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Part 85: Mission 25 - The Lair of Darkness - Part 2

Rand and Roger will remain in Moroha's area, hunting whichever Cherubims remain; following both their attacks, a regular Cherubim and a Graave are left very hurt.

Over by the demons, we’re using whatever means available to kill as many of the Mecha Tekkouki’s as we can before Hidler gets in range.

Not bad at all.

Tetsuya and Kouji are still working on some Mecha Dokugankis and Toshiya follows it up, killing the leader.

Can you do something about these, Eureka?

Alright, that’s one down.

Elsewhere, Camille TRIs another batch of Dokugankis (getting screwed by the RNG in the process) and Hayato easily finishes off the leader.

Get to it, Gain!

Ah…I was hoping to kill both but I’ll take it.

Making sure to stay out of Hidler’s range, Tekkouki finishes the job; also, I discovered that the Drill Spazer has a post-movement TRI attack, so Maria pops it on some Mecha Tekkoukis.

Enemy Phase!

Tetsuya takes another Dokuganki down while Rand and Roger kill all but one Fallen Angel.

Maria will stay on the offensive.

Both her and Maai take some not-insignificant damage but they still grab a kill.
The other two Mecha Tekkouki squads also attack her but she dodges everything.

Hidler’s right in our face now.

Player Phase!

We still have one more turn on the timer, so let’s focus on killing the remaining mooks: Holland and Athrun weaken two groups with their TRI and ALL attacks.
This one, however, is weak enough for Shinn to cut through.

Following that, Quattro and Gavane lead the charge for some more group damage.

Get rid of this thing, Roger.


Gainer falls just short of a double kill while Kouji disintegrates the last Dokuganki.

Following that, Tekkouki kills one of his copies.

Time for Toshiya to take out another.
I like the ground > air version of the Peerless Sword.

Kei and Marin perform their clean-up duties and we’re FINALLY done with the mooks.

It’s damn near certain Hidler will gun for Getter next turn, so I’ll have everyone get in position and keep Alert on Ryouma’s squad.

Enemy Phase!

All according to plan.

: Damn you, Getter Robo! All our plans went awry ever since you brought ZEUTH along with you!
: Shut up, Hidler! We won’t let you have your way with Japan OR the world!
: You did bring out that huge ship, though, so we might as well have our decisive battle right here.
: Get ready, Hundred Demon Empire! This is your last night!

Fair enough.

Player Phase!

Let’s take this fucker down!

: Come here, Hidler! I got a score to settle with you!
: You mean the Photon Power Lab?!
: Yeah but it’s not just about the lab!
: How could you wreck my pilot suit like that?! I really liked it!!
: W-what?!
: I’m gonna take my anger for both the lab and my suit out on you!!

: Pathetic, Tekkouki! You would team up with humans just to oppose me?
: For me, the real disgrace was when you disrespected my research…!
: Hidler, I’ll never forgive you for that!
: Before I deal with the Getter, I’ll make you feel the true power of my Mecha Tekkouki!
Hidler’s Hundred Demon Fighters Simultaneous Attack changes between aerial and ground-based targets.

“The awesome Apollo ain’t scared of demons!” – Apollo versus, of course, demons.

Normally, I’d let Getter take this kill but they’ve gotten more than enough experience, so…

: Grr! Our problems started the second you destroyed that barrier!
: You'd throw a tantrum while ignoring your own incompetence? Pathetic.
: Hrmf?!
: No comeback? Then we’re done talking!
: From here on out, you’ll only have time to scream whenever you open your mouth!!
: I-is this guy a demon?!
: I can be one when I'm fighting villains! Get ready!

Hidler drops another Minovsky Craft. FYI, Sayaka did have lines against him but she would’ve had no way of surviving the encounter:

: Come, Marshal Hidler! Face me!
: Tekkouki’s meddling saved you at the lab but I will crush you now!
: You tormented my father and me, and trampled over Tekkouki’s spirit – I’ll never forgive you for that!

Hidler knows that he cannot afford to lose this mech in a place like this, so he leaves Dokuganki in charge of taking us out and runs off.
Tekkouki spits that he’s, as always, all bark, no bite. That said, Kouji’s knows we’ve nothing to fear from Hidler’s bluff just as we didn’t have to fear his ship.

Quite. Because there’s nothing left!

