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Part 74: Mission 21 (Rand) - Memories of a Father

Mission 21 (Rand) - Memories of a Father

Rand and Mel quickly reach the point where they’re supposed to meet up with Asakim. Whatever’s going on, the guy saved Mel’s life and Rand plans on paying him back.
First things first: Mel sees something approaching and it’s the same mob of Chiram as before. Once again, they were trying to find the singularity, got some weak readings over here and came to investigate.
Orders are to capture anyone that’s detected, so that’s what the leader tells his mooks to do. Rand wonders if they’re the ones chasing after Asakim but, since they decided to start a fight, he isn’t going to go easy on them.
Mel’s eager to wrap this up before Asakim shows up and, while Rand’s got no beef against the Chiram, he’ll do this as a matter of professional honor.

Mission Objective: Destroy all enemies
Mission Failure: Rand shot down
Skill Point: Destroy all enemies by the end of turn 3

Observant people may have noticed that Rand wasn’t flying during the above pictures: that’s because it was on my first run through this mission and I didn’t take it seriously, which ended up forcing me to restart once I missed the skill point.
So, take heed as this one can sneak up on you!
The Chiram’s all have better range than Rand, so you should keep that in mind when positioning yourself or they WILL snipe at you; furthermore, if the Gunleon doesn’t have something boosting his grades in the air, he won’t be able to oneshot them which can also screw you over.
Draw the enemies in by playing their range, get a Minovsky Craft on the Gunleon and this is easy enough.

Feel free to use all of Rand’s SP, too.

Just barely missed oneshotting it but it’s fine.

Enemy Phase!

The three closest Ishkicks attack, with Rand killing two and leaving the last one very weak.

Everyone else closes in.

Player Phase!

Marking the range of the nearest mooks on the ground, Rand moves just outside and oneshots another Ishkick.

Enemy Phase!

All but one Chiram get in range to attack; the smaller ones were easily oneshotted but let’s see how the leader does.

: They may not be as strong as those two, but it seems there are a few smaller Singularities the world over.
: Capturing this one will be of great help to Chiram! Seize him!

Rand’s at almost 170 morale, his Prevail is running a bit, he’s got an S in Air, the enemy’s small and he got a critical hit.
No kill like overkill, right?

Player Phase!

Rand’s the first unit to break 10k damage!


The Chiram’s are easily dealt with and the trail of destruction on Rand’s path makes Mel remember how he was in the old days. Still, Rand says he’s long since forgotten who he was before he met her father.
He’s no longer The Crusher – now, he’s THE HEAT!

Either way, Rand wonders where Asakim went off to but they’re soon interrupted by new arrivals.

: It’s the Federation Army this time!
: Oi, Asakim’s really gone and got himself in a mess!

: Urgh! I can’t dodge them all in one go!

: You alright, Mel?!
: I’m fine but what about you?! You’re hurt!
: Easy, Mel! Something like this ain't nothing next to the boss’s punches…!
: Let’s go, Gunleon! Take the fire of my soul!!

: Whoa! Gunleon’s getting stronger with your fighting spirit!
: Gunleon’s part of me, so my HEAT's got him all fired up!
: Well done, THE HEAT.

: Asakim! You’re safe!
: Forgive me, Mel, Rand. You ended up getting involved in my problems.
: Forget about it, man! We’re already wanted by the Feds, anyway!
: And, for a friend, I’ll eat the poison and even lick the plate!
: Thank you, THE HEAT. You’re a good man.
: Thanks for the pat on the back but we gotta put an end to these mooks pronto! Come on, bud!
: Yes.
: Hold it right there!

The game only allows you to deploy 1 ship and 8 squads for this, mind.
Löwen deploys right alongside our troops.

: We’ve finally found you, Rand!
: Thanks for showing the way, Cpt. Löwen.
: It was no problem at all.
: Hey, folks...why are you here?
: What do you mean “why”?! We're here to help you!
: That’s right! What do you think could’ve happened if we didn’t find you?!
: Hey, I appreciate it but...this is something Asakim asked ME to do, so…
: Hey, don’t you go all aloof on us! We’re in this together!
: How many times did you help us before? We’ll readily lend you a hand.
: Aw, you guys…
: What then, repairman…? We could always go back if we’re in the way.
: Yeah. You can deal with the rest by yourself then, Rand.
: Ah, don't be like that! I’m grateful, I really am!
: Urgh, stifling!
: The enemies appear to be an unmanned platoon. So, I’ll assist in this battle!
: Are you sure, Cpt. Löwen?
: Testing out my unit is one of the reasons why I came to this region...! I’m ready!
: Ok, Cap! We’re counting on you, too!
: Rand… looks like you’ve been blessed with great friends.
: And you’re also one of them, Asakim!
: Thank you.
: (“Friend”, huh. What a pleasant word… quite nostalgic.)
: Alright, we’re having a dismantling convention today! Follow my darling’s lead, everyone!

