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Part 256: Special Disk Mission 1-5 - Dark Intent

And here we are at the final mission for the Suicide Squad – time to catch Asakim and throw him into the slammer! Then we can all go back and get ourselves killed by our respective nemeses!
We still have nine slots and not enough units to fill them, so here’s how we’re going:

Also, this is beautiful. I gave Beck a Barrier Field plus the FUB that reduces barrier cost to 0. So, after his Prevail gets going, he’ll simply block everything forever unless it outright goes through his shield (and then he’ll take almost no damage).

Roger better watch out!

Theeh reports to Edel that the troops are having issues with the way they’re being treated in this “assignment”. Edel sniffs at these fools questioning the purpose she’s personally given them.
Then again, Theeh says it is precisely their individualism that makes them perfect for this test – now that everyone’s been given a boost, he figures it’s almost time for the climax. He’s having Asakim engage our group as a way to both get a measure of the guy’s strength and to also gather some more virtual ZEUTH data.
Edel praises him for a job well done and tells Theeh to come back ASAP – they must begin preparations for the next step of their plan. It’s time to get to work now that she’s secured Sirocco and Dewey's help.
Theeh sighs that he wants to stay to see the battle in person and when Edel frowns at his impertinence, he busts out an “I love you” to get her to agree. He’s off to make some finishing touches!

Special Disk Mission 1-5 – Dark Intent

: That squadron’s incoming, Asakim.
: …
: Will you actually face them today?
: I see no problem in indulging his game.
: Well, aren’t you capricious…
: Though not nearly as much as your master, hm? Watching from the sideline, with his “toy” at the ready…
: …
: …And the curtain now rises. We’ll play with them for a while.

: We’ve found the BG…! And there are also more units accompanying him than in our previous encounter!
: Those birds…!
: It’s those crows from way back when…!
: So they’re with the BG? I did not expect that.
: …
: All units, strike down the target and we’ll put an end to our assignment!
: Roger! I’ll make sure this is our last sortie as a team!
: Time to clear our contract and get a nice parting bonus!
: Don’t let your guard down, people…! Whatever the reason behind it, this is still a foe that required all of us being brought together.
: That unit… it must have considerable power.
: Don’t forget that this isn’t the end for any of us – we all have our own goals to fulfill down the road.
: Indeed, we do…
: And that’s why we can’t die here!
: (My goal… that’s…!)
: Forward! Focus all your fire onto the BG!
: …

Take out Asakim, don’t lose the Izumo.
Ziene is pretty much a nonissue, provided you draw her in to prevent her MAPWing you on approach. Asakim is packing all his usual tricks and 20% HP regen but only has 36k HP, so our heavily upgraded units can go through him easily.

The Cornicus are all in Center Formation and you’ve just enough around to give everyone a decent start of morale if you spread the kills well enough. All things considered, this still isn’t hard if you take it easy and let the enemy close in (lead with whoever’s your tankiest unit).

: I'll see if you're worthy to play with Him.
: Come on. If you make it past me, you'll qualify for the main event!

: Dare you touch the darkness that cloaks me? Perhaps it's just what you imagine...
: Or perhaps something else entirely. Not that it will do you any good to find out.

Tanky like this.

: Urgh…! You damn—
: Pull back, Ziene. I’ll handle this.
: But…!
: While this is all part of his game, you needn’t waste your time with this farce.
: …Alright. Be careful, Asakim.

: A farce, indeed… then again, that’s the word that best describes my entire existence.
: And, thus, I’ll fight back against that which binds me.

And there goes the Shurouga, killed via being kicked in the dick.

: Did we get him…?!
: …This should be good enough.

: The target’s escaped!
: Do we pursue him, Commander?!
: Hold! Something else is incoming!

