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Part 45: Mission 15 - Towards an Unseen Tomorrow - Part 2

Setsuko Route Chapter 15 Part 2

Turn 3

We have a situation here. We want to clear this stage fast, the quickest way is to defeat Neo. Once he's beaten the next stage of the fight will start. Let's do that.

Holland moves up fist, he'll do a lot of damage to Neo's flying Squad.

Random fact, none of the attacks where the LFOs fire out beams like that are not considered beam attacks by the game. Which means that fighting the Extended kids is really annoying because their VPS Armor just blocks everything.

Next I switch Quattro to lead his squad and take aim.

SECRET ALERT: Quattro should get at least three kills on this stage. That isn't too hard.
That's two down.

I burn up the Gekko Go's one cast of Strike

Size differences and not having ALL attack penalties make a bit of difference for damage.

Next it's Kei's turn, let's see how he does.

Ouch. That's Kei for you, does a ton of damage

And... and takes a lot of damage when he gets hit despite miniscule odds.

Let's hope Setsuko does better.
What, no Rand. No. That's not how it goes. Go back to Brunom.
That's better. She didn't hit as hard as Kei, but didn't get hit.

By this point his Prevail is kicking in. This is annoying, but trust me, it's going to get worse. Wait until the bosses with over 100,000 HP and level 9 Prevail. Then the real suffering will begin.

Still, I'm pretty sure Shinn can finish him off with a Tri Attack.

Now, I was thinking, "I don't need to use SP on Focus, because Shinn's going to beat him before he can get a hit in" this was an error. You see, Neo has the Counter skill.
Anyways, I guess I should talk about a minor gameplay feature. Some combinations of characters have unique Tri Attacks. You can identify these by the characters saying unique lines for them. These unique Tri Attacks have a gameplay advantage in that they're slightly stronger then a normal Tri Attack, some combinations with them are Shinn, Rey, and Luna, Quattro, Apolly, and Roberto... and Setsuko, Toby, and Denzel.

Neo figures things are only going to get worse as the battle goes on and, to add insult to injury, another group is coming over – he retreats before that happens.
Shinn wants to go after them to recover the Second Stage units but Camille stops him, as Reccoa’s scouting squad has just detected something else getting closer and Rey recognizes the signal.

It’s a large group of Gaizock and Eldar, led by Butcher, who’s just got confirmation from Geezar that the people who’re always getting in their way are in the region; he figures the best thing to do is to slaughter the ones in front and wait for that to draw them over.
Terral is leading the Eldar forces and he agrees – the sight of aliens from another planet baffles Kei, thinking this world really is crazy; Mimsy tells him to stay focused as she’s detecting yet another group approaching.

It’s the King Beal, with Kappei and all others aboard.
He’s glad to see Setsuko again after all this time and Kouji was also worried about how she was doing; as for Rand, Toshiya’s the one happy to see him and Eiji asks if he’s as stifling as ever.
Butcher is very jolly that he didn’t even need to do anything as these hasty people already came over on their own; Heizaemon gets in touch with all humans in the area an identifies himself, while Talia is seeing for the first time the other kind of aliens that Durandal told her about.
Heizaemon states that their mission is to protect all of humanity from these aliens and asks for anyone that shares this wish to fight by their side; Kappei is a bit shocked at him asking for help from Zaft.
Toshiya has to remind the kid that, against the invaders, we’re all Earthlings and Gengoroh agrees – this isn’t the time to worry about petty things like that; the aliens preparing to fire in all directions and Quattro agrees with Heizaemon, asking Bright for permission to help.
He easily grants it, saying we can’t just ignore the invaders.
Butcher is positively giddy at all this: “Hohoho, Commander Teral. We get to fight together, in commemoration of our alliance, right after your descent to Earth…how delightful!”, he says; Teral is less than happy, though, to have allied himself with a group whose sole interest is death and destruction.
Still, they’ll be useful to complete the Eldar’s objectives.

: My apologies to the house-sitting Emperor Vega, but the alliance of the Gaizock, Vega and Eldar is kicking off this party right here!
: Roger, Killer the Butcher.
: No, no! Didn’t I teach you how you should answer at times like this?
: …
: …By your will, Butcher.
: HOHOHOHO! You do understand!
: Lord Teral…
: Tch…damn that Butcher, making Lord Teral act like this…!
: Bear with me, Leets, Jeela…For the sake of our motherland - Eldar…
: HOHOHO! Oh, happy day! Let the party begin!

Oh look. Another wave of reinforcements on both sides. And of course there's more complications.

