ aces.
After she introduces herself, Jerid cuts to the chase and asks if they’ll be going after the newly formed ZEUTH. While Scirocco confirms Jerid's belief that the AEUG and their collaborators will be a threat at some point, he's in no hurry to nip them in the bud.
He's got something else in mind before this squadron becomes part of the ZEUTH hunt, and he prefers to have his front-line commander explain, leading the pilots to the briefing room, where they get to meet the rest of their hand-picked comrades.

Said comrades are Izumo crew, Löwen, Schlan and the Phantom Pain folks. Auel quickly prods Scirocco to get to the point and tell them what the mission’ll be and this disrespect for a superior officer doesn’t sit well with Jürgens.
Neo apologizes to both officers but Scirocco doesn’t mind, counting on him to lead these people into battle. With this done, he leaves so Neo can explain what this squad will be doing, reminding everyone that the top brass have very high hopes for us – easier said than done, given the people gathered here, Neo thinks.
Neo kicks off a round of introductions for the new teammates and, as soon as he gives out his name and rank, Anemone cuts in to ask what’s up with the mask. Is it some fashion accessory? Dominic is against her asking about such personal matters but Neo allows it and explains that it’s due to a major head injury he suffered in a past battle.
He’s lost his memories thanks to that but assures everyone that it won’t impede his abilities to fight and command. Anemone likes how up-front he is and figures she can stand having him as the boss.

Next in line are Sting and Auel but Stella doesn’t say anything and doesn’t like when Anemone jokingly asks if she’s a mute. Neo introduces her and says she’s not in the best of moods.
Jerid quickly notice that the kids aren’t military but Auel argues that they don’t need crap like ranks and whatnot – he doesn’t understand why the Titans care about that, either. Kacricon jumps in to stop Jerid from getting in the kid’s face, as they’re all on the same team now.
Jerid sighs and figures that’s just how the world is: rank and status don’t matter if you’ve power; an unexpected thing for a Titan to say, Auel thinks. Neo tells him to zip it and for Jerid to direct any complaints to him but the guy isn’t about to try and flex his Titan muscles.
Best to earn respect by showing what he can do in the battlefield, he thinks, and Sting approves. With the Titans’ introduction done, Kacricon turns to “the pink girl” – he’s trying to make sense of her since she doesn’t look like a civilian.

As Anemone’s calling him an idiot, Dominic cuts in to introduce her as the pilot of a special KLF; Kacricon asks if he’s her chaperone or something but quickly pipes down once he realizes Dominic outranks him. Not that the kid minds it as, considering all the different origins for everyone present, it’s best we just be honest with each other, regardless of status.
With that in mind, he’s no intention of questioning Jürgens’ decisions regarding his ship while on the front-lines – the ship that’ll be acting as the squad’s carrier.
Rounding out the team are Löwen and Schlan, hailing from Edel Bernal's personal "Chimera" squadron. Since the Chimera are mostly concerned with looking after the U.N. infrastructure far from the front, it's only natural the regular army types haven't heard of them.
Like Jerid and the rest of the team, Neo is looking forward to them proving their real worth on the battlefield.

Regardless, what is this all for? All things indicate that this squad’s been composed for something special and, furthermore, Neo says it won’t be just us: many civilian collaborators, maintenance support personnel, and others will be joining later.
Before he gets around to actually stating the purpose of the squadron, klaxons erupt with an air raid warning: seems like Zaft and the AEUG have found out about this new squadron, and wants us stopped. In that case, Neo is willing to oblige and orders everyone to launch.
Dominic says we haven’t had time to form anyone into squadrons, so Neo wants everyone to show what they can do solo for today. As Jerid rallies his teammates, Mauer is watching him intently.

Special Disk Mission 1-1 - Proclamation

Everyone deploys and Anemone’s very eager to let the END loose on the enemies. Her KLF strikes Sting as pretty weird and he wonders if it’s a custom model and she introduces it as the unbeatable Nirvash type the END.
Schlan recognizes "Nirvash" as the same name as the first ever LFO and Dominic cautions Anemone not to get too carried away -- this mission is as much test flight as it is actual battle. She tells him to stuff it, and to be sure to tell Dewey just how strong she is.
Kacricon sees that he wasn’t wrong in tagging Dominic as her chaperone and Jerid points out that the Gabthleys they're flying in are still in the testing stage as well; they’re pretty impressed with the new MS and, from what Mauer’s head, it was designed by Scirocco himself. When Jerid asks, she says she hasn’t been working with Scirocco for long.
The Phantom Pain kids feel fairly confident about their mecha and battle-honed teamwork, so they’re not about to be one-upped by these prototypes. Löwen sees how everyone’s laying the pride of their respective squads on the line here and tells Schlan that they cannot allow them to eclipse the Chimeras.
Schlan scoffs at his gung-ho attitude but, when asked, tells Löwen to do as he always does.

