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Part 20: Turns 100-120

Memories of a better time - Let's Play Sword of the Stars as the Hiver Imperium.

Update 5. Turns 100-120

In which nothing happens.

Hey, save the hate for people who deserve it. Like the guys who took $50 and still haven't finished their game, BUT THEY WORKED HARD ON IT GUYS.
And on with the update for their good product.

We're still kind of in the scouting stage, our fleets and our neighbours' continue to skirmish.

This is the most remarkable encounter, as they field a cruiser.

When the destroyer takes out the Tanker's fuel tanks, it clears out the other destroyers. Tankers are DANGEROUS.

Since my economy is stronger now, I start colonising some of the more expensive worlds. In a while it'll actually be productive. For now it might increase our internal trade a little. Once I replace the colony fleet that gets killed by a Colony Trap.

I am 'lucky' enough to have one of my destroyer fleets in orbit when Slavers hit, so I can actually fight them.

5 Cruisers with Slave disks vs a bunch of extended range destroyers. Probably not going to go that well for me. I decide to blast as many slave disks as I can.

Of course, the problem with this is that any of them without Slave Disks just hold in orbit and bomb the planet.

And their defensive guns are thinning out our numbers somewhat.

They did manage to grab a bunch of citizens. We will not allow our children to be slaves!

The slavers will gain no new bodies from this raid.

In hindsight, it may not have been the best option. But we DID stop them escaping with any slaves.

These guys are still around too.

On turn 110 we get the other Mid Tier tech - FUSION.

I also grab Long Range Fusion and Plasma focusing before making new ships. That way any new designs I make will all have the longest range/speed. They were both 1 turn techs that BOTH went over budget so took 2 turns.

Also, I missed a battle at one of my gate ships. The battle can only be described as a draw.

Now that I have AP drivers too, I start making new designs.

And grab this important fleet maintenence tech. With this I can actually keep fleets on station at enemy worlds. And start getting salvage projects for techs I've missed.

I really must get torpedoes or Fire control or SOMETHING with forward PD.
Deep Scan would also work.

When this happens, I decide it's time to research improved Casting.

It's only a few turns to get anyhow. This tech gives me +3 capacity per gate.

And unlocks something else super important.

Next update - we are now fast enough to go to war.