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Part 261: Special Disk Mission 3-2 - Teral's Resolve

Glory Star Report Chapter 2

Well this feels nostalgic. Felt like this was my main team for a huge chunk of the game.

Location: Eldar Ship

Over in a flashback, we find Teral and his companion, Lira, heading back to their home-planet after a fulfilling their mission. It was a long, though one but Lira says she could withstand any hardships if he’s by her side.
Teral very much appreciates her support but, unfortunately, he won’t have time for some R & R. As soon as they reach Eldar, he’ll be departing on another mission. Lira is disappointed that he’s being sent out even after spending all this time fighting the earthlings in the middle of nowhere.
However, the mission is important: the crux of the earthling’s forces is their Trinity Energy. It can neutralize any and all barriers and may even destroy planets whole. Teral’s next mission will, then, involve preventing this demonic energy from ever being unleashed!

How? Well, the Eldar have done similar research on ultra-powerful energies but, unfortunately, none of it proved successful. However, amidst this research, they managed to develop certain device: a time machine.

One of the Eldar’s mass-produced Chars comes in and informs that they’re detecting a derelict earthling ship directly in their path. It was likely destroyed in a battle and drifted over here.
Teral figures they’re not enemies if they cannot fight, so he asks his man to check for any survivors that need rescue… and the alarm sounds right then. The ‘derelict’ ship is actually very much active and was lying in wait to pounce upon any unsuspecting do-gooder that got too close.
A cowardly tactic, indeed, and Teral’s ship has no time to react as they start blasting.

It strikes a direct hit near the bridge and, as the dust settles, Lira sees that Teral’s wounded after shielding her from the shrapnel.
Teral gaspingly tells her how glad he was to have met her.
“Lira… I love you…” he says as his life fades.

Location: Lunar Surface – Skull Moon Base

Back in the present, Teral/Lira wakes up, her dreams still haunted by the memories of that day. Lira had her mind, memories and spirit transferred into his body and forsook her old self.
She’s now Teral and has only one objective: save Eldar in his stead. And, thus, she took up his mission to travel across time and come to Earth…

Location: Skull Moon Base’s Command Center

: P-please forgive me, Lord Butcher! I swear I did everything I could to fulfill my mission!
: But that doesn’t change the fact that you failed big time.
: What is your verdict, Lord Bucher?
: Well, I might not look like it, but I value my mooks’ autonomy… I’ll let you decide your punishment.
: R-really?!
: Yup, you get three choices. 1) Death by hanging. 2) Death by firing squad. 3) Death by tickling.
: B-but!
: Whoops, there goes your time. Into the pit, then!




: OHOHOHOHO! I’m so glad I had that thing installed!

With that taken care of, Baretta moves to bring in the next one: a commander whose squad, Gizzer reports, botched up a hunt bomb-able humans and let every single one escape.
Butcher is appalled that such incompetent Gaizock exist… Hmm, therein lies conundrum. Must the soldiers be punished for this along with their commander? Do they all share responsibility or—
“Bah, whatever! Just execute the whole dang squad and be done with it,” Butcher laughs. That’s a total of eight people, Gizzer points out.
“Well, then just grab another two from wherever and make it an even ten!”

Before the bloodletting can begin however, Teral angrily intervenes. How can Butcher still be treating everything as a game at such late a juncture?!
Butcher quips that he was just kidding and warns him not to frown his pretty face. What’s up, then? Did Teral come over simply to mess with his pastime? As Vega fumes at him executing his men for sport, Teral asks whether the Gaizock plan to participate in the joint operation he proposed.
Butcher passes on grounds that he still has more games to play. Teral doesn’t appreciate his attitude but Butcher doesn’t care, announcing that he’s tired and going to catch some shut-eye. Teral isn’t done talking but Butcher tells him to take a hike – the Gaizock do things their way and that’s that. Keep up with that ranting and he might run out of patience.
Are the Gaizock threatening to fight the Eldar? Who knows – good night!

As he goes, Teral and Vega wonder what the hell is wrong with that guy. Are the Gaizock really serious about their offensive on Earth?
Teral complains that the emperor is letting Butcher walk all over him in HIS Skull Moon Base. If the Gaizock’s methods bother him as they do Teral, why won’t he actually speak up about it? Gattler steps in, saying that while they’re allies, they can’t hope to control the Gaizock’s indiscriminate tactics.
Plus, everyone heard the guy: piss Butcher off and they’ll easily turn on all of them. Fine, then Teral wants to know what is Gattler’s answer regarding his proposed attack. Everyone knows that the longer this invasion takes to succeed, the greater the risk posed upon the sleeping S-1 population.