Since I forgot to set the Nirvash up for deployment, we didn’t get the scene where Eureka gets back on the pilot seat.
It’s the same as Setsuko’s side, though.

We’ve a mess of AI-controlled federation mooks and they’re a bit far away; Toga can barely get in range, though.

A double attack easily deals with the main Dagger L while Sara and Gauli take away half the others’ HP.
Kappei follows it up, killing one of those.

And off goes Löwen to take the last one.

: This Chaos Leo was made to protect the order of this chaotic world!
: Behold its power!
Only now I noticed that he has legit “bishonen sparkles” in his cut-in…

As everyone else moves closer, Rand heads to the other edge of the enemy group and starts tearing shit up.

Go, buddy!

Ergh…well, at least it’s something.

Enemy Phase!

Another Dagger-L group decides to go after Rand and immediately pays for it.

These Mon-Soonos are gunning for Holland’s posse, though.

Hilda takes a level out of that, learning Gain.
Another batch of Mon-Soonos go after both Holland and Shinn, who answer with their TRI attacks – Holland blows the entire enemy squad away while Shinn fails to make a single kill…

The plot kicks in once some enemy squads are destroyed.

: I’ve found you… Asakim Dowin!
: …
: Feel the weight of my rage and my sorrow!
: That girl's going after Asakim?!
: Protect him, darling!
: That goes without sayin'!
: Asakim, prepare yourself!!
: Oh, no, you don't!!

: Aaaaah!!
: Urgh! You hurt Mel…how dare you?!
: Why… Why did you get in the way?!

*Warp noise!*

: That ringing--!
: A warp’s happening here?!
: I-it’s the same…! It’s just like when daddy disappeared!!
: Mel!
: I remember…on that day, the two of you were piloting the Gunleon…
: You were fighting with some Breakers and, like today, the Gunleon took damage and you were hurt…
: Hang in there, Mel! This ain't the place to think about that!

: Darling…!
: The ringing's gone?!
: The space-time warp vanished…!
: I don’t know who you are…but I'll show you no mercy if you stand in my way!
: Right back at you, miss! I’ll make you regret gunning for my friend and hurting Mel!
: Be careful, Rand…! She’s strong.
: Don’t kill her, though. I want to know why she’s attacking me.
: Roger that, Asakim!
: You oughta be thankful, miss! Because of my friend here, I’ll only give you a semi-dismantling!

Rand gets mobbed by three other squads, killing a Marasai and a Hi-Zack.

Setsuko, however, goes straight for Asakim. Just to be safe, I’ll have him dodge.

: Setsuko Ohara…you’re still pursuing me?
: You’re the one who’s been coming after me, Asakim Dowin!
: I’m afraid there’s some sort of misunderstanding…

Setsuko vs. Asakim: “Chief and Toby’s killer...I’ll destroy you!!”
Don’t know if this is a Setsuko-specific line (probably not) but: “Hmhmhm…I’m glad I found a prey such as you.”

Player Phase!

You hurt my friend! DIE!!

: That’s a pretty swanky machine you got there, miss!
: Are you making fun of my Virgola?!
: Not at all. I’m a mechanic, so I can’t quite dislike someone who values their unit so much.
: Even so, you’re Asakim’s ally so I won’t hesitate to fight you!
: Bring it, girl! I’ll take on anyone who goes after my friends!
I’ve been trying to get it since the start of the game!

We get a piddly Chobham Armor for our troubles.

Setsuko isn’t about to lose the Virgola here and flees before Rand can break it down.
Asakim wonders if she still intends to keep pursuing him…

Athrun and Holland get working on another pair of enemy squads.

Hopefully Löwen can take some of these down.

Or he could kill one and leave the others barely alive…fine.

Our group keeps spreading out, with Camille and Toshiya both leaving weakened squads in their wake.

Cut him down, Marin.
Good man.

Toga and company go for Camille’s squad, killing two Mon-Soonos – the last one falls to Kappei.

Maybe Shinn can take this one Windam down?

He does, with some nice assists from Luna and Rey.

Talia and Asakim each pick their targets and grab an easy kill.

Enemy Phase!

Yeesh! The enemy AI has a real problem with Rand: he gets jumped by five squads, killing one unit in each.
Holland also gets attacked and a TRI attack kills both Mon-Soonos.

Oddly enough, this Daughtress moves towards Rand but decides to take a shot at Baldios.
How do you parry a beam attack?!

Player Phase!

A combined assault by Athrun and Löwen kills both a Gadeel and Daughtress, leaving the last one heavily injured.

Easy prey for Toshiya.

Good man.

Kappei and Toga quickly dispatch two of the last mooks.

Are you taunting me, Sandman…?

Let’s wrap this up.


The enemy troops are destroyed and Quattro asks Löwen if he knows anything about these drones we fought: he figures these are part of the border guards, unmanned due to an acute personnel shortage in the Federation.
As for Asakim, he thanks both Rand and his friends for the help but that’s hardly necessary for Rand. Still, he’d like to know if the Chiram and the Feds were chasing him and, while Asakim says it is what it looks like, he can’t tell us reason right here.
As for who the pissed off girl was, Asakim says he doesn’t know outside the fact that she’d been pursuing him for a while – he figures she might have him mixed up with someone else.

