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Part 273: Special Disk Mission 5-3 - Leaving the Black History Behind - Part 2

And there he is. We only need to beat XAN to end this mission… but you’ll find him to be pretty tough and then some:

Overman XAN
Pilot Skills:
Squad Leader Bonus: Debuff immunity

That’s quite the bag of tricks, ain’t it?!
Granted, the Photon Mat is merely intimidation tactics as that only results in him having 390k HP but that OverSkill is just nuts. And you can’t even cheese him out of it because he powered up during the cutscene and got his morale high enough, meaning you can’t lower it anymore.
It’s a good thing our people recovered their SP because pretty much everyone that isn’t Gainer (or has a boosted Skill stat) will NEED Strike to get past his double image. XAN’s Double Movement + Zeal combo means he gets to move thrice per turn but, thankfully, his AI doesn’t prioritize anyone. That means he won’t pull a Kashmir and catch Gainer in a wombo combo, which he totally could because his stats are through the roof and his attacks pack a mighty punch (which are, as you remember, unavoidable unless you’re packing Alert).

Unless you’re playing a no-upgrade run, you can deal 400k damage in one turn even on a Prevail L9 guy like him but the problem is that you’re very likely to have the OverDevils running you down by now. So, either you spend a turn killing the things or back away and let XAN come to you – I chose the former because !
In the meantime, if you don't feel like risking your flimsier guys, keep them either with defensive spirits going or, at worse, within a ship.
Once you’re ready and everyone is in range, throw everything you have at him (make sure you use a ship to take away his Alert first) and he’ll fall soon enough.

While we’re dealing with the OverDevils, make sure the Black Domis also keep away – don’t want them taking away morale from our Supers.

XAN will waste no time and jump right into the fray. At least he picked bulky folks for this round.

: All humans bear a deep love in their hearts for this beautiful planet.
: You also possess that same heart, so how can you try to rain destruction upon them?
: …
: If we’re so alike, then I’d rather not fight you…! I’m sure we can reach an understanding!
: …
: But you leave me no choice if you refuse to stop this system! For our beloved planet!
XAN’s attacks are all so nice. And before anyone asks, this attack’s name is a play on the famous Kusanagi no Tsurugi. So, this one would be evil-mowing sword instead of grass-mowing.
XAN does not cleave and/or smite.

And there go theOverDevils. Attack them from beyond range 5, toss in some cheap Valors and you’ll get them down quickly.

I took another round to get people closer for lines, so XAN had another go at me. My reals were protected, thankfully.

: Wait, Garrod…! He’s—
: ...
: What’s up, Tifa? Something wrong?!
: I-it’s nothing… Don’t worry.
: I ain’t – ‘cause we’re gonna win this! We gotta!
: I’m gonna show this ghost that both humans and the world are changing for the better!
: ...
: (XAN... This is what you desire?)
: Come on, Black Overman! We ain’t ever giving up! Same goes for the world and our future!
: That’s what makes these humans you reject so strong!
XAN’s Kunai has some swanky motions for every terrain orientation, so here are the remaining two:

: Hey, dreads! Listen to us, damn it!
: …
: You’ve an actual heart, no? Then stop attacking and turn off that system!
: She’s right! This is all wrong!
: Humans live in this planet, too! You can’t just call for our destruction!
: …
: Are we not getting through to him…?!
: Oi, this guy’s just like the others! Doesn’t give a damn about what others have to say!
: (No, you’re wrong…)
: Black Overman… If you will not stay your blade, then we shall strike you down…
: In the name of our dear world!
: We’re all living in this planet right now! We ain’t about to roll over to some ol’ ghost!
And here’s XAN’s strongest attack! Gauli wishes he could pull stuff like this!

And with preparations finished, it’s time we wrap this up. I reckon this calls for a proper song and, considering the lyrics, this one strikes me as very fitting!

: Black Overman… You’ve a heart of your own, so why do you adhere to an ancient, outdated system?!
: ...
: I may have lost my Newtype powers but I can still feel the strong will in you…
: However, I’ve an equally strong will within me! And, so, I’ll stand against you!
: I have never forsaken hope for humanity – not fifteen years ago and not now!

: …
: What the hell?! Our attacks didn’t do anything to it!
: His Photon Mat is leagues above any other! It nullifies nearly all damage!
: His OverSkill is also way above standard…! This’ll be a tough nut to crack!
: But the world will never be free of the Black History if we don’t beat XAN!
: We can’t lose! I’ve had enough with us being prisoners of our past!!

: We’re well aware of how a long battle eventually became the era known as the Black History.
: …
: I suppose it’s not crazy for one to lose hope on humanity after seeing that…
: But we’ve fought to keep that Black History from happening again! We’re not about to let all that be undone like this!

