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Part 23: Gizmos and Gadgets pt 3

Supa Solva has landed in a big red pile of something and he is pretty pissed off about it!

So he adds a switch into his light bulb circuit to work off the aggression.

And stretches for a weak narrative to incorporate a slide into his tale of woe and simple machines.

et cetra.

Best engines! The computer controls give us a lot more accuracy which means better speeds! Other options were plain ol' turbofan jets and turbofans with wire controls.

These controls would similarly be better if they were computerized. Controls with a wire would be worse, though, so I'll take it.

Shallow angles on my cone, with a scoop of vanilla and two scoops moose tracks. Low fat. With sprinkles. And chocolate dip.

1) this is incredibly creepy. 2) Hmm that class 3 lever is kind of blue I wonder if that correspons with anything! Yes. Yes it does. In case I haven't hinted at this enough, the simple machines in this puzzle and the other puzzle match up completely and 100%. So if you solve a puzzle, you see how the different components of, say, a slide, are constructed, of, things, such, as... Sorry. I got carried away with my commas.

This is the best degree of sweep we could hope for. Creates the most lift, see. And minimal drag. One day I will stop talking about drag in every update. And make a poorly worded joke about drag queens instead.

Jews would make for the best airplanes. According to this game, not me! Some of my best friends are Jewish. They all suffered from Stockholm Syndrome (alternate joke: My grandfather fell off a guard tower)

These inclined planes will show you tha TRUTH about the color schemes!

Gear puzzles are starting to get really convoluted. Guess and check!

Not pictured: 30 minutes of grinding, losing parts to chimps, and going through the same fucking 6 doors over and over again in a futile attempt to find the best parts.

The theme of this puzzle was "mechanical energy". The Chimp is doing a cute little animation

So I thought about this game at work today, because this girl said to me "It's not electronic, it uses batteries!" and I wrote a mean note to her and slid it underneath her door... Goons do you think I am on the ladder or did she push me into the boiling vat of friendship underneath the ladder.

I called her house a few times but when she picked up I panicked and hung up! then I called back again to ask her out for coffee and her boyfriend picked up and said "Listen man I'm dating this girl and I know she's very nice and wonderful but I really feel it's inappropriate for you to be talking to her like this, it makes her feel uncomfortable" and I screamed "FUCK YOU ASSHOLE YOU JUST SIGNED YOUR DEATH WARRANT" and then I kicked him in the nuts.

I really had to think carefully about choosing stars and stripes or the meteor. I figured, on one hand, never forget. On the other hand, a flaming ball of death is basically another way of not forgetting what happens when you slam a plane into the side of a building... OR WHEN THE GOVERNMENT LAUNCHES CRUISE MISSLES TO START A WAR AND DRILL FOR OIL SO THE EVILOTIONISTS CAN'T COVER DR. RON PAUL'S BID FOR THE PRESIDENCY AND MURDER JFK WITH THE PYRAMIDS BUILT BY THE MASONS, AND THE ALIENS AT ROSWELL. NEVER FORGET THE MAINE FIFTY-FOUR FOURTY OR FIGHT TIPPACANNOE AND TYLER TOO

Man, this is one ugly-ass plane. (alternate joke: I would record myself starting to say "Snakes on a" and then pick up a gun and fire it into my skull. Live. On camera. It would be a real gun, with real bullets.)

I got promoted but I don't give a shit, I don't even need this job.

I just got it to piss off my roommate because he's trying to date the girl of my dreams!

I'm so angry at him I divided our room in half using tape! It's such a wacky situation, but I have faith it will be resolved properly within 26 minutes.

Unless there's some sort of wacky cliffhanger and it turns out to be a super-serious two-episode drama bomb! Then I guess you'll just have to come back next week!