: What the hell is that?!
: It’s huge…! Even bigger than the Psyco!
: …
: A friend of the BG, maybe?
: (That unit… did she actually come here in person…?!)
: This is Captain Neo Roanoke of the New Earth Federation Army. Please respond.
: …
: We are currently executing a mission. Be warned that we will open fire if you try interfering with it.
: State your name, affiliation and your purpose in coming here.
: …Very well.
: What’s with that voice…? Its pitch keeps changing!
: A voice modulator?!
: I have neither name nor affiliation… I am bound by nothing.
: Insolence! Are you taunting us?!
: You’re free to take it like that since I am here to fight you.
: Eh? You brought out that bigass bot to start something with us?
: You think you can scare us with that cheap bluff?! We’re an elite squad!
: I appreciate your confident boasting… but, yes, this is what I’ve come for.
: Consider it a reward for making it this far – a small gift of overwhelming fear and despair.
: Get real, you clown!
: You’ll have plenty of time to regret underestimating us in Hell!
: I suppose there’s no way around this…
: B-but…
: (Steel yourself, Löwen. The enemy means business.)
: (But, Schlan… that’s the Lemures!)
: (The mission we’d been given is to monitor and guide Special Force 13’s actions.)
: (I’m certain engaging that unit is also according to BrigGen. Edel’s wishes.)
: (BrigGen. Edel’s…!)
: (Fine! Then I’ll see to it with every ounce of my being!)
: Stay frosty, everyone. We don’t know anything about that unit but the pilot seems very confident.
: I’ll say it again! Don’t forget that we all have our different goals! This is no more than a bump in the road!
: (Indeed. The stage where we must risk our lives isn’t this one.)
: (Dewey’s waiting for me…! I can’t die!)
: (Just you wait, Camille…! I’m not one to let this be the end!)
: All units, open fire! Show him the strength of Special Force 13!
: (Good, good… this is precisely why I gathered you all in the first place…)

Lemures Prototype (Black Charisma)
Pilot Skills
Squad Leader Bonus: Squad gains the effect of Morale+ (Damage)

Yeah, how about that? The Edel isn’t holding anything back, packing the same skill set he does for Z’s finale.
I wasn’t sure if it’d be possible to blow through his 80K HP with that Prevail looming over my head so, just to be safe, I figured it best to spread the damage throughout two turns.
As for the unit’s stats, it’s pretty much a weaker Lemures with rather pathetic armor. Like the final version, this one comes packing a post-movement MAPW (it’s called Miniature Dimensional Quake here) with huge accuracy but it, thankfully, doesn’t put any debuffs.
Kejinan oughta have Confuse and enough SP for one cast, so this is where you use it.

Now, we’ve been hearing about the Charisma’s voice modulator since he first appeared, so why don’t we finally hear how he actually sounds like?

: Dang! I got a real bad feelin' about this one!
: I suppose Timp Shaloon, the notorious lone wolf, would have a keen nose for peril.
: It's not just that mech o' his, either...
: He's sendin' chills all up and down my spine... he's a real tough hombre!
: What will you do, then? Turn tail and run?
: Heh. Well, I got my life, and that'd be the smartest way to keep livin' it...
: But you can't bluff me. I’ve a feelin' you ain’t got a problem with shootin’ folks in the back.
: Well done. You really are sharp.
: Meanin' my only chance is in front, huh... well, I haven't got serious for a while!
They pretty much took The Edel’s lines and went crazy with Audacity!

Hm, now we need some music for this montage but we can’t well give the baddies some JAM Project… how about this, then?

: The hell is that?! He's gonna crush us!
: Let's get outta here! We got no chance against this thing!
: They're right, you know. I'd absolutely hate being forced to break your nice mech.
: Don’t tell me what to do! Condescending just makes me mad, you know!
: Oh? I see you, too, are the sort of person who loves freedom.
: You bet! So I ain’t gonna tuck my tail between my legs!
: Here we come, big guy! We'll do this until we can't do it no more!

: Do you really have time to play with me instead of going after the Black Southern Cross, Asuham Boone?
: This villain knows of my history with Gain Bijou?
: I did a bit of research into your little group. And ZEUTH, too.
: Then you know how brightly my wrath burns and what is in store for those who stand in my way!
: So begone, barbarian, for I have no time for you!

: Sting Oakley, Auel Neider, Stella Loussier… How tragic.
: Huh?
: You are bound. You should know a life without freedom is a life without meaning.
: Shut up! Shut your mouth!!
: You don't need to tell us that. We already knew!
: Heheh... yes, scratch vainly at your destiny.
: Go away!!
: Sting! Stella! We're gonna take this guy down!
: We're the Phantom Pain! We don't lose... we can't if we want to live!

: You're the leader of this squadron?
: I am. And while it is my mission, bringing my men into this fight is something I have to take responsibility for...
: By ending you!
: …You are not free. Without a past, you can only find meaning in following orders.
: Say what you will! But this is how I live now!
: All you masked men are the same. You forsake freedom in your lives because of the chains of "duty" and "responsibility."
: Not me. I am unbound from everything... a perfect incarnation of freedom.

: Be careful, Lt. Rosamia! You won't survive a direct hit!
: No, you wouldn't. Not from me, the one who will make the sky fall.
: Make the... sky fall...
: Damn it! He's gotten right to the Lieutenant's trigger!
: Hahaha! This is fun! I'll break your minds and then your mechs!
: You dirtbag! War isn't your personal playground!