: ...
: You’re questioning me again…? However, you already have my answer.
: ...
: Such an iron conviction… It’s that which gives you strength, I see.
: But I will not yield. Though I may have doubts, I intend to accompany society on its path onwards…
: I’m ready to take a chance in the infinite possibilities that lie within humanity…!

: You hearing me, guy? If you really do got a heart, then listen up.
: ...
: I’ll be a father soon – gonna have a legit family.
: Heh, how funny is that? I killed my mother at birth, my brother killed our dad and then I watched him kill himself… And, now, I’m gonna have a kid of my own.
: ...
: Still, I’m happy as all hell. For the first time, I look at life – at the future – and it just dazzles me.
: I dunno what kind of person my kid’ll be… He may turn out to be a real bad egg.
: But there’s just no goddamn way anyone’s gonna judge him one way or another before he’s even born!
: ...
: All living things are the same! And if you’ll deny us our future, then I’ll have to kick your face in!
: I’ll do this for all the dads out there!!

: Brünhild’s arm is twitching. Guess it doesn’t wanna tangle with you.
: ...
: Why don’t you reconsider? Aren’t you different from the OverDevil?
: Or do you actually agree with all this?
: ...
: Well, in that case I won’t pull my punches. Time to get to work, just like you want.
: I’ll pull through, for this world, for humanity… and, above all, for me to keep on living!

: Like me, you love this world and have waited a long time to fulfill your duty…
: ...
: I salute your conviction…!
: Come! Let us duel for the sake of that which we believe in!

: Hey, Black Overman! What you’re doing is no different from what the Innocents did!
: …
: And I, for one, had my fill with being bound by a bunch of arbitrary rules folks decided ages ago!
: This era belongs to those who are alive right now! So get back in your hole!
: …
: You’re not stopping? Still?! Urgh, you stubborn ass!
: Well, I’m not backing down either! I believe in mankind too!
: Come on! There’s no place in this world for the Black History!

: I’ve met both good and bad people in my life…
: …
: Every person is different! You can’t just bunch them all together and call to wipe everyone out!
: So we’ll keep everyone safe! That’s why we fight against evil!

: You’ve been sleeping all this time, just waiting for the day you’d wipe humans from the face of Earth? Well, kudos to you!
: Seems to me that the folks who built this system didn’t have a whole lot of faith on mankind, though.
: …
: But not us! We believe in the potential every person holds and that pushes us to fight!
: If you can hear us, then call this off! Humans can change the world for the better!!

: Listen, Black Overman!
: I… I changed after meeting Renton…! I could change!
: …
: But if you destroy everything, all hope for that will go up in smoke!
: And that cannot happen…! Everyone is changing, the world is becoming a better place!
: We’ve faith in people, so we’ll put a stop to the Executor System!
: …
: Let’s go, Renton…! For our planet and all our loved ones!
: Grandpa… Maurice, Maeter, Linck! Wait for us!
: I swear we’ll protect this world’s future and come back home!!

: You stupid Overman! Why won’t you listen to us?!
: ...
: We will not accept this planet being brought to ruin!
: Sure, there are bad people around but…!
: If they pop out, we’ll smash ‘em right back down! Which means the same for this crazy System!
: Humanity will keep on working to build a world filled with peace!

: Black Overman… You’ve a heart of your own. So why do you insist on such a heartless course of action?
: ...
: You don’t want to answer...? Or is there another reason why you’re keeping quiet?
: ...
: Fine...! If that’s what you wish, I’ll take up the gauntlet and this serve as my rebuttal to the Executor System!
: Daitarn 3 will crush the Black History for this world and all who dwell in it!
: If you do not fear the radiance of this sun, then come!

: Cut it out! Whatever the Black History folks might think, we all love this world too!
: Destruction isn’t necessary. If we pool our knowledge together, I know we can heal the wounds we opened in the planet!
: ...
: We’ll never put up with any method that calls for killing people!
: You oughta have more faith in mankind! Our potential is a whole lot bigger than you expect!

: He’s...
: ...
: I sense hostility but no malice...? You truly believe in what you’re doing…?
: ...
: I’m done for if I hesitate – he won’t!
: Victory will be ours! All this time, it was our faith in the world – in people – that pushed in battle!!