Both Dokuganki and the Vice-Minister are aghast that “mere” humans were able to defeat them and the Mecha Fortress Demon. No, it was their own ego, who made them underestimate those humans, that led to their defeat, says a certain man.
Said man does not care to introduce himself to villains, though, and Cookie (Combat Maid!) reports in, saying they’ve closed off all floors and began arresting all the demon partygoers. It falls on Beauty to explain that they spiked the demons’ drinks with sleeping pills and Reika says it’s their turn to face the music.

Dokuganki realizes all too late that we had this hotel under our control from the get-go and both he and the vice-minister try to make a run for it. As they leave, Mr. Sunbro smirks at their stubbornness, knowing that it’s all pointless.
Aboard the King Beal, Umee receives a transmission from Sandman, saying that the situation at the hotel will be resolved shortly and Heizaemon’s glad to hear the plan was a success. Kappei’s psyched at this total victory for us but Benkei says it’s not over yet.

Indeed, Ryouma asks Tekkouki what he’ll do now and he knows the Empire is no longer his home – all that’s left for him is to settle matters with Getter and challenges them to a duel!
Ryouma tells everyone to let them face him alone and, while Michiru’s worried, Hayato says the guy betrayed his Empire for a chance to battle them and Benkei adds that they’d be dishonoring themselves if they didn’t accept it.
Gengoroh accepts and, out of respect for Tekkouki’s chivalry, promises that we won’t interfere.

: All unit, return to the ships!
: Ryou, don’t you lose this!
: Show him the true power of the Getter Robo!
: Tekkouki…
: It’s pointless to try to stop me, woman. I’ve even abandoned my nation just for this moment.
: I understand that. But there’s just one thing that I want to say.
: Thank you for saving me…

*All units return to the ships and pull back to the hotel*

: “Thank you”, huh…? Hm…that’s the second time I’ve heard those words throughout my whole life...
: Woman…you’ve my gratitude. You’ve taught me so much that I didn’t know.

*Getter and Tekkouki get in position.*

: Let’s do this, Tekkouki! We…Getter will never be defeated!
: Come, Getter Robo! I’ve dedicated my entire life for this – the ultimate battle of my Mecha Tekkouki!

Secret Alert!

This isn’t too difficult: Getter’s fully replenished for this, so spam Getter Beam and other strong attacks while using any defensive spirits available.

: Getter Robo! As per my challenge, we’ll end everything right now!
: Tekkouki, have you been you fighting just to beat us?!
: That’s right! I care nothing for Emperor Brai’s or his plans of world domination!
: As a scientist, I live only to create a robot strong enough to surpass you!
: Hmph…You’re a lot pettier than I thought.
: What?!
: You’re doing this only for your self-satisfaction!
: And we won’t be defeated by such a man! We can’t be!

Even got a lucky crit. Nice.

Enemy Phase!

Ryouma’s luck is going strong and he dodges an 88% shot.
We just trade blows on the next phase, so let’s skip ahead.

Can we wrap this up now? This mission has been too damn huge…

: It’s over, Tekkouki!
: I lost…my Mecha Tekkouki lost…
: Of course you did. The Getter isn’t your average combat mech.
: It embodies Prof. Saotome’s lifelong research on Getter Rays.
: And we fight alongside the Getter to protect what’s important to us!
: I’ve been defeated as both a scientist and as a warrior…?
: Kill me, then, Getter Robo! That is your right as the victor!
: That’s the logic of a demon.
: You’re not a member of the Hundred Demon Empire anymore, so don’t think like one.
: What…?
: That’s right, Tekkouki! I know you were touched by the human heart, so you should be able to find a different path than that of a demon!
: You’re…telling me to live as a human?
: It doesn’t matter if it’s as a human or a demon. But we think you, as a man, can find a better way.
: Not only that, there’s still room to improve your Mecha Tekkouki. Or would you also destroy that potential?
: …
: Come with us, Tekkouki. We’ll show you the right path in this foreign world.
: …Understood, Getter Robo. I will…live this once-forsaken life alongside you all.
: Tekkouki...
: S-Sayaka...aren’t you worrying about him a bit too much…?
: Aw, that’s alright. I’m here for you, Kouji!
: What are you talking about, Maria?! You can’t just take Kouji for yourself!
: I don’t understand…Is that what’s called “human drama”…?

Here we have it: if you have Getter fight Tekkouki on mission 24 and defeat him in three turns on this one, he joins the team!

Tekkouki's another good squaddie and he's actually pretty damn powerful - I think I always kept him and Michiru as Getter's teammates.