SECRET ALERT: Have Kappei get into a fight with Butcher, and if possible defeat him.

However, like the other secret involving Stella, the second part is even more optional then usual. In fact, if you're playing on Setsuko's route and beat him in Chapter 8, then you don't need to beat him period. However, if you're playing on Rand's route, you absolutely have to. So have fun with that Brunom.

Priority 1, heal up Kei because I don't want him going down.

One nice thing about the Repair command is that it effects everyone in the Squad your repairing. Resupplying is different though.

The Battleships move up and it's time to go charge the other guys in.

Oh yeah, we have a lot of single units fighting squads! This is a bit irritating.

: It looks like the Eldar and Gaizock have joined forces.
: But, we’re also fighting together with others! We won’t lose!
: Shaddup, Uchuuta! The Jin Family are the only ones who can take out the Gaizock!
: No way I’m gonna let someone else beat the freaks who wrecked our town! I’m gonna do this!

Kappei, I think you need to calm down a little.

Next up, Toshiya.

: A bunch of aliens show up right where we went. Were they just passing by or something?
: No…this doesn’t look like a coincidence. From what we’ve seen over the previous battle, the enemy’s clearly targeting God Sigma – especially the Eldar.
: That works for me! If the enemy’s coming over, it saves us the trouble of going after them!
: Toshiya…sometimes I can’t help but envy that positive attitude of yours.
: Let’s go, Julie, Kiraken! We’ll show them the power of the Trinity Energy!

Next, Team Spazer.

: Damn it! They wouldn’t be doing whatever the hell they want if we had ended Emperor Vega back then!
: Still, we’ll deal with them even if Duke Fleed isn’t around!

Oh darn it. So close.

Oh well, Toga can finish it off.

: W-will Japan be alright if there are aliens appearing even here…?!
: Uncle…
: G-Shadow, you don’t need to worry. Sandman will not surrender, no matter the enemy.
: Toga’s right! I can’t even imagine him losing to someone!
: Yes…thank you, Toga, Runa.
: Ha…that Toga. It’s not often he says passionate stuff like that.
: Hehe…that’s your influence, I think.
: That’s enough chatter. All Gran Divas – beginning the attack!
: Right on! Get to it, Toga!

Good job there, and with that I end the turn.

A bunch of them start swarming the Gran Kaiser, which sucks. It's pretty fragile before it can become Gravion.

Though a couple head down to Kei and Shaia, but it doesn't really amount to much.

Turn 4

Shinn having Accel is great, it's probably the most useful Spirit Command in the game. Others may have more powerful effects, but nothing has quite the utility as an extra two squares of movement. It's pretty much the only thing I really think about when making squads

Time for Quattro to get a few more kills!

That's five kills right there, more then enough for the secret requirement this stage.

Eureka takes the lead and Accel is cast to take out this guy with some help from Bright.

: (I’m gonna hang on today…! They’re already calling me “puker” so much…!)
: Renton…it’s under control now but keep a close eye on the Amita Drive. That’s your job.
: G-got it!
: (Sis…this is my position in the Gekkostate…)

That's one enemy Squad down.

Eureka gets a level of Lift Technique out of it and Matthew learns Alert.

Shaia heals up Quattro and Kamille.

The Gundam battleships move up while Kei moves up to do what he does best.
That is, do far more damage then he should.

Setsuko finishes the guy off.

Toga handles on on this end of the fight.

And Maria heals him because he took a beating last round.

Toshiya aims to finish off this guy with his handy ALL attack.

Kappei and the King Beal blows up the Brave Vegan Soldiers afterwards while Kappei moves into Butchers range, and my turn ends.

The enemy phase is mostly clean up, as the weakened squadmates of the enemies I beat suicide themselves against my mechs.

Luckily, Butcher does in fact target Kappei.

: Come on, Killer the Butcher! Take a look at ours and our ancestor’s hatred!
: HOHOHOHOHOHO! They fight relying on their emotions...these Earthlings really are dangerous animals!

Butcher still hits like a truck. Kappei was defending there.

Turn 5

This turn is mostly clean up. I don't want to charge towards Butcher.

I can show off the Gran Kaiser's strongest attack though

Toshiya finishes off the lot of them with God String.

Maria goes to handle this Vegan guy.

Kouji gets a level of Prevail out of it.

Kappei finishes off this Cosmosaur, and all that's left is that one UFO.

Who Setsuko destroys! Good job sister.

With the rest of my Reals having moved forwards, it's time to end the turn, and the enemy phase is uneventful. Teral attacks Toshiya, but he defends and tanks the damage.

The final part will be on Monday!