The Aldebaron will also pass as Gattler fears that exhausting his troops carelessly could create an opening for the Eldar or Gaizock to exploit. Teral doesn’t appreciate him actually thinking the Eldar would betray them but Gattler would rather be safe than sorry. After all, this alliance was only formed out of convenience.
Teral still doesn’t like this clear demonstration of mistrust but Vega steps in to stop the infighting. Deciding that he was a fool to seek help with others, Teral sets out to do the attack by his lonesome.
For the sake of his motherland, he’ll make whatever sacrifices and use whatever means are necessary to conquer Earth – and he’s got a plan ready to personally destroy ZEUTH and God Sigma! He/she owes it to Teral’s soul to be victorious!

Location: Western Galia – Minerva, Briefing Room

Kiraken is bored as hell; he’s relaxed too much in Sandman’s spa and there’s nothing exciting going on to get his blood pumping again. Not even anything interesting to watch on UN TV.
Then again, the UN doesn’t exist merely for entertainment: Julie himself has found a public news channel that’s constantly showcasing news from all across the world. With how crazy this world is, reality really is stranger than fiction.
Kiraken figures he has a point and decides to check if there’s anything interesting on the news. He’s sorta missed the point of Julie’s lecture but whatever.
The headline going on right now is that someone is selling the blueprints for a big-huge worker robot and the whole world is going crazy about it. Keiko’s a bit surprised that they’re even selling stuff like that (You obviously never spoke to Garrod.)
Still, a mere worker bot is probably crap compared to the stuff we’ve got here, right? Maybe not as the seller is Minako’s father, Marchino (remember him?), and his plans are for a certain three-in-one combined bot.
Turns out this guy does subscribe to the Garrod Ran Business School and, yes, he’s selling the God Sigma’s blueprints.

Special Disk 3-2 – Teral's Resolve

Later, Kazami just got off the phone with the guy and he claims that all he sold Sandman was the rights to Trinity Energy and the completed God Sigma. The blueprint itself is still his to sell.
Guess the shrewd businessman managed to slip that into the fine print of the deal he presented Sandman. Now, once the God Sigma is mass-produced… actually, no. You can’t make a legit God Sigma without Trinity Energy and details about it have been stricken from the blueprint.
That said, information about the bot’s auxiliary systems and combination mechanism are still there so, in theory, one could slap a regular engine in there and make something that’ll work. Maybe not for combat but it’d be good enough for non-combat purposes.

The conversation is cut short when the radar pings aliens dropping right on top of us. It’s the Eldar and Quattro tells everyone to watch it, as they’re clearly gunning for us.
Does that mean they’re confident they can win this? Well, whatever they’ve got planned, Kappei’s ready to beat them at their own game.
Over by the Eldar ship, Leets confirms that all forces have been deployed; as it turns out, Gattler decided to lend some Aldebaron mechs out of respect for Teral’s resolve. Thus, he must now rise to the occasion.
Teral orders everyone forward and declares that, today, they WILL destroy the God Sigma – whatever it takes!

Here's the stage. A collection of Eldar enemies with a few Aldebaron machines. Time to blow them up!

Kamille knows Attack Again because why not?

As time goes on, Julie warns Toshiya that letting this battle drag on would be bad for us, so he decides to make a beeline for the mothership and bring it down.

This is the chance Teral was waiting for and he sends out the Jerogiras Sniper Type. Toshiya isn’t impressed with the Cosmosaurus but the thing snipes away at him before he can close in. Of course, that peashooter of a gun won’t hurt the God Sigma… but what it does is simply stop the mech in its tracks!

Julie doesn’t know what the hell is going as so little damage should never have caused this reaction. Kazami tells Rie to run an analysis around the damaged section and, meanwhile, Teral starts blasting the God Sigma while the rest of his troops stop us from interfering.
Toshiya and co. can’t run or split off and the problem is soon discovered: there’s a defect on circuit 1359. Kazami’s appalled that he’s made a mistake in the mech’s design and explains: when the enemy’s attack struck the God Sigma’s waist at precisely the right angle and moment, that circuit shorted out, reducing the unit’s energy output by 98%!
This is far too perfect to be a coincidence – the Eldar must have attacked there on purpose. But how would they know of this Achilles’ heel?