The demons should be pushed out of Japan now but, considering the number of key positions that had been infiltrated by them. Athrun knows it’ll be a while before the country fully recovers from its chaotic state.
Of course, Rey sees that it’ll be difficult for us to get their help for Zaft until it’s all fixed but Löwen gets on the mic and tells us it’ll be alright.

Everyone’s surprised to see him here and he informs us that, thanks to us, Japan will rejoin the New Federation.
This news comes as a shock to us but Heizaemon concedes that doing so is the best way for the country to rebuild, especially considering how its independence was the demons’ doing. This isn’t bad for us, though, as Löwen informs that the process will be helmed by the Chimera’s squad.
In other words, it’ll be the same as if we had guaranteed Japan’s cooperation, so it looks like we’ll be able to carry out Durandal’s request. That said, Holland is not happy with this situation…

Meanwhile, Dokuganki has fled in such haste that his pawn the Vice-Minister got left behind and he’s quickly discovered by the "unsociable maid" from before.
“Wrong…I’m not really a maid,” she says before delivering an incredibly powerful punch. The vice minister then realizes that she’s not a human – she’s a MONSTER!!
Mr. Sunbro then shows up, saying that he’s being quite rude to a lady.

Banjou (he finally reveals his name!) blasts the demon and makes him reveal his true form. He concedes that the demon’s plan was quite formidable BUT it all ends here.
Banjou won’t allow the demon to escape and plans on making him tell everything he knows about his Empire. The demon will not submit, however, and opts to blow himself up rather than be captured.
This display of resolve worries Banjou, who figures they could be more dangerous than he gave them credit for. Dorothy is still around and, while he’s worried, there doesn’t seem to be any injuries on her.

Roger shows up right then, telling THE STORM that he needn’t be concerned as Dorothy’s an android – Banjou’s rather impressed that the Negotiatior knows that name.
Roger’s heard mention of him here and there while prowling society’s underworld (he’s quite disliked in those circles): “The mysterious multi-millionaire, THE STORM. The man who is one with the Sun…the famous Banjou Haran.”
That saves Banjou the need of introducing himself and he’s pleased to make Roger’s acquaintance. Toppo, the kid from Siberia, shows up with Reika and Beauty, telling Banjou that the remaining demons have already been captured.

He thanks him for the hard work and Reika remembers this being the same hotel she infiltrated way back when (Setsuko’s mission 6) while searching for Banjou but she certainly didn’t expect she’d come back here to pour sake for demons. That’d be Sandman and Fudou’s doing, though, as they remembered how Onis had a weakness to strong drink in the Japanese legends.
Banjou extends his thanks to the two of them, Garrison (the other butler) and Sandman’s maids. Beauty protests she also poured drinks for the demons so she wants her share of praise, which he happily provides.

Roger’s also impressed with Dorothy and how she took the opportunity to learn etiquette from Sandman’s maids while preparing for the operation – she says she just watched what they did and knew what to do, mind.
That said, she also learned that Roger’s fashion sense is, indeed, the worst. Roger volunteers to explain the differences between his aesthetics and Sandman’s but one night might not be enough time to cover it. Is she interested in hearing about it?
“Correction. You’re both awful,” she deadpans. Regardless, Sandman says today’s victory is thanks to her and all the other maids and butlers as the demon’s undoing was focusing too much on ZEUTH and failing to realize that there’s more to a battle than the front lines.
The problem now will be getting Japan back in order and Fudou wonders if they’ll be able to do so in the time it takes for the demons to recover.

Back at the King Beal, we’re being told that all the captured demons killed themselves as soon as they recovered consciousness.
They all yelled Brai’s name while blowing up and, as confirmed by Tekkouki, we now know that to be the name of their leader. Bright’s surprised at how much discipline he commands from his troops but, at least, Gengoroh says we were be able to get some good insight on the Hundred Demon Empire from Tekkouki.
One of the most important bits is the information that the demon’s HQ is located on a moving, artificial island and, since we can’t get a bead on its location, Talia says it won’t be possible to launch an attack for now.

In the end, we’ve no choice but to wait for them to make their move and both Heizaemon and Kazami know that might mean another invasion of Japan. Of course, that’s what Löwen and the Chimera Squad are here to prevent and he enters the bridge right then.
Talia is the first to thank him for the help today and, from the looks of things, sees that negotiations with the Japanese government seem to be pretty much complete. Showing that his gynophobia is still going strong, Löwen stammers that the actual conference between the government and the Federation was led by Edel via transmission and he’s just the middle man.