: So you're the kid Dewey Novak dotes on...
: You know Dewey?
I'll tell you exactly how little that man thinks of you...
: L-listen, I don't believe anyone but Dewey! I won't!
: I'm not listening to you! Die! DIE!!

: Stay sharp, Enge, Jaboli! He may be big, but we can find a way!
: Oh, I'm sure you can defeat something big if you get enough small forces together...
: But how many minnows do you suppose you would need to take down a whale, hmm?
: You're saying you're the whale and we're the tiny minnows?
: Then we have no chance at all!
: Don't let him get in your head, idiots! We're not minnows! We're human beings!
: We're nobody's small fry! We may be small, but we can still fight our way!

: He's too big, bro! And strong, too!
: Quit your bellyaching! Just think of it like fighting the Iron Gear!
: Oh, the same Iron Gear that's crushed you repeatedly?
: Y-yeah, that one!
: Don't listen to the enemy, moron!
: We've gotta go all in! CHAAAAAARGE!
: Oh, you're a delight... letting your emotions out like that is true freedom.

: Four Murasame... what if I told you I could restore your memories?
: What?
: Bow to me and I will grant your dearest wish.
: ...I do want my memories... to prove I existed...
: But I won't debase myself! I... I'm a person!
: Good answer. I'll enjoy grinding your pride into the dirt.

: I'm fighting with all I have. You should too, Schlan.
: I'm aware. If I didn't, what good would this special ops team be?
: You're perfectly aware of your role. Most impressive.
: Thank you kindly.
: Are you angry with me? I'm treating your very lives as disposable.
: Actually... I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve on this team.
: I'm flush with bliss to be able to fight by his side.

: Those moves... you're the Queen of the Overman Battle, aren't you?
: You know who I am?
: You actually have a few victories on record against me. So this is payback.
: I have no idea who you are, but, yeah, I'm the Queen.
: I'll take on all comers! No one's knocking me out until I get a round with the King!

: Who is this person? Why is he attacking us?!
: Wonder later! We have to defend ourselves or we'll be killed!
: I like you, captain. The strongest are the ones with guts like yours.
: Hold out as long as you can! Otherwise, this was a waste of my time!
: Enough sass! You're going to regret messing with an airman!

: (Does this surprise appearance and subsequent battle also fall under “Mission: Code 13”...?)
: (If it is, then that would make this a Federation mech...)
: Whispering behind my back, Frost Brothers?
: Hm. It appears you've done a bit of research on us us.
: I did but, unfortunately, I haven't found what you're really after just yet.
: Let me just warn you to give up chasing things beyond your station before you are caught yourself.
: What do you think you know know about us?
: Whoever you are, it's clear you're not on our side.
: So, we will eliminate you! There is no place for you in our world!

: Stay sharp, Jerid, Mauer! This isn't your ordinary bogey!
: Well, someone knows where he stands. That's refreshingly humble, for a Titan.
: You can't win in this world with politics alone! We've learned that firsthand!
: Unfortunately, you can't win your way, either... since you're not making it out of here in one piece.
: I'm going to keep moving forward! My story doesn't end here!
: (Jerid, I'll protect you... I'll stand by you and follow your strong will...)
: I don't know who you are or what you want, but no one gets in my way!

: The Black History... a rainbow sky... a butterfly's wings... ! Aaaah!
: You know something about the Black History, do you?
: I'm interested in it myself. Will you help me out?
: Ah... agh...
: Well then, if I can't use you, I have to go to D.O.M.E.
: D.O.M.E... the forbidden land... Queen Dianna...
: You scoundrel who’d break the taboo! I strike you down in the name of Dianna Soreil!
: So, the moon is the key to the Black History’s secrets... heh. That morsel of information alone has already made this whole thing worthwhile.

: Who are you? Tell me!
: That's not for you to know. Just give me all you have.
: Think of that lady you love so.
: If I do, you'll have no mercy from me...
: For Brig. Gen. Edel, I'll fight anyone in the world! That's how I show my love!

: (Wh-what the…! They weren’t supposed to go and wreck the Lemures! Now I’m gonna have to go back to the drawing board!)
: (But, alright, I appreciate your help, Special Force 13. I got some good data out of this.)
: (With it, I’ll make the Lemures perfect… oh, yes…)
: Is it over…?
: Hmhmhmhm…
: !

