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Part 42: Mission 14 - The Gathering Strangers - Part 1

Mission 14 – The Gathering Strangers

The Freeden crew has detected the Diana Counter’s approach and Witz (guy in the blue Gundam) realizes they’re finally attacking.
Carris says, if they break through us, they’ll open fire in the city and, sadly, he’s the only member of Fort Severn’s corps that can assist. Roybea (guy in the red Gundam) promises to work his ass off since they already received part of their payment.

Tonya tells them to give it their all and Kid, the Freeden’s mechanic, is confident after he’s finished upgrading the Leopard and Airmaster Gundams.
As the moon forces show up, the Freeden's warriors marvel over all the different units arrayed against them, big and small, including what must be mercenaries. As Poe gives the order to attack and remove the only obstacle to their attack, Rand and Setsuko both think that, despite the Moon Race’s enthusiasm, this is more of a raid than anything else.

Enil quickly spots the two Gundams up ahead but Corin disagrees: “You’re wrong! Gundam’s are white!”, he says. He remembers Gundams, in the past, always showing up at times like these to fight but, without that, he finds the whole thing boring as hell and leaves.
Poe get VERY pissed, wondering if he’s running from the enemy and Enil sighs at their useless commander and it’ll be up to her and Rand/Setsuko to cover for him. Enil does recognize the Freeden up ahead and can’t believe she’d run into them in a place like this.

Mission Objective: All enemies shot down.
Mission Failure: Any allied unit shot down.
Skill Point: Clear the map by the end of turn 6, PLAYER Phase.

Well, well. We’ve got all of Garrod’s buddies in one go, so let’s take a look at them.

Freeden (Jamil Neate, Sara Tyrell, Tonya Malme, Shingo Mori)
Pilot Skills
Spirit Commands – Jamil:
Spirit Commands – Sara:
Spirit Commands – Tonya:
Spirit Commands – Shingo:
Squad Leader Bonus: -10% EN consumption for all adjacent squads

Jamil’s Voice Actor: Kenyuu Horiuchi (other known works: Light Newman in Dragonar, Raiden in the MGS series, Mashymre Cello in ZZ Gundam and many others) – he also dubbed Jerry Seinfeld, mind.
Sara’s Voice Actress: Yumi Kakazu
Tonya’s Voice Actress: Kotono Mitsuishi (other known works: Misato in Evangelion, Usagi in Sailor Moon, Vega in Dendoh, Murrue in Gundam SEED and MANY others)
Shingo’s Voice Actor: Daiki Nakamura (other known works: Dayakka in Gurren Lagann, Seiji Date in Ronin Warriors and several others).

The Freeden is pretty much the Glomar, having traded its ALL attack and the ability to fly for more pilots to cast spirits; Jamil is certainly a much better pilot than Shaia and the ship is bulkier but it’s another below-average unit.
It has only ONE attack which is, thank god, post-movement and that 2L size gives it some stopping power but you won’t want it going deep into the front lines as it can’t handle that sort of attention (though, I believe Sara learns Iron Wall eventually); like the Glomar, you’ll have to use it a few times, so play its strengths and build it as a supporter or a long-range attacker.

Vertigo (Carris Nautilus)
Pilot Skills:
Spirit Commands:
Squad Leader Bonus:+10% Evasion Rate

Carris’ Voice Actress: Yuko Mizutani (other known works: Excellen, Alfimi and Lemon in SRW OGs, Sarah Zabiarov in Zeta Gundam (more on her later), Tekkaman Rapier in Tekkaman Blade and many others)

Carris falls into that sad (albeit common) group of units that are pretty good but will, eventually fall behind; like the Hyaku Shiki, it’ll serve us well for the time being and the Vertigo has both an ALL and TRI attack, meaning that you can make a good mook hunter out of it.