That said, there’s another man with Löwen and he requests an introduction: Captain Schlan Opel, also a member of the Chimera Squad.
He’s heard much about us and is glad to meet everyone in person. Löwen says Schlan and his platoon have been left in charge of maintaining order across Japan’s cities and Gengoroh thinks it’ll be a tough job, as the populace will be confused with their country’s return to the Federation.
Still, Schlan isn’t worried and says, without false modesty, he’s managed to restore order in many other chaotic regions – he promises to guide Japan towards the future the nation desires. Löwen has complete faith in him, saying Schlan and his platoon are specialists on this kind of mission.

Talia’s reassured by this and Schlan asks that we entrust Japan’s restoration to the Chimera Squad. With that, our people will take our newly added Mazinger and Getter teams and head towards our next objective but not before Löwen gives us a bit of financial aid for our trouble.
With the addition of both teams and the support of the Chimera Squad, Talia will be very happy to report the success of their mission to get Japanese support to Durandal but…

Jamil and Holland then enter, asking her to wait a bit as, unfortunately, this’ll be where they part ways.
It seems they don’t quite like how things are working out with us...

At San Germain Castle, Rand’s saying his farewells to some folk, starting with Loran. The kid wishes him well and for him to find his boss.
Indeed, finding the man is Rand and Mel’s main goal and, the way things are going, they would be neck-deep in the Zaft/Federation fight and that’s not what they want. Sochie angrily asks if Rand’s okay with the world being controlled by the bad guys within the Federation.

He isn’t, of course, but that doesn’t mean he thinks everything will all fine and dandy if the Plants won the war. Holland agrees with him and adds that, in the end, nothing will change regardless of which side is the victor.
Loran doesn’t think so, though, and he also doesn’t believe Gwen and Durandal think that way. Since it’s coming from someone like Loran, Rand finds it himself to believe a wee bit in what he’s saying – either way, he still wishes the kid to be good.

On Setsuko’s side, she bids her farewell to Renton and he asks if she really doesn’t wanna come with them. Sadly, she can’t, as she’s joined the Argama crew (at least for now) in order to become strong enough that she and the Virgola won’t lose to anyone.
Kei understands now why she’s been training so much with Camille and Amuro and tells her that the Glomar, Iron Gear, Gekko and Freeden will be going off on their own. Setsuko remembers how the Glomar was headed towards the Emaanian nation, so there isn’t much that could be done about that.
Still, she wishes him well and he does the same. He understands how she feels but tells her not to push herself too hard.

Kouji will leave the rest of the Demon business to the Getter Team and Ryouma promises to locate their HQ. Hayato says that it’s for that reason that they’re going with the people who’ll be working more freely.
The Aquarion team feels the same way, with Sirius saying that DEAVA is a sword to strike at Fallen Angels – thus, Fudou has decided that it’d be best if they avoided getting involved in the wars of men as much as possible. Apollo doesn’t like it, though, thinking it would’ve been best if they went after not just Fallen Angels but also aliens, demons and the other bad guys.
Kappei’s right behind him and says that reason’s exactly why Heizaemon and Sandman wanted to stick with Zaft, which is why the Gravion and King Beal team will continue working with them. Kouji simply likes the cut of Durandal’s jib and, when Garrod and Renton ask why, he says that he appreciates Durandal's ideals of peaceful coexistence between earthlings and spacenoids.

Renton also likes the sound of that but, inwardly, notes that Holland doesn’t seem to think that way about Durandal. As for Gainer, he’s really damn sure that he doesn’t want to help out fighting a war but Gain tells him to do as he wishes since, having been “hired” by Gainer, he’ll go along with his decision.
Camille and Amuro agree, remembering that he went on an Exodus to find a goal of his own – so, make his own choice as everyone else has. Indeed, he’ll go with the Gekko and Iron Gear crew as, even if it might be a purposeless trip, he intends to continue with his Exodus from here.

All that said, Elchi was expecting Gwen and co. to come with them and he apologizes but says that he also needs to fight to reclaim Inglessa and that’s why Gavane and every other militiamen have decided to cooperate with Zaft. Jiron gives Loran his best, still thankful for the tasty bread he gave them after they were warped to Ameria.
Loran also thanks him for all his help and hopes to meet him again but Witz and Roybea thinks they’re exaggerating as this doesn’t mean goodbye forever – it’s just more comfortable for everyone.

