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Super Solvers Series

by IcePotato

Part 1: Midnight Rescue Intro

Welcome to The Learning Company's Super Solvers series, where the sky is the limit both on learning, and poorly thought out criminal campaigns. Morty Maxwell, the Master of Mischief, has tried everything in his power to take over the world. Super Solver, the mysterious and faceless sleuth, will stop at nothing to take him out. But why do these two struggle so? What about the little people, who are faced with endless robots demanding the answers to math problems and your delicious fiberglass cockpits? What about the really little people, who have been long subject to the confining shackles of nets and rhyming word games? What about the even littler people who were forced to grind for hours on end just to see a crappy ending animation?

To answer this question, we have to go all the way to... the beginning. Well, no. First we go to the present day to get some perspective.

The high school. This is where it all began! Guess how well Morty got along with the people in it.

Now guess what he planned to do about it.

No, no. Think dumber. Not deadly dumber, just dumb dumber.

That's right. He wants to turn the school invisible.

He wants to turn the school invisible using robots, and also disguising himself as a robot. He's a Master of Mischief. The only defence I can offer up is that not many people master in Mischief these days, so if you got the certification you are basically set up for life regardless of skill level. It's a lot like computer science in that regard.