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Part 83: Mission 25 - Prologue

Another big mission ahead of us and the game gives 15 slots to deploy, with Aquarion being an event unit.
Fortunately, Sayaka and Jun can pilot the Grendizer units, so they ditch their crummy mechs:
No room for Boss, sadly, and Jiron had to tag into Rand’s squad but I’ll be switching him to the front oftenly, if only because he can support attack.
We’re headed into a big battlefield, so make sure you have your accelerate/boost users spread nicely.

Now let’s move on to the plot – lots of new faces to meet on this one.

Location: Atlandia

We find Johannes, the Elder Angel, asking Holy Angel Touma to tell them about his dream.
He says he’s had a holy dream but Shilha, the Information Angel (that’s the lion-esque one), thinks he’s playing games with them.

Goushi, the silent Herculean Angel, also seems doubtful and it falls on Otoha, the Music Angel, to ask them to be patient. Moroha, Warrior Angel, says they’re all worried Touma will sleep for millennia once again but he says they needn’t do so.
He will not rest until he’s returned the Wings of the Sun to them and, as Johannes wonders, Touma confirms it’s connected to that “holy dream” of his: a dream of reviving this world, fouled by the wingless, by returning it to the angels.
He’ll bring the Wings of the Sun back and, with his power, will evolve the tree of life and give birth to a new world.

Renshi, Archetypal Angel, seems taken with this vision and Johannes also likes it. Touma is certain that, with the evolution of the tree of life, they’ll be able to break the everlasting prison that’s holding them and Atlandia.
Johannes leaves that duty to Touma, then, but Moroha is doubtful that he can pull it off. Otoha tells him to mind his manners but, despite these being Johannes’ orders, he won't let it rest.
Moroha remembers the old days in Atlandia where he and many other warriors competed and tested their might in valiant rituals of combat. However, thanks to Apollonius’ betrayal, the lives of so many angels have been lost and the light of those rituals will soon fade – he will not sit idly and let Touma be the Wings’ only opponent!

Johannes asks if he has a plan, then, and Moroha has already asked Renshi to build a new Cherubim for him to use, which he vows will be worthy of Moroha’s unparalleled skill.
Shilha acknowledges Renshi’s divine touch and thinks this could work, so Touma accepts to let Moroha handle the next deployment. Moroha sniffs that Touma better not complain if his beloved Wings of the Sun gets “a bit” hurt in the process but, in reality, Touma says Moroha should be the one to keep an eye out.
He senses the darkness surrounding the wingless - those wicked demons, included.

Location: New Saotome Institute

Tetsuya hasn’t wasted any time, putting a bunch of people through training with the help of the other resident drill sergeants.
Kappei’s trying his best to do his jumping jacks and Gauli’s quick to yell at both him and Lunamaria for their poor form. When Bello asks, Gainer says it’s some radio gymnastics thing and Garrod’s quick to complain that he only came over to take a look at how DEAVA trains and got roped into taking part in it.
Truth be told, though, Jun says these gymnastics are preferable to what the Elements usually go through but it’s not because their usual training is so much tougher – it’s just incomprehensible (Fudou’s orders, of course). Raita cuts in right then, telling them to quit running their mouths.

Miashey’s a bit scared at his attitude and Jamie says that he used to be a drill instructor at a military academy, so they figured he’d make a good coach. That said, having both him and Tetsuya working together only makes this training a whole lot tougher.
Jerome likes seeing this orderly conduct and it seems Fudou asked Tetsuya and the others to handle this while he went someplace else. From what Rena’s heard, it seems Tetsuya met Fudou while he was off training in the wilderness and both men made an impression on each another.
Either way, Jerome thinks having some regular training is necessary considering how many times Fudou orders the Elements to go with his more “abstract” regimens and, if anything, Sophia figures doing some physical activity outdoors is good for their health.