Toshiya agrees and adds that we can still keep in touch with each other via the UN, so he hopes Marin will call every now and then.
Seems Marin didn’t get the memo but, seeing how Baldios is more of an independent group like Getter and Aquarion, they’ll be going with the Freeden.
Of course, Kouji says this doesn’t mean their friendship will just vanish and Marin agrees – Raita grumbles that Toshiya and Kouji are too naïve to be buddies with the alien. Kiraken tells him to stop complaining, though, and asks if he’d want to come with the Minerva team just by his lonesome if he hates the guy that much.
He can’t do that so it’d be best if he just let this go (plus, it’s unbecoming of a man).

Lunamaria tells Shinn to say this goodbyes to everyone, too, and Athrun says that while this isn’t a permanent split, things happen and there’s always a chance that they might not meet again. So, Luna suggests he go talk to Gainer, Garrod, Kei and everyone else.
Shinn concedes as these are all friends whom he’s fought alongside and, as he goes, Rey asks a proud-looking Athrun if this is alright: they’ll be losing a lot of people with the departure of those four ships, so wouldn’t that be going against to Durandal’s wishes?
Athrun arguments that these are people who object to having their actions controlled and, as such, they’ve chosen a different path. Furthermore, Durandal has accepted their choice and Rey will respect that BUT he makes it a point to say that, in the eventuality that they become Zaft’s enemies, he will not give them any quarter.
Athrun will do the same, just as he did in the previous war.

Roger observes as the group prepares to split up but is happy to see that everyone’s filled with hope for another meeting rather than sadness at the departure. Dorothy figures, since Roger’s fond of everyone, they should go with someone instead of acting alone.
From what Roger’s heard, the Zaft/AEUG-based group will head back to Galia, across Siberia and over to Gibraltar, while the freedom-loving folk are heading into the South Pacific Ocean with no fixed destination.
With that in mind, Roger will head down the middle so he can confirm, with his own eyes, where the truth is hidden. Dorothy thinks that’s just some incomprehensible rationalization for his uncooperativeness, but Roger says it’s alright if his reasons aren’t understood since, like everyone else, the two of them are also choosing their journey out of their own free will.
Still, they can at least wish for everyone to have a safe voyage.

Jamil catches up to Amuro before they go and he has one question he wants to ask: what is the meaning of Newtypes in Amuro’s world and what does he think is the meaning of Tifa’s existence.
Jamil remembers being informed that the old UNE has been gathering them and that the New Federation has been advancing Newtype research. He, for one, plans on fighting to keep Tifa safe from those who would abuse her powers and Amuro asks if that’s atonement for his actions during the war 15 years ago.
Jamil’ surprised that he knows about it but Amuro remembers hearing Jamil’s name during his time in the Newtype laboratory. Jamil confesses, saying that he was a soldier of the UNE during the war, fighting against the Space Revolutionary Army.

Jamil, piloting a GX at the time, used the Satellite Cannon to stop a colony drop that the revolutionaries were threatening to do. Unfortunately, his action pushed the revolutionaries to initiate various other drops which resulted in the southern hemisphere of Jamil’s Earth being completely devastated.
Jamil blames himself for pulling the trigger on that tragedy but Amuro says it was an accident. Regardless, as for his question, Amuro says there is no such thing as a “meaning” to Newtypes.
Jamil seems startled at this lack of answer…

Lil’ bit of extra cash and blue stones from Löwen’s donation. As always, you get more if you’re on lower difficulties.

Our people are ready to set out and it seems Roger snuck away ahead of us and Arthur assumes he didn’t need an overblown farewell.
Meyrin quips that he’s got this sort of strange tenacity – as strange as his fashion sense, Talia says. Mome is disappointed to be separated from Dorothy after the trouble they went through to meet up again but Captain says he thought he was her best robot friend!
In that case, how about he lend a hand with laundry and cleaning? Sandman’s maids will be gone and they’ll be short-staffed, so Mome has half a mind towards forcing Captain to help out (he’s starting to get scared of the girl).
It falls on Shaia to tell them to settle down for the departure and Mimsy whispers to her that, if the Zaft group attracts the attention of the Chiram, they should be able to reach Emaan safely and Shaia is sorry to have to use Talia and the others as a decoy.