Either way, he’s leaving and apologizes for seemingly using them to sort his mess and then bailing (causing Rand to be wounded, too).
Rand tells him not to worry as his injury isn’t that bad. Asakim figures that Rand’s got quite the strong spirit but he says it’s all because of his boss trained said spirit.
Asakim sees that Rand won’t even scream in pain so long as that spirit remains unbroken and, with a wish to see him again, leaves. Rand feels the same, telling him to come over for a drink once his problems are taken care of.

: He’s a pretty strange man...
: Coming and going as he pleases…like the wind.
: …
: What’s up, Mel? You didn’t even wave goodbye to your dear Asakim.
: Darling…
: Do you know something about the moment my daddy disappeared…?
: That’s...
: You DO know something! Why are you keeping that from me, Darling?!
: …This ain’t the time to talk about it…not yet.
: Darling...

Following that, we have the same scene as before: Löwen tells us of the new Phantom Pain, adds that the Chimera Squad is building its own forces and will help us directly once it’s finished and tells us about Edel.

Like Setsuko, Rand also has a remix of his theme.

: Hey, Mel. It’ll be dark soon…let’s go back.
: Chil’s right, Mel. You’re gonna freeze up at this rate.
: Hm…
: Finding out that Rand’s been hiding something really shocked you, huh?
: But that’s…I’m sure there’s a big reason for him to do that.
: I know, Gainer…I don’t think my darling would keep secrets without cause.
: It must be something that I wouldn’t want to know about my father’s disappearance…
: Well…why don’t you go ask Rand about it?
: No, he wouldn’t answer if I did…he always treats me like a kid…
: But, that’s…
: I know. I don’t match him at all...
: I thought I would eventually get taller and shapelier as I grew older…
: Mel…
: But no matter how much time passes, I remain a kid in his eyes…
: My daddy's been gone for four years…and, in that time, I haven’t grown an inch…I’m still a kid...
: Then endure it some more years.
: Gain…
: An honest man like Rand kept this secret all this time. It must’ve been painful for him, too.
: He was in pain?
: Adults seldom let their pain and sadness come out. Do you know why?
: No…
: Because we know those feelings can quickly devour us the second they surface.
: But wouldn’t it’d be better to just let it all out and done with it?
: And catch those around us in the crossfire? …That’s something a kid would do.
: Ah…
: He’s also weathering the storm. There are many things hidden behind that sweltering grin of his.
: About my daddy, too?
: That, I don’t know. What I do know, though, is that the two of you have been together all this time.
: ...
: Gain, are you also enduring something like that?
: Well…
: Anyone who gets to our age has something like that. The past tends to stick to the dark corners of your heart like mud.
: And though we don’t want to remember, it can sometimes resurface on its own…
: (In Jamil’s case, that’d be the war 15 years ago…)
: (It’s the same with Holland refusing to speak about his time in the army...)
: (Gauli, Quattro and the others must also have a past like that…)
: And…here I was pouting, without even considering my darling’s feelings…
: I guess…I really am a kid…
: Don’t worry about it. Kids should be kids…while they still can.
: But, Mel… share some of Rand’s burden someday, alright?
: Yes…

: Heeey, Mel! So, that’s where you were!
: Darling…
: Listen...I’m sorry for going behind your back. Please forgive me…!
: No, no…you’re a grown man. I understand.
: Really...? I guess Gain explained it to you...


: Hey, Gainer! She’s okay with it, so let’s hop on the UN and check that site again! (Oh…)
: Huuh?!
: That apology wasn’t because of those secrets?!
: Ah…well, I’ll tell you everything soon enough.
: When I’m grown up?
: Yeah…I’ll tell you when you’re taller than me!
: IDIOT! How can a girl get so stupidly huge?!
: HAHAHA! You better get cracking on growing up, then, Mel!
: This guy...I’m embarrassed that I ever felt sorry for him...!
: Princess Ana…Is Rand really the man Gain was talking about…?
: I don’t know…
: *Ah-hem!* If you would, Mr. Rand.
: Hm? And you’re…
: Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Captain Löwen General, of the Chimera Squad.
: Oh, you're the guy in that gold lion mech?
: That’s the Chaos Leo. A unit developed by the Chimera Squad.
: Also, Mel... Löwen here'll be giving us a hand looking for the boss.
: Really?!
: The New Federation has confirmed that several warps took place prior to the “Break the World”.
: If we investigate those…we might find something about your father.
: Thank you so much, Cpt. Löwen!
: Don’t worry about it. We’re comrades, after all.
: Hey…for a Fed, you’re a pretty cool guy.
: (Boss…I wonder which'll happen first: us finding you or Mel growing up…)
: (If she does grow up, I might have no choice but to tell her about it…)
: (When I do...I wonder if we’ll ever be able to laugh together like this again...)