: Enemy unit confirmed destroyed. However, it is unknown whether the pilot survived or not.
: Who was that…?
: And why did that person want to challenge us?
: (Judging by its clumsy movements, I’d wager it was a prototype model…)
: (It’s looking like we were set up as the opponents for its shakedown…which would mean the pilot is also a federal soldier?)
: Neo…?
: Relax, Stella. I’m just thinking things through.
: Commander…! We’ve received a transmission from HQ!
: They’re saying that, thanks to our offensive, the BG was rendered immobile and has just been captured by a separate squadron!
: What?!
: No way, that guy could still move just fine.
: And he was strong enough to give us trouble! A bunch of random mooks couldn’t bring him in!
: It makes no difference whether this story is true or not. HQ says it’s been captured, so that’s all there is to it.
: Which means—!
: We…!
: That our mission is now complete.
: Hmm… but I can’t really be too happy about this.
: Yeah, this stinks…!
: Hm. We all have plenty of questions to ask regarding not just the unknown that attacked but about this whole series of events.
: Unfortunately, that will not be possible.
: What do you mean?
: With “Mission: Code 13” completed, the squad will be dissolved and all its activities will be tagged highly classified. Even the civilian cooperators are sworn to secrecy.
: Which means we can’t look into any of these matters…?
: Indeed. I urge you all to keep that in mind after you’ve left the army’s control.
: Thanks for the advice, Snake Eyes… or should I call that a threat.
: Take it in any way you’d like.
: Well, it makes no difference to me… So long as the squad’s dissolved, I’m good.
: I say the same. Now I may finally return to my true battlefield.
: All troops, return to base. This marks the end of Special Force 13’s operations.
: We are now free to fight for our own goals.
: Roger.
: (Special Force 13… a good-for-nothing squad until the end.)

Location: Izumo, Bridge

: …In accordance to the transmission, Special Force 13 will head to Japan whereupon it’ll be officially dissolved.
: …
: All military personnel will be reassigned to their respective units.
: I can’t say I’m satisfied with how this ended but I suppose there isn’t anything we can do about it…
: On that subject, what happened to Corin Nander? I don’t see him anywhere…
: He left his mech behind and ran off as soon as the battle ended – kept talking about some “Black History” thing. I guess he lost all his marbles along the way.
: (Corin Nander… he knows about the Black History…?)
: It’s probably fine. I don’t think he’ll reveal any classified information in that condition.
: It’s been an honor, commander. Ignoring the way the brass used us… serving in this squad was quite pleasant.
: Any leader would be filled with pride after receiving such words. I thank all of you for your cooperation.
: Come on, let’s get going, Asuham. I’m sure Mr. Kids is waiting for us.
: Looks like we’re all making it back in one piece. Now we just need a little bonus for seeing this through and everything’ll be perfect.
: They could also promote us back to our old ranks – that would be great, too.
: Cynthia…
: What?
: All this time you’ve been fighting for that “Mr. Kids” guy, right?
: Y-yeah…
: We might not be seeing each other again but… you take care, OK?
: You, too… and I’m so glad to have met you, Anemone.
: Same here.
: Anemone. Our group will be headed towards the Federation Army’s HQ.
: HQ…? That means—!
: That’s right. We’ll be meeting with Col. Dewey very soon.
: Dewey’s coming…! He’s coming to see me!
: (But, Anemone… this also means that the real battle is beginning for us…)
: …This didn’t go too well, did it, bro? We couldn’t get in good with the Feds.
: But it’s fine… I’ll take it as a learning experience. The ways of the military just don’t work for us: like, their bosses don’t really give a damn about the lives of those out there fighting.
: (Ya gotta grow up some, Mr. Droopy Eyes. In both the army and the Siberian Rail, mercs like us are always pawns.)
: (Welp… I reckon this was a learning experience for me too. The Fed Army’s a whole lot more messed-up than I thought.)
: Beck… if you’re interested, I could find you a new job.
: Thanks, bud, but I’m good. I got my payment, so I’m done moving all over the place.
: I see… that’s a shame.
: Well, you ain’t a bad fella. Why don’t you gimme a call when it’s time for that showdown of yours?
: I got plans to do some big upgrades to Beck the Great RX3. Just say the word and I’ll come running with a shiny new model.
: They’ve already sent the new assignments for each of us soldiers. Please take them.
: Roger that, commander.
: Will you two be returning to the Chimera Squadron?
: Yes… I’ll be using what I learned here and pouring all that I am into fulfilling my squadron’s duty.
: The three of us will be working under Col. Scirocco as test pilots for his prototypes…?
: Awesome! The Phantom Pain will be going after that new ZEUTH group!
: Lts. Rosamia, Four and myself will also be incorporated into your squadron.
: You will…?!
: Don’t make that face. There is still much for me to teach you about the art of war.
: …
: I’m sorry, Lt. Jerid. But I’m certain your group will be assigned to work with us in due time.
: Commander…
: ZEUTH will be a formidable opponent – it’ll likely be a very tough fight for our group.
: So we’ll be waiting for you.
: Roger that and good luck out there.
: Jerid…
: Mauer… once testing is done with the new prototypes, I plan on volunteering to join the ZEUTH hunt.
: I have to watch your back, so I’ll be coming with, Jerid.
: Mauer…
: My mission, starting right now, will be to be your support as you cut your path forward. Know that I’ll always be at your side, Jerid.
: Not just her. You can count me in as well, Jerid.
: Aye, aye…! I’ll be counting on both of you.
: Looks like we’ll be staying together, Stella.
: Yes…
: Stella… can I ask why you were so kind to me back then?
: You looked like you were hurting…
: Huh?
: Neo told me… ‘when your comrades are in trouble, help them’.
: Thank you.
: But I want us to be together not just in difficult moments but in happy ones, too… I want us to be friends.
: “Friends”…
: That’s right.
: What are “friends”…? They can stay together?
: Yes, they can. They stay together in order to share both the good and bad.
: I can have people like that other than Sting and Auel?
: Of course. That’s what friends do.
: (Well, isn’t that sweet.)
: (Extended and Cyber-Newtypes… bonding over their similar circumstances.)
: (But we are different… throughout this entire world, we only have each other – no friends, no comrades.)
: (We will not allow anyone else to survive.)
: …As of today, Special Force 13 will be dissolved and everything regarding it will be deemed highly classified. It’ll be as though this squad never existed.
: …
: …
: However, though we served together for only a short while, I believe this squad has left its mark within each and every one of us.
: Though it’ll all be stricken from the records, I ask that all of you remember this. With that said, ladies, gentlemen… excellent work.