: Did the creators of the Executor System really lose than in mankind…?
: …
: And that’s how they figured getting rid of humans was the way to restore nature?!
: Hm… Their pessimism ended up giving birth to quite the bold plan.
: Please, listen…! Restoration via destruction is not the way!
: You can never get back what’s been lost! All the things, all the lives that’ll disappear with your destruction will be gone for good!
: …
: And I refuse to accept that world that’ll fuel its restoration with such pain and sorrow!
: She’s right. What the Executor System’s doing is just giving up and throwing everything away.
: And that’s the easy way out. Folks can pull things together without resorting to crap like that…!
: Just look at us. We got off to a really rough start but still managed to end up as a team, see?
: And it all happened because of trust, mutual understanding and compromise. All humans can do this.
: …
: I have faith in the potential that lies in people. Such is the meaning of life…!
: And, so, I’ll fight you! It is the Glory Star’s mission to stand in the defense of the world and its peoples!

: From a general point of view, your way of thinking could be deemed correct…
: ...
: But I will still refuse it…! The Executor System’s M.O. is nothing short of an atrocity!
: I can tell that you’ve a soul, so how do can you do this?!
: ...
: This sensation... Are you...!
: ...
: I understand but I must still... Rather, it’s because I understand that we must defeat you!
: That is the only way we’ll bring to bear the meaning – the potential – you seek within humans!

: Stop this! I want to talk to you!
: What’re you doing, Marin?!
: Wait, Raita. Let him speak.
: I know that both you and those who created the Executor System love Earth… We share in that sentiment.
: ...
: And human lives are just as irreplaceable as the planet itself.
: If you’ve such a love for Earth, then you need to extend that feeling to the people!
: ...
: ...You won’t answer me...? Then I’m forced to do as I must…!
: Come, Black Overman! I’ll be ending you in the name of Earth’s and humanity’s tomorrow!

: To hell with your crazy logic! I’ve seen way too many people lose their lives!
: ...
: And I’m sure the people who built the Executor System also saw those close to them die...
: So why would they leave such a thing for the future generations?!
: ...
: Well, I’m not having any of this! This planet doesn’t need your ‘destruction in order to restore’ crap!
: I’m running you into the ground for all those who believed in our future and fought!

: That “Destruction and Restoration” business of yours is way too extreme, guy!
: …
: But… Didn’t you argue for stuff like that way back when?
: E-erm… Well, I only do some moderate destruction, you see…!
: …
: Don’t you look at me like that! Sure, I might be a repairman but I did wreck a few things BUT I only did it when there was absolutely no way to get ‘em fixed!
: …
: Yeah, humanity ain’t that broken so it’s too soon to scrap it.
: …
: Say what?! Even when we still have a chance to fix our blunders?!
: You can tell what each other are thinking…?!
: Well, I ain’t throwing in the towel! I’ll keep trying to fix things for as long as I can!
: No actual repairman would outright ditch stuff just ‘cuz it’s broken!
: …
: Bring it on! Our future’s on the line here, so put your resolve against my professional pride and we’ll see who comes out on top!

: ...
: Somehow, I can feel that you’re just as resolute as us…
: And since you believe in what you’re doing, you haven’t a shred of hesitation.
: ...
: But I am the same. I am here, fighting, precisely because I’ve steeled my heart.
: So, in the name of this planet and all who live in it, I won’t let you go on!
: This is what I believe to be right!

: Hey, Black Overman! I’ll have ya know that humans are pretty awesome!
: ...
: I won’t say that we’re all saints, of course, but that doesn’t mean we’re all monsters either.
: There are so many kind men and women out there.
: And so long as those people are around, we just know the world will become a better place!
: But you wanna go and destroy even those guys? That’s so wrong!
: ...
: You ain’t just an empty thing, so I’m sure you get that. But you’re still gonna go for it?!
: ...
: If it is your duty to fight as the Executor, then it is ours to end you…!
: We’ll take up the sword and fight – as the Gran Knights and, also, as denizens of this planet!!

: We’ve got a new era starting and the past brings us this crappy heirloom? Yeesh…
: …
: Well, too bad, Mr. Samurai, I got a cute little baby on the way. I can’t let this be the end for me or the world.
: You know, to be honest… I did go a bit crazy back when I found out what I had to do as a Singularity. I thought that it’d be pretty good if everyone I didn’t care for just went “poof”…
: …
: But I realized that no one has the right to do that.
: It’s not about winning or losing a battle; we’re talking about someone calling the shots with the future of others. That’s just downright wrong…!
: People are the only ones who can decide their path in life and I’ll fight you to keep it that way!

: You were the one who questioned Gym Ghingnham on the meaning of humans, right?
: ...
: Well, our answer is different from his. The meaning of humans isn’t combat; rather, life itself is.
: And since the start, people have fought whenever someone stood in opposition to that.
: ...
: If you seek to defend this planet by causing destruction, then I’ll fight back in defense of humans and their lives!
: There are far too many who call this planet home! You can’t simply take that away from them!