Gundam Leopard Destroy (Roybea Loy)
Pilot Skills:
Spirit Commands:
Squad Leader Bonus: Range of all non-MAP, non-point blank weapons increases by 1

Roybea’s Voice Actor: Takumi Yamazaki (other known works: Marin Raygun, only in SRW Z, Archibald Grims in SRW OGs, George de Sand in G Gundam and many others)

Gundam Airmaster Burst (Witz Sou)
Pilot Skills:
Spirit Commands:
Squad Leader Bonus: Money earned +20%, Squad’s movement range +1

Witz’ Voice Actor: Kazuya Nakai (other known works: Zoro in One Piece, Mondo Oowada in Dangan Ronpa, Wakka in Final Fantasy X and many others)

I’m going over these two together because they’re pretty much the same thing: squaddie material; Witz is meant to go all over the place, focusing on aerial squads (some of his attacks have bad grades against ground mooks), while Roybea hangs back and snipes.
I prefer Roybea as a unit since he has stronger, ammo-based attacks but Witz makes for a better squaddie being able to fly and having accelerate; both have an ALL and TRI attack, mind, so they can work as mook hunters.

Before we start, a quick warning:

Rand and Setsuko will fight you as they were.
This is why I told you, way back at the start of the game, to avoid upgrading them too much if you’re on a NG+ as, if they’re strong enough, they (especially Rand) can easily oneshot someone and then it’s game over.
If you’re in that situation, park anyone who you’re not sure will be able to dodge inside the Freeden and keep them there until further notice.
Regardless, don’t attack them because you don’t want them to build morale by getting hit.

If you manage to destroy them, however, you get extras of whatever parts they're equipped with. Taking out Rand might be tough with these guys but Setsuko shouldn't be much trouble if you use Strike and it's a quick way to get some free goodies.

With that, I move everyone ahead (but not too much) and brace for impact.

Enemy Phase!

Here comes Rand!

: The world is what it is…It’s only natural for people to try to take what they want by force.
: Still, it’s a shame…I didn't think that Diana chick would go with the violent option…!

Of course, Setsuko also has he own thoughts about the situation:

: (I wasn't about to be choosy in order to fulfill my goals but…)
: (This isn’t a fight that I or the Moon Race should be having…)

Fun fact: I had to reset the first time because Rand got a critical hit and left Witz with piddly HP and, then, he got swarmed and killed by Moon Race mooks.
I didn’t account for Rand’s booster, so I didn’t think he’d get in range…

Speaking of, a few WaDs get on Witz’ face and, at that range, he can only use his strongest attack (which will burn through his EN in seconds) or his Vulcans…

: Heh…I didn’t expect much but Kid did some good work!
: Come on, bastards! Get a good look at the power of my reborn Airmaster!


Thankfully, Carris can use his Bit attack from point-blank range and he’s got 8 shots.

: Fort Severn is our town!
: I’ll protect it, not because someone ordered me to, but because it’s what I chose to do!
Alright, I’ll take it.

Everyone else starts coming over.

Player Phase!

Might as well have Jamil do something from here.
And that’s that – I’ve shown all of the Freeden’s attacks!

“I’ll send Witz over ahead! What’s the worst that could happen if I have him cast Focus?”
Carris tags along and takes down one of the weakened WaDs.

Roybea will keep the Freeden safe and, in the meantime, will bust his ALL attack on that there weakened squad.

: Thanks, Kid. With this new Leopard, I can really go all out!
: Now, then…how about we go Destroy stuff, just like it says on the name!
Uurgh, so close.

Enemy Phase!

Damn it, Rand! Since I didn’t account for a fucking 8% attacking not only hitting but striking a crit, Witz got swarmed and killed AGAIN.

One of Roybea’s friends attacks Jamil and gets overkilled into oblivion.

Following that, Witz is getting swarmed by WaDs.
Might as well show his ALL attack.
Sadly, it’s one of his attacks that has a B against ground-based enemies.
Two squads of WaDs and two WaDoms attack – he gets no kills but weakens them a bit.

Carris takes an easy kill when he gets attacked by a pair of WaDs, too.

Here comes Poe, sniping Witz from outside his range.

: (Time passes and Her Majesty’s methods yield no military gains whatsoever…! So, we’ll just do it ourselves!)
: (If we can claim this land…it’ll be good not just for the Moon Race but for the Queen as well!)

Of course, Enil also guns for him but he dodges her as well.

Player Phase!

Sara soon detects a ship approaching and Tonya wonders if it’s enemy reinforcements; Jamil, however, gets a Newtype flash and recognizes the feeling.