: Schlan, had you heard anything about what happened today?
: No… but I can hazard a guess about it. As you no doubt know, that was the Chimera’s trump card that Prof. Theeh’s been developing.
: I believe Special Force 13 was assembled in order to act as its opponent in a trial run.
: But how could they keep us in the dark, too…?
: That’s the professor for you. Even our lives are expendable to sate his curiosity.
: But, then, who was the pilot? The voice was being scrambled…
: Most likely someone hand-picked by the Professor. It is not for us to know.
: …
: Are you dissatisfied?
: Of course I am…! I’ve dedicated all that I am to BrigGen. Edel – I cannot lose my life over anything but her commands!
: That’s what makes you so strong.
: Ah…?
: I think the professor withheld details about the test and had the pilot attack us in earnest to draw upon that strength of yours – the strength that comes from having consigned your heart and soul for the General.
: I can accept that for myself but the experiment also put you in danger…
: …
: Don’t fret over this, Löwen. So long as I’m with you, I won’t die that easily.
: Schlan…!
: Regardless, our new orders have come in. The situation in Japan should be settled before long, so we’ll also be heading there and making contact with ZEUTH.
: Ah… so it’s finally time for us to get to work?
: Does that excite you?
: Yeah…! The moment has finally come for me to put my strength to use for BrigGen. Edel’s ideals!
: For the next step of the plan, you’ll be infiltrating ZEUTH and will begin guiding them from within their ranks.
: It is possible that, as you do that, you’ll have to face against the former members of Special Force 13 that are in pursuit…
: Let them report me as a traitor if they wish – I don’t care! I’ll bear any disgrace in BrigGen. Edel’s name! I’ll even die, if need be!
: Very good… as I said, that’s what makes you strong.
: But you don’t need to worry. Nearly all of Special Force 13’s members will be working for Dewey or Scirocco.
: And?
: The information came in not too long ago: those two have joined hands with the General in the interest of reforming the New Earth Federation from within.
: Oh, BrigGen. Edel…! It won’t be long before the world you envision is a reality! And I’ll draw upon every speck of my life to see that happen…!
: …
: Just you wait, ZEUTH…! I will cooperate with you in the General’s name.
: And when that is finally over, I’ll readily gut you from within your bowels…!

Special Force 13, formed in accordance to the designs of an unknown party, was dispersed following the accomplishment of their mission. The identity of the BG, the masked person’s goal, the mysterious unit he/she was piloting… with many questions left unanswered, the squad members all returned to their personal battlefields.
Their reunions would come in many forms – at times as allies, at times as enemies. They all continued to risk their lives for what they believed was righteous, not knowing what fate had in store for them.
It is the first year of the Multi-Dimensional World... and the world's chaos continues unabated.