: …
: …S-such an amazing physique…Galian men are so muscular…
: Get outta here, Fatman! That’s not exercising – you’re just flexing!
: We know that you’re strong, so go away!
: …
: Ah…you made him cry…


: Aaaand one, two...
: Three, four...
: Five, six…
: Seven, eight…
: Hey…something stinks around here!
: It really does…!
: Do…do I smell sake?
: Whoopsie…! We men just had a little bit of fun last evening...
: We were celebrating the mission’s success and this sake that Fudou brought us was especially good.
: The wine Mr. Sandman had was also superb.
: So you say but you’re all very hung-over.
: Master Kei, for shame! And you old men, too!
: W-we know, robot girlie…! But, please, keep your voice down…
: And don’t ya go calling us all “old men”.
: Well, what should we call you, then? “Uncle”? “Pops”? “Grandpa”? “Old Timer”? “Elder”? “Senior”?
: We’ll call you any of those until you can’t take it anymore.
: I beg you two...please let this go...
: You youngsters should be ashamed! Move those carcasses and sweat out the alcohol!
: (And here comes Kengoh and his lectures…)
: (I’m so not gonna put up with this if it turns into a fitness boom…)
: Kengoh’s right! Here we go, darling! Deep breaths!
: Uurgh...if you press my stomach like that, I’ll—
: Bluuaaargh…!
: Ew! The old man puked!
: Gross!
: …
: That harsh stare of yours is too much for me...
: (Sis…it’s now pretty clear to me what’s the on/off switch for adult men...)

: …
: Yo, Negotiator! You’re not going to exercise?
: Forgive me…but I have a meeting with Mr. Sandman right after this.
: If you’ll excuse me…

*Roger leaves.*

: Roger also drank with Holland and the others, right? Now that’s a slick guy.
: Pfeh. You’re way too innocent, Renton.
: His eyes are very bloodshot under those sunglasses. He’s just as hung-over as any of us.
: That’s…
: It’s true. That’s how any grown man is.
: (Sis…that was the sound of my admiration for adults crumbling away…)

I originally wasn’t going to translate this but…yeah.
I suppose it’s only fair that I translate Setsuko’s version of this talk – it starts right after Fatman gets shooed off.

: Hrm! Ooof…!
: What’cha doing, Shinn? You’re lagging behind! Did you skip out on breakfast?!
: The hell… What’s the point any of this…?
: A pilot has to hone his body. Didn’t you do this in the academy?
: I get that but I’m graduated now. Having to do this again is—
: What’s wrong? Don’t you have muscle enhancements or something?
: It’s not like all Coordinators excel at everything, you know…!
: And that’s why you should train a bit of everything. Come on…start working those bones if you got time to complain!
: Fine, I get it! I’ll do it, I’ll do it!
: Toshiya, Kiraken, I thought about this before but... you came from our world, yet you don’t have any prejudice against Coordinators...
: Well, the two of us took part in the colonization of Io.
: There’s no room to debate about Naturals and Coordinators over there. So the people just don’t care about stuff like that.
: I’m glad to hear that.
: By the by, why did you decide to join the colonization team?
: I can’t speak for my dad and the others, but I was attracted by that one discovery from George Glenn.
: “That discovery”… You mean Evidence 01?
: That’s the one!
: What is it?
: It’s a fossil of an extraterrestrial life found in one of Jupiter’s moons in our world.
: It was a really strange animal, like a whale with wings.
: I saw it when I was a kid and, thanks to that, started to get interested in George Glenn and Jupiter.
: Wow, you’re quite the romantic, Toshiya.
: Oh, stop it, Meyrin. It’s not that big of a deal.
: I wanted to head out into deep space, so I only went to Jupiter because I thought it’d be my first step towards it.
: Either way, whatever you do, your body is important! That’s the same for anyone, Coordinator or not, Shinn!
: But why does Camille get a free pass when I'm stuck here?
: He’s with Amuro and the others, helping with Setsuko’s own training.
: Huh? Setsuko’s running the simulator again?
: She’s a strange girl… always training whenever she’s not deployed.
: But she’s quickly getting stronger, thanks to all that hard work.
: Would you like to try it along with her, Katz?
: I’ll pass. My body’s already wrecked after this…
: All the more reason why you should strengthen your body!
: Right! Look, it feels so good to put your body to work! (Jumping jacks!)
: …
: …
: What’s wrong, you two? Why did you get all quiet?
: That’s…Ms. Mizuki…the boys…you’re not embarrassed at where they’re looking?
: Oh! Sorry, I didn’t even notice! I should wear some less revealing clothes for this, huh?
: …Men…
: I am not going be left in the dust…! We have to double our efforts, Leele, Meyrin…
: Right…! One day, I WILL surpass Mizuki and my sister…!