That’d be because it’s the Iron Gear with all of Rand’s buddies, including the still alive Garrod and Tifa!
Garrod recognizes everyone, having been worried ever since the Frost Brothers said they killed them. Witz reminds him that they’re immortal (Yeah, right…) and Roybea adds that, so long as there’s money and beautiful women in the world, they’ll continue to be so.
Elchi introduces them as the Inglessa Militia and Carris is quick to ask for their help. Garrod recognizes him and Carris was hoping they’d meet again like this.
Garrod tells him to relax now that they’re here – they’ll push the Moon Race off the area.

Gwen is aboard the Iron Gear and he’s amused at the Moon Race picking on an independent community to avoid the New Federation.
Loran, of course, isn’t happy and Kihel Diana asks if it’s too hard for him to fight them. While he’s saddened to see this happen after his two year-long mission, he’ll fight the Moon Race as long as they insist on taking Earth by force.
Kihel thinks that’s wonderful and Sochie yells at him to keep his hands away her sister. He can’t help it, though, seeing how it was Kihel that asked to join him inside the Turn A at the last moment.
Kihel has his back, telling Sochie she wanted to see what a battle is like with her own eyes but Sochie thinks she could’ve seen well enough from the Iron Gear.

Joseph is also here, in a Borjanon of his own, and tells everyone to quit talking while there are enemies in front.
Gavane may have lost his country when the New Federation confiscated it but he still won’t stand for the Moon Race stealing Earth’s lands. Diana had hoped to slip aboard the Soreil and change places back with Kihel, but the fact the Soreil isn't here must mean that this battle is happening against her orders.

Gainer and Gain recognize the Gunleon and figure Rand was alive after all. Jiron and Chil try to get in touch with their buddy and this causes Poe to freak out.
Rand complains that they need to learn to read the situation before calling someone out but, regardless, he tells Poe that this whole battle’s turning into a mess and wants them to try talking again.
As for Setsuko, she warns Poe that this fight is inviting resistance from civilians and suggests they retreat and try negotiating.

Poe isn’t interested in them questioning their orders and wonders if they both infiltrated their ranks to spy on the Moon Race!
Both Rand and Setsuko are taken aback by this sudden accusation and Poe’s already fuming that, not only did Corin escape, one of his subordinates was a spy all along. She shoots nearby, causing Rand to yell at this “histerical woman” for going ballistic all of a sudden.
Those were warning shots and, if Rand wants to prove his “innocence”, he’ll take the enemy out – the only reason she hired him is because she heard rumors that he was a real “demon of destruction”.
Of course, if she’s gonna talk to him like that, he’s not gonna stick around.

Setsuko, however, hesitates when fired upon so it falls on Enil to tell her to escape and not get distracted by Poe’s threats. Enil figures both Setsuko and Rand didn’t like doing this job in the first place and figures they’re not cut out for it.
So, she tells them to leave quick before she changes her mind, which they’re thankful for.

Rand moves over and Gain asks what he’s doing. Rand asks if he wants to hear the super spectacle of his adventures so far.
Gain figures he can tell him at the bar tonight and Rand’s very glad Gain’s the same as ever and Garrod vouches to his friends that he’s an ally. Carris assumes he’ll follow their orders and Rand confirms (doing his THE HEAT introduction).
Carris, surprisingly, DOESN’T show any reaction: “You’re a pretty chill guy, eh…?” Rand quips.
Garrod calls Carris over and they form a squad, while Jamil orders Witz and Roybea to do the same (getting Witz off the front lines, thankfully).
Tonya is very glad that things are turning our way now but Sara sees something coming.

Setsuko introduces herself and the team takes her offer to help, while also giving a quick rundown on the events surrounding Rand’s path: the Exodus, hiring the Iron Gear, working for Gwen to get cash to return to Galia/Siberia, etc.

: Sergeant Corin, you’re back?!
: Over there…
: Huh…?!
: Over there
: What?!

As Loran is surprised at Corin also calling the Turn A that, Diana recognizes him and wonders who it was that released the man from the cryogenic prison.
Poe tells him she’ll ignore his previous escape and tells him to take everyone out. Corin angrily says he doesn’t need to be told that, as the Gundams are his prey.
Enil, however, vetoes him going after the GX as that’s HER prey and Garrod easily spots her Jenice across the battlefield. Rand and Setsuko think she’s not really the enemy here and ask if they can’t stop fighting.
Garrod doesn’t want to fight her either and, while he doesn’t know if she’ll listen, he’ll try talking to her again.
As for Corin, he remembers he has some payback to deliver to the Gundams.