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Part 25: Turns 200-220

Memories of a better time - Let's Play Sword of the Stars as the Hiver Imperium.

Update 12. Turns 200-220

In which I must face an unfortunate truth

Well, the Liir and Tarka are probably at war based on this. Thank god, an alliance between these guys would be no fun at all.

Also, while I research Anti-Matter and stuff, I need some defensive DNs.

The Zuul continue to bring us resources.

Speaking of resources, it's time to start using those uncolonisable worlds!

After the Zuul are seen off, we complete the last of the C&C researches.

While a Cruiser can bring in a pair of DNs still, Armada C&C can join the battle line.

It is finally time to get the last drive technology. This should unlock Impactors too so we'll have maximum mass driver damage.

Thanks Tarka! That Liir world was bugging me.

I field test my new Dreadnaughts against a Zuul scouting fleet of 4 ships. It almost ends disasterously.

Thankfully our DN that caught the full blast missed the planet. Those green blips there are where the battle was BEFORE.

The Tarka are inbound. Time for our first heavy starship battle.

Also, this turn we got something else. Now we can actually manuever! And I don't feel the least bit hesitant to build new starships.

And we can grab some even bigger guns to match.

I throw out a new command ship at their target, and move my other ships in for the battle.

Tarka! It's time to meet your match.

The few cruisers I brought along aren't really a match. But they're not what we're here for.

I also may have forgotten that my main DNs are only running Fusion drives.

I wish I had Cutting beams.

My command ship man-modes it up. DNs are tough enough to take it.

Wait, where did. Oh bother.

We have DNs now, what do you mean they're winning!

We do take the next two kills still. And then.

Oh. Tarkan Impactors.

That is not the right direction for your bits!

The Tarkans are also fielding a new weapon - Nanomissiles. They're like Corrosive missiles, but better. Thankfully our PD can take them out while they're in flight.


We lost round 1. And without a Gate, I don't think we're going to win round 2 either. I should've brought more cruisers. RIP Chytoket.

The space dolpins sennt some destroyers on a Piracy mission. They won't take much to remove.

The Tarka's followup is predictable.

Our cruiser spam gets results pretty quickly.

Though I dislike homeworld taking hits like this

We slowly wear them down.

But their fate is inevitable.

The skies are clear.

We're down 25 Infrastructure and a few people. Alas.

But we have this now!

Unfortunately, it looks like we're out of luck on bigger combat lasers.

Civilians keep on living. They've set up an independant colony. We can actually retake it without colony ships.

We'll get this, then send some ships.

Speaking of ships!

The Tarka do not relent though.

We do have some dedicated heavy combat vessels. Even if we have only Cruiser grade beams really.

Fire all the laser guns!

Unfortunately, the Tarka just have bigger guns.

Another world goes dark.

Then the Dolphins join the party.

I call in all the ships I can find.

I even have to forgo a colony without putting up a fight.

Oh, by the way. The Tarkan DNs from the last fight? They're here too. Maybe they'll go after the Dolphins?

At least we get a command point bonus, letting us field a 4th DN.

The Dolphins charge in head on.

In the background, the Tarkan DNs enter Impactor range. We have no ships to meet them though.

The Liir fitted a DN with projectors, too.

They destroy my DN command ship in a single burst.

Though we at least manage to quickly avenge our loss.

Really not a fan of leaving these guys to their own devices

We finish off the other Liir DN as well. But our own heavy ships are not long for this world.

With the Liir down to cruisers, we move to at least damage the Tarkan warships.

Though our DNs are pretty much done.

For the rest of this fight, we'll be using cruisers.

I wonder if there will be anyone for them to infect.


This war is not doing good things for our morale.

Even 2:1 kills can't cheer me up.

The Tarka do not relent.

Nor do the Liir.

Shoot anything enough and it dies.

Of course, they had a spare.

A 5th colony has gone Dark.

We re-establish our empire on Chytoket. Our Gateship even cast on target.

Also get some even bigger guns.

The Liir send more ships. Jerks.

We surround their first ship.

Then something truly horrifying arrives.
That's a point deflector. Our Impactors are equipped with the same thing. It blocks ALL mass driver shots, and we don't have beams equipped. FFFFFFF

We try and get behind him. But the Liir turn incredibly fast. It does no good.

We can do nothing as it devours our destroyers.

We take revenge on a small Tarkan colony they set up in our space.
Also! Multi-missiles.

We salvaged this. It isn't really useful when they wipe out colonies in 1 turn though.

A 6th world falls to the enemies of the Imperium.

The Imperium is down to 18 worlds. We have reclaimed one, but still that is a quarter of our strength gone in 20 turns. Many of the Children mourn the loss of their brothers and sisters, and fear that the same fate awaits them.

Normally I'd go WELP and quit if I was just playing on my own. I'll try boarding pods and starting down the energy tree. I have severely cut research funding while I backfill on techs, since most of them are cheap. It is uh. Not looking good though.

PoptartsNinja posted:

At least the AI in SOTS1 puts up a fight.

I actually laughed when I read this - it was just after I'd played these 20 turns.