Cotsett asks Elchi if the really should do this and she says that they’ll have no choice but to enter all-out war with the Feds if they stick together with Zaft BUT, if they split off right here, the Feds will surely target the other group and that’ll give them a chance to run the hell away.
Cotsett figures it doesn’t matter much to them whether it’s the Feds or Zaft who wins this war and, following the Glomar’s work ethic, Elchi plans on rededicating herself to her courier business (plus, there’s no more money to be made by working with Zaft).

Tifa seems dejected and Tonya asks if it wasn’t safer to travel along with Zaft’s group. Jamil admits that it is but says that we don’t know what tomorrow will bring so he’d rather they be able to decide for themselves what path to tread on.
Shingo understands, saying they wouldn’t have that freedom if they were stuck following Zaft's agenda and, inwardly, Jamil tells Amuro that he’ll personally find his answers along with Tifa and his companions.

Holland and the Gekko crew very much agree with Jamil, with Holland’s gut having been telling him that,at the rate things were going, staying with Zaft wouldn’t have ended nicely. His gut wasn’t why they left, though, as Holland simply has had enough of running around following orders from someone he doesn’t know anything about.
Elchi agrees that we should be the ones to chart our own course. As Holland learned, “don’t beg, earn it. Then, it’ll be given to you”!
As the group starts to leave, Rand leaves them with a wish to meet everyone again.

Off they go and Heizaemon knows that they have their own life to live just as this group has its battles to face. Talia agrees and gives the order for the ships to head to Galia.
With her group leaving, Setsuko steels herself for the fight ahead, which she’ll face for both the world and for herself – she’ll fight while carrying on the Glory Star name.

Shirou and Genki cheer on their friends and relatives while Sandman observes the warriors' departure, taking flight despite their different objectives.
When Fudou asks, Rena says she foresees dark clouds ahead of both sides of ZEUTH and Jerome asks why she didn’t give us any advice if she’s foreseeing danger?! Fudou and Sandman have other ideas, though, saying that dark clouds beckon a storm, and the rain lashes the ground, but the winds renew the air and the rain nourishes the land beneath.
It falls on Raven to explain that misfortune isn't guaranteed, though neither is good fortune. As such, Sandman says the warriors should just dance beautifully and to their heart’s command.

Location: North Amerian Continent – New Earth Federation’s HQ

At Edel’s office, Djibril has just informed her that she’s been offered the chance to become a member of the Sage Council.
Jamitov and the three sages from the Promised Land greatly value her many accomplishments and wish to reward her. She understands and humbly accepts such honor.
Djibril happily announces that, from this day, she’ll be one of the people who chart the course of the world and tells her she'll be counted upon quite heavily when the old men on the council are asked to…"retire".
He, then, cuts the comm.

: The New Earth Federation’s hidden rulers, the Sage Council… and I’ll be one of their members…
: This may be a good opportunity but there’s also the possibility that they’re getting suspicious of our actions…
: I love yooouuu! Lady Edel, let’s all stay positive here!

: …Prof. Theeh, what’s the current situation?
: Ohohoho! I’ve received the report from Löwen and Schlan. Everything seems to be A-OK with the Japanese deal.
: And ZEUTH?
: Wheeheehee! They had a bit of a falling out! Didn’t see that one coming!
: Looks like Jamitov and Djibril will send their Phantom Pain after one half and the Ageha Squad will go for the other.
: We must have Löwen relay the intel on both squads to ZEUTH right away...!
: Whuuu?! But it’d be so much more fun if we kept quiet about it…
: This battle isn’t a game! Both our groups are doing this for world peace--!
: I love yooouuu! Please don’t be so angry, BrigGen. Edel Bernal!
: !
: …I understand. Then, please carry on with your research, Professor.
: Wheeheehee! I’ll do just that! Please excuse me! Ohohoho!

*Theeh leaves*

: ...I’m counting on you, Prof. Theeh. And…
: You must prevail, ZEUTH. Your strength is needed to change this chaotic world…

And there we have it, folks. Our alliance that started on mission 15 is done and ZEUTH has been split in half (with Roger going off on his own because he loves toying with our feelings…).
As you saw, the group you’ll play along with is related to the main character you picked; here’s how it’s all broken down:

Rand’s Team:

Setsuko’s Team:

Missions will once again be different for each main character and, no, you don’t get refunded for any upgrades you did on the people that are leaving.
I’m gonna miss all those Supers…