Minako adds one plus one and figures out the Eldar must’ve gotten the blueprints from her father.
Rie says that it’s possible to restore the God Sigma if we can configure a bypass of the broken circuit but to do that, one would have to make the adjustments directly on the mech’s subcomputer. Out there, on the field.
Minako readily volunteers, feeling responsible for her father’s actions bringing this mess about. That said, she wouldn’t be able to pull that sort of tech work so Rie goes along with her.

The God Sigma’s falling apart and the girls launch in the TFO, flying right over. (I guess they have a spare one, cause Maria's deployed in one right now too. _ Julie tells them to back off as it’s dangerous but, of course, they’re not about to listen. Rie, herself, isn’t going to sit by and watch Toshiya die; her willingness to risk her life for him strikes a chord with Teral.
A few beep boops later, power is restored and the God Sigma is back in action. Toshiya is rearing to pay them back for these shenanigans but Leets has his eyes set on the girls who messed with their plans.

Thankfully, Toshiya quickly jumps in the way and shields the TFO from the attack – he can't well have Rie die after she got herself in this mess to save him.
“It’s the same… Just as Teral sacrificed himself to shield me, he… Toshiya Dan and that girl… they’ve the same spirit as us…” Teral thinks, agape. Meanwhile, Toshiya tells Rie to flee to the King Beal and, as she goes, Minako sighs that they’re off in their own little world.
Leets and Jeela’s yelling brings the shocked Teral back to reality, and he tells his men that they’re not defeated simply because their gambit has failed!

: (Teral… Toshiya Dan, that admirable man, also has a lover…)
: (Still, I must fight on. Even if I must condemn that lass to share the same suffering I did, the God Sigma will be struck down!)

At least you can say you tried Teral.

Click here to see that the Eldar have apparently started investing in Windamian Alloy. Pity Teral didn't account for Support Attack.

As Leets’ ship flounders, Teral quickly sounds the retreat.
For a moment there, Toshiya really thought that was the end but thanks to Rie and Minako, they were saved. Such is the power of love, Mizuki figures, and Lunamaria is excited to see which Toshiya will choose. Keiko figures both the gentle Rie and the hearty Minako are wonderful women and Runa whistles at Toshiya for catching the eye of those two.
Kiraken protests that he and Julie are here, too, but Julie figures he’d pass on the pains of popularity. That said, apologies to Minako, he inwardly figures Toshiya’s choice is already clear after today.

Back in the King Beal, Kazami apologizes to Julie: it was his mistake that got them all in danger.
Julie doesn’t blame him, reminding on the professor’s usual adage that no scientific progress comes without some missteps. He doesn’t even care for Marchino’s crap, either, as they managed to turn this mess into something positive.
Julie wants to take another look at the God Sigma’s blueprints to make sure everything is good and, while doing that, Kazami suggests they do certain modifications to implement a certain power-up.
Indeed, he wants to try and get the Sigma Breast in place. Looks like things will be quite busy for the two of them but it is all for the advancement of science and the betterment of mankind. They’re creating a better tomorrow for everyone with their research.

Over by the Skull Moon Base, Teral apologizes to Gattler for his failure despite the troops he supplied. ZEUTH’s strength has grown far beyond his expectations.
Gattler wonders if that’s the sole cause of his defeat, however. He was watching the battle remotely and saw that Teral had cornered the God Sigma. Why didn’t he finish them off right then? He had more than enough time before they restored power.
Surely his heart didn’t waver due to the earthlings’ idiotic display, right? Gattler criticizes his “womanly” way of fighting, allowing paltry emotions to cost him victory. Teral bristles at his attitude and Gattler let’s up – that said, he says Teral is now indebted to him for assisting in his offensive.
He agrees and when he’s repaid everything in full, he’ll expect Gattler’s apologies for his words just now. The Aldebaron commander will be waiting.

After he leaves, Teral ponders how the part of his heart that belongs to Lira cost him victory. She now sees that the Earthlings have the same feelings, the same spirit as the Eldar – they’re all people.
However, she is still Teral, commander of the Eldar forces. She must prevail, for her beloved and for the motherland…