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Part 9: Outnumbered Endings

Fuck you Telly, give me the last piece of the code! (he did. eventually. not that time, because he shrunk and disappeared instead.)

Blah blah blah YES I'm sure this is the secret room I'm the fucking super solver, I don't need to confirm. I go out to restaurants, they're like "yes we have held this table for you for 6 weeks and we always trusted you would come at the appropriate time", the dentist's office never leaves a message telling me I have an appointment tomorrow, I just show up at the right time because I REMEMBER these things.

Super Solver forgot to say "once and for all". This is important, because even when we do end his mischief, it turns out it's only for tonight. GET YOUR ACTION HERO CLICHES STRAIGHT, SUPER SOLVER. If you hadn't misspoke, maybe I would be have seen an ending!

OH HOLY CRAP THE CAMERA USED LASERS TO CUT A HOLE IN THE FLOOR WE LOSE (how come Morty waited until now to use the laser camera? cameras have been in all of these rooms! ...does he want to get caught?)

Well yuk it up mist... oh, you already are. You are actually saying the word "yuk" to indicate laughing. Also, if Mad TV is any indication, people will watch your show only if nothing else is on, laugh once or twice, then turn it off and forget they ever saw it. Then they'll meet someone who is otherwise perfectly sane but finds your show to be the funniest thing on earth, and you'll wish to god that you could slap some sense into them.

How did this happen? I had that code right. I had that code completely correct! Did my cockiness get the best of me? How can I save the television station now?

...oh. The hole in the floor just led to the basement. I only had to walk back up and try this again

Morty can't resist THE TRUTH. I have no idea why, if he's a master of mischief, he doesn't lie and just use his cameras to eliminate us again.

Morty... Do you just need someone to play hide and go seek with you?

Oh god, here it comes. I've taunted him one too many times and now he's resorting to his dark arts. He's going to summon some dead god, and I'm going to have to stand between it and the wor

Oh he's just summoning some stupid fucking billboard so he can reward me for playing his game

So I guess this means that Morty is in the "You're all my puppets" stage. If I remember correctly, that should mean he's past rolling with the punches and just seconds before the inevitable ban-me.

No, wait, there's the "Stop posting and go outside you're all nerds" stage first.

Super Solver? More like Super SLOUCHER. seriously check out that posture! he looks like he's 40. maybe it's those ridiculous clown shoes he's wearing, they're destroying his vertebrae!

Go play Hide 'n' Seek in the ether, Morty.

Wait I don't think that was appropriate finishing line. "How about I hide your molecules and then you seek them"? no, no. Well, time for plan B.

I have to admit, Super Solver's definitely got a nicer dance in this game than Midnight Rescue. The Zapper move is so much cooler than throwing yourself onto the floor.

This fuckin' thing.

We're almost a Master. After that, we actually outrank Morty and we can order him to surrender himself to the police.

Before we move on, here's some miscellaneous stuff.

Customization screen for custom games~

What it looks like to get zapped by the LiveWire. Don't get caught in the... LIVE-WIRE! Sorry every time I type that I think of crossfire.

Okay don't be mad guys but I kind of tricked you! I played another game to show what happens when you lose, and the game room was closest to the starting position, so I was going to just run through that but this FUCKING game requires you to get all this bullshit before you can make a guess. And I didn't remember that the first time I played, the game room was the CORRECT room, so basically I just confused everyone just for the hell of it

This game lacks spark and I didn't enjoy it as much as Midnight Rescue. It doesn't have the personality (only one robot and one other enemy), variety, or cool puzzles that other games had so there's not as much juice to squeeze out of it. Other games are much better, trust me.

Next time: Fuck this, we're going on vacation. What do you have in... the mountains?