I’ve a feeling that Obari took someone’s keyboard and wrote the rest of the scene once the writers went out for coffee.
Either way, the rest plays out the same.

Jiron quickly notices that Sirius and Apollo aren’t present and Reika says the Getter Team went searching for them.
Tetsuya has a feeling that they’re deliberately skipping out on his training, so he also sets off to look for them, leaving Raita in charge of everything. Jun is happy to see him Tetsuya so energized and Kouji’s also glad that his friend got a full “power-up”.
Silvia is less than joyous considering he’s left the “devil coach” in charge but Sayaka isn’t listening. Maria asks if she’s hurt somewhere but, quickly recovering, she insists everything’s alright.
Inwardly, though, Maria sees that Sayaka’s been acting weird for a while now.

Sirius is off in the Saotome Lab's rose garden reciting poetry but he’s interrupted once he spots Apollo hiding nearby.
Sirius figures Apollo’s skipping out on training and, when the question gets thrown back at him, says that further physical conditioning is unnecessary for him (he’s totally skipping class too, Apollo realizes). Either way, Apollo came here following his nose and is quite impressed at all the roses in this garden.
Sirius says it was Saotome’s wife who grew these and, since the Elements are lodged in the lab, he’s been given permission to come here freely.

Apollo laughs that this place suits the snobby prince nicely but Sirius wouldn’t expect him to be able to understand the beauty of a rose.
When Apollo asks, he says roses are delicate flowers, requiring a lot of care to bloom so beautifully. Apollo understands somewhat and Sirius, inwardly, finds himself wondering if this ignorant savage really is the reincarnation of Apollonius.
He refuses to accept it and, while Apollo wonders why he’s glaring at him like that, thinks that it was a mistake to allow someone like him to join DEAVA – if Apollo wasn’t around, he’d…

His train of thought is interrupted by Tetsuya’s arrival, surprising Apollo.
He's willing to let Apollo off the hook if he puts in a full hundred laps around the base, and only smiles menacingly when Apollo asks what would happen if he simply didn't come back. He gets the message, though, and quickly runs off to do his laps.
Sirius smirks at how easily the "beast" was cowed by Tetsuya's spirit but he doesn’t think so, considering how Apollo didn’t notice the malice Sirius was projecting in his direction. Sirius seemingly hadn’t noticed it either but Tetsuya understands, adding that his malice stems from the jealousy he feels towards Apollo.

Sirius frowns at the accusation and Tetsuya says that, while Sirius is free to deny it, he won’t be able to fool him as he once felt that same feeling. So, Tetsuya says that he should admit it and move on, lest it come back to haunt him in ways he won't be able to fix.
Sirius tells him to mind his own business and to stop with the psychoanalysis.

Before long, Silvia comes running but it’s not because the training’s done – our commanders have come up with a plan to overthrow the Hundred Demons Empire.
Seems like the decisive battle’s at hand and Silvia wants to sortie along with Sirius on this one.
He’s more than willing to do so in order to show the strength of the Alicia family to both the demons and the “beast” (Tetsuya, of course, isn’t very confident).

Location: Tokyo

Dokuganki has a plan of his own and he’s summoned all the infiltrated demons over to take part of it. He reports the intel he got on ZEUTH, tagging us as a group of “outlaws”, backed by the Plant’s Chairman, who’s forced its way into Japan. (I guess that’s true… ).
As for why he’s gathered the moles here, he relates the order from command to bring about an end to us – they’ll put all moles in one place and use it as bait for our group. The government has already ordered our people to present themselves, so all that’s left is to sit back and watch ZEUTH get slaughtered as they walk into a trap.
First things first, though, ZEUTH will be arriving soon and Dokuganki has the mole vice-minister of defense prepare an official ultimatum to deliver to our “invading” troops – with that, they’ll be able to appeal to the masses with their righteousness.

With what little time remains, Dokuganki proposes a toast and the wait staff, including a new butler, is ready to serve.
Sandman’s maids are part of the group and eagerly pour a lot of sake for them. Dorothy’s also present and coldly hands a glass to Dokuganki (“What an unsociable maid…” he says.).
Marinia apologizes, saying Dorothy’s new at the job but Norman’s there to cover for her, handing out glasses of booze to everyone present. With that, Dokuganki and the guests toast to ZEUTH’s destruction.