: You know, there is a deep significance to the color black.
: Roger…?
: As a deep black envelops something, it hides away its essence. So, it could be said that, clad in black, one's indelible will is also concealed.
: …
: Does that apply to you?
: You’ll get nowhere asking someone with such an unflappable will… There is only one way to respond to him.
: Black Overman…! As per your wish, I’ll face you in combat!
: I, too, have yet to lose my faith in humanity!

: XAN… Do we really need to fight?
: ...
: Tell me why! I’m sure you, too, love this world and its people!
: I can feel it through the King Gainer… You’ve a righteous spirit!
: ...
: But if you still insist on this, then I won’t hesitate any longer…!
: I’ll fight, hand-in-hand with King Gainer! In the name of this world and of humanity’s future!
: ...
: King Gainer! If an OverSkill means surpassing oneself, then we’ll do this together!
: Surpass yourself – surpass XAN! You must, if you also love this planet!

: Did we get him?!
: …
: Huh…
: …

*XAN backs away*

: The Black Overman…!
: He disappeared…

: The Executor units have all fallen.
: With the its master gone, the system itself stopped working.
: I’d wager all other drones across the world are self-destructing as well.
: Very well done, my friends. The threat of the Executor System has ended.
: Then…
: It’s over… the world’s in one piece.
: …
: What’s wrong, Gainer? You’re not happy?
: Before he vanished, XAN’s last words were… “Thank you”.
: He thanked us?
: What’s what supposed to mean?
: That Overman… he wanted us to beat him?
: I don’t know… But I felt something as we fought. XAN loved humanity from the bottom of his heart and he was fighting to save this very world.
: Maybe it was that love that pushed it to become the master of the Executor System…
: He wasn’t really our enemy, then?
: But that System was made to destroy the world!
: And that is why it wanted humanity to oppose it, I think.
: All he did was in order to discover those with the will and the strength to reject the System and defeat him…
: That’s why the Executor units only attacked facilities?
: He must have waited for such a long time for that…
: …But it’s all speculation. Thinking about it ain’t gonna do anything to us now.
: But…
: More importantly, we’ve a lot of stuff to do since we wrecked that System.
: Right. We’ve made a promise to change ourselves.
: We’d be some huge liars if we didn’t make good on all that.
: And it goes against my personal policy to break my word. I fully intend on working to fulfill my promise.
: Right, right. This is our world, so we have to go and make it better ourselves.
: Yeah! That’ll be our – rather, mankind’s – new battle!
: It’ll be quite the challenge. I, for one, am excited for it.
: Let’s get to it, folks…! ZEUTH might break off again but we’ll keep fighting!
: Roger that. We’ll do everything we can.
: For the sake of Earth, the universe, and all that we believe in.
: We all gotta work hard, guys! And, later on, we’ll get back together and celebrate!
: Dawn will break soon… And, with it, the Black History will be behind us as a new era begins.
: (XAN… We’ll soldier on in order to create that new era. And I hope we’ll meet again someday.)
: Thank you for everything, guys. I’ll eagerly await the day when we’ll see each other once more.
: See y’all around! And if anything happens, just give a call to the wandering repairmen of the Beater Services!

No way remains to clarify what the ghost of the Black History known as the "Executor" really wanted. Did the people who survived the ancient dimensional collapse believe mankind was unneeded on Earth?
It now falls on those that are presently alive to decide that answer. If mankind be truly foolish, its fate would have been to perish along with the planet... Yet the planet remains, along with the wishes of those who fought believing in the future.

As the first year of the multidimensional calendar draws to a close, the world will continue to change and endure.

-Excerpt from "The Transition into the Multidimensional World", chapter 1

And that is that. Around two and half years later, every major bit content in Z has been wrapped up!
W had a lot of rough edges due to my inexperience in both let’s playing and translating stuff (so many amateurish phrases were written…) but I really like how this one turned out.
Huge, huge thanks go out to Caphi and Dr. Pepper for taking the herculean task of translating Setsuko’s route from scratch – I’d never have done that on my own and this whole LP would’ve been worse off for it.
And, of course, a big thank you from all of us for everyone who stuck with this over all this time!

I’ll be keeping this thread open to make an announcement when the MX Let’s Play starts, though I’ll also make one in the “New LPs” thread. I’m not giving a specific date but it should be soon enough. After that, it's straight to the archives with this.
In the meantime, any kind of spoilerific discussion is liberated – the exception being MX spoilers, of course. Don’t talk about those, please!

And, finally, taking a look at the votes for the upcoming favorite series, the thread raised a big G Gundam sign (Dendoh and ZZ were tied for second) so that’s the one we’ll be going with.

See you all soon!