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by General Revil

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Original Thread: Tits are Temporary. Robots are Forever. Let's Play Super Robot Wars



Super Robots Wars: An absolutely massive series of mecha anime crossover games with 73ish titles in the lineup, and I'll be playing all of them.

OK. That's a lie. I may be crazy, but I'm not that crazy. I'm planning on playing the classic series, which is 2, 3, EX, and 4. Yes, the naming scheme isn't too consistent. However, this game, the original Super Robot Wars, is not part of the original series. It has its own self-contained story. This is more of a test/warmup, to see if I can make a good Super Robot Wars stream and LP.

While I've done a fair bit of streaming, this is my first real LP. Please tell me just how badly I suck (as long as you also tell me how to improve). There's a reason I'm LPing a less important game to start off with.

I have decided to start us off with the Mazinger team, and selecting Great Mazinger to be our hero. This is a game that rewards you for feeding all of your kills to a single (or at least very small number of units).

Also, you are able to recruit enemy robots to join you, and in episode 2, I recruit our first new friend. Images link to Youtube. Links to Rumble and Odysee are posted below each one.

Episode 1: Rumble Odysee

Episode 2: Rumble Odysee

Episode 3: Rumble Odysee

Episode 4: Rumble Odysee

Episode 5: Rumble Odysee

Episode 6: Rumble Odysee

Episode 7: Rumble Odysee

Episode 8: Rumble Odysee

Episode 9: Rumble Odysee

Episode 10: Rumble Odysee

Episode 11: Rumble Odysee

Episode 12: Rumble Odysee

Episode 13: Rumble Odysee

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