The enemies come in and, as expected, it’s a Zaft and AEUG mob gunning to down all these aces of the Federation in one go. Neo tells everyone we can’t well let them tarnish their names as the cream of the crop.
Time to make them regret picking this fight and Neo figures three minutes should be more than enough to dispatch enemies of this level – everyone’s free to do as they please.

Don’t worry about Neo’s timer – it doesn’t affect anything as there aren’t any secrets or skill points. The enemies are all riding crap grunt bots from both sides and, really, the only remotely threatening thing here is Zaft’s leader and his GOUF Ignited.
Löwen and Schlan are your strongest guys around but everyone is well enough equipped to steamroll this – spread out, stay off the water and go to town.
In fact, let’s just sum this up in one montage:

: (Col. Dewey assigned Anemone and the END to this platoon as a test…)
: (I suppose their true battle will begin once this is over…)
: Wake the hell up, Dominic!
: You better tell Dewey how hard I’m working out here, you hear me?!
: O-Of course!
: OK, here I go! Time for the END to go hunting!
: (Anemone…)

: An “elite squadron”… it sounds good on paper but, really, we’re no more than pawns at the brass’ beck and call…
: Still, I appreciate this opportunity. Hmhmhm… let’s have some fun.

Löwen's theme defaults to Battle Choir but come ON!

: My victories will bring prestige to the Chimera Squad!
: BrigGen. Edel…! I solemnly dedicate all my struggles to you and to law and order!

: Don’t really care about what the brass is up to – only thing that ever matters is whether you win or not!
: We won’t be beaten! We can’t! Wherever we are, whoever we’re up against, we always go all the way!

: All batteries, prepare to fire! Don’t let the enemy close in on us!
: We’d be the laughingstock of the army if our mothership is sunk before the squad even gets its first mission!

: This squad’s made of the top aces of the Federation, eh? Sounds good to me…!
: I’m done relying on the Titans’ name…! Now’s the time to prove my own skill for all to see!
: Lila… I'll earn my wings as an ace!

: (Col. Scirocco ordered me to verify whether the 2nd Lt.’s team could be useful…)
: (Let’s see what you’re made of, Jerid Messa.)

: Neo… I’ll do everything I can. I’ll fight them all…!

: If I’m going to be working as their leader, then I’ve an obligation to show that I’ve got what it takes.
: I’m not about to let others say I can’t live up to my post. Here we go!
Did you know you can upgrade your guys before you deploy them here? I didn’t and Neo’s mobility is shit without focus!

: I’ve experienced much in the battlefields across this multi-dimensional world…!
: And now I’ll show you all what I’ve learned!

: Bah, what kind of weak enemies are these? They don’t even work as a warm-up!
: Let’s wrap this up in a hurry and hear what our actual job will be!
I don’t think we’ve ever seen either a BABI or the Abyss’s strongest attack in a battle.

Fast forward and we’re done!

There go all the interlopers – not a bad start at all, thinks Jürgens – and it seems our superiors chose well when assigning people here.
Neo orders everyone back to base and he’ll brief us on “Mission: Code 13”; such is the name of the mission that’s been given us, thus, our squadron is officially known as Special Force 13.
A bit of a boring name in Sting’s opinion but complaints can be saved for later – there’ll be work to be done from here on out.

Back inside, Kacricon asks Neo if we passed. He feigns ignorance but the jig is already up: the reason he allowed everyone to attack in however way we wanted is because this was meant to gauge our strength, no?
Neo’s amused that he saw through it and admits that the entire battle was no more than a test of our skills. Sting isn’t amused but Neo had to make sure that the people assigned to this elite squad wouldn’t crack under the pressure.
Regardless, everyone passed the test and Anemone's glad that her teammates won't be tripping her up at least. Auel isn’t too amused with her attitude but when she tries to pick a fight with him, Löwen steps in with an admonition that we’re all comrades-in-arms now.
Anemone gets in his face to tell him to bugger off, eliciting the standard “scared” “reaction”. She laughs at his ‘fraidy cat shtick but Schlan interrupts as the meeting is still ongoing: now that the test is over, it’s high time Neo told us what the job is.

: Well, then… I will now brief all of you on what Mission: Code 13 entails.
: At last…
: (Our mission… our duty…)
: (Nice, nice… I’m hyped for this…)
: The newly formed Special Force 13 has been ordered to do as follows: 1) pursue the Unknown codenamed “BG”; 2) Capture or, if capture is not possible, destroy the BG.
: “BG”…?
: If they’re telling us to take it out, then it at least’s gotta be an enemy of the Federation, right?
: “BG” is an abbreviation for “Black Gale”. It is an unknown, elusive machine and we - Special Force 13 - are tasked with running it down and either arresting or eliminating it.
: “Black Gale”…

Behold, SRW's own Suicide Squad. Were this a live action movie, which big time actors would be playing these folks...?

Jared Leto would obviously be playing a tattooed The Edel